Switched 14 yr old implants 400/420 cc Saline to 440 cc HP Textured Round Gummy Bear Implants

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I had my original BA in 2000 after having 3...

I had my original BA in 2000 after having 3 breastfed children. Following my surgery, I had 2 more successfully breastfed children. Immediately following my surgery, I noticed my left breast appeared smaller and higher than my right breast. I called my surgeon the evening of my surgery to express my concern. He assured me this was just due to uneven swelling however during subsequent post op visits, my breast did not even out and he determined I had a capsular contracture (which I questioned at the time as it would not have begun immediately following surgery) and he performed a closed capsulotomy which is a horrifying experience. Fast forward - time, having children and gravity have pronounced the differences between my breast and I have become very self conscious of this so I decided to have a revision surgery. I also have noticeable rippling of my implants due to thin tissue. I was approx a 32 B prior to my original BA and am now a full 34C. I would like to bump up to a 34D/DD but am hoping this will not be too large or too much for my small frame. I had a total of 3 plastic surgeons, 2 of whom I felt where extremely competent and who have very different approaches to addressing my issues. I chose to have my surgery with Dr. Grenely based on his years of experience, knowledge, amazing before and after pics of his work and how comfortable I felt during my consultation. He seems to be a bit of a perfectionist and after living with my lopsided boobs, I am looking for perfection! :) I believe he will give me the results I am looking for. We decided on textured gummy bear implants. I am not sure how many cc's or implant size yet. My pre-op appt is sched for Dec 19th and my surgery Jan 15th. I am excited to finally have my boobs fixed and nervous. Nervous for the surgery itself and just anxious in hoping this time I get the beautiful results I am hoping for. I work out 5 days a week so a little worried about not being able to workout for the 4-6 weeks but feel the ultimate trade off will be well worth it :) I will update following my pre-op appt. Wish me luck :) :) :)

More pre op pics

Here are a few more pics showing the "lopsidedness" of my boobs. Yikes!!!! Cannot wait for my much needed revision and nice boobs!!!!

Boob Wish List

Here are a few pics of boob wish list

My stats

I forgot to mention my stats - I am 5'1" - 112 pounds. I work out 5 days a week and have kiddos. I will look for my tape measure and post my chest/waist/hip measurements.

More wish pics

Ok, I am beginning to collect quite a few wish pics (thanks to so many of you amazing RS girls who so kindly let me borrow ;). Waiting for my pre-op and surgery date (Jan 15th) is almost torturous. I know it will be here before I know it but geez - it feels like forever!!!!

Getting closer

One month away from surgery JAN 15TH. Nervouse and excited. I LOVE following everyones updates which makes me so excited and hopeful for my own surgery revision. Pre-op is this Fri. It's getting closer!!!!!

Pre Op today!

I had my pre op today. Only 2-1/2 weeks until surgery! I'm nervous and excited. I'm more nervous about anesthesia and waking back up. I have kids and would have to have something terrible go wrong especially since this is all elective. I'm completely confident in my PS and his ability to give me great boobies :) So I won't be able to go much bigger than my current implant - probably 440 cc max and that is using HP implants due to my narrow rib cage. I needs to stick with a diameter in the 12" range but this should still bump me into a full D I'm hoping. I'm currently a Big C/Small D depending on bra and my weight fluctuation. My count down to surgery day begins :)

two weeks away . . .

so I am now two weeks away from my surgery. At first it felt like it was so far away and now it feels like it is right around the corner - yikes! The past few days have been tough - I'm anxiety prone so all these "what if" thoughts keep popping in my head and this morning I was convinced I was just going to cancel my surgery and live with my boobs because even though they're not great, I've seen worse (well, maybe not too much worse!) Also thinking geez, the amount of money I'm spending on my boobs could go for so many different things for the family and my surgery is strictly elective and selfish. So many mixed emotions!!!!! Have any of you experienced this? How did you deal with it? I have decided I do want to go forward with my surgery and do not want to let fear, anxiety and "what if" rule my decision. I love my family so much and always want them to be first but really want to do this for myself and am praying for a successful surgery and that all goes well :)

Tomorrow is my big day!!!!!

Tomorrow is my big day! I am having waves of suer excitement and major nervousness! And to add to it, my period started today! Uggghhhh!!!! It shouldn't have started until Monday but i think with nerves/nervousness, it showed up 5 days early.

Today is surgery day!!!

My surgery day is finally here! I check on at 7:45 am and should start surgery by 9:00ish. Will try and update once I am back home and settled. Woke up about 2:30 am and could not go back to sleep but am feeling mostly calm right now. Mostly . . .

All done with surgery!!!!

I made it through surgery! Yay. Things went exceptionally well. I am feeling great, minimal pain with minimal drowsiness. Here are some pics. They do not show much. I go back for my post op Tue 01/20/2015. Not sure if I can shower before then? I have a drain on my left side. He was only able to go 440 c HP gummy bears implants. I wanted to go larger to get to a full D but trust my PS 200% so know he chose what will give me the best results. Staff was amazing. I LOVED my op nurse. She was sooo sweet!!! Held my hand until I was "out". They did not give me a "cocktail" beforehand to calm me but I actually did ok. Just glad I am doing so well!!! Drain is filling pretty quickly. Had to drain once we go home. Will post boobie pics once wraps come off :) Thank you for all the kind thoughts and encouragement pre op! Love my RS sisters!!! :)

Darn pics! Having a hard time getting pics to load but will try again!!!

can't get my post op pics to download grrrr - but not much to look at. I'm all bandaged up. Will definitely post lots of pics once ace bandage comes off! Oh, pre surgery weight today 110!!! yay!!!!! Hopefully I can maintain this weight until I'm back to working out!!!!

post op pic

Not an exciting pic. I wrapped up tight following surgery. Can't wait until Tue to see them and post lots of pics. Wish me luck! I love my PS so I'm sure they'll look amazing!

Soooo sore!

It's my day after surgery. The numbing medication he put around my implants has definitely worn off. I am very sore with lots of burning. Getting up and down is the worst. I do not have much of an appetite but am very thirsty and drinking lots of water. Trying to make sure I walk around the house so I do not get stiff. I barely ate yesterday but my tummy is very distended. I'm assuming from anesthesia??

3 days post op and so bloated!!!!

So I am 3 days post op and so incredibly bloated and distended. I have gained 6 pounds since my surgery on thur even though I've barely eaten. Although my pain is doing better than it was (I was in quite a bit of pain night of surgery and days one and two afterwards) I am still very sore. I wan't to take my pain meds but am so afraid to. I'm not sure how much more distention my poor tummy can take! I'm trying all the tricks laxatives, Metamucil, stool softeners, hot tea, lots of water, walking around as much as I can etc. I've had to small BM's but not enough to offer any relief. I'm tired of sitting and resting so much but too sore to do much of anything. My back aches and it is very hard to get comfortable sitting or lying down. I cannot wait for my post op on Tue and to get my ace bandage off and hopefully my drain? I am down to 20 cc of bloody fluid in my drain every 12 hrs. Need to get to 10 cc by Tue for it to come out. Keeping my fingers crossed! Sorry to whine. Just thought I would be bouncing around by now as this is my 2nd go around and I've heard the 2nd time is usually so much easier than the first. But my BF/partner keep reminding me it's only my 3rd day since surgery. Going to try for a sponge bath today and a way to wash my hair without bending over. Cannot wait until I can take a real shower!!! Thanks for letting me vent! :) I really am happy for my revision and know overall I am doing very well :) :) :)

One day till my unveil!

Tomorrow is my bay - 1st post op appt. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get my drain taken out but I'll be able to see the twins for the 1st time! Today ha been up and down. I finally had a big BM this morning which was a relief. I still look distended but not quite a bad. I've been dizzy and nauseous today but I think that is from all the laxatives and stool softener I've been taking. I'm trying to take less pain medication - my boobs aren't hurting as much but my back is aching!!!! Not sure what that i about. Maybe from sleeping on my back so much? I'm still trying to balance resting with moving around just to keep circulation going and reminding myself it takes time to bounce back from surgery. I have 5 kids and am so used to being on the go. Not used to having to lay so low! But I'm really excited for my post op appt tomorrow and to see how they turned out. I have so many questions for my PS. I didn't get to see him after my surgery. I will post lots of pics tomorrow!!! :D :D :D

Post op postponed

My post op appt is post-poned until Fri. I am disappointed as I am so excited to see the "girls" but I am still putting out 20 cc's in my drains every 12 hrs and need to do 10 cc's or less so drains cannot come out today. Fri is only a few more days away. I did email my PS as my back is still very achy but I've ready many of you others have experienced this as well. I'm not sure if it's from sleeping on my back and the pillows or from the surgery itself or both. Anyway, no new pics today. My fingers are crossed for Fri! :)

Post Op tomorrow????

So tomorrow is my Post op - it was bumped from Tue to Fri because I still have too much fluid draining. I need to be at 100 cc or less in 12 hrs two consecutive times in a row. Finally had 10 cc's last night and got sooo exited but back up to 18/19 cc's this morning :( Not sure why my body is being so stubborn. Feel like drains will never get to come out. I have not been able to shower since last Thurs. Did take a sponge bath in 2-3 inches of water, shaved :) Will wash my hair in the sink when my honey gets home just to feel a little more human. My back is still very achy. Not much pain from the "girls" but the backache is very intense at times. I go back to work Monday and am really hoping I will not have to go back work with drains :( No one at work knows I had my surgery! Plzzzzz boobies - cooperate!!!!


Sorry - 10 cc's or less in a 12 hr period - not 100! lol :)

Post Op Appt

I had my 1st post op appt yesterday and was able to get my drain out - yay!! It was a little early - I was still putting out 12-18 cc's of fluid but I go back to work Monday so my PS felt it was better to take it out early. My backache has stopped since removing the drain and ace bandage. What a relief! So far I am LOVING my results. There are some visible differences still and I am so incredibly picky but I am still very early in the healing process and when you compare what I started with and and my PS had to work with - the improvement is significant (Thank you Dr.Grenley and thank you to my RS bestie for helping me to see this :) I think my PS has done an AMAZING job and I know it will only continue to improve as I heal and swelling goes down. I would have liked to have gone a cup size larger but still think my current breast size fit my smallish frame (5'1" 110-112 pds) So my original implants were actually 420 cc on the left side and 400 cc on the right side. My PS used 440 cc HP Sientra Round Textured Implants aka Gummy Bears. I love them. Love the look and feel already and again know they will just continue to improve in look, feel and touch. I am in a bra to support incisions and a compression strap to minimize swelling and fluid build up as well as keep implants in place in lower pole/pocket. I have to wear it 24/7 until Monday and then can take it off to shower/for work and then will wear it at night and bed until my next post op and PS will decide then what my schedule will be to wear strap. I will do anything for amazing results!!! lol. I will update next week after post op and continue with weekly pics :) Thanks my RS gals. Your support has been so amazing!!!!

PS . . .

I have gauze on in pics from where drain was and still have "sticky stuff" from tape and ink on skin :)

Stir Crazy!!!

I am getting ready to head out of the house for a while. I am soooo stir crazy and it is beautiful today. A little grocery shopping (woo hoo), a walk through the park to get circulation going, and maybe lunch with my daughter. Back to work tomorrow :/ We'll see how that goes as no one there knows I did this but I have a "desk job". The "girls" are a little sore today. Not sure if it's hormonal or because I slept flat on my back.

Back to work today

Today was my 1st day back at work. It went ok but I really felt "out of it" most of the day and sore, tired and pooped by the end of the day. It amazes me how tired I still get. I am going to try working out during my lunch hour tomorrow - just light legs and maybe some abs - or light cardio and see if this gives me some energy back. I have "discovered" a dent on the top of my right boob but it's hard to see in pics. It's my right, your left when looking at pic just below my hair. Hoping it will resolve in the next few months??? I wasn't feeling hopeful but have read a few reviews of others with same issue and theirs improved so maybe???? I keep reminding myself I am 10 days post op and many many more changes will happen. I have my 2nd post op Fri and will ask him about this.

2 week post op today

I had my two week post op today. It went well. I am healing very nicely, my breast are very soft which is great for two weeks and I do not have to wear my strap at night any more :) (it really didn't bother me that much). The right side is a little larger than the left and sometimes you can see the "dent" on my right boob and sometimes you can't. My doctor said it's just the implant and my muscle doesn't come down quite far enough but so far doing great especially for two weeks. I started my Vitamin E supplements last night and will take those for a year. I still need to wear my bra from doctors office until I reach the 6 week mark and then can wear any bra expect at night. I will need to wear a "sleep bra" that holds the sides in for 6 months. I'm ok'd for lower body exercises and cardio as long as it does not bounce the boobs :) He took the tapes off my incisions and put more tape on. That should fall off in 2-3 weeks and then I will start using the silicone gel tape up to a year until scars have healed nicely. My boobs now seem smaller even though my cc's a re slightly more. I asked my PS about this and he said they're probably not really smaller - that the contracture caused my breast to sit "higher" and look larger but they still look so much better than they did and I am grateful that so far no complications and I am healing so well. I want to do everything right!!!! Oh - and no vacuuming or house cleaning that involved chest/pecs; bummer boyfriend and kids will have to keep cleaning LOL Love it!!! ;) I'm excited to be able to buy new bra's. Was going to today and decided to wait until my 6 week mark. Next post op appt is in a month but I will continue to update weekly with pics and any changes to mark progress :)

3 weeks post op - lots of pics

I am now 3 weeks post op and healing well. Still some soreness on my sides and underneath as well as my incisions. My nipples have been hypersensitive and painful when I am not wearing a bra but this seems to be improving. My doctor lower my left breast to match my right side but I think it might be a little two low. While he definitively improved them, there are still some differences between the two breast. The pics in the bras are all my old bras (I have not gone bra shopping yet) They fit - I just do not project out quite as much as I used too. I have not tried on my D bra's recently but think I am a C/Full C cup right now. I am back to working out although NO Pec, Chest or upper body work which also limits some of the lower body and ab work I can do - you can see in my tummy haha - getting flabby!!! I'm not quite back up to full speed on my work outs but getting there! I go back for my next post op in about 3 more weeks and will see where the "girls" are then as far as appearance, differences etc. I did add a pre op pic in the grey bra to show a before and after comparison. I will try to them side by side

3 week before and after in same bra

You can see the difference - I had more projection in the pre op pic which made my breast appear a little larger even though I have 20 - 40 cc more with my new implants

one more before and after

When you compare my before and after- even with the difference I still have, the improvement is huge - my doctor had a tough case to work with and did a great job with what he had!

6 month Follow Up

Just a quick update to my surgery this past January. Love love love how my surgery turned out. I am a 32D which is perfect for my small frame. :) :) :) The rippling and dent I had are gone which is a big plus. I have healed nicely and am still amazed at improvements Dr. Grenley was able to make :)
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

I absolutely love Dr. Grenley and his staff. From Leslie at the Front Desk, Maria handling finances, Eileen Dr. Grenley's nurse who held my hand before lights out during surgery. They are such a fun, professional, caring, compassionate team. They work closely and cohesively together, are incredibly patient and always prompt in returning my calls, emails and answering questions. I love that they are all perfectionists (I am too) yet very personable.I love them all and am so glad I chose to have my surgery with Dr. Grenley and his team.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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