Facial Contour/Fat Graft/Acculift/Fat Repositioning at DAPRS (Korea)

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Hello everyone, My whole experience at DAPRS in...

Hello everyone,

My whole experience at DAPRS in Korea was mostly satisfying, so I want to share my experience to help others. I found this clinic by talking to people who were also looking for similar surgeries. I really appreciate their help! I did my surgery during spring of 2015. **This is my experience, please do not decide on your clinic just based on me. Please do a lot of research and make sure you like your doctor and post operation care.**

Here is my full review of all the clinics I visited during my trip: http://forum.purseblog.com/asian-plastic-surgery-and-cosmetic-procedures/my-experience-with-daprs-or-da-and-other-901515.html

Here is DAPRS's website, so you know what clinic I am talking about: http://daprs.com/en/

Surgery I had during this trip: V-line, zygoma reduction, fat graft on forehead, fat repositioning under the eyes, and acculift for neck and jaw.

Experience at DAPRS: The waiting time was not bad and I had around 30 minutes to talk with Dr. Lee and a little less time to talk with the nose doctor. I decided to do my surgery after one visit, but you can visit again before you decide. I did not spend that much time with the consultant, which I like. Getting to the final price was quick too because I told them my price and the consultant went to talk to the doctor and then they came back and said that they agree. I felt like I got a local price, so it was not a deal, but only a reasonable price. DAPRS seem like that make everything expensive and then they give you discount to make you feel like you are getting a good deal. There are clinics that are expensive because you pay for the skills of the doctor, but some clinics they just like to give you high prices because they are getting popular or because you are a foreigner. For DAPRS high original prices, maybe a part of the reason is because of the doctor’s skills. Dr. Lee did all my surgeries for this trip and so far, I think his skills are good because my results are good. I still like DAPRS even though they use the high price and discount strategy. I like them because of Dr. Lee. He is good at face contouring and many people come to him for fc surgery. Even though I went during the low season, he is still busy and whenever I visit the clinic for check-ups, I see people healing from face contouring.

This was the clinic I went to do all my surgery for this trip. I chose this clinic because I knew 2 and maybe more girls going there for face contouring. One girl asked for as much v-line as possible, so it looks a little unnatural, but that was what she wanted. When Dr. Lee perform face contouring, he look at the overall face and does not use a ruler. He uses his eyes to determine how much he should cut to get a nice shape. Dr. Lee is like an artist. When I met Dr. Lee, I was lucky to have the nose doctor translate for me because Katie, the in-house translator was on a short vacation. Dr. Lee can understand English, but he does not or choose not to speak it. He took the time to answer my questions, but because he is busy, he tries to stop you from asking so much technical questions. He recommends procedures that you need, which may offend you, but he only recommends a surgery if you ask for his input. He does not push you to doing anything. I knew what I wanted, so he did not have to recommend much. He said that acculift on the jaw was not really needed and my cheekbone was not bad, so they do not need surgery. I was thinking of having chin implants, but he thinks that if I do jaw reduction, I should fix the chin by cutting the bone too. My angle was reduced and shaved from ½ inch from my ear to almost to my chin. The chin was cut horizontally and a piece of the angle bone was place in between the cut at the chin to lengthen my chin and forward it. For both the chin and zygoma surgery, he used titanium plates to fixed the bones to prevent sagging after surgery. Proper fixation is needed so sagging does not form because of face contouring surgery. He did not recommend sliding genioplasty for lengthening and forwarding the chin because the cut would be very wide. It is hard to imagine, you have to look a 3D skull to understand. Still, sliding genioplasty for shortening and forwarding the chin is a good method.

1. Dr. Lee is great at face contouring. He worked at View before, but made his own clinic after working there and he is known for face contouring. You also have time to consult with him, but that time is limited because he is busy. I talked to him for 30 minutes or more for my consultation. He takes the time to answer your questions, but also try to stop you from asking too much technical questions because he cannot answer them all.
2. I know other girls who also had face contouring at DA
3. Post op was good overall, rating is 8.5/10
4. Price is affordable and reasonable if you know how to bargain

1. Their original prices are expensive (sorry I do not have a record of the original prices)
2. Katie (the English translator) is not so talkative, so she may not tell you everything that is going on during your visit at DA. Still, she does her job, is helpful and friendly.

My experience/check-up after surgery:

Post op- After I woke up from the surgery, I felt like throwing up and I did for a few hours. I threw up mostly saliva and blood. I was supposed to go to my own room to rest, but I felt really sick and did not want to move to another room. I woke up around 6 pm and moved to my room around 11 pm. I was thankful to the nurses for letting me stay in the generally room until I felt well enough to move. The anesthesia makes you feel really sick and some clinic will ask you to walk to another room with that feeling. After I was in my own room, I just rested and called for nurses when I needed them. There is a control you can use to call for nurses to your room. The nurses got me water, ice packs, and pain medication when I started to feel pain. I tried not to use pain medication if I did not need it, so I waited until my pain reached to level 5 out of 10 and then I told a nurse that I am in pain. It hurts in Korean is “Ah pa yo,” but if the nurse is younger than you then you can say “Ah pa.” The only thing I did not like was that around 5 to 6 am, the nurses are tired so they may not come to your room when you use the control. I had to use the control 3 times within an hour before a nurse came. That same nurse was also not so careful during the early morning, so she poked me with a needle accidently when she was trying to inject something into a tube on my wrist. Not all nurses at a clinic are good and I just met one bad nurse at DAPRS, the rest of the nurses were decent and good. Anyhow, I felt better after the anesthesia was gone which took more than 6 hours after I woke up from surgery. Also, I did not even noticed the 2 tubes in my mouth to drain bloods out until a nurse came to empty a sack of blood that was attached to my shirt. The tubes were taken out by Dr. Lee at around 7 am and it was not that painful, around 2.5/10. After resting in your own room, the clinic will release you at 10 am or a little after that time. They will give you a bag with this salty water to gargle, medication for a week, masks, a card that tells you when your next appointment is, and other items. Remember to keep the appointment card because you will need it for all your appointments with the clinic.

2 days post op- Katie will always be at the clinic with you to help you understand what is happening. Although, she may leave or is not there when not much translation is needed. I went there for light treatment to help with swelling. It is basically a light that shine on your face for 20 minutes. I think it sort of help to decrease swelling, but not really effective. Maybe it takes multiple session before the light helps. The nurse checked my stitches inside my mouth to see if I cleaned them well with this salty water they gave me. Also the nurse cleaned my ears because there were bloods inside and cleaned my eyes too. Then a lady washed my hair which was pretty quick, it took less than 5 minutes. I wished that lady would wash it longer or at least let me scratch my scalp more because it was getting itchy after many days of no shower.

5 days post op- I came in to remove tapes on my thigh and chin. I had tapes on my thigh because of forehead fat graft. A nurse also removed my stitches on my thigh and it did not hurt much. Removing tapes hurt more, so maybe you could remove tapes yourself before seeing the nurse. Ask if you do that first. I was wearing jeans and after they took off the tapes, tiny pieces of the jean’s fabric got stuck onto the leftover stickiness of the tapes. Maybe you can find something to get rid of the stickiness. Also, the nurse removed the stitches from an incision for the zygoma reduction which is nearby the hair. I also asked for the light treatment to reduce swelling and Katie told me to come back in an hour for it.

2 weeks post op- I came in and waited a little bit for Katie and then she brought me to a nurse to remove my stitches from inside my mouth. I felt odd during that time because Katie did not say much and just brought me to the nurse. Katie only started talking after the stitches of the jaw and zygoma surgeries were removed. Removal of the chin’s stitches were really painful (9/10), so Katie warned me about the pain before it happened. The removal of the zygoma’s stitches were the 2nd most painful (4/10) and the jaw’s stitches were not that painful (2/10). I teared naturally because of the removal of the chin’s stitches, but luckily it only took about 3 minutes to remove. I also got light treatment during this visit.

My last appointment with DA was just before I left Korea. They took CT scans and pictures of me before I saw Dr. Lee. I asked Dr. Lee questions about my concerns and he showed me my before and after. I talked to him for around 10 minutes or less and then I got a light treatment again to reduce swelling.

My experience with side effects after surgery at DA: I am happy that I did not experience major side effects from my surgeries. My jaw and neck are numb, but hopefully the numbness will all be gone after 1 year. After 1 month post op, about 30% of my numbness went away. The first week after surgery I felt odd sensations, such as my teeth being pulled out, my jaw being pulled in different directions, and sharp pains. These sensations were not that painful and most went away after 1 week. For swelling, it was worse on the 3rd or 4th day after surgery in which my skin was very tight because of how much it stretched and it was hard to open my eyes. My lower eyelid was red because of fat repositioning. In addition, bruising will show up within the first week after surgery. Also, I have not noticed any sagging after surgery and I am more than 1 month post op.

Eight months post op: My face shape is nice even though it is still wide because I have a strong masseter muscle. I still have some numbness at my chin. Fat repositioning works very well, it still looks nice and I don't look tired like before. Some of my fat graft on my forehead is gone, I am not sure how much is left but I am guessing maybe 40-60% is still on my forehead. I don't smoke or drink alcohol to maximize the fat retention. Don't do fat graft if you smoke or drink because you will lose most or all of the fat. Also, fat graft at the jaw area may cause you to have the sagging look or the minor version of jowl. For acculift, it did help tighten the skin at my neck a little bit. I still have two bumps on my neck which were caused from acculift, but it is not noticeable. I am not sure how much acculift improved my jaw, but acculift didn't work that well for me overall. Though, I am happy with my facial contouring result because my face is not sagging.
Dr. Lee

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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