43 Years Old, No Kids, Beast Implants. Seattle, WA

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Hi! I have been checking Realself.com for one...

Hi! I have been checking Realself.com for one year and I have been encouraged by everyone's experiences. I decided to contribute my experience to other readers.
I am 43 years old and single with no Kids. I am so embarrassed with my flat chest that I keep my tops and bra on when I have sex with a guy whom I am currently sleeping with. In October, 2014, my girlfriend and I were chatting and all the sudden, we came up with the idea of me doing breast implants. Since then, I have been preparing to do it by reading the reviews for Realself, doing research and meeting 3 surgeons.
Finally today is the day of operation. It is 3 and half hours away!
I am super nervous as I have never done a major surgery before.
I will post more later but I should get ready for now. Wish me luck!

The day of operation

Day1- My very first surgery and anesthesia went well. I didn't have to take any pain medications. After I got home, I ate a little and took medication given by my doctor, and then went to bed. I had a hard time to getting up from the bed as that is the time when I use the arms and upper chests muscles. Other than that, the pain wasn't that bad.

Day 2

These pictures are from the day after surgery. This morning, I felt more pain than yesterday and I had a hard time of getting up from the bed.
I went to a post op check-up and my doctor said everything looked great.
My size is 180cc but I could have done a little bigger. I am still happy, though.
I have been hearing that we should go with the bigger size if we are not sure which size. I agree. At first, I was planning to go with 160cc but I am glad that I didin't.
Yesterday I was told that my implants would seem to "ride high" but would settle. Also I know they are swollen now, which means they would get smaller later? I like how they look now. Hope they don't get smaller and set lower than now.

Day 3

Last night it seemed that my breasts were swollen more. I woke up in the middle of night since I felt like someone was squeezing my chests with huge hands. I was half-asleep but I loosen my supporting bra and went back to sleep.
I woke up this morning and checked my breasts. Thank god that they looked OK.
Here are some notes. I was on my period when I had a surgery. If anyone is worried about being on your period on your surgery day, don't worry. All I had to do was to let the nurse know in advance and to use a pad, not a tampon. It was no issue.
Also, I was diagnosed with a Rhuemotoid Arthritis last year. I am taking medication to manage it. My Rheumatologist said it won't be an issue for me to do the breast implants. In case if there is someone with Rhuemotoid Arthritis who is thinking to do the breast implants out there, I wanted to let you know I am OK so far!

Day 5 & 6

The night of day 5 was not a good night. My both breasts were so tight that I was in pain. One time I could feel like my skin was stretching.
Today, day 6, got worse. Because my left breast felt like rock hard and pains badly, I had to take off my supporting bra for an hour. Then, thanks to Realself.com, I remembered that some girls said they used ice packs for morning boobs. I took their advice and felt better.
When a pain and tightness came back later, I took a shower and I felt much better again!
I realized that my right breast dropped this evening compared to last night. The right one looked too low and I was disappointed a little. Wish it stayed where it was as last night... Well, I will see how my both breasts look a week later.

Mondor's cord

Since post-op day 17, I have developed Mondor's cord under both breasts. The one under right breast was worse than the one under left breast. I was freaked out first, but again thanks to the girls on RealSelf. com, I learned that it would go away eventually and I won't have to worry about.
I went to see a doctor just in case to make sure that it was Mondor's cord not anything else. And contacted my surgeon. My surgeon said I could massage it gently, take aspirin and place a warm towel on it.
Now it seems to be getting better.

Week 3

It has been 3 weeks since surgery. Till about 3 days ago, I was still feeling pressure, tightness and sometime pain in my breasts. I think I was getting better everyday but the progress was slow. Also, I got tired easily.
I finally started to feel much better at 2 and half weeks after surgery.
In addition to that, I have been on an emotional roller coaster. The first week after surgery, I was happy with my result.
After that, I started to have ups and downs in mood.
One day, I was disappointed because (I thought) they didn't look natural. Then next time when I saw them, I was happy because they looked nice and I had boobs. On a next day, I got sad again that they looked to be sitting too low and looked too round. I always liked my size, which is a good thing.
I have to be patient and wait to see a final result. Hopefully they will not end up with looking too round and sitting too low and they will look natural... Man, I sound like a needy person!
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mary Lee Peters is an amazing artist. I like how my breasts look after her work. They are not huge but they look natural and good for my body size.

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