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He was absolutely amazing, all the staff was...

He was absolutely amazing, all the staff was wonderful. My toddler was with us and being crazy but he was so patient with her. I tried on sizes and I want as big as possible but still in the natural realm and he completely agreed. He didn't give me a set cc about 450cc but he said when operating he will pick what looks best it's art. Love love love him and the staff

Here are some wish boobs.

As you can see I want a close cleavage lucky me Dr said I have it so I have high hopes.

My pre op breasts....bye bye ????

I'm not going to miss being this size at all. Three days till my operation feeling excited and nervous but I have lots of help from husband and mom ????

One more day!!!!

One more day till my ba. The house is as clean as it'll ever be with a toddler Haha. Clean sheets everythings dusted laundry and dishes all caught up, snacks and easy foods and drinks ready to go and all caretakers and babysitters lined up aka family and husband. My surgery is at 9am Thursday. I'm so excited but yet it still feels so unreal my dream is coming true and I finally have the confidence I always wanted. Hopefully healing goes well and fast! I'll keep you all posted! Till then I probably won't be sleeping as I haven't since my consult. Just thinking eating drinking dreaming boobs bahaha

D day or well b day ;)

Patiently waiting for the nurse to take me back! I'll keep u updated. The place is beautiful!

Day 2 post op

Pretty sore but not to to bad incision site is hurting alot so Ive been taking my medications and of course antibiotics. I'll share a side profile of what I look like. They are very squished in the compression bra Haha makes my tummy look fat. Plus I am backed up from the anesthesia and meds so miralax and peaches today hehe. My friend that has size ds natural says she looks the exact same in a sports bra so it makes me very excited!

I snuck a peek I couldnt help it it was killing me!

Post op day 6

So I have been feeling amazing. No more pain medication at at. Every now and then a valium as the Dr said it will help them settling drop. Emotional I'm so happy with that aspect of it l. Unfortunately I may be facing a divorce... But hey not giving up just yet. At least I'll have awesome boobs being a crazy cat lady hah! I am sleeping on my back non reclined and to the side. However I just woke up in pain laying flat on my back once ibsat up tho I was fine. I feel tightening around my sutures which is normal but is irritating. I couldn't help it and got sized yesterday at aerie and I measured a 32 dd or e!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I'm ecstatic! I didn't think I could go that big and look normal but they look great on me! I want to get my tattoo removed next ha it was a 18yr old mistake to bad I can't just move it under my boob where I want it now. My arm movement is still limited can't go reaching behind or up to far. Ask any questions I'd be glad to help! My post op appt is tomorrow so I'll probably get the strap now.

Post op appt

So I had my post op appt from hell. My sister had to take me with her 5 year old and my two year old, I felt bad for everyone there they were a nightmare.
I get back and the nurse put on sterile strips and said I'm allowed to shower..Yayyyyy... The she gave me the strap of boob death...and not to mention I broke down and balled in my appt apologizing because the kids were there because I kicked my husband out.honestly they were all so nice so I'm sure it was annoying but they didn't mind. After that,..It was fine at first but omg was i in pain, I was sitting to high with mine so the strap brings them down and pulls them together. Which I'm wearing that constantly hahaha after the first day it seems easier actually uncomfortable without it haha but my cleavage is way tighter! So this week I'm getting my hair done and once I'm healed I'm getting my tattoo removed and nipples fixed depending on Dr orders. He saw me at my post op and was just so nice I almost cried right there.
Husband issue after that day he came over we talked he and I are getting consouling mostly him and his wondering eye and heart Haha.

Post op appt 2

So in love with my girls lol still painful when I move my arms certain ways. I bought bras 32 dd at VS and took the wires out they don't fit perfectly yet probably cause I'm still hard and numb lol but I couldn't wait I'm to excited. Especially with the separation of my husband and I ughh. Being strong though. I have my business and my baby to pull me through

Post op um I think almost a month!

Doing great right side still is numb and a little more firmand riding slightly high. Left is nice and soft!

A month and a half dropped and fluffed

So I love them!!! They still are going to drop and fluff somewhat more but idt they will look much different

My wish vs my new girls <3

I'm in love with them. However I'm battling verbal abuse from my husband. We're going through a seperation/divorce. He said they made him physically ill which I think he wbut still it left a little monster in my brain haha sad but true. What do u think girls?

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