Tria Age Defying Laser..Worth Every Penny - Seattle, WA

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I felt compelled to write this after seeing...

I felt compelled to write this after seeing several women bashing the Tria laser. One women blamed the laser for leaving her disfigured. She told us how it burned her and in a panic she rubbed the burn away with her finger and was left with a scar. A little common sense goes a long way...don't pick at a wound or it with leave a scar. In order for this women to have burned herself, she would have had to have ignored the warnings in the manual that clearly tell you to keep the laser in motion or risk burning yourself.
I followed the instruction carefully and my results were amazing. Within two weeks the brown spots on my face started to vanish and my skin started to look tighter, more plumped and youthful. During the treatments period (2 months) my skin had a redness to it that was no worse looking than a very mild sunburn and my skin felt rough to the touch. The rough texture was the old layer of skin coming off and towards the last half of my treatments, my skin started to feel smoother. I didn't mind the redness or the rough skin, because I knew it meant the laser was actually working.
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