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I joined RealSelf a couple weeks ago while...

I joined RealSelf a couple weeks ago while researching physicians for rhinoplasty. I've always wanted to change my nose, since high school anyway, it's always looked too big to me. Now in my early 30's I decided this is the time. We are going to be moving in a couple of months so I am going to be taking a month off from work before moving. This seemed like the perfect time to get a rhinoplasty surgery done. I've been concerned about having the surgery and then moving three weeks later. I'm in the process of scheduling and going to consultations for a surgery to be scheduled around the first of May. I had my first consultation two days ago at Dr. Naficy's office in Bellevue, Washington. I met with Julie Legman, the patient care coordinator, and she was very helpful regarding my concerns of surgery and moving. My consultation was scheduled with Julie only however Dr. Naficy had a free moment and came in to meet me and address questions as well. I felt really comfortable there but still feel I should have atleast two more consultations before making a decision. If anybody has a recommendation for rhinoplasty in Seattle area please let me know! I just submitted an online request for a consultation with Dr. Shahram Salemy. Hopefully they will call tomorrow.

I'm not too nervous about the results of the surgery. I'm sure that the physician I pick will do a great job. I'm more concerned about the surgery itself. I've never been put under for any surgeries, partially out of fear I guess. Opted for oral sedation for major oral surgeries when they recommended being put under. Also concerned about the pain during recovery. Who isn't scared of pain though right? I've been following some of your posts of consultations, surgeries, and recovery. I guess it's just time to bite the bullet. Both scared and excited!

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