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Im ready to have my breast back. I have a 7 year...

Im ready to have my breast back. I have a 7 year old son that I breastfed for almost 2 yrs. I then got a divorce 4 year after having him and have now become really sensitive in regards to the appearance of my breast. I Never really stress it too much while I was with my sons father as he knew them before they changed :) A year after my divorce I became serious with a guy that never once saw me fully undress :( always had y bra on. Not to mention the fact that all my bra has to be fully covered push up. and thats not that easy to find as most push up are not fully covered and if I wear those other ones I spill over per say lol as there is no firmest to my breast. I have a consultation DEC 10 with Dr Baxter, a friend of mine had work done by him in the pass.....but Im still worried as she only needed implant and I will need more work than just an implant. I was a 34 solid D while I was breast feeding, I'm still a D jut a deflated one :) I hope that a lift can be limited to just around the areola as I'm dreadful of the vertical scar, as they often do not heal that well on darker completion. honestly I like a breast that has some type of sag to it, I think it looks really unnatural when they are too it he could remove the most that can be done for a benelli left (if needed) plus implants I would be really happy .... but we will see... I was also thinking 400 to 450 cc I have uploaded some pic so let me know your thoughts... and thank you to all who have shared their journey here, as it has bee so helpful to me....Now my journey will begin and I will shear my own experience as the come....thank again for u'all input

a friend as well as research online

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