Mid 30's, Needing a Touch Up After Prior Chin Liposuction - Seattle, WA

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A couple of years ago I had much needed...

A couple of years ago I had much needed liposuction under my chin for a hereditary double chin. Hopefully since I have had both I can be of some help if you are trying to decide which procedure is best for you. I am in my mid 30s and have a normal BMI and good skin elasticity. I had the procedure done and had a great improvement but a few spots were missed that became apparent after all the swelling subsided. By this time life had gotten crazy and I didn't pursue any sort of revision until recently. When I saw my doctor she told me about Kybella and how she thought I would be a good candidate based on only having a small amount of fat needing to be treated. I read some reviews on here and thought what the heck, might as well give it a try. She assured me that the worst that would happen would be that it didn't work.

The actual procedure was fairly painless. I received several lidocaine injections which I was told would be helpful later. I don't think they helped anything but my body tends to metabolize lidocaine very quickly. I had 14 injections of Kybella which I felt but didn't really hurt. The pain from the solution started before I left the office. I iced on the way home and by the time I got there I was glad I had pain meds left over from a recent surgery. I don't think I would have slept without them. This morning I have much less pain and am not needing any sort of medicine but the swelling is extreme. I have been taking 1000mg of bromelian and daily arnica for over two weeks now so I'm not sure what else I could have done to prevent this. From what I have experienced so far, while the liposuction was more invasive the pain and swelling after were much less than the Kybella. I am adding a picture of before and this morning. There is no hiding this gobbler. It doesn't matter that I don't need a chin strap, it would hardly be less obvious. The swelling is far more than the original volume under my chin pre-lipo.

4 Days out

I am adding some pictures of the swelling 4 days out. Still pretty obvious. No pain unless I'm walking and that mess under my chin starts jiggling. So far I much preferred the liposuction.

10 days out

At 10 days I am still swollen. Possibly not noticeable to anyone but me but definitely there. No pain unless I touch the area or try and look up. I do not have full range of motion looking up because the skin is too tight. So far lipo recovery was definitely easier.

Day 20

Still tender to the touch and when I look up but nothing crazy or even worth commenting on. Still a little swollen but hope to be back to baseline by the end of the week.

Four week update

Four weeks today, not as close to baseline as I though. The picture is before and today from the same angle. At this point I would just happily take my old neck back. I have also lost 10 lbs, not that it ever came from my neck anyway.

Six weeks

Finally seeing some improvement 6 weeks out. I will probably need 1 more treatment. Also, I no longer have pain when moving my head. I guess I need to follow through but I'm not excited about being swollen for another month. I follow up on the 20th so unless something crazy happens between now and then that will be my next update.

Round 2

My appt got pushed back a few days. I had another round of injections today and am about 3 hours out. I did not get lidocaine this time and it didn't make much of a difference for the pain of the procedure. It was uncomfortable but tolerable either way. So far I have less pain following the injections as well as less swelling.

4 days post 2nd injection

Pain and swelling are much less this time around. I am more bruised to the point that people have commented but I haven't been diligent with the arnica. Still have some swelling but nothing hideous like last time.

4 weeks post second injections

Not much to report, no more pain, swelling or bruising. The second round was over all pretty uneventful. I will add a picture and then give my final review in a couple of months when I should be fully healed.

Kybella Final Results

I am now 10 weeks post second treatment and believe I'm looking at my final results as I don't know what else would change. I am happy with how things turned out but will run down my thoughts on Kybella vs Lipo as I have had both.

Lipo Pros-
Faster "recovery", looked "normal" quicker
Faster results
Less pain post procedure

More invasive procedure
May need anesthesia based on your tolerance (I will say I did lipo with tumescent anesthesia only and it was very comparable comfort wise to having the Kybella injections)
Need a chin strap for a period of time based on your doctors instructions

Kybella Pros-
Can be done in an office setting
Not as invasive
Can drive yourself to and from your appt

Ridiculous amount of swelling that can last over a month
Need multiple treatments
Expensive, may not know final cost until well invested in treatment

Hope this helps any of you who are going back and forth trying to decide between procedures.
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