I'm 62 Yrs Old and I Hate How my Breast and tummy Sag - Seattle, WA

I would appreciate some info on breast lift from...

I would appreciate some info on breast lift from women who have had this procedure done ...my breast are really saggy I need a lift
Please help me I hate to wear a bra I like being free but they just hang on my belly it's very embarrassing ..
Ladies of my age please help me decide the right tho g to do ...thank you
Thank you

New pictures

Not only do I have saggy breast's I also have a saggy tummy....I had two C Sections tears ago and I've always had this sag at the bottom of my tummy. Since I was 26 years old I've been embarrassed to go to the beach I hate being seen in a bathing suit. Whatever I wear you can see that overhang I have. Please help me ladies, tell me your experiences what do you look like now. Do you have more confidence in your bathing suit.
Thank you

Feeling more comfortable sharing my pictures

I was embarrassed about sharing my naked pictures since I hate how my breast hang and my tummy has this overhang. I now feel better with sharing them I feel like I'm part of a family here we all have the same problems and I need your support to help me go ahead and have my surgery . You all look so beautiful.
Thanks k you

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