Revision Rhinoplasty for Upturned and Short Nose (Male) - Seattle, WA

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I had a rhinoplasty in November 2013. I went to...

I had a rhinoplasty in November 2013. I went to have the surgery in Poland because of the low prices, but this whole "mission" turned out to be one of the worst experiences in my life, so far. I wanted to have a more masculine nose, as I all my life have been struggling with people saying I look feminine. So the plan was to make it less projected and derotate it. Everything went smooth, the surgeons and everyone were so nice and I had a very good feeling. This changed the second I took of the cast and I saw the result. I knew the nose was really swollen, but something did not seem right.

The nose was extremely upturned with LARGE nostrils and it was also very unsymmetrical. All the surgeon said was "it looks fine", "it's just swollen" and "it's a more delicate nose now". Well, did not want a more "delicate" nose, I wanted a more masculine nose. I was so shocked I couldn't say much, but when I asked the surgeon when I should come back for the after care follow-up, she said that they didn't do that. That made me even more shocked. I have to say it was very unprofessional...

From the second I got back to the hotel I started researching revision rhinoplasty surgeons. I wanted a surgeon who had for certain dealt with this kind of situation before, and also one that had very natural noses. Over the last 10 months I have talked to a doctor in Seattle, Dr. Thomas Lamperti, who I really believe can solve my problems. The time of the surgery I really don't know, but hopefully within a year. As a student I cant afford the surgery right now, and as the nose looks much better than it did right after the surgery (it's still to short and upturned, but looks much better), I am able to wait for the best (hopefully).

When I got home to Norway (after the rhinoplasty) I went straight to a plastic surgeon in Oslo. He saw my original nose before I left, and when I arrived to his office he was also very shocked. He thought they had given me a ski slope, and told me I had to tape my nose nose for several months and hope for the best. Two months after that he did an alar base reduction on the nose, as they somehow became very visable after the first rhinoplasty. That is much better now, but I dont like that it's upturned and to short.

Dr Lamperti and I have made an unformal plan for the revision. He will derotate and deproject the tip of the nose, and use spreader grafts to widen the bridge. He might also place a small cartilage graft on top of the bridge to make a slight curve of a "hump", and also a slight supratip break. That way the nose will have a curved look, not totally straight, but still masculine, and maybe more natural than if it was totally straight. He might also make the tip less defined with cartilage grafts, so that the shadows on each side of the tip isn't that visable.

10 MONTHS AFTER - Facial implants?
I am really looking forward to the revision rhinoplasty, but I am also wondering if I should get chin and cheek implants done at the same time, to make my facial features even more angular and masculine. The chin is a bit receded, small and "round", and the cheeks are quite flat. I also have a bit of hollowness under the eyes, which make me look so tired all the time. The most important thing is of course the rhinoplasty, as I am also starting having some problems with breathing. But the implants could be the little touch that made the face masculine to my liking. We'll see how thing wind out, I am really excited.

Implants - yes or no?

I have tried to compare two images here. The nose is the same in both photos, it's how I'd like it to be after the revision. However, only the right photo has augmentation of the chin, cheeks and jaw. I think it is much easier to see how the implants can help making a much more harmonious face when comparing it like this. Without the implants the nose seems out of proportion, I would say. And with the flat cheeks I look very tired. Hmmm...

Used to be "the-fat-and-feminine-kid"

When I was younger I got harassed all the time, people called me fat and feminine. This drove me to my first rhinoplasty, the attempt of getting a more masculine appearance. Sadly things did not turn out the way I had expected. I got depressed for a while, but I decided this experience wouldn't stop me, and I got really focused on working out (I already worked out, but not at the same level I have in the last 7 months). I thought if I at least could have a masculine body, then that would be at a little bit better, right? I am so glad for that decision, and I am happy with my results. Even friends and family are very impressed, and glad on my behalf.

So the other day I was thinking; why isn't that enough? It's maybe weird, but I dont want people do define me based on my body. I dont feel like having to prove my masculinity with my muscles. I want people too look at my face. :) And you also have that constant struggle of keeping in shape... The fact is that you cant really rely on your body either. What if something happens in the future, and I'll be unable to work out at this level? Then all I have left is my face. And I refuse other people to define me, hehe, I want to define my self, and that is the main reason why I am looking so forward to this surgery. I really hope it goes well. :)

Freshman Year High School Photography

To show where I am coming from. Not a photography i like, but it's reality. I was pretty heavy back then. Round face-shape, small chin, and a horrible nose.

Although the worst thing of all was probably the haircut. :P


Pollybeak deformity and supratip fullness when I smile

I also wanna show how the nose looks in one Particular angle , between the profile and front view . It's obviously alot of supratip fullness , and I would also say there is a pollybeak deformity . This is especially noticable when i smile , which I do a lot , so it's very annoying . You can also see that the nose is very asymmetrical from both sides , where the left side (right side actually , the image is flipped for some reason) is much " worse" than the right.

I have tried makeup - sick of dark lines under eyes

I never saw this day coming, today I actually went to the mall to buy makeup. I bought a concealer for the dark lines under the eyes, and a highlight and contour palette. I had a lot of doubts at first, that it would make any difference , but now, after trying it, I actually feel positive about this. I dont like to admit it, though, haha. I want to look more masculine, so one would maybe think that this makeup-thing is the total opposite, and maybe it is, but I dont really care. I want to look like a guy, but at the same time I want to look pretty.

I surprisingly got a bit of the same effect I want from the implants, when I highlighted the cheeks. Not as much, though, but I see improvements. After trying on makeup, I don't question why most women feel the need to. Its crazy how different it can make your face look. Obviously, getting my hair done and the lighting has also a lot to say. The "just got out of my shower" photo is soo hideous. I feel sorry for the person that in the future has to wake up to that every moring, haha.

Well, the question for me now is; should I keep wearing makeup to highlight the features I like for the rest of my life? I think this would be kind of hard, because where I come from, guys with makeup are not socially accepted. And I don't really feel like being laughed at. Cheek implants or fillers are not very accepted either though, but you cant really see it. And with implants, you don't have to use a lot of time getting your makeup done in the moring. I don't really know. Just some thoughts I had. What do you think?

1 year

It's now over 1 year since I had the original rhinoplasty, which was on the 28th November, 2013. The nose looks better now, compared to the first 6 months. I don't really think much about the apperance when I am amongst other people, or when I am working, and it does not seem that other people care much either. And that is very positive.

If it weren't for the breathing problems I now have, I am not really sure it would be worth spending 13K on a revision rhinoplasty. The very drastic changes I first believed I had to make, to obtain this desired masculinity, are in fact not that big of a deal any longer. I don't think every single aspect and every feature on my face have to be 100% masculine, or just as masculine as every other feature. Instead I want to look healthy and youthful, but combined with the masculine. Not overdoing anything is an important keyword.

I am looking forward to the day when these morphings are reality :)

1 1/2 year mark - I have tried filler in the cheeks, chin and jaw

The nose is starting to settle, and the swelling has gone down to the unrecognizable. I am very happy that the nose eventually looks normal again. The nose still collapses when I breathe heavily, and I have quite a lot of allergies, so I would have to to open the airflow with spreader grafts at some time, but now, ulike earlier, it's not that big of a rush. You can see in the one photo of the nose, that is one month after the first surgery, that the nose clearly looks something quite different now, and I am happy it turned out like that, not as bad as first expected.

I have for the first time tried filler in the cheeks, jaw and chin. I like the results so much. I am considering one more syringe in the cheeks, but for now I am happy, as I don't look as tired as I did before. And I also feel that the filler placed in the jawline and chin makes my face look a bit more angular and masculine. It's what I've allways wanted.
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Thomas Lamperti seems very talented and thorough. I am definitely looking forward to having my revision rhinoplasty done by this surgeon.

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