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Hi everyone! I'm 25, right now I measure a 32LL/M...

Hi everyone! I'm 25, right now I measure a 32LL/M (UK) (32" tight underbust, 33" snug underbust, 48" standing bust, 51" leaning bust for reference) when I first made my appt in Aug I was wearing a 34K (UK) but actually needed a 34L but in general those are custom bra territory and I didn't want to spend more with an impending surgery. I've been working on losing weight before my surgery, originally scheduled it about 4 months out in Aug for Dec 2nd to give myself some extra time to work on weight loss. I'm somewhere around 21 lbs down and am hoping to lose another 10 or so before surgery. I plan to still continue to lose weight afterwards (will likely have around 30 lbs left) to be down around 170 and reassess if I want to lose more after that.

I'm really really looking forward to less back pain, I had to switch to a different GP due to my first one telling me that "women just hold stress in their upper backs" and telling me to take ibuprofen. My new GP has so far helped a lot and put me back on muscle relaxers to help with my back pain until surgery, with the weight loss I was having a lot worse back pains and muscle spasms in my neck and upper back. I started doing strength training last week to try to get my muscles in better shape before surgery in hopes it helps with healing/adjusting to a new posture after a lot of weight is removed. Also can't wait until I can exercise without 3 sports bras on, I'm probably going to need to get all new ones as I'm currently wearing 2xl's to try to accommodate for my breast size that still don't fit everything in but with weight loss the bands are all quite loose (down 2.5" in my underbust!). I haven't lost even a partial inch in my bust with my 21 lb loss so far, I was really hoping to see some difference but so far it's definitely solidified my decision to have the surgery. I'm currently doing cardio 3x a week as well, I was jogging outside but with it getting colder my lungs don't like it as much so I now have a gym membership for cardio days. Also tracking calories to help aid my weight loss and I'm really going to try to get the maximum loss I can in the next month so I can be as close as possible to my goal weight and have a little less to lose after surgery.

These past few months since I scheduled it have seriously FLOWN by so fast, it's hard to believe I only have a few months left. I plan on keeping this fairly updated as it was really difficult for me to find women my cup size experiences so I'm sure it'll help someone close to my size. I've joined a few facebook groups as well that have provided a wealth of information and really made me feel even better about my decision.

Surgery is out of the way now!

Just had surgery yesterday morning, it was a little nerve wracking to get my draw up the evening before and my PS also used the words "you're okay with being small right?" I was/am hoping for a D/DD, since I lost weight insurance required a little over 800g per side down from 930 grams per side when I first consulted with him.

The morning of I woke up at 4 am and couldn't get back to sleep, got the hospital around 6 to finish up paperwork and do my pre-op things. The nurses and anesthesiologist were all super nice and made me feel a lot better about my concerns of having a lot of pain when I woke up. Got a little worried because my procedure paperwork said nipple graft on it, but I'm pretty sure I didn't wind up needing it and was able to ask Dr. Nosti about it beforehand too which made me feel a lot better!

Most of my pain/discomfort right now is in my sternum, starting to get some on my sides from where they did a little liposuction. Drains are working nicely and starting to slow down some even. It's been a bit tough trying to get my pillows positioned in a way that doesn't make my back cramp up but I can definitely tell that my shoulders and neck have less weight on them already. I got a travel neck pillow which has been really helpful for sleeping. My next appt is on Monday so I'll get to see how they look then, right now they're super compressed with an ACE wrap so it's hard to tell what their size is but just from gently feeling I'd say they're at least half the size they were. I didn't walk around much yesterday but have been trying to get up every couple hours and walk around the house. I'm in compression hose as well, the nurse suggested keeping them on for a few days to help prevent clots and swelling. My hands are still pretty puffy too but I've been taking bromelain so that should continue to help bring the bloating down. So far so good! I'll have to post some update pictures after Monday possibly depending on what sort of dressings I have on them.
Shawnee Mission Plastic Surgeon

Great to consult with and had plenty of before and afters available at the consult that were offered without me even asking for them, he does great work based on those. Offered realistic expectations and has a lot of experience with this procedure. Nursing staff was very friendly.

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