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In 2006 I had an under the muscle, armpit, breast...

In 2006 I had an under the muscle, armpit, breast augmentation. Before surgery my breasts were perky, but lopsided (Left breast size D right a small C). I chose to go with round moderate plus implants inflated to 525cc on the left and 650cc on the right. The recovery was quick and the result was huge and perfect.

Fast forward 10 years and two breast-fed kids later and my once large lovelies were droopy, overly humongous (They grew to a GG!), and caused me a lot of back pain. It was time for the twins to vacate my body.

I decided to go with saline, moderate plus, 400cc implants (actually 400 on the right and 475 on the left). Because of the large amount of natural breast tissue I already had there was no real fear of rippling with my implants, so I was able to choose saline or silicone. Despite the much better warranty for the silicone implants, I just felt safer choosing saline. I'd like to know immediately if my implant ruptures, rather than waiting on a slow silicone leak.

Closing the much larger implant pocket, and perfecting the shape of my implants meant I was in for a pretty difficult operation. Several doctors refused to do it in one procedure, but instead wanted to remove my implants and let the pocket close naturally for up for a year. ONE YEAR WITH SOGGY FLAPJACK BOOBS? NO THANK YOU! I chose a doctor known for his precision, and revision skill. He was able to complete my reconstruction in one operation, although it did take him 8 hours due to his perfectionism. Thank goodness for him- my boobs look SO awesome!

My biggest fear going into surgery was losing feeling in my nipples. In fact, I put off the surgery for years due to this fear. However, I am now one month post-op and these sweet nubs are as sensitive as ever- whew!


I've attached a few gruesome photos. Note: after just one month my breasts are but at all bruised, and stitches are pretty well healed around nipple areas.

Picture update

My breasts are healing well. I'm impressed with the perfect areola circles I've now got.
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

Before I decided to go with Dr. Sajan for my procedure I met with 5 other surgeons. Dr. Sajan was far and away the most compassionate and knowledgeable about how to go about performing my tricky augmentation desires. Going in to our initial meeting, I knew that Dr. Sajan is one of the top 10 plastic surgeons in my area, and he was voted as the #1 plastic surgeon in several different local polls, however I didn't take those facts into consideration while making my decision, as I figured votes and polls are easily manipulated. However, the title of "Seattle's Best" is justly deserved by Dr. Sajan. I knew I wanted smaller breasts and I wanted them to be perky once again. After researching implants online I wanted to go with high profile silicone implants, around 200ccs, and under the muscle. Armed with this idea I met with several surgeons. One surgeon refused to perform the procedure on me, three wanted to remove my implants and let the large pockets decrease in size naturally before they would perform the surgery, and one said he could do it all at the same time, but the cost was nearly $12,000. Enter Dr. Sajan. Now, he had actually been the second surgeon I met with but I felt I needed to do my due diligence by meeting with several plastic surgeons before deciding upon one. He was on my list of doctors to meet with and by happenstance he had a Groupon for Botox offered (this was in December 2015). So, with my two-birds-one-stone frame of mind I made my appointment. After the injections I slid my desire of a breast re-do into the conversation and suggested an appointment for a consult later. Dr. Sajan let me know I was his last patient before lunch and he would happily give me a consult right then! I was really self-conscious about my breasts, but Dr. Sajan was compassionate but not pandering. He listened carefully to my ideas and was detailed in his explanation of what he though I should do. I am not a small framed woman, he said HP implants would not balance my body but would instead look too small. He also suggested that I would not be happy with 200cc implants because the size difference would be too dramatic, and again, my 5'6 170lb body would not look balanced with such small breasts. However, he did leave me with, "Whatever you decide you want is what I will do for you. So if you want small breasts I can do that. But I want you to walk away from your procedure happy with your results." The other doctors I met with really seemed to talk over me and dismiss my ideas. So that small reassurance and validation from Dr. Sajan was exactly what stuck with me to make my decision. *** Funny side story: After a visit with the fifth doctor who gave me a consul, Dr. W, the front office receptionist asked how my appointment went. I was frustrated and said, "He didn't listen to me at all." She apologized for my frustration and walked me out. Once out of the office she said, " Have you met with Dr. Sajan? He's who I would want." *** Anyway, to end this long tale, Dr. Sajan performed my surgery one month ago today. I decided to go with moderate plus, 400cc implants. My surgery was 8 hours long due to sewing up the large pocket, and Dr. Sajan's perfectionism. My breasts look incredible. My after-care impeccable. My worries are addressed and resolved within hours of letting his office know about them. I am so pleased that Dr. Sajan was my plastic surgeon- he really is #1 in Seattle.

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