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I have always been one to work out regularly and...

I have always been one to work out regularly and watch what I eat, but those darn 10 pounds per year have sneaked their way onto my frame and into my jeans. I've been thinking about sawing off my extra skin and fat for a long time since they didn't just snap back after birthing my two kids. Now at 50, it's half time, and now I get to do what I want to do, feel how I want to feel, and look how I want to look. I'm excited to have Dr. Peters draw on me, cut the frosting off my cake, and say goodbye to my old cottage cheesy skin friends!

My first lesson: check out YouTube and learn from others and their experiences. I can't imagine that I'm too far from the center stripe. I'll post my progress...graphically.

My second lesson: Keep my expectations in check. I was a little disappointed when Dr. Peters said that I would only lose a few inches, but in thinking it through, I realize that those are a BIG few inches and that she is pretty much obligated to avoid the "over-sell, under-deliver" result. I am relying on the "after" photos from previous posts, her professionalism, and her experience to carve away all that she can.

My third lesson: Peace of mind and feeling happy are definitely worth the price tag.

See y'all on the other side!

This is my last Friday before my surgery and I...

This is my last Friday before my surgery and I couldn’t be more excited! I can’t help but think when I shower how different my body is going to be. I’m looking forward to saying “goodbye!” to my old friend that has been stuck to the front of me for so long, and to my bath soap budget shrinking with the reduction in square footage.

I have spent hours on the web researching, reading, comparing and studying pictures and bios, and I even printed the ones that seem to look like mine and have the best success so that my surgeon knows what MY expectations are. I wonder if the results will be the same?

I seem to be in good company with wondering how many inches I will lose. I look in the mirror pulling, poking and prodding at my belly with the measuring tape as a witness. My husband walks into our bedroom when I am in the middle of my inspection and he is kind enough not to let his eyes roll completely back into his head. I tell him that I am simply obsessed, and he sweetly says that “it’s not obsession, it’s due diligence,” smiles, and gives me a big hug from behind as we gaze into the mirror together. He has been so supportive throughout this process, and he’s going to be home with me taking care of me while I recover.

I have read here on RS that my BMI is in range and my fat is the “outside” kind and not the “inside” kind, which is a tremendous relief. I am still walking/running 4 miles daily and watching what I eat, and am getting accustomed to a new lifestyle to go with my new figure. After all, I don’t want to do all this remodeling and not move in!

I seem to be staying stress-free about the procedure, or am living in denial ;-). I do wonder what the days right after will be like, and are my biggest worry. I did have two C-sections and seemed to heal pain free and fast, or at least my memory is gracious enough to let me believe so, and I’m hoping that my healing superpowers are still intact.

Friday night, and time for some fun!

Hello RS'ers, I am so pleased with my...

Hello RS'ers,

I am so pleased with my results!

I have a flat tummy, even with the swelling from the surgical wounds and the fluids being drained off my body in four drains accumulating 100cc's at a time. My back is smooth, and my bottom has been raised to the heavens. My surgeon stated she took over 15 pounds of skin and fat off me, which I think is the approximate weight of my head. My breasts look a bit more voluminous (without work being done) because there is no fat tummy shelf under them. I am down 10 inches around as of today and still have swelling. My belly button is a nice tight oval now and I think it will whistle in the wind when I find a bikini. I can fit into my pre-surgery pants and shorts easily, and it's clear that my wardrobe will need to be replaced...I ain't going back to the "tummy has its own zip code" neighborhood. I’m slowly getting a very nice hour glass figure. I did have a client mention I looked like I had lost weight even thought I was in baggy closed trying to hide my fanny pack full of drains and tubes. It was nice to be noticed!

I still have drains in 15 days later and they are a pain--literally--but necessary. I did experience pain, but nothing more then what I had expected. I am able to back off the pain pills a bit and am finally sleeping 4+ hours in a row. I am so grateful I was a heavy duty walker before the surgery, and my ultimate advice to my fellow RS'ers is to walk, walk and walk some more before surgery. Asking your core to lift itself is painful. I am so sick of trash TV; thank goodness my husband took me and my 1980 fanny pack of drains to sunny Orlando to help take my mind off the whole thing.

I am so happy! I took the plunge and did this for me. Dr. Peters was a perfect choice for me, her artistry and her aggressiveness in removing as much as safely possible worked out very well, and she went the extra mile and took out even a little more than I expected. I am so very happy and and feel so very good and look so very svelt for my 50+ years. Dr. Peters is amazing!
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I learned about Dr. Peters from this website I interviewed one other doctor prior to meeting Dr. Peters. The prices were about the same, but Dr. Peters has a professional confidence and track record that is very impressive.

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