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I have wanted to get my boobs done and my stomach...

I have wanted to get my boobs done and my stomach fixed for many years. I put it off for awhile because I wasn't sure if I was done having kids. Then I decided I was done making babies and I put it off until I achieved my desired weight and muscle tone. Well, that day came a few months ago and once finances were in line my excuses for putting it off ran out.

I had my pre-op with Dr. Haeck last week. I can't believe how anxious, nervous, totally petrified I was. I knew that the pre-op was only for measurements, paperwork and final decisions. I think it was my realization that this was the really going to happen. I would walk in there, spend a small fortune and set the date for my surgery. Dr. Haeck noticed that I was pretty scared-shitless...he kindly authorized me to take on of the prescribed Valium on the way to the hospital the morning of my surgery. I'm definitely more excited than scared because I am still going through with it.

I decided on a nice mid-profile 575 silicone implant and a mini abdomnioplasty. I am fit and have wide shoulders and hips so I want something proportionate. My current bra size is 32D, which by the way is crap because my boobs are pancakes. I have a lot of skin to work with due to having and nursing my 2 kids (9 and 5 years old) so I know I can handle that size well. I'm a little nervous that my bra size will exceed a DD...which Dr. Haeck doesn't think it will. I guess it would depend on manufacturer and brand, I'll soon find out!

I got a little bit of an early start on applying Arnica topically and taking 3 tabs a day. I've used it in the past and I've read on a couple of profiles that it helps a lot with swelling and bruising post-op. I've also been hitting the gym a bit harder since last week. I'm trying to get my body as prepared as possible for the 6 week absence of physical activity. I am a very active person so it's going to be very foreign to be out of the gym for that long.

Today marks one week until I go under the knife. I...

Today marks one week until I go under the knife. I expected to be more afraid than excited at this point but I find myself looking forward to the moment that I wake up and see my "enhancements". Like before, I am still dreading my absence from the gym for the 6 weeks post op. Does anyone have any advice for life in the gym after a BA or TT? Did you find that you had to start very slowly when you were able to go back into the gym? I do intense cross training that involves weights and complicated movements. As much as I am looking forward my procedures, I want my cake and to eat it too...by being able to jump back into fitness where I left off!

Up late tonight checking up on new posts about BA...

Up late tonight checking up on new posts about BA and mini TT. I'm still excited/sacred/anxious about my surgery on Tuesday. In my research I've seen mixed use of drains in BA's. I'm getting one under my TT incision but not for my BA. Anyone else out there get a BA and not have drains? Just curious how/if you think it affected your healing?

Just popped my sleeping pill to help me get some...

Just popped my sleeping pill to help me get some Zzzz's before my surgery tomorrow morning. I'm happy to report that the excitement has superseded my fear. Dr gave me some valium to take in the
Morning to help me on the way to the office...I just can't believe I'm in the home stretch! I'll try to post some after pics ASAP!

Im now a little more than 24 hours post-op. Like...

Im now a little more than 24 hours post-op. Like so many so many others, I have to report that the whole pain and procedure were much less painful that I imagined. I got my bandaged off my boobs and had my zip front sports bra on at my 24 hour post op appt. I got a little glimpse of my girls and my tummy tuck suture and I am so so please! The suture is super low(something that I was really concerned about) and it is very thin. I have an appt next week to take out the drain. Hubby is going to take out the pain pump in a couple of days...that should be interesting. I will be posting pics momentarily.

72 hours post op and I am feeling WONDERFUL! About...

72 hours post op and I am feeling WONDERFUL! About an hour ago though I did push myself a little harder than I had yet and got some pain in my tummy area. It felt really tight, kind of like an intense bloating feeling. I laid down with a heat pack on my lower back and propped my feet up and its gone away.

I took my BA pain pump out today too. Dr told me that it would run out today and tomorrow (once it looks deflated it's all gone) and that when it did just to take the tape off and the tiny little hoses would follow. He did not however inform me that the segment of he hose that is inside your breast is quite long. The right breast's tube came out with no feeling but the left breast, who's tube was quite a bit longer gave a pretty good pinching sensation. Since the pumps been out the pressure on my chest was more noticeable but not painful. I iced a few times today and that helped tremendously. I haven't needed to take a muscle relaxer since last night and I've started to only take one pain killer as needed for my abdominal pain. I've also been religiously applying arnica cream to my breast and stomach areas and have ZERO bruising and very little a swelling. I do feel like it's made a difference, and the coolness of the Arnica gel feels good on the boobies too!

It's been 10 days since my surgery. I'm feeling...

It's been 10 days since my surgery. I'm feeling pretty good. Although I will definitly say I underestimated the healing time for this. My BA seems almost nearly pain free yesterday and this morning. My TT incision is sore, as is the site that my drain was pulled from. It's healing, just sore. I get my deep tissue stitches out next Wednesday. I'm looking forward to being able to take baths again!! I do not regret doing this at all and am so
Happy with my results thus far!!

I will be three weeks post op tomorrow and I am...

I will be three weeks post op tomorrow and I am feeling AMAZING! I am pretty much obsessed with my boobs. They are nicely settled already, the incision is healed, a little bit pink but otherwise you care hardly notice them at all. My stomach is still sore at the incision areas and tender in places around by lower stomach and belly button. When I saw my surgeon a few days ago he said it looks amazing, very little swelling and no bruising ever. He also told me I'm out of the woods for a seroma which is a relief because I was worried I might over do it when I came back to work.

I am still taking Arnica orally and putting it topically on my stomach (since it still swells at the end of the day and is tender) and aside from having an amazing PS, I think that it did help for the bruising, pain and swelling. I've been taping constantly and began using my scar cream yesterday since all of my incisions have healed and stitches are out. I can't wait to go swimsuit shopping soon and be proud of my new girls and tummy!

Still LOVING my results!

I'm about 10 months post op now. I feel great and am super proud of my enhanced body. I think Dr. Haeck did a wonderful job giving me exactly what I'd hoped for. I'm pretty close to being "back to normal" in terms of my physical abilities at the gym, which was one of my bigger concerns with the procedures. It was slow going at first but I made sure not to over due it so I didn't have any set backs.

As of today, I have some swelling on my abdomen, around my scar occasionally. It's normally toward the end of the day. I also have some itching on the scar, which I am still liberally applying scar cream to. I do have a small little dog ear on my left hip, it's so small that I am on the fence about getting it fixed. My boobies look amazing! Nordstrom measures me to be at a 32G bra size. The size sounds huge but they fit my profile perfectly and look more like a D. I have noticed that my left boob seems to be a little lower than the right...I'm still doing my massages on them, hoping that they are still settling and will even out soon.
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I was referred to Dr. H by a friend who had just used him for her BA and was thrilled with the results. I chose him after I saw him at the consultation. He was very down to earth and put me at ease about a lot of the reservations I had about the surgeries. I liked his approach to the "natural look" because that was something that was hard for me to find consistently in other before and after pictures from other surgeons.

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