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I am in the process of searching for a surgeon. So...

I am in the process of searching for a surgeon. So far Yily has caught my attention. Her after pictures is what kind of body I'm looking for!

Surgeons in my are do not have many before and after pics or do the kind of work I want done! I will not make a hasty decision b/c of how bad I want it.....

Don't know what to do.

I'm new and I don't know where to post things.

I have a discussion, a question, a review lol i'm really confused.

When I go on peoples profiles they can write more than 200 characters and what they write shows up on their page.


Wishing & Waiting

yesterday I spent all day looking at reviews from people. The after pictures are amazing! It really made me want to have surgery even more. I did spend some time looking at the "Not worth it" reviews but there was not as many as good reviews! I have emailed Yily yesterday didn't get a reply. I am soooo anxious! I emailed some doctors where I live (In seattle) but none have much experience with BBL; and there wasn't any dramatic changes in the patients bodies either!

I am scared of planes! I flew on one when I was younger, but now I am terrified! I'm also scared about going to another country because I will not me familiar with anything and I only speak English. I'm worried that if I go to a surgeon in another country we won't communicate very well and I don't get the results I want. I do not want to make a hasty decision because of how bad I want this. I have been waiting since I was 16. I will be 18 on DEC 15 and I am in college and we have break for two weeks starting on DEC 12. I know nothing is going to happen that soon. I should of started my research months ago but I wanted to wait til I was closer to being 18.

At this point I am just really upset because I want this so bad and things take a while to get in place! Only one doctor has emailed me back... but they are 6 hours away from me and they said I have to come in for a consultation. Even after I emailed them my photos! Plus the doctor didn't do fat transfers.... sighhhhhhhh this process takes along time........ :(

Just messing around

messing around with some apps and looking at pics of Yaris.. love her body!

Yily hasn't emailed back yet :(

I emailed Yily yesterday.. not sure when she emails people back but I am very anxious and not very patient lol Just really excited. I know this is quick but I have literally looked at almost every post on here from people on BBL.. and different doctors and such.. Yily has amazing results and does the kind of body sculpting I want. Now it's just a matter of waiting for her to email me back.. and making a plan. I do not want to risk staying in my state and getting surgery here when I'm pretty sure my body will not turn out how I want it to. I would rather be a little scared on a plane and get the best results!

Only thing is.. I'm in college and not sure how to plan this surgery. I DO NOT want to wait til summer to get this done... but breaks are not long enough to go get the surgery and recover and go back to school... other than summer breaks are about three weeks.... sighhhhhhhhhh..........


sad because my mom does not think it is realistic for me to go to the DR.. plus Yily emailed me back but still has not replied to the pics and info I sent her...
I have to find some one in Washington State... but none I have seen has done what I want... really depressing... don't even know anymore..

Happy Thanks Giving

Hey guys..... still wanting to get surgery but I have been busy with college... I'm going to school to be a RN and assist plastic surgeons!!!!!!!!! I still think about surgery time to time but it seems like it won't happen anytime soon! ill keep you guys updated ! going to start on my journey again emailing surgeons! Life gets soooo busy!

It's been a while

Hey guys it's been a while! I started the juice fast today to lose some weight! Wish me luck! I want to lose some more weight before I think about getting surgery again. My 18 birthday is on Sunday Dec15 :)

i'm 18


They won't email back

I emailed tons of doctors and none have emailed back why? :( How many days is it supposed to take to get a response?!

A Travel Buddy?

I live in Washington state. I want a travel buddy! I am most likely going out of state to have the brazilian buttlift; please msg me if you are interested!

Got A Consultation.. but here's the catch

So have you guys heard of "sono bello" yea I got a consultation with them on Monday. They do not do fat transfers, but I already have a nice booty I just need my tummy and back fat gone and BAM ill look bomb! How do you guys feel about that?! I want feedback!

No payment plan :(

sooooo I emailed Yily and her assistant said they have no payment plans, that it would be $3500 cash... not counting the plane ticket, or where I would stay after, or medications. I just turned 18, never had a job in my life and in college full time so I am stressing out on how I will get this money! I have like maybe 300 dollars.Prob going to babysit or at least try to get a part time job! Sell my laptop or something for a little bit more. I know this sounds dumb but any donations would help. Even if it's a small amount! I have been wanting this surgery since I was 16! & I want this so bad :(
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