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I went to see Dr. Becker after having issues with...

I went to see Dr. Becker after having issues with breathing due to a few broken noses. Regardless, I had a surgery 6 years prior to fix some of the same issues. The doctor did a pretty good job, but I continually got bumped in the nose while playing sports. I didn't go back to my previous doctor because he was not very experienced in revision, but because he did a poor job. Regardless, prior to Dr. Becker's surgery I could not breathe from my left side due to a nose that was displaced and a slightly collapsed upper lateral cartilage. Luckily, you could not really tell it was crooked and it looked pretty good.Before surgery, I had an enormous amount of confidence and was told I was very attractive frequently.

At Dr. Beckers consultation, I asked for him to improve my breathing, straighten my nose, and take down 2 minor irregularities. He proposed that we SLIGHTLY deproject the tip and make it less bulbous. I agreed because he said this was not a very difficult thing to do and I did see what he meant, but was not losing sleep over it.Regardless, his confidence and credentials made him seem like the ideal guy for surgery, so I went with him.

The day surgery came, I asked Dr. Becker what he was doing during surgery because something in my gut was saying something is not right and I did not have this feeling during my previous surgery. He responded this way word for word, " exactly what we discussed". That was the start of an awful experience and surgery with Dr. Becker. I should have left the surgery center right there.

About 2 days after surgery, I finally looked at my face noticed my tip was even more crooked than before, but was hoping it was swelling. Next, I looked up my nose and saw that my upper lateral cartilage was still on the septum and not fixed. Therefore I already basically knew my surgery was for nothing because the main reason for it was to fix my breathing. Before surgery, I would slightly move my upper lateral cartilage off my septum and could breathe so much better. I showed the dr this prior to surgery too.

Regardless, I was still anticipating the cast coming off and seeing my minor irregularities fixed, because I remembered how happy I was after my cast came off last time. Let's say I had the complete opposite reaction this time. The second my cast came off I knew something was awfully wrong. Instantly, I noticed my nose was even more crooked, I had giant bumps in places I never had them, my tip was even more twisted, uneven nostrils,cartilage displaced, and fatter/wider nose then before. This time everything was now noticeable.

The Dr. said he had no issues during surgery and it was just swelling, but I knew something was wrong because my nose looked nothing like this during my last procedure and I had more done. Well, it is 9 months later and all of the issues before surgery are so worse and noticeable. Not only that, but I now have so many more issues and a much bigger nose. When I asked for the Dr's notes, I noticed all of his notes were basically made up. I honestly don't think this doctor really takes notes during his consultation and his post-op notes are completely made up. They all said that I was happy with my results. I was in shock when I saw that.

Yes, Dr. Becker is very polite and I liked him as a person. Additionally, I liked his confidence because I am in sales and confidence typically demonstrates you are good at what you do, but he didn't demonstrate that type of success with me. I would not recommend this man for a rhinoplasty due to my own personal experience. This man has taken a year out of my life away. I lost my confidence and never go out anymore. My smile is just downright awful and that used to be the most attractive portion of me.

I now need to have surgery again and hopefully the doctor can fix some of these issues that Dr. Becker created. It is funny that if you look at my "before" and "after", it looks like my "before" should be my "after".

P.S - The doctor was polite enough to give me a full refund tho. But at the end of the day, I wanted my nose to be fixed and my expectations were VERY achievable because they were so small, but instead I ended up with a disaster. I know that with him giving me a full refund, I probably shouldn't have written this because MOST doctors would not due that, but I felt the need too.

Put a batten graft in an uneeded spot.

I wanted to update this post because I forgot to add a huge issue that was done that was not needed nor agreed upon for surgery. After showing the doctor that my issue with breathing was related to a minor collasspe in my upper lateral cartliage and/or could have just been corrected by straightening my nose, he still put a batten graft on the left side of my nose tip that was clearly not collasped nor needed nor agreed upon. Even my pictures show no collaspe before and they are posted on the site. I now see in his notes he put I had a modified coddle collasspe but I 100% know I told him that the test did not work and showed him what the issue was, but confirmed with my other 3 doctors that I consulted with that I did state that the coddle test did not work, but somehow Dr. Becker didn't note it? Even before surgery I showed him my issue and he simply said "were doing everything we talked about", but NOTHING WAS DONE that was talked about and only made SO MUCH WORSE. I told him if I am having this surgery, it can not alter the shape of my nose or make it any bigger. I wanted it the same or smaller or I wouldnt have it. He confirmed that nothing would change, but the nose tip be less bulbous and that is what the image he showed me would look like. Post surgery, I have a wider, more bulbous tip with my middle valut carliage showing out of my skin on the right side. This man ruined my nose. PLease do your research before selectin this doctor. I NOW have found many issues like mine with him

Revision on Wednesday

Last year I had a complete horror revision for a doctor that was suppose to touch up my nose and improve breathing. Not only did he not improve a single thing, but he made my nose fatter,wider,more crooked, hanging, and I lost my tip. It was suppose to be a simple touch up surgery and it completely changed my life for the worse.

I went from one of the happiest people to a person that never goes out. Surgeons had no idea how my nose came out the way it did with such little that was suppose to be done. No doctor have been able to say they can completely fix all of the issues this doctor caused.. hopefully we get some type of improvement..
Voorhees Facial Plastic Surgeon

I would give this surgery a 0/10 - Nothing was accomplished and everything was ruined.

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