23 Year Old, with Uneven Eyes, Unhappy with Neither Previous Eye Surgery nor Rhinoplasty - Seoul, KR

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I always dreamed of this perfect dolly eyes like...

I always dreamed of this perfect dolly eyes like the K-pop artists on TV. As an Asian, eye shape takes up a large part of how you look. Very asymmetric eyes has bothered me ever since and this hasn’t been corrected with the first surgery and this was the biggest issue for me to have a consultation with the plastic surgeon.
I wanted to make my eyes to look dolly and even. When I researched about the Asian eyelid surgery, I found out about the extension of the eye width. Well, basically I can have an incision in the corner of my eyes.
I was also interested in changing the shape of my nose from my previous rhinoplasty. I still felt that I did not have the sharp nose I’ve been wanting. I once had rhinoplasty couple of years ago, but still not satisfied with the result. So I wanted to make a correction to my nose for the last time.
I’ve done enough research and enough studies on the surgeries I would be facing, so here I am trying to share the experience of my own surgery which might help others who would need information and experiences to make up a decision, just like what I did.
So now I am very ready to get this thing going. I cannot wait to see the difference already.

Asian double eyelid, rhinoplasty revision in Korea

The operation had finished.
No Pain, No Gain...right?

some bruising which was not as bad as I thought compare to the first one, but yes, with swelled me..can't recognize myself..

Hoping for the best..

23 year old, with uneven eyes, unhappy with neither previous eye surgery nor rhinoplasty, post op day3

I look more like myself now after doing lots and lots of cold pack that I was told from many people around me who had similar surgery. I was told not to do cold pack since I have done fat grafting. I just be extra careful not to encounter with the areas I've done my fat graft while doing cold pack. well, it was a little troublesome to apply it besides my forehead, front cheek, but I think I did well.
I really think the deswelling went very well and I was able to face myself faster than I thought LOL

The nurses at the clinic removed a huge cotton stick the day after my surgery and this gave me such a relief. I didn't think this little thing up in my nostril would bother me that much, but I guess it was worth it to do that since it protects the shape of my unstable nose.

I feel much better as you can tell...LOL
I will update my recovery and share with you guys out there who are seeking for some real experience review just like me before the surgery.

23 Year Old, Unhappy with previous surgery, went for revision in Seoul Korea

Recovery in process!!!
Feeling much better now and finally start to find myself.
I look like myself now which makes me feel a lot better because I was a little depressed from looking at myself.

So, here is my deswelling plan and I hope this helps a lot of others who are going through the same.

I tried to walk around a lot even inside the house. I am not saying I walk for about 5 min and rest, but I at least walked for an hour at least in total per day.
I also drink lots of hot tea and water.
I applied warm pack everyday as much as I can to enhance the blood circulation which helps with deswelling as well.
I was not told to clean the incision area , but I did it anyway and applied Neosporin.

I can't wait to see my result soooooooon~

23 Year Old, Unhappy with previous surgery, went for revision in Seoul Korea Post Op day7

These are the photos of me after the stitch removal.
My stitches were removed 7 days post operation.
Everything seems to be good and healing well.

Not too bad right? I feel much and much better now.

Review of Post op 10days, Double eyelid & Rhinoplasty revision in Korea

I took some pictures of myself wanting to see the recovery process. I am going into
10 days post op. I feel much better now and am able to wear make up already. After a week, the deswelling speeds up very obviousely and now I really feel like being free from things restrained me during the recovery period. Except the bruises on the eyelid area, I look pretty normal so I feel a lot more comfortable hanging out with friends now.

23 year old, with uneven eyes, unhappy with neither previous eye surgery nor rhinoplasty, post op day14

Now I'm rolling into 3 week period.
I think I am very satisfied with the result already. I could tell what it would look like already. I'm just thankful that the eyes and nose don't look so abnormal or too puffy even in this early period.
I've been looking into the mirror so much I forgot how I looked before the surgery.

The side profile on my nose area and the cheek still has some swelling, but I could tell that they are going away over time.

Hopefully, I can put some eye make-up soon....this will make a lot of difference.

23 year old, with uneven eyes, unhappy with neither previous eye surgery nor rhinoplasty, going into a month period

It's already been almost a month now and surprisingly, it wasn't too difficult for me to wait to see the result. I can even take selfies without the make-up on. This is how much confidence I got through this revisional surgery.

I hope this would be my last time doing any kind of touch up.
South Korea Plastic Surgeon

The professionalism and honesty were the elements which impressed me the most and that lead me to select the doctor who would perform my surgery. He explained the procedure very well in detail so I know what I will be going through.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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