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I just wanted to thank all of you who have written...

I just wanted to thank all of you who have written reviews! You have been very helpful and it's nice to be able to relate with others who have similar insecurities. So I'm 18 years old and I've finally decided to go through and get a rhinoplasty. This has been a very hard decision in my life because of the controversy with getting plastic surgery and I didn't want people to judge me. But I realized that either way people were going to judge me because of the bump on my nose or me getting plastic surgery. I've realized that it really doesn't matter what people think, and I want to feel more confident in my skin. When I was 11, I saw a picture of my profile and was surprised because it was different than all of my friends. I have a bump on the bridge of my nose, which isn't a bad thing but I've always felt that it doesn't flatter my face and could look better! I was envious of the girls who had a straight tiny nose and I have felt very self conscious about people looking at my profile. I would often cry about my nose and my family knew that I hated it. I felt like the black sheep because all of my family members had straight, flattering noses. A few months ago, I told my mom I wanted to get a nose job but she just told me I didn't need one. But I kept bringing it up and tried my best to show her that I was serious and willing to even pay for most of it. It took awhile for my family to all get on board with it, but now they are very understanding about it and supportive. After a lot of research and visiting with different doctors, I finally decided on one. He knew exactly what I wanted and I felt that he would do a great job. I didn't want to change my whole nose but to just get rid of the bump, so I'm getting a partial rhinoplasty, a nasal hump reduction. I'm getting it done this week, and couldn't be more excited and nervous. I'm nervous because I hope that the surgery will go well and that I will be happy with my nose. I'm not changing who I am as a person, I'm just enhancing what I have. I don't agree with getting a ton of plastic surgery to change every little thing about yourself but I understand what it feels like to have a flaw and want to fix it. If any of you have advice about things that will help me after my surgery, or just any helpful comments, I would love to hear them! Thanks!
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