38, No Bio Kids, Lost 120 Lbs - Seattle, WA

So I have lost 120 lbs over the past 6 years. My...

So I have lost 120 lbs over the past 6 years. My high was 341. I am 5'8" but still considered obese. I finally went ahead and scheduled the consult with Dr Peters, and I have a date! I am so excited and nervous. I have never been able (as an adult) been able to buy clothes that fit me due to my spare tire.

7 Weeks to go!

I am obsessed with reading everyone who has experience with a LBL. I am very nervous. I have been eating really well and exercising to ensure I am as healthy as humanly possible on surgery day. Dr. Peters will be gone shortly after my surgery, so most follow ups may be with her associate. They called to let me reschedule for this reason, but I already arranged the time off work. Keep breathing.

Getting closer

Well, pre-op is in two weeks. I have been writing all my questions down so I don't forget anything. I feel like I exercise and eat right and the scale won't move. Meanwhile, I have arranged my time off work, changed my schedule for the kiddos, etc, for the weeks after surgery. Getting close. I am going to take some more "before" pics and measurements soon.

Getting closer!

Pre-op appointment is this Friday. It is set a month out due to my schedule, and I have to drive a bit to see the dr. I have booked the hotel for the night of surgery and night after (as there is a follow up appointment the day after surgery).
I am crazy excited, and in disbelief that it is actually going to happen!

I have to say, now that it is real and so soon, it is easier and easier for me to stick to better food choices etc. I often times would get so frustrated that I looked so bad after such a huge weight loss, I would self sabotage. Now I really know it is happening so I am determined to get the best results possible. Did any of you take measurements before/ after (waist/hips) and would be willing to share?
Thanks to all of you!

Pre-op appoint is tomorrow

A few more before pics

Had Pre-op today?!?

I could explode I am so excited/nervous/ scared/ elated. Can you tell it is a mix of emotions? My amazing and sweet spouse came with me.
I ordered my post surgery garments, with the discount code the dr gave us. My hotel for the night before and after has been booked.

The picture posted is my size 14 jeans. All over-stuffed muffin top. I thought they would serve for good reminder/ comparison after.

20 days!

Running or walking every day to make sure I have the best cardio health possible. I have several events between now and surgery, so hopefully it will keep me distracted.
Measurements so I can compare later
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

She was very kind and understanding in the consult.

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