38, No Bio Kids, Lost 120 Lbs - Seattle, WA

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So I have lost 120 lbs over the past 6 years. My...

So I have lost 120 lbs over the past 6 years. My high was 341. I am 5'8" but still considered obese. I finally went ahead and scheduled the consult with Dr Peters, and I have a date! I am so excited and nervous. I have never been able (as an adult) been able to buy clothes that fit me due to my spare tire.

7 Weeks to go!

I am obsessed with reading everyone who has experience with a LBL. I am very nervous. I have been eating really well and exercising to ensure I am as healthy as humanly possible on surgery day. Dr. Peters will be gone shortly after my surgery, so most follow ups may be with her associate. They called to let me reschedule for this reason, but I already arranged the time off work. Keep breathing.

Getting closer

Well, pre-op is in two weeks. I have been writing all my questions down so I don't forget anything. I feel like I exercise and eat right and the scale won't move. Meanwhile, I have arranged my time off work, changed my schedule for the kiddos, etc, for the weeks after surgery. Getting close. I am going to take some more "before" pics and measurements soon.

Getting closer!

Pre-op appointment is this Friday. It is set a month out due to my schedule, and I have to drive a bit to see the dr. I have booked the hotel for the night of surgery and night after (as there is a follow up appointment the day after surgery).
I am crazy excited, and in disbelief that it is actually going to happen!

I have to say, now that it is real and so soon, it is easier and easier for me to stick to better food choices etc. I often times would get so frustrated that I looked so bad after such a huge weight loss, I would self sabotage. Now I really know it is happening so I am determined to get the best results possible. Did any of you take measurements before/ after (waist/hips) and would be willing to share?
Thanks to all of you!

Pre-op appoint is tomorrow

A few more before pics

Had Pre-op today?!?

I could explode I am so excited/nervous/ scared/ elated. Can you tell it is a mix of emotions? My amazing and sweet spouse came with me.
I ordered my post surgery garments, with the discount code the dr gave us. My hotel for the night before and after has been booked.

The picture posted is my size 14 jeans. All over-stuffed muffin top. I thought they would serve for good reminder/ comparison after.

20 days!

Running or walking every day to make sure I have the best cardio health possible. I have several events between now and surgery, so hopefully it will keep me distracted.
Measurements so I can compare later

14 days. Getting things in order...

So what do any of you recommend to have with me? I have an overnight at the hotel next to hospital the day after.
I am going a bit nuts.

I can't believe Monday is so close

I am a basket case of feelings. I wish I knew more people who had a body lift at my size. I hate myself that I am still obese after losing over 100 lbs.
I hope my expectations are realistic, I hope I can just get what I need to get done before Monday. I hope. I hope. I hope.


I type this as I sit on my spin bike. I will weight 229 tomorrow morning, day of surgery.
It is hard to imagine that in a month or so when I bike, run, or even get dressed, I won't have a huge gut in my way. Really baffling.
I am a ball of nerves, and excited, and well, everything. I will see you all on "the flat side".

Done! Resting at hotel

Dr. Peters was amazing. Absolutely amazing. I was a crazy nervous wreck this morning, and my poor wife kept trying to keep me calm. Then Dr Peters walked in as I was sitting in pre-op. She was still in her nice clothes (aka, she walked in hospital and directly to me). She was so kind, and patient, and immediately I felt like a weight (hahaha) was lifted off of me. She took me to a private room (she carried my IV bag to there.... I seriously have never met a doctor so kind and grounded) and marked me all up. Then she walked me back to the pre-op waiting area (I was already in my gown etc as the pictures show) and went to prep.

The anesthesiologist came and met me and explained what all she planned to do and what all would happen after surgery etc. My wife left and the anesthesiologist walked me back to the OR. Dr. Peters greeted me, and directed me to lay down, and one other person in room introduced her self (now I don't recall her position). A few seconds of breathing in a mask, and I was out.
I woke up in post-op with dry mouth and no pain... about an hour and half later I went to recovery and my wife met me there. Getting up
HURT! Damn that muscle repair! Ouch! Once done with walking all was well.
Back at hotel I could walk (hunched over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame) by holding tightly to my wife. Now in the room and feel good! I will try to grab a few pics of my stomach tomorrow at follow up appointment.

Pictures from first follow up

One day post op.

2 days post op

1) I can't sleep, pain and positioning makes it hard to sleep.
2) I managed to change my compression garment on my own.
3) I was told to eat 70-100 grams of protein a day, but food is less than appetizing. Any suggestions for low sodium options?
Here is a good side by side picture

Day 3 post- op

Holy swelling Batman! My face, my everything is swollen. Omg.

So I refused my spouse's help on getting a shower, and that was stupid. I just sat on the edge of the tub and used a wash cloth to clean up, but now I feel nauseas and hurt. Lesson: swallow the pride and accept help.

The pain pump was empty, so we pulled those lines. My spouse is going to strip the drain lines later, as one is not putting out much at all.

I am trying to get up and walk at least once an hour, and have not had any problems getting to and from the bathroom, though I am using a walker most of the time.

What else? I bought a wedge pillow and between that and pillows under my knees, I have been in my own bed. I am also able to sleep on my side by putting pillows between my knees and being a bit hunched on my side. So I slept pretty decent last night.
Other than that, I am tired of resting, and looking forward to being able to move around more.

Post op- day 5

So my drains are still putting out a lot, I hope it slows down so at least a couple could come out at my next post-op appointment Wednesday.

The swelling is crazy and I felt like I was busting out of my compression garment yesterday. So I am trying to make sure I am staying away from any sodium.

I have changed my compression garment twice; once Wednesday and today. It got sweaty and a bit gross to be in it all the time. I am really glad I bought two so I can wash one and wear the other.

Sponge baths have worked, but the time out of the garment made me think I would pass out.

I had a wedge pillow that I used so I could be in my own bed, and that worked really well. I also used a body pillow for sleeping, and that has helped. I can stand up straight now, so it isn't as bad now.

That is all.
Oh! And my spouse says my ass looks really cute.

Protein post surgery and other stuff

So post surgery I am supposed to eat 70-100 grams of protein a day, which is hard to do without eating too many calories, or downing some really nasty tasting protein shakes (Pure Protein brand tastes like vomit). My HMR shakes taste descent, but not enough protein to get enough in a day.
So we picked up some HaloTop ice cream, which on its own, is a bit gritty.
I mixed chocolate HaloTop with my HRM shake and some PB powder. It tasted like a real ice cream shake from Boomers. 30 gms of protein, and 200 calories.
For the win!

I have been having night sweats, like soaked to the bone, waking up 3x a night night sweats. These accompany horrible headaches, which dissipate after I wake up in the morning. Apparently this is left over from being under anesthesia... looking forward to this phase passing.


So tired. Off pain meds but can't think clearly still.
Have some small area on my back with some blood, and I called the dr. I see her for a follow up tomorrow, but a nurse friend of mine is coming by later to take a look.

No worries

A friend of mine who is a nurse came by and looked at the stitches etc. She said they looked excellent, and she changed the dressing on the area that had a bit of bleeding. But no worries! Had her snap a few pics of the back suture line.
It is really weird what I can't feel around my waist and hips... I realize that is normal, but so weird!

9 days post op

Had a follow up with PS today, everything looks good, some redness around my belly button, so I am on a prophylactic antibiotic.

I have a huge swollen spot on my right hip, it is hard and tender to the touch. I understand this could be normal.... I have another follow up in a few weeks, so I will follow up with her then. If it gets worse, I can come back in.

More pictures below.

New clothes

I went out today to pick up some groceries and stopped by the outlet mall. I didn't buy much because I don't know what I will be when the swelling is over and done.. I did get a couple new shirts that were size L or XL and they fit how they were supposed to fit. And a pair of size 12 jeans. Size 12!

Lost a drain...

It somehow got pulled out last night... I was able to get ahold of the on call dr, and she told me to get an appointment this week, and most likely the other drains will work overtime. Which seems to be true.
Back at work today with the remaining drains pinned to the inside of my pants. There is more than enough room for this as my pants are too big.
Other than that, I have pulled a stitch in my belly button, but the dr thinks the worst that will happen is a bit different of a scar. I don't care, I couldn't see that belly button for 18 years, so a bit of a funny shape doesn't scare me. I will let you all know what the Dr says tomorrow.

Follow up with Dr

She pulled another drain (on left hip) and the right hip drain seems to be making up for the accidental pull.
She removed a few belly button stitches, but the rest are still in. I am also still on antibiotics. I have to be out of my compression garment two hours a day to fully let the belly button dry.

So far, very happy with results. Super weird to have no feeling around, and the swelling at incision is nuts.

Three weeks out

Still have two drains and still a few belly button stitches. I wish it would just heal already. Other than that, I have never felt so okay in my own body. Never. The relief is overwhelming.

3 week picture update


Drains are all out!!!!! Whoop! And removed the stitches from the belly button. She said to stop sleeping in compression garment so the belly button can really dry at night. So much easier to get dressed.


Super crazy swollen and developed some sort of heat rash on my left side. No fever or anything to indicate a scary infection, but the Dr wants me in to see her, and no compression garment for next few days due to the blisters.

Really on the mend

So the belly button looks awesome, and seems completely healed. The heat rash and infection on my side looks significantly better. The small spots with tiny openings/scabs are almost healed. Have switched to a type of spanx most days, which is much tighter than my compression garment, so I feel more secure. I still have 5-7 lbs of swelling I would love to see gone, but other than that life is really good!
I will try to post new pictures later.

Still doing well...

I have two tiny (less than 1/3 of a centimeter long) scabby spots on my sides, and my belly button has totally healed. Once those are totally healed, I will post new pictures.

I spent last week in CancĂșn (against Dr's orders) but kept the spots covered and had no problems. I did do a bit more activity than usual and at plenty of high sodium foods, so my swelling and weight suffered. Been back since last Saturday and down 6 of the 8 lbs gained.

My seroma on the back right seems to have self resolved, but I can still feel the one on my back left.

Still mainly swollen on my hips and front center over pub mound (very swollen there!)

I am still not cleared for more than very light walking, which is basically me going to work..... I miss running or at least long walks.
Hope you are all doing well!


Was cleared for exercise! Did interval running yesterday, and felt like I had never run before. It was nice not to have my stomach flapping! The flanks felt so weird though... a rushing sensation after I would stop running.... I assume it is all the fluid/ swelling etc. By the end of the day I was crazy swollen. I can't wait for all the swelling to go away!


Sorry for the delay. These are the B/A from my dr. I have huge swelling in the pubic area still which I hate, but the rest looks pretty good.
Hope all are well!


So I have HUGE swelling in pubis, and dr says seromas are more of a nuisance than actual complication. I am feeling very discouraged at the moment.

Hello again

So over the past few months, about 10 lbs has crept back on.... I felt like there was nothing I could do to get it off. I was cleared for exercise in January, and have been pretty diligent about it. I started doing some research on meds my pcp had me on to help prevent migraines, and one major side effect was wight gain! I stopped it and it has felt like the weight has melted off. So I am starting to feel worth it all again!
Hope you all are doing great! I will post updates whenever I get back to dr again.
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

She was very kind and understanding in the consult.

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