Booty About to Be Litttt. With Dr.James S. McAdoo,

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So far everything had be so good booking and...

So far everything had be so good booking and communicatios has been good this is my first time so ladies if yall any advice or thing i should do please feel free to inbox me i will be going alone and staying at a recovery house that was booked with the price anyone going round the 25th of oct let me know we can be buddies!!! I will keep up dating when i can

Change of dates new date Nov 3rd

Let me start off by saying thank yall for the good wishes!!!! But i have had the hardest time with seduction yall omg they are so bad with communication they changed my date 3 different times after i have paid my money and plane tickets and all that stuff... I called them the week b4 my surgery to make sure everything was still on and everything was good and made my last payment and they said everything was good and maybe a hr later i got a call saying they have to change my date because the doctor is going on vacation the day after my surgery and wont be back till the 1st now this really made me mad because they got my money knowing he was going to be leaving and but anyway long story short they gave me 2 other dates and i told them its either the 3rd or im canceling and i want my money... And some kinda way im getting seen on the 3rd lol lol lol if your going to seduction i would advise you stay on top of them because they are not good with that at all.. but i will keep you updated on things


iff yall are going to go with seduction please stay on top of them and make sure you have all your ducks in a row and with them its best you buy your own things because they are WAY WAY WAY over priced they have all these pop up things to buy i feel like everything should be included in the price it just doesn't make any since to me i will keep update again on the 3rd i wish all the best

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