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After having two kids I was left with this belly...

After having two kids I was left with this belly pouch and also a pouch under my chin. I never thought I'd have the courage or the funds to go through with it, but I'm happy it's finally over. I went with Seduction Cosmetics. They are very very very pushy with their sales, but I'm just glad I have a great doctor to get me the results I want. I'm only three days post op but I already feel good about things so far

Seduction Cosmetics Aventura

I'll begin when I called Seduction for a quote in July. I got the quote and was asked if I wanted to book. I said no not right now. I'm thinking of booking in the fall. Next morning, two calls later (missed one) the sales girl asks if I thought about booking yet. (It hasn't even been 24 hours since we last talked, but whatever) I explain to the girl that I'd like to save some money before booking. She tells me they offer financing. I just bought a new car the week of so I wasnt sure if I'd get approved. She convinces me to apply. She puts me on hold and comes back "you were approved for the whole surgery". Ok nice. So she's starts talking about when can I come. Everything is paid. I asked "what do you mean it's paid?" She told me she already submitted everything to the finance company and they've been paid $7000 Wth! I'm thinking in my head "who the hell told you to submit thy already? Anyway. I decide to go through with it. Fast forward a few weeks. After going over my contract which was a mess. $1000 consultation fee (never had a consultation) about sure the 4 minutes I had with Mcadoo was it. some miscellaneous fees, $900 fee for their "mansion" I'd be staying at.They tell me over and over again that all medication is included.I must've ask them 5 times. 8 days before I get a call that I need to pay them $350 for Lovenox shots.Those prevent blood clots.I'm like you told me everything was included! Blah blah blah. I asked for a prescription so I can get it myself. They lied about sending my dr the prescription. It never came. Thank god my dr sent it in. Went to Walmart and got it for $67!!! Really you were trying to get me for $350?Ok fast forward again.I get to Florida.Get picked up at the airport by the tacky seduction van.Talk about being discreet.The van is plastered with these "sexy" cartoon women and smelled like cigarettes so bad. I wanted to vomit.I get to Seduction for my pre op consultation.Mind you I was at the airport at 3:45 am.This was now about 2:30.I was tired and aggravated.I signed about 30 pages then met Dr Mcadoo.That took about 4 minutes.Whole time there waiting was a few hours listening to woman yelling and cursing at the staff because they were waiting for hours. Who paid $100 for a consultation, who's was free. Blaah blaa blaa. I get back into the van to go to their "mansion" Mind you it's about 6:00 pm by now. I'm starving. I'm trying to communicate with the driver to make sure there will be food for me there. He doesn't understand. I'm texting the coordinator to call him to call the "mansion" to have food for me.The lady from the mansion is calling the driver on speaker yelling in Spanish that there is no food and having a huge fight. She's saying "she doesn't understand Spanish right?" Mind you I can understand bits and pieces. I took an hour and a half to get to this "mansion" bc the driver took some smoke breaks, ran some errands. We finally get there and thank god there was food. The house was nice.It's a typical big Florida house.Nice, but let's not get crazy here and call it a mansion. I go to sleep. Wake up and go back to seduction for my surgery.I get there to meet two other girls that were scheduled at the same time as me with Dr Mcadoo.We were there at 7:30.We waited all day. Finally I'm out of surgery.This was about 6pm.As I'm being put in the van a nurse runs out and hands me three prescriptions. She tells me the driver will take me to the pharmacy.I was totally out of it, but took them. The driver tells me I need to pay $230 for the meds.I started flipping out. "You guys told me everything was included!!" I call my husband back at home to talk to them bc they couldn't understand English.Finally I talk to the owner/manager. He says "oh you agreed to get the meds when the nurse handed you the prescriptions" hello!!! I'm just coming out of being under anesthesia! Are you kidding me!?After making a huge deal, they cover my meds.Next day I go back to the office for a massage. The therapist asks if I have a clean garment to change into since mine was full of blood.I said no.She's asks if I want to purchase another one to change in.Ok fine.I paid $160 for the first but ok.I'll get another one.She tries putting it on me.The girl was struggling (to say the least) she ends up ripping this $160 garment in two places. Gets me another one.Struggles again and gets it on.I was crying from how tight it was.Next day I'm getting ready to leave to fly home.I know.Very fast.I ask if I'm going to see the dr so I can get some post op directions or whatever.He comes in.Says your butt looks great and leaves. I'm laying on the table like what? That's it?Fine. I'm done.I waited for my driver to come back to take me to the mansion so I can eat before my flight.He takes almost two hours to get me.I'm running late so I miss out on a meal and rush to the airport with anything else to eat. Let's stop here so I can break down the "mansion" package.I paid $900 for three nights.That was one dinner, one bed for the first night, transportation to and from the dr, a nurse/cook, next day no breakfast bc I can't eat before surgery, no lunch bc I'm still in surgery, fruit and chicken broth and a recliner to sleep in that night. Next morning, breakfast, ham and cheese in foil bc I was going to seduction. Dinner that night. Breakfast next morning, another gross sandwich that went in the trash and that's it. There massage package is a joke. $425 for 5 massages. Because I was only staying 2 days post op I asked how the hell they could pull off 5 Massages in 2 days. They assured me they could. I'm thinking maybe a massage the night before or something and maybe credit me for one or two bc there's no way that could be done. (That's what I'm thinking) So the morning after my surgery I go back to seduction for my massage. I basically laid down with a heating pad for god knows how long and they said oh we did three massages. (Are you f'n kidding me?) they think they are funny. Im so angry with this company. Karma will get them all. Anyway. Here's where I'm at now. My garment doesn't fit.I have burns and marks.It's ripped and I've basically begged them to send me a new one. I'm going on three weeks and nothing. Please run far away from here. I've met a bunch of girls that have gone to Mcadoo in seduction and we all have some drama that happened. Mcadoo is good but this office is trash. Be careful. If you plan on financing, do not go through them. Contact the company yourself to see what you're approved for. With me, they saw I was approved for $7000 before I even knew. That's when they got happy and added all types of charges and ran with it. The other ladies I've met have different charges bc there finance amount was different. Ah ha! It makes sense. They maxed my $7000 with these crazy fees. My other friends don't have the same charges bc they were getting approved for less. This is their scheme. Please read every review you can before you go with them. If I did my homework and not sign all this bs I could've used the $7000 and went to somebody close to me in nj/ny and never been in this mess

He was nice, but I'm basically left hanging. The left side of my ass is starting to go back to the way it was so it looks uneven. Yes I've slept and sat the way I was told. Yes. It's only almost three weeks only, but I don't se

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