Surgery Scheduled!! Super excited!

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Same story as the majority of the people on here,...

Same story as the majority of the people on here, around 8th grade I started noticing that everyone else's noses were staying petite and feminine while mine seemed to never stop growing. As time went on, it began to fit my face a little bit better but was definitely still oversized. I have always had a small round/heartshaped face and was unfortunately given a nose from my dad's side of the family-- very bulbous and very shapeless. I was always editing my photos and untagging myself from photos that others had posted online :(. For the past few years I've thought extremely seriously about rhinoplasty, and it always seemed like having the option of getting the surgery was such a relief and it felt completely right. I had a consultation with Dr. Naficy back in February, and was pleased with him as a surgeon but unfortunately I live on my own and work full time just to pay for my rent and my full time school schedule so could not afford him as a surgeon (he charges a few thousand dollars more than any other surgeons and doesn't offer any kind of payment plan). After leaving his office I felt even more so that rhinoplasty was right for me, but disappointed that it would be so hard to save up the money. I recently did some more research and discovered Dr. Portuese. I have a consultation scheduled for August 13th and since his office offers care credit, I am hoping to schedule my surgery for early/mid September. I will post some pictures of my nose before so you can get idea of what I am dealing with! I also have a slightly deviated septum which turns one side of my nostrils into a slit in photos.... Not cute! Can't wait for my consultation on Tuesday.

Before/hopefully after!!

Had my consultation today

I met with Doctor Portuese and his great staff today and it really was a beyond pleasant experience. Dr. Portuese was very warm and friendly, and understood exactly what I was saying about my nose and I felt as though he was being very honest with me. I met with his lovely office manager Janet, and we discussed the process and she showed me the morphed photos of what my nose could look like. I was very pleased and know that with a little tweaking of the photo it could be just what I wanted it to be :)

Unfortunately, their office no longer accepts care credit so I will need to spend a couple more months saving for the procedure instead of trying to take out a private loan. As of now, I am going to have to wait until this next quarter is over since I can't miss any school. Something to look forward to I guess :)

Procedure officially scheduled!!

I called Dr. Portuese's office today to schedule my consultation, and his office manager Janet was in a meeting and unavailable to speak. I left a message with the front desk and waited to hear back, but it took about 4.5 hours until she called. She was extremely sweet when she called and explained that the office had been busy (as I had assumed) and gave me her complete attention :) I scheduled my surgery for December 12 and my pre-op appointment for November 15 to hash out all of the remaining details and make sure that everyone is on the same page. Working as many hours as possible in the meantime to save up the remainder of the cost but I have 3 months so it should be no problem! Janet says that she will send another photo of my nose that is a mix of what I like and what she thinks I will like and I have complete faith that she understands what I want and will send me a masterpiece.

I thought that I would be more nervous and stressed but I feel extremely calm and at peace and definitely think it is the right time and is what I need to do :) very excited!


I have been talking to Dr. Portuese's office manager Janet back and forth through email and she sent me another morph based on what I had specifically asked her for after my consultation. The first morph was a little too pointy for my face in my opinion, so she sent me a second adjusted photo catered to what I wanted and what she thought would be best. I am very happy with the new edited photo, especially since she was able to show me what it would look like from my bad side, so I can only imagine what my good side will look like :)) just in looking between the photos of my current nose and the new planned nose, I am so excited and motivated to work even more so that I can put enough money away and still be comfortable after my surgery with low stress. Very happy with my experience so far and I have no doubt it will continue. Any tips on how to make this whole process easier when it comes to surgery time would be much appreciated!

Hate my right side!

Another morph....

I edited another photo of my face relaxed from the side and sent it to Dr. Portuese's office manager to see if it was something that would be a possibility. Since the surgery is performed relaxed I tried to imitate that in the photo so sorry for the super strange picture!! Can't wait to have my new nose.... Please let me know what you guys think of the new morph! I think it really brings all my features together :)

Front back side to side :)

so I made my own morphs and put them side to side with the real picture, and decided this is exactly how I want my nose :) I emailed it to Dr. Portuese's office assistant and she responded first thing the next morning and told me it was absolutely possible :) at work, working a double as we speak to try and save more money for my procedure..... Luckily I'm not tempted to spend it since this is something I really want!! Paid tuition and rent and the remainder is what I have towards my nose and its nice to look in the bank and see that :) anyways, rambling.....


Took a picture of my 3/4 angle today and my nose sticks out so much for my small face! I have a very wide smile that I love and I hate smiling in photos for the very reason of my nose :'( this side angle is my least favorite, I never take photos like this.... December cannot come soon enough!
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

Very warm, welcoming and honest. From his before and afters he seems to be a very experienced and talented doctor and I am beyond excited to see my own results!

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