Sientra 415 cc Smooth Round HP!!!

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I'm 27 years old and am currently a 32b in...

I'm 27 years old and am currently a 32b in victorias secret bras although I feel like I should be defined as a AA cup size. I am 5'8" and 135 lbs. I am a mother to two beautiful children! Getting a breast augmentation is something I have wanted since I didn't develop much of anything for breasts. The fact that it could be a reality now is surreal! I have alwats felt like I have a boyish figure. I can't wait to feel more feminine and confident in my appearance! I am hoping to get between 400cc and 500cc.

Consultation is done! Pre-Op Scheduled!

I had my consultation on Tuesday with Dr. Richard Baxter in Mountlake Terrace! It's a drive from where I am at but totally worth it! I love his before and afters and have read many excellent reviews from his patients. He has written several articles on breast augmentation also.

During the consultation his medical assistant came in and gave us the instructions and outs of breast augmentation. All of which I had already gathered from this extremely helpful site! It was awesome to actually feel the implants! I didn't realize how fake Saline implants actually felt. I didn't want Saline in the first place but I didn't expect them to feel like actual water balloons! Dr. Baxter informed us that some doctors don't even offer Saline anymore! With that said I had already decided on Silicone most likely smooth round. He recommended the Sientra smooth round implants!

He then measured me... I am asymmetrical, my right side is significantly smaller than the left. So no surprise that he said we would be fixing that issue also. My bwd is 13 so that narrows down the size that I can fit. I originally wanted 400-500cc. I want a size that I won't be dissappointed after spending $7800 on! But I also don't want to look ridiculously fake either!

He said because I was indecisive on the size range we could use the Vectra 3d computer to see what sizing would look like. I was beyond excited to be able to use that tool! I was in awe! I also realized how different my breasts are from each other! Haha!

Since my measurements showed I was narrow in the chest, that limited me to the max recommendation of 435cc in the Sientra HP implant. He showed me what the 400cc Sientra Mod plus would like on me and I loved it but wouldn't mind going a tad bit bigger!

He also said one nipple is lower than the other and we may have to correct that with a crescent lift on the left side.

I will getting Sientra smooth round submuscular with Inframmamary Incision!
Overall I was impressed by Dr. Baxters suggestions and loved that he wouldn't consider an implant that would not complement my body.

I was worried that it would be over my budget but once I met with the patient care coordinator I was pleased with the price! And the fact that they could get me in for surgery October 6th!

Everyone in the office was very informative and kind! I am so excited to have chosen Dr. Baxter and his team!

Pre-Op is tomorrow!! Yay!

I have my pre-op tomorrow! This is all going by so quick! I'm on the fast track to perfect breasts! It terrible timing for the pre-op though! Just realized the president of China will be traveling the same freeway as me sometime tomorrow in which they will be shutting down the I 5 and I 405 when he's traveling. It's already a 1 hour 15 min commute to the Drs office and I won't get off work until 2 hours before my appt! Talk about stress!

Also since I have to pay in full at the pre-op, it will finally be completely official that I am not backing out of this! I cant help but be nervous about what other people are going to think of me getting breast implants. My boyfriend is on board with me but I have this paranoia that he will dislike them once I get them. Plus when my boyfriend told his brother his brother just laughed and thought it was hilarious that I was getting implants. Does anyone else have anxiety about what other people will think? Wortied about the typical stereotype of fake boobs?

Pre Op Completed! Its Official!! 415cc!!

Yesterday I had my pre-op! It went very well as expected! All my questions were answered and I am beyond excited to be treated by Dr Baxter and his team!! Its official and paid for now! All I have to do is wait the 12 days for l surgery!.
Dr. Baxter decided we would go with Sientra smooth round 415cc High profile implants. He said this would be the best for the result I want and its not a good idea to go any bigger because of support issues I may end up with if I went bigger. I am so happy since I knew I wanted between 400 and 500 cc! I cannot wait!!

Wish Pics!!

Here are some of my wish pictures! :)

Last day with my Tiny Twins!!

I cannot believe how fast this time has flown by! It's surreal that this time tomorrow I will be in surgery adopting my new twins! Gah!!
I am finally getting slightly nervous. I'm only nervous about actually going through elective surgery and scared I won't make it out! I know it is extremely rare so I shouldn't worry. But it's my two little angels that I am thinking about losing their mom way to young. Has anyone else felt like this before surgery?

Today I am getting all the final details ready! Deep cleaning the house, shopping for recovery food, and making sure I have everything set for my kids to make it easier on my boyfriend taking care of them! Lots to keep me busy today!! Yay!!!

Any recommendations on food that sounded good during recovery?

Post Op Day 1

I made it to the other side! I survived surgery which was my main concern!

I can't believe I have been booted out of the Itty bitty titty committee! I love them so far although I havent seem all of them yet. I have to keep this bra on until friday. I'm I'm quite a bit of pain when my meds wear off. I'm taking then about every 5 hours. There is a ton of pressure in the tops and sides of my breasts. I think it's the incision starting to hurt on my right breast. I've been sleeping a ton since I got home yesterday but still getting up to move around a little.

First Post Op Picture!

I have to wait until friday to take the bra off. I'm glad it's black though!!

Post op Picture

My first one didn't load. Maybe this will.

Post Op Day 3

I had my post op appointment today! Finally got to take off the bra for the first time and see my new boobs for the first time! So exciting!! I love them!!

Day 2 post op went much better than day 1! I wasn't in as much pain and could go 6 hours between the pain meds. Even then I just took it to make sure I didn't end up in massive pain. I think I could have switched to just tylenol. This morning was my worst case of morning boob yet. It wasn't to bad the first 2 days. But this morning I couldn't wait for the pain meds to kick in! My back has been probably my biggest complaint so far, sleeping propped up is not comfortable and gives me back pain. This whole experience is not as painful as I imagined!

Today (day 3 post op) I had my first post op appointment to get my sutures out. I finally got to fully see my new additions!! Yay!! Pain today is minimal and I got the okay to shower! Dr. Baxter said my breasts looked great and he took my sutures out ( the stitches around my nipple hurt so bad coming out I almost passed out). My left breast is more swollen than the right. He said I will come back in two weeks and my incisions should look great by then. I was so excited to shower when I got home! I was surprised it was so easy to wash my hair! Im so happy!!!

Two week Post Op

I am two weeks post op! I feel great, I can finally sleep on my sides now! My biggest complaint through this whole process was how bad my back hurt sleeping only on my back. My second biggest complaint is wearing this bra 24/7!! I can't wait to get the okay to stop wearing it at night! I have my next post op appointment tomorrow where my doctor will take off the steri strips!
My "morning boob" pain went away at about day 8 or 9. I have started getting the sharp pains in my breasts from my nerves waking up and healing. It's very sporadic though!
I am getting so impatient with them dropping and getting softer. They have barely moved so I haven't felt like posting any pictures until today.
I still don't have any feeling in my left nipple and I am still pretty numb between my incisions and nipples. I have full feeling in my right nipple! Yay!
I am very happy with my decision to get this done! I feel so much more confident even in just tshirts! I can't wait for them to soften up so I can create some cleavage!!

5 Week Pictures

I'm really late posting these but here are my 5 week pictures just for reference.

4 Month Post Op

Hello! Finally posting a real update! I am 4 months post op! After the first 4 weeks time flies by! I am now a 32DD! I had no idea of the struggle I would have trying to find a bra in that size! They have softened up quite a bit and now feel like a part of me. My scars are fading nicely. I just started using Bio Oil twice daily.
I recently had my last doctor appointment to follow up on the settling of my right breast. It took a little longer to completely fill out the bottom so I had a flat spot. That has now filled out and us completely gone! My doctor and I feel extremely happy with the results!
I am so glad I made this decision for myself. I would do it over again in a heartbeat! Well worth every dollar spent!!
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

I am very impressed by Dr. Baxter. He was my first and last consultation. I felt extremely confident in his work. His before and after pictures look amazing! He chooses the breast implant that would look best on each person. I gave him a general size I wanted and ultimately he chose the biggest (since I wanted big) I could go with my body size. His team of nurses are outstanding and caring also! They made me feel very comfortable and did not rush me at all. I can't wait to see my results and update my review after surgery. I am now 4 months post op. I am so happy I chose Dr. Baxter as my surgeon. I had quite a few follow up appointments upon his request to ensure a problem with one implant not settling as fast as the other was solved. He takes pride and care in his work and patients. My results are fantastic!! I highly recommend Dr. Baxter to anyone who wants high quality results and a great team to work with! Well worth every dollar spent!

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