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Hello everyone, I am 37 years old and have two...

Hello everyone, I am 37 years old and have two kids. My breast have been sagging and drooping for the past two years. Not to bad but Im a bit of a perfectionist. So I am finally getting them fixed. I have implants in now. I had a saline breast augmentation poorly done five years ago. I am hoping to get a lot more volume but still natural looking. The thing I am most worried about is the recovering period. My job requires me to be in the nude. So the scarring needs to go down quickly. I told my plastic surgery to make the best call on size. I am replacing my saline for silicone. I am very nervous. Nobody wants surgery! I am taking a big income cut this summer. As a single mother it can be a little stressful . Wish me luck!

Few more hours!!!!

Can't sleep to excited! For the new and improved!

Wish boobs

Did it !!!

I'm all done only thing I have is light pinching in my nerve which is a good thing I guess.. My throat is sore because they put some tube down it but Dr. Grenley office was AWSOME! They put the make massagers on my legs to pump The blood cells so I won't get a blood clot-The only problem is is I can't take this wrap off for three days so I can't see my tits untoll Friday. I need to go to bed now so I'll talk to you soon ????

Six hours later

I feel great I'm just scared to move my arms

I feels like I got ran over by a bus ????

Day after is no fun.

Vagina swollen bad

Not sure how to fix this issue. Might need to go see the gynecologist tomorrow .

Day 2

Stiff as a board - hot and cold. I might b allergic to my medicine

Eye vision gone blurry!

Wtf why am I having to use my moms readers! Never have I had this issue . I must be having an allergic reaction .

Day 4

Wow check out my new girls. I'm so excited I think they look good for four days out . Youthful and perky. It felt so good to take a shower today. Today was the first day that I felt good enough or was even allowed to take off my bra and shower. My boobs have been marked on permanent marker so it looks like the scars are worse than they are.

Me with my moms

I had to have my mom leave her readers here with me because my eye vision went blurry I think I am allergic to one of my medication

Day 5

Slowly but surely making a come back!

So satisfied And happy with results !!

I can't believe no bruising no swelling and no bleeding no nothing and he is the best doctor in the world !

It's been 13 days pain is almost gone!

He did a great job on the shape can't wait to take of the tape in a few days.

Almost 4 weeks

Looking good!

5 weeks

They look smaller, I feel great. One more week and I should be able to swim and workout again .

Looking good at 3 month

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