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I also had a bletharoplasty, eyelid lift,!! , at...

I also had a bletharoplasty, eyelid lift,!! , at the same time.

ON the way to my first appointment with Dr. R, I told my husband that we were only going for a consultation and I wasn't about to make any life-changing decisions. I walked out with a date for surgery! I think it was a combination of being ready after years of thinking about it and Dr. R's down to earth, personable, knowledgeable manner and honest appraisal.

My motivation was nothing but vanity. I wanted to "turn the clock back 10-15 years". I also feared that I might end up looking too smooth or plumped up, like a Joan Rivers knock off! Horrors! How fake! Consulting with Dr. R and her competant staff reassured me.

I opted for the more invasive, thorough laser treatment figuring , why not? Go for it!

The actual surgery was not too painful. It burned a little, especially around the edges of my face where the anaesthetic was less. The discomfort in healing was controlled by over the counter meds and the cool water gauze pads felt great. Benadryl made me sleepy but took away the itch. It was amazing to see the rapid, daily healing progress! I had to resist the urge to poke at the dead skin to remove it. The most painful part of the entire procedure was the removal of the stiches in my eyelid!! ONe side went fairly smoothly but the other! OH my gosh! I was writhing on the table while the nurse pulled steadily on the sutures! They are all attached in a long row from the inside of the eyelid to the outer edge! I had had to wait an additional few days because of a holiday and the stiches had set more. ouch! I was using my labor and delivery "hee-hee" breathing!!

I didn't expect a major change in my life. I like being smoother and having fewer wrinkles. My husband enjoys my new face more than I do! And I have to admit that I feel more confident. But I know that it's truly only skin deep and "this too shall pass." We'll all get old and wrinkled. I just wasn't willing to go there yet!

It's funny, I wanted to look "natural", just a little younger with no obvious, big change. But now I find myself looking in my mirror, (10 X magnification!) and wishing that the lines in between my eyebrows weren't as deep and the smile lines fewer! Sigh, are we ever satisfied!? But, really, I have to admit that I like my face and feel good with the results.

Comments on follow up care: although I was told to call ANYTIME and given the cell. phone number of a nurse, I would have liked someone to call me and check in. I also had a unique situation in that my nurse was a new hire from another dermatology clinic and was in the process of being trained at this clinic. At my first few appointments she was corrected and/or contradicted by the other nurse who worked there. It may have been relatively minor issues, such as they no longer used a particular cream but it undermined my confidence in her. I had no major issues so it wasn't a problem but I felt kinda like a guinea pig for her to practice on. Dr. Reichel was available by cell phone on the weekends for my questions and concerns. She always called back promptly and I loved hearing her kids screaming in the background! It was so real.

I also wish they'd emphasized how very fragile my skin was after surgery. Paper thin. It took a couple of appointments for me to comprehend AND broken capillaries. I knew to hide from the sun but I didn't anticipate that the pressure from lying on a chiropractic and massage table would do that!

Oh, big mistake: try to keep the aquaphor off your hair!! I shampooed literally 20 times in 2 days with No results except to accomplish spreading it all over my entire head! The only thing that finally worked to get it out was: liquid Dawn dish detergent with a cup of baking soda. I washed my medium length, thick hair 20 times in 2 days, again, and it began to come out. It took another 13 washings before it approached human hair. My neck hurt from tilting it back as I was paranoid about getting that stuff on my fresh face! Took about a week! I've had to use a heavy duty conditioner since.

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