This Will Be a Birthday Present to Myself. Soon to Be McAdoll

So this year instead of having a party or a big...

So this year instead of having a party or a big birthday dinner I decided to get surgery and change my body to something I will be happy with. I'm 30 with no kids 5'5 148lbs I love to travel but I'm never happy in a bathing suite so I decided why not get a Brazilian butt lift and lipo. I've done everything to get a little booty but nothing helps so butt lift it is... I been said I was going to do this but my friend text me last week showing me she paid the deposit to have surgery with Dr. Mcadoo showed me his work and immediately I said F it I'm going to do it too.. I sent my pictures over to Jennifer and she called me immediately. The price is going to be $4000 for liposculpture fat transfer .. I planned to get it done in December so I have 2months to get prepared ..
right now we are trying to find the best RH or if it would be better to get a hotel and have someone to come to Massages for us.
Also since I'm planning to do this in two months which will be here before we know it I would love feedback about Dr. Mcadoo how to get prepared and just anything else.

I have called Seduction a million times

I've been calling seduction for two days now every time i talk with someone they ask my name and then say someone will call me back. I'm starting to get mad because all i want to know is Dr. Mcadoo Pre-op list or anything i need to be taking or doing before surgery. I changed my surgery date to Dec to Oct 25th which is literally 3 weeks away.
Does anyone else have this problem with this office? Do you Dolls know what he likes you to do weeks/days before surgery to prep yourself??

I have chosen to stay at Assistance for life Karla seems really nice. (I hope so)

I will probably going through this alone because i had to change the date and my friend cant do it this early. Thats pretty much all I'm nervous about being there alone.

Does anyone know Mayda recovery home contact info????

Hello I've been seeing great reviews on Mayda but when ever someone ask for her info I never see a response maybe people are DMing it idk but could someone please let me know her contact info or ig or website anything to get in contact with her please.. thanks

Can Mcadoo Safe me

I hope he can do something with this shape because there's Nothing cute about any of this .. ughhh

SAVE me not SAFE me

I apologize for the typo in the last post .. I really wish there was an Edit button for all post ????

EKG + Blood Work + Precriptions all with no insurance ..Sighhhh

Idk how much all this is about to run me in the next 3 weeks but I'm sure it's a pretty penny... where can I go to get an EKG anyway since I don't have a primary doc right now ? Going to Lapcorp to get my blood work and already priced that but not sure how much the pain meds will run me or the EKG

Flight Booked and finally spoke with Daisy Mcadoo's assistant

Booked my flight now it seems a little realer. I also spoke with Daisy Mcadoo assistant and she speaks very good English she said they have gotten a new surgical coordinator at the Aventure office and have received complaints on their customer service so they are working on that. Which is music to my ears !!! I hate a bunch of back and forth especially when money is involved !

Dr. Mcadoo Pre-op and Post-op instructions and meds to avoid

It took 5 days but finally they sent me what I've been asking for .. because you all might want to know this stuff too before you get to Seduction and y'all know their communication is terrible I hope this put some of you dolls at ease

Dr.Mcadoo Surgery Orders

These are labs they want you to get before surgery #SeductionCosmestics

Dr. Mcadoo Surgical orders

You'll need these labs prior to surgery.

More stuff to buy

Dr. Mcadoos office doesn't provide Fajas after surgery unless your surgical coordinator includes it in your quote. Which the person I was dealing with NEVER told me that ???? .. I was told Mcadoo like patients to have a Faja And a abdominal binder on before they leave his office.. so of course I asked how much and I was told the Faja is $156 and the abdominal binder is $170 so I went online and ordered a Faja and abdominal binder all for $67 off eBay... I know I need more that one Faja but I rather it just been in my total cost of the surgery.

Maybe these Pics will upload

Lipo abdominal board

Abdominal Board Came in the mail today !

My Labs came back

Dr. Mcadoos office received my labs and everything is good .. 2 week count down !


Her legs are too small


These things arrived today

Faja came today

My Faja came today .. I ordered off eBay got it in a large because I figured I would need a bigger size go fit my new booty lol ... think I'll buy another one before I leave for Miami just to get it cheaper ..

Seduction needs a patient Portal

I think since seduction has so many offices they should invest in a patient portal . Where patients can make payments order things online .. have Questions and answers list of things you need .. just something to feel a lot more secure in dealing with them because it's sad everyone says that Dr. Mcadoo is great but his office sucks.

Final Payment

I just made my final payment and surgery is next Tuesday !!!

Lovenox Shot & Labs

So I called seduction like I always do and asked them how many shots do I need and are they mandatory .. I ask this every time just to see if someone will switch up on me but they've been consistent lol .. so Tatiana said you get one the day before surgery one after surgery and one before you leave a total of 3 .. so I ask how much are all three and she said $160.50 which is 53.50 a piece which is what I was told a week ago (had to make sure they weren't lying)

I asked could I get that in a prescription and was told no! So I said well I need to pay for it now so I can have one less thing to worry about before I get there. She took my card in for and sent me the receipt for it!

Now to my labs that u was told we're good a week ago today I'm told they don't even have them SMH I'm like so y'all lied and said they were good and y'all had them now u can't find them WOW!!! So I sent them and they told me that my labs were good but they still needed a EKG (which I told them I will get done there) and a urinalysis.

Now I'm not crazy so i go look at the two diff surgery orders I was sent and guess what's NOT checked off ding ding ding the urinalysis !!! So I told them they didn't ask me to get that and now I'm less than a week away from surgery y'all will have to do it there..

This experience with seduction will make you want to cancel surgery with Dr. Mcadoo all together !!!

Got my Happy Booty Pillow

I ordered my Happy Booty Pillow Tuesday night and got it today ... the customer service was great .. I told her when I needed it by and she said no problem I will shit it tomorrow .. got it two days later .. they even have the option of getting it with no label which is perfect for me.. it's comfortable but idk how long I could actually sit on this at work since I sit all day

Who are you

People love to come to others pages saying negative things or just things like Mcadoo isn't board certified then run off and leave. Ok thank you for the info now why are you on RS with No pictures or stories ..who are you for any of us to believe when you just pop up to say the same thing on every bodies page.. then they're ppl that said they have surgery but haven't post NOT one picture no one wants to read the story and u can't even prove to us you really even went through surgery .. ok I'm done for today stay off my journey if you're not posting any pictures of yourself or good information for the community to have
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

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