6 months PO, very happy with the results

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My review title pretty much sums up how I have...

My review title pretty much sums up how I have felt about myself for the last 25 years... My looks would be greatly improved if my nose wasn't so ugly. It is too large for my small face, the wide, bony bridge creates a flat spot right in the middle and if it can't get any worse the profile is over projected and hooked in appearance. I am hoping that the Doctor can fix all of these issues and give me a softer, more feminine nose that fits better with the rest of my features. I have read a lot of reviews on real self and the stories have really resonated with how I have felt about my appearance for about the last 25 years. I have finally decided to fix my nose and live the rest of my life not having to look in the mirror everyday, thinking "if only my nose was smaller/prettier/more feminine". I'm tired of being self conscious about how it looks and I am hoping that this journey will end with me having more self confidence and a more attractive nose!

Rhinoplasty in 6 weeks!

I can't believe that I will be getting my nose fixed in 6 weeks! Here are the computer altered pictures that were given to me at my consultation appointment with Dr. Portuese this past April. (Excuse the mean look I think the camera gal told me not to smile!). The proposed changes for my nose are to 1. Narrow the bridge; 2. Smooth out the bones to remove the "flat" spot; 3. Shave down the dorsal hump to eliminate the hooked appearance; & if that isn't enough, 4. De-project the tip by a few mms. So I guess that I am getting the works! The doctor said that the tip of my nose looks good, but I'm thinking maybe it might look too wide after the bridge is narrowed? I also can't quite figure out how he will de-project my nose if he doesn't change the tip??? These are questions I will have to ask at my pre-op Appointment at the end of this month.

Rhinoplasty surgery today 8/15/16

Hi Everyone! I had my surgery this morning, and I am now home and feeling surprisingly good! I will post more later, I wanted to show my bruises right after I was loaded into the car and about 2 1/2 hours later after my car ride home.... Lol I was expecting to get some bruising, and I am definitely getting some shiners! I've been icing for 15 minutes every hour so I am hoping that will help. Luckily, I can breath some out of my nose and I have no sore throat. No nausea either, so I am considering myself very fortunate :).

Day 1 PO

I must say that I am surprised how well I feel today! My surgery yesterday went well.... My check in time was 8:45am and I didn't actually get called in till right before 10:00am, which didn't help my nerves at all because I was so so nervous! Once checked in, I put on the surgery dress (over my clothes, they didn't even make me remove my shoes) and the nurse briefly asked some questions about my health in regards to the general anesthesia. Dr. Portuese came in and we went over what I wanted done.... Dorsal hump removal, narrowing of bridge, removal of "flat" spot by shaving down the bridge, and deprojection. Ahhh seems like a lot for one nose!!! He commented that my nose was "very unique" mainly due to my bridge being so wide and coming off my face to square off at the top. He also commented that my skin is very thin, and that any irregularities in the bridge refinement will be noticeable and that there may be a small chance of revision later. I appreciated his honesty. I went into the surgery room, the anesthesiologist got me hooked up, and before I knew it I was up in the recovery room. I was actually crying when I regained consciousness, not sure why because I was not in any type of pain. The nurses weren't fussing over me so I guess they weren't too concerned either. To my surprise, I had absolutely no sore throat and just felt some pressure on my nose. I drank a whole can of juice (I must have been very thirsty because I drank it in about 2 gulps from a straw!) , 2 crackers, took 1 pain pill, (didn't vomit at all) and before I knew it my friend was there and the nurse wheeled my down to the parking garage. We came home and I ate some food, iced my eyes and relaxed. I slept pretty well last night, I could breath partially out of my nose and was fine breathing out of my mouth. Haha since the surgery it seems like I can't quite close my mouth together, and the upper lip feels numb. The bruising and swelling is worse today, but I am trying to ice every hour.

PO day 4

Here is a little update so you can see my progress so far.... I stopped taking the pain meds on PO day 1.... So then day 2 I felt kinda "wimpy." I had a dull headache, the inside of my nose felt like it was very raw, and I had no energy.... Just laid around the house, napped, watched TV, iced my eyes and tried to stick to a low sodium diet. I have been waking up a few times every night, I don't have a sore throat but just the sleeping on 2 pillows, congestion, and mouth breathing keep me from getting a continuous nights rest. PO day 3 I felt a lot better.... I checked in at my work for a couple hours to say "hi :)"....started using the saline spray to rinse my nose.... I live in Central Washington and it has been 100 degrees all this week and very dry. The nurse warned me that the dry weather was going to really dry out my nose! He was right because all the scabs and crust feel like cement inside my nose. I'm afraid to wipe down with a Q-tip in fear I may dislodge a stitch or start to bleed or cause some type of damage. Last night I woke up and I felt like I had a sore throat in my nostrils! Wow my nose felt like it was on fire so I used some saline spray to moisten it up on the inside, which provided a bit of relief. I guess the old saying "no pain no gain" applies in this situation. Overall, I have been in far less discomfort than I had anticipated. It's funny because I am so used to the splint now that I'm actually kind of scared to have it removed in 2 days :/.

Splint off today 8/21/16!

Good Morning! I removed my splint this morning, which I was instructed that this would be okay at my pre-op appointment due to the fact that Dr. Portuese generally removes the splints 6 days after surgery, and that since my surgery was Monday that day 6 happens to be Sunday. I am out of town (my follow up appointment isn't until this Tuesday) and didn't want to wait the extra 2 days, so I decided to get it wet and gentley remove myself. Oh my goodness!!! Talk about nervous! Nervous I may mess something up and nervous to see what the splint was hiding!!! Removal wasn't difficult, I took a nice long shower, and stood in front of the mirror and SLOWLY pulled it off my nose. Wow! I can't believe the bridge is so narrow! And no more "flat" spot or side bump. :). The tip still seems swollen to me, as does the area right above (between my eyes) where the splint had been. I kinda wish the profile was a bit more feminine, or ever so slightly curved inward, but I know this is not the final result. I am very pleased so far :). Here are some pictures directly after the splint removal and then after I attempted to apply makeup. (Lots of sticky residue on my nose and I tried to use a very light touch so the makeup application is far from perfect!)

2 weeks Post Op! Very Happy

I just thought I would post some updated pictures to show how my nose is healing and to let anyone who is reading know that I am very pleased with the results so far. Right after I removed my splint, there was a small bump on the bridge on the right side. I've been so worried about touching my nose and doing any damage that I only just sort of barely touched it.... I was finally brave enough to give it a little pressure and it seems to be soft, which is a relief that it is only swelling. I'm still a little worried that the tip looks too large, could be swelling, but I know that the doctor wasn't going to change the tip.... I guess it would be natural for the tip to look wider now that there is no more wide bridge to balance it out. Overall, I am happy with the results. Is my nose now a cute little model nose that someone might put on their "wish list"? Probably not. Is it ten times better than it was before? ABSOLUTELY! And I still look like me. In fact, even though I told all my friends and family, no one else has noticed. (Or else they are too polite to ask?!?) Several people asked me why I had a black eye, but no comments on my nose.

1 month Post Op

Just thought I would check in and post some pictures of my one month results. So far I am pleased with the results. I love my new front view as well as the oblique view. I'm still a little unhappy with the side view, I still think it is overprojected. I'm hoping that this is just swelling. One unexpected result is that the doctor fixed the drooping tip when I open my mouth wide or make an exaggerated smile. Lol this is a goofy smile to demonstrate the droopy tip, this is not how I regularly smile :).

6 months post surgery and very happy

This whole thing has been a very positive experience for me. I had my 6 month check up yesterday, and my doctor was happy with the results and so am I. The flat spot on my nose is 95% gone, there is a narrow flat area that really only shows up when my skin is oily and I'm really looking for it in the mirror. The bridge is narrow, and my profile is more attractive. Before surgery, I literally obsessed over the appearance of my nose on a daily basis. I think probably every single time I looked in a mirror I I fixated on my nose and how unhappy I was with it. I am so happy to say that those days are long gone! Now I look at myself in the mirror and i just see my face, no more obsessing or having negative thoughts. Wish I would have done it years ago!
Dr. Portuese, Seattle

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