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BACKGROUND As the title indicates, I am a 40-yr....

As the title indicates, I am a 40-yr. old African American woman who is 173 lbs. I am currently 18-20 lbs. above my ideal weight. A high-pressure corporate career, poor on-the-go eating habits and a somewhat sedentary lifestyle got me here. I need to do better and plan to lose at least 15 pounds in the next three months. My arse has become chunky and with chunkiness comes cellulite (at least on me). You can see in my pictures that I have a lot of fullness and cellulite.

I am scheduled to undergo a Cellfina treatment on May 24th at Dr. Naficy's office in Seattle, WA. I went in for a consultation about two weeks ago and they were very nice. Dr. Naficy won't be doing the procedure. He doesn't do this treatment. The procedure will be done by an employee of his practice. I didn't get much information about her credentials, but she did mention that she has performed this surgery numerous times and she seemed very confident and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable during the consultation.

I have at least 38 dimples that need to be treated, if not more. I would like to see significant results before I go on vacation in early August. I know that I won't see results for at least six months, but part of the reason I am doing this is because some results are seen within a few weeks. I won't pay too much attention to results seen at one week post-procedure since I will be swollen. I plan to wear my support garment for at least six weeks.

The price I was quoted was $5,000. I was told the procedure would take about an hour and to bring an iPad or phone to divert my attention from the grinding noise, etc.

I will post a few front thigh photos before the procedure so you all can see the extent of my cellulite. I will also try to publish photos every week post-procedure so the progression of my recovery and improvement can be witnessed and assessed. I hope my Cellfina diary proves helpful as you consider this procedure for yourself.


I'm adding a few more before photos that show the front of my thighs. Sorry about the old underwear. I'm taking pics in underwear that I can wear immediately after the procedure when all the yucky oozing will happen so I'm not using my good undies. The lighting is different because I'm in a different location. The pics are pretty accurate. I don't think the dimpling looks much worse in person.

Cellfina: One week post-op pics (May 31st)

The procedure itself was relatively easy. The most painful part was the numbing portion. All in all, things went well. I must say that the staff was fantastic! They are so nice and they have great bedside manners. From that perspective, Dr. Naficy's office is a perfect 10.

In these pics, you'll see that I still have a lot of bruising. Apologies that they are not properly rotated (in my camera roll they are). Today is June 16th and I'm still bruised, but it looks better. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell if there is improvement on my legs because of the shadows created by the bruises. The procedure worked on my butt, but that wasn't my biggest problem area by far. I'm waiting to reserve judgment on my legs for a couple of additional weeks.

I definitely need to work out, but I had hoped to see more improvement than I do. The biggest concern I see today, June 16th, is that the areas that were done seem raised higher than the surrounding areas on my legs. I can honestly say that looking at my legs, that isn't necessarily the case. Because there are hard lumps where the dimples were treated, it just feels like that (at least in the front of my legs). The back of my legs seem different, but I need to take pics to tell.

Cellfina: Three weeks post-procedure pics (June 16th)

Adding a few more pics taken today. I took a few in front of my bedroom window so you all have a more realistic view of what the results actually look like in regular daylight. You can see much more cellulite in those. I hope the results get better.
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