50 Yr Female, Facelift, Neck Lift and Upper Bleph

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I am 50 yrs old, 5 ft tall and 110 pds. I am...

I am 50 yrs old, 5 ft tall and 110 pds. I am having a facelift, including neck Lift & upper bleph. I have been having face filler and botox for the past 8 years.

Why I am Having This Done Now
- I have come to the point where I don't want to invest any more $$ for filler, time to get to the office to have it down, etc... to address the early jowls and marionette type lines. I am ready for a more permanent solution through a facelift. I estimated I would have to spend $700 to $1000 a year in filler for the fillers if I didn't get a facelift and I just don't want to spend the time or money to do this.
- By having it done now, I feel it would be a less noticeable, more seamless change to others than if I waited till I got much older
- The thought of deferring this surgery for a few years makes me ill to my stomach as I know that during this time it would affect my self-confidence every time I looked in the mirror, did my videos, etc..
- I feel I will heal better after the surgery being younger and doing it before I hit menopause

I have been on RS since Feb 2016 and have learned a lot from other people's sharings and photos. For that I am grateful! Thank-you to the RS community ! I hope in sharing my experience I can help others as well.

I noticed over the past two years, that my face was started to square off unattractively. When I was younger, I had a more prominent pointy chin. This was starting to get lost.

Most people think I am 10 years younger than I am. But I have seen the signs of aging on myself because I know my face. Deciding to get plastic surgery is such a personal decision.

In the past six months I also began to notice the following:
1) more of a draping of my upper eyelids on both eyes, which is why I wanted to get the upper bleph. The eye lid skin also appears to be getting more crepey. Ugh!
2) Some signs of turkey waddling under my chin on my neck that was affecting my side profile and especially more noticeable in certain angles like when I looked down slightly like when I am working on my computer. Ugh! How did this happen??

These signs were becoming more and more noticeable in photos in various angles. In addition I started making videos for my practice in the past year so I really get a chance to see these facial signs!

These are my goals for this face lift/neck left/ upper bleph surgery. I thought by writing it out it would be very clear to me why I am doing this and for me to share this with my PS.
1) Tighten the overall skin laxity in the lower part of my face
2) Eliminate the lower jowls that are forming thus removing the weight from this area making appear heavy. These are especially noticeable when they are shadowed.
3) Tighten my chin area subtly as a result
4) Have my face shape look less square and more of the natural shape when I was younger with a pointy chin
5) Improve my jawline, making it more tight and defined for a better front and side view
6) Eliminate the early waddling under my neck for a better, tighter front on view and side view
7) Have the neck area in general tighter, more youthful looking and so my lower face doesn't look pudgy
8) Remove the draping of the upper eyelids for a more alert, energetic look and better eye profile from the side

I had four other consultations with board certified plastic surgeons. I decided to go with Dr. William Portuese in Seattle, WA because of the 124 reviews on RS with 4.7 rating out of 5, and the amount of experience he has had with facial plastic surgery. His credentials including education are solid. He was the only PS that I went to for a consult that had an entire album of his before and afters in the waiting room. He had a very relaxed, non-rushed manner about him as some of the other consults, the PSs seemed to want to get me in and out of the consults. So not pleasant!

My spouse does not think I need to have this done but he is supporting my decision because he knows how important it is to me. He will be my caretaker following the surgery. I am not telling anyone else I am having this done.

I know this surgery with Dr. Portuese is expensive; however, he does have great experience, reviews and credentials. I may have considered going outside the country to a PS with great reviews on RS to save on costs but my spouse was not comfortable with this.

I feel good and confident about my decision especially after reviewing these pre-op photos I posted! I am psychologically ready. I have done substantial research and feel prepared in this way as well.

Pre-op Consult 1st Week of Oct 2016

My pre-op consult is scheduled for the first week of Oct 2016. I paid the $500 deposit & will play the entire remaining amount 2 weeks before surgery. I'm going to be meeting with the nurse practitioner & PS. I have a list of questions I have been compiling.

Pre-Op Consult

I had my pre-op exam on 10/4/16. My surgery was scheduled for 10/31/16 Monday at 11:30 am, the day of Halloween! I would definitely be having a mask for Halloween! Ha!

During the pre-op exam, Dr. Porteuse met with me for about 10-15 minutes then I saw the nurse. The Dr. answered only questions specifically related to the surgery and asked me to pose my other questions to the nurse Angela about pre & post treatment care. He said the mid face lift, neck lift and upper bleph surgery should take 2.5 hours.

I asked him about fat grafts to the face because I saw on RS so many females were getting that during facelifts for volume. He was not a proponent of facial fat grafts and did not perform them because of that.

I asked if he had any other recommendations to enhance my face. He said he would NOT recommend a brow lift because my eyebrows were in a good position. That's what I thought anyway. He said I did not have to be worried about volume loss, that my face was fine the way it is now.

I hadn't received the pre-op instructions yet so I had a list of questions for the nurse.

Nurse Angela spent about 30-45 minutes with me explaining everything in detail, which I truly appreciated. I was given a detailed written packet for pre and post treatment care for which I was grateful for. I was surprised though it didn't say not to drink alcohol, avoid caffeine or follow a low sodium diet 2 weeks prior to the surgery. I also was given dates and times for my following 3 appointments. Very organized !

I was informed to do the following the day of surgery:
- I would be under general anesthesia (g.a.) and completely asleep. I was glad about that but I concerned with the side affects of g.a. like nausea, dizziness, prolonged grogginess
- Wear a bra or a camisole during the surgery but needed to make sure the straps could slide down my shoulders and stay down.
- I would be wearing a surgical gown but not a hair cap.
- I could keep my pants, socks and shoes on during the surgery. I was relieved I wasn't going to be stark naked during the surgery under the surgery gown!
- Bring a minimal amount of things and no valuables with me to keep in the locker.
- Bring a zip up top and no tops that go over the head.
- No makeup, remove all jewelry, no moisturizer on face & do not use any hair products with alcohol on the day of surgery
- No food, gum, mints after 12:00 am the night before
- I could have some water up to 3 hours before the surgery. (I actually drank I think too much water about 12 ozs 3 hours before the surgery but the anesthesiologists said that was ok and it shouldn't cause vomiting during the surgery.)
- To bring my filled scripts for pain killer Hydrocodene, antibiotic Azithromycin and anti nausea Ondansetron with me on the day of surgery.
- I asked the Nurse for a script of Valtryx because I get cold sores when I have bad colds or deeply stressed, like one time a year, just in case I needed it.
- There would be a warming blanked during the surgery as I expressed to the Nurse my concern that I get cold easily. The last time I had anesthetic during my C-section, I got very strong cold shivers.
- There would be a compression machine during the surgery for the lower legs that gently squeezed them to keep the circulation going
- I needed to have a caretaker for 48 hours after the surgery & someone had to pick me up from recovery.
- After recovery, I was going to be taken by wheelchair to the close by elevator for my caretaker to pick me up.
- Both the Dr and nurse said that most of the clients don't experience nausea with vomiting after the FL. The Dr said that only about 5% of the clients ever did that and the nurse said it only happened rarely and with people who tend to get motion sickness. I had concerns of vomiting from the anesthesia and busting my sutures. I did research on how to vomit correctly after the PS just in case. Ugh! This turned out to be a non-issue after the surgery for me. Thank-goodness!
- A list of supplements to stop taking was provided 2 wks before. I am big into supplements, herbs and spices so this was a big change for me to stop temporarily but I obliged.
- There would be a drainage tube for one day and the Dr does not use compression garments.
- No icing after in case the skin gets frost bite
- I can take a shower and wash my hair after the drains were removed the day after surgery.
- Ducolax stool softener
- Benedryl in case the incisions got really itchy about healing

For the following three weeks, I prepared and ordered supplies mostly from Amazon & items like the following:
- organic baby food that was non-GMO, no salt and organic
- a special gentle natural type baby shampoo and baby conditioner
- a food chopper
- made sure I had enough pillows to be at least at a 30 degree angle when sleeping

Paid Caretaker
My spouse and I agreed to have a caretaker for the 1st 24 hours that the Dr.'s office recommended. My spouse was uncomfortable with doing the drainage work every 40 minutes when I got home and emptying the drains. I don't blame him. I also thought it would be better for my husband not to see me right after the surgery in case I was really out of it. I knew he would worry.

The caretaker would pick me up from recovery, take me to the apartment, stay overnight and then take me to my appointment the next day to remove the drainage pipes. My husband would be staying in a hotel that night just a block away. She wasn't a nurse but someone who was familiar the Dr's specific protocol for post treatment care and usually did elder care. I found her to be organized, careful and a very nice person.

The Day of Surgery FL/Neck Lift/Upper Bleph* Deep Plane Lift

My surgery was on 10/31/16. I was scheduled for 11:30 am.

I'm glad it was later in the morning. It gave me a chance to do a few more things to prepare for my surgery in the apartment. I also was able to a 20 minute meditation with candles and crystals to center, ground and pray for the surgery, full, complete healing & my supreme satisfaction in the outcome. I also prayed that I would be lucid after the surgery to use my house keys, help my caretaker find my apartment and help her park and all that as she was unfamiliar with the area that I lived in. I wanted to be lucid to help her in my unfamiliar apartment. I know that sounds silly because I am the one recovering from surgery but she was a guest in my house, staying overnight and I wanted to make her comfortable too. I guess it was the way I was raised! Ha!

It didn't bother me having a late morning surgery time and that I hadn't eaten breakfast because of the anticipation of the surgery.

I got there at 11:10 am, and they took me in early. I signed some paperwork basically to verify I was who I was and my date of birth with Janet Silver, the office manager. I also signed some release forms about the HIPAA privacy rules for the office and the anesthesiologist. I also signed a release form from the anesthesiologist. He is contracted and separate than the Dr.

Janet Silver was very warm, compassionate and sensitive. She told me that the assigned anesthesiologist, Dr. Scott Kelly, that was going to administer my g.a. was one of her favorites, highly experienced and that she recommends him to her family members when they are going under surgeries. Just what I wanted to hear! She was being very comforting toward me in light of my situation, which I appreciated.

I haven't been nervous up until the car ride to the surgery. I was practicing living in the present moment. I wanted to enjoy my life fully before the surgery and not be in worry or anxiety so that's what I did. Plus, I had faith that I picked an adept, experienced board-certified PS who specialized only in facial plastic surgery. He has shared over 896 before and after photos on RS! The photos shared showed natural looking facelifts.

I was led into the surgery area and changed into a surgical gown, leaving my bra, underwear, pants, socks and shoes on. My personal belongings were put into a small locker in the bathroom.
I was given a large warm blanket that draped over the shoulders. I think it just come out of the dryer. It felt comforting.

In the surgery waiting room I first met with the nurse Noel. He had a 1000 watt smile that just brightened the room. He asked me if I had any dental implants, was wearing any metals, if I was pregnant and verified that I did not have anything to eat or drink before the surgery as their protocol required.

Then I met with the anesthesiologist, Dr. Scott Kelly, a tall man with a friendly way. He told me that he would verbally guide me through what he was doing in the surgery room. He said he first would put me to sleep through an IV in my arm. Then he would put a breathing tube (?) down my throat. That surprised me. I asked him how long it was. He said it would go into my mouth and all the way down my throat. I think it was like 6 inches. He said that's why some people get a sore throat after the surgery. I read about that sore throat in a few of the RS reviews. He said he would also give me an oxygen mask and ask me to breathe deeply a few times. He would be administering an anesthetic, propofol something very similar to what Michael Jackson, may he rest in peace, had. In addition, there would be anti-nausea and pain killer in the mix.

Then next came the PS. He verified the 3 procedures to be done. He marked my eyelids for the upper bleph. I was surprised he did not mark my cheeks and chin as I had seen in some RS sharings. He said he did not need to do that.

I went to the bathroom one more time & took a quick photo of my face with the eyelid markings.

The surgery room was well-lit, clean and modern enough. In one of the few RS review with a low score someone had shared that it was dingy. I did not think that at all.

The Anesthesia
Dr. Kelly, sat on a chair next to me as I lay on a table with a booster under my knees, still with my shoes on as it was not required to take them off. He inserted the IV into my right lower arm and tapped my arm a few times. It only pinched slightly. I thought to watch to stay informed but it was too difficult to turn my head at that angle.

Nurse Pamela put an oxygen mask over my face. It smelled strongly of plastic. I kept breathing into it. One time Dr. Kelley told me to take a deep breath. He told he that I may feel the anesthesiology soon, and I may get a little dizzy. Within like a minute, I felt a strange sensation travel right to the center of my head. Then I felt slightly dizzy for a second and saw spots behinds my eyes. I told him that it went straight to my head. Then I was out.

In Recovery
I woke up 40 minutes later in a very well-lit recovery room to find Nurse Angela to my left side standing over me. I told her that I didn't feel a thing. No pain or anything! I couldn't believe it. I just had major surgery. She said "Good, it's supposed to be like that." I told her I only felt a slight pressure on the base of my neck. I found out later that's because that's where the drainage pipe was wrapped in front of my neck under my skin.

Feeling Deep Gratitude & Peace
I thanked Nurse Angela. I asked her how she knew I would wake up then because she was standing there. She said that was her job to do that. Nurse Noel walked by. I gave him a quick wave. Nurse Pamela walked by. I was surprised that they could go about their duties and here I was just waking up.

I felt so much deep gratitude. I was so thankful that everything had gone well and I wasn't in 7th Heaven. I think it was the pain killers in the anesthesiology mix. It made me profoundly grateful. I also felt such an insulated peace inside my mind, like I was in a warm, protective cocoon. I just wanted to thank everyone there in the room. I was in my blissful place. Nurse Angela said I already thanked them. Maybe, this is why people get addicted to pain killers??

Nurse Angela called my caretaker to come pick me up.

Nurse Angela was a little puzzled. I sensed to stay calm and let her do her work. There was a hole somewhere in the drainage pipe that she was trying to find. This happens from time to time with these contraptions. I heard a sucking noise in my ears. I told Nurse Angela that. I think that was good that it meant the drainage was working. The Dr. came in and they worked together to help find the hole. Something leaked into my right ear. I told Nurse Angela that, thinking it was the leak. I think it was blood from the drainage pipe because it clips in there somehow.

My left eye vision was blurred in the outer corner of my eye. I told Nurse Angela that. She put saline eye drops in there. It cleared a little but still was blurry. I asked her to put more in there and she did. Still blurry. She said it was the ointment they had applied that causes that. I asked her to put extra saline solution in my to go bag so I can use it at home. She complied.

I didn't know this till the day after but the Dr. had to put a few extra stitches in my ear to hold the drainage pipe. I really don't know what all that means but all that matters is the drainage pipe worked like it should for the 24 hours that was necessary for.

Nurse Angela asked if I wanted to see my reflection. I said "Yes." I couldn't believe it. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought I would look way worse immediately after. She told me I looked beautiful.

I met my caretaker then. She came into the recovery room. She seemed very sweet and nurturing and was. I was helped out of the bed slowly into a wheel chair. I did not feel dizzy at all. I was pretty lucid, so happy about that. Nurse Angela had gotten my coat and bag for me. She put my sunglasses on for me.

Nurse Noel, who is a bright light like his name, wheeled me into the freight elevator which was right there, down to the parking garage. What a great set up for Dr. Porteuse to have that elevator right there for his patients. My caretaker pulled up in her car and off we went.

I guided her to my apartment. I was SOOO happy I was lucid!! I expected to be groggy and out of it. I wasn't dizzy. There was a little difficulty in parking and finding an access elevator so we ended up walking around a bit in the parking garage. This was my fault as I am not familiar with the parking garage. But the good thing was that I was 100% lucid and was able to do this without trouble. Thank the Lord! I just read a few RS reviews where some of the patients did not remember their first 1 or 2 days at all.

All I can say is, I thank the anesthesiologist, Dr. Scott Kelley. He did a bang up job administering the proper amount and mix of anesthesia, pain killer and anti-nausea for my age and weight. He is a pro! My caretaker said that she believes a lot of what people experience after surgery has to do with level of expertise of the anesthesiologist.

My caretaker also told me the day after surgery that when she first saw me in the recovery she thought I was 25 years old! That's because my face was all stretched out!

Right After Surgery-Day Of 10/31/16*FL/Neck Lift/Upper Bleph*Deep Plane Lift

After surgery, I came home with my caretaker at about 4:15pm. I texted my hubs and let him know all was well.

Pain Killers
I took the one prescription painkiller hydrocodene 5-325 that was prescribed to me every 4 hours after surgery. I could have taken 2 painkillers but I was concerned with the side effects of the pain killer like constipation and wanted to avoid that. The first dose was stretched to 4.75 hours because I still had the painkiller and anesthesia in my system. My caretaker kept her eye on the times and wrote down when I took the doses.

Tip: Keep a pen and paper close to your bedside to record when you took the doses. You think you may remember but you may have some cloudiness after the anesthesia.

Tip: Clear out any scripts from your bedside that you are NOT taking so you don't get confused and take it by accident.

My Appearance
My face had that stretched out joker look but I knew it was temporary. I had seen this look on a few of the RS reviews and it goes away after some time, a few days or so. This was the look that my husband was afraid I would always have but I reassured him that Dr. Porteuse does not do facelifts like that, having seen so many of his before and after pics.

My hair was so greasy and sticky from the goop the office used to keep my hair back. It smelled strongly plastic to me. By the next day, this smell had worn off.I n addition, my face had a sheen.

Now I know why all those ladies on RS reviews had that type of hair and shiny look on their faces after surgery. Nurse Noel told me A&D ointment is put after surgery around the ears so I think it drips around your face.

Enema the Evening Before
I had done a Fleets enema for the first time in my life the day before at about 8:30pm because I had become irregular in my bowel movements the last few days. Perhaps, it was the unconscious stress of the upcoming surgery. Perhaps it was the air plane travel I had done.

I read on the RS reviews that some women complained of constipation after the surgery and so I wanted to avoid it. Looking back at this decision, 4 days after the surgery, I was glad I did that enema. It worked like a charm, and I had a bowel movement within the 1-6 minutes as stated on the enema directions. My Dr. had not recommended this as part of the pre-surgery protocol.

Pain Level
On a pain scale of 0-10, I would rate my discomfort at 4 that evening and night. I was very pleased that what I was feeling was very tolerable.

Eating/Drinking After Surgery
I ate 4 oz of baby food and a 6 oz of organic yogurt that night. It was very difficult to open up my mouth so soft food was good. I had to take teaspoons of food. It was also hard to swallow because the drainage pipe under my neck skin was right there (see photos of the drainage tube). I could feel it with every swallow. That was uncomfortable.

I am following a low sodium diet for the next few days to avoid any unnecessary swelling. This as not on the Dr's post treatment care protocol but what I had learned from my own research.

Tip: Make sure you have soft, soft food that first night. That is absolutely crucial as you can barely open your mouth because of the facial and neck tightness.

I wanted to eat something right after surgery because I hadn't eaten anything all day. I wasn't hungry but knew I needed to eat. I drank about 6 glasses of water from my water bottle with a large plastic bendy straw when I got home till the evening. It was very difficult to open up my mouth so soft food was good as well as a straw to drink from.

Tip: Have a water bottle that is marked with ounces. That way, you can track how much you drank. That's what I did. Also, have a bendy plastic straw.

My Energy Level
Again, I was alert and lucid thanks to the great job the anesthesiologist did in administering the anesthesia, anti-nausea and paid meds during the surgery. A big shout-out to him.

I was sort of active in my apartment meaning I did not sleep at all when I got home from the surgery, talking to my caretaker and walking around making sure I had everything close by. I just didn't feel like sleeping.

Brushing My Teeth
I was very happy that I could open up my mouth big enough to get my electric adult toothbrush in there and move it around a bit. I read on some RS reviews that some ladies had trouble with that and recommended getting a child toothbrush. Forget brushing the back molars because it was too hard to open my mouth like. Also forget flossing that night!

Also, I was happy that I could pop my retainer into my mouth before sleep, that I could open my mouth big enough for that. Thankfulness for the small things!

Sleeping the First Night
I went to bed at about 11 pm. To be honest, I wasn't tired. I wondered if the anesthetic was a stimulant! Ha! I was going to watch TV but thought I should sleep. I slept on elevated pillows during the night. The drainage tubes that wrapped around the back of my head under my skin cause some additional discomfort when you laid on your back, you were laying on these drainage protrusions.

It definitely was not my best sleep but not bad considering the circumstance. It wasn't a deep sleep, and I would awaken like every 2 hours. I told myself not to stress about this, and that I could always rest in the following days as I had cleared this time in my schedule for recuperation.

I had my water bottle with lemon slice close to me and sipped on water during the night as well. I don't mind sleeping upright like that. I know in some of the other RS reviews a few women complained of this. It reminded me of sleeping on an airplane. I attempted to lay flat on my back with my head straight and not turned to the side to avoid uneven swelling as I read.

Talking After the Surgery
I probably talked too much the first 2 days after. It almost hurt to talk and open my mouth. My voice was very soft and barely came out but I still talked abit especially because I was getting to know my caretaker. It was not in my normal voice though.

My caretaker and I had some great conversations. We had some commonalities. She asked me a few times to repeat what I had said I was talking so soft. Looking back on it I probably talked too much. But I was in a chirpy mood even with my soft voice. I think my talkativeness was a side affect from the anesthetic.

Turning My Head/Tightness
It was difficult to turn my head due to the tightness. As the Dr.'s office recommended, you need to turn your head and shoulders as one unit and turn very slowly and deliberately. So that's what I did. That definitely was probably one of the worst side affects of the surgery.

The most dominant sensations were a feeling of overall tightness on the sides of my face and neck. I could barely smile as shown by the photos I posted.

Gratefulness Candle Meditation/Setting Up a Spa Atmosphere
Again, I felt that deep sense of well-being and peace like I did in the recovery room and being in a safe, insulated cocoon. Was that the hydrocodone?? I was so grateful. The caretaker bought me one of my candles from the living room and lit it for me in front of the TV as I told her wanted to do a sort of gratitude meditation and gaze at the candle's flame. (see photo). I was so appreciative and again thanking the Universe, the Dr's, my hubs and everyone involved in this situation in my mind for the wonderful outcome.

In addition I had the New Age music channel playing softly on the TV in my bedroom playing such soft, peaceful music. It really helped set the mood. I love listening to that station, and it always calms me and lifts my spirit to higher levels. In my aromatherapy diffuser I put an eucalyptus and lemon essential oil blend in it to purify the air in my bedroom.

The Drainage Tubes
My caretaker squeezed the drainage tubes every hour when I got home and applied Vaseline to help her with that (See photo). She emptied out the drainage tube three times that night because it was full. I would rather have those body fluids in the tube then in my head and neck for my body to eliminate.

The Dr.'s office had nicely given us a free medical supply (see photo) to take home of the following:
-large squares of gauze
-gauze rolls
-long q-tips
-saline solution to flush out the eyes (upon my request)
-packets of Vaseline

The caretaker was experienced in doing drainage for Dr. Porteuse's other plastic surgery clients. My husband was very uncomfortable with the thought of attempting that. It does take some skill and experience.

She also emptied out the drainage tube about 3 times that evening. She came into my room at 1:00am to check on me that night to ensure the drainage tubes were still working and filling up and to make sure I took a painkiller and kept to my schedule to avoid pain.

Dr's Call that Night
Dr Porteuse called my caretaker at about 9:10pm and asked her if the drainage was working. She reassured him they were. Then he asked her if I had any "goose egg" size swelling, indicative of a hematoma. I did not.

Tomorrow Drainage Pipes Out
Tomorrow I go get the drainage pipes out in the late afternoon at 3:45pm. The Dr. likes to schedule this appointment as late as possible to have the pipes do their work till then.

Overall, I was very pleased as I had expected much worse ! Probably the most annoying things were the following but still I'm only giving it a 4 on a pain scale to 10. I just want to share with RS community for their learning.
1) the drainage pipes and the pressure they put on certain parts of my neck and back of head.
2) Overall facial/neck tightness
3) Having to turn head/neck very slowly
4) Not being able to open mouth wide

Thank-you, Universe! So in gratitude that I am in this moment safe and sound! Amen

Day 2 11-1-16 After Surg of10/31/16*Facelift/Neck Lift/Upper Bleph*Deep Plane Lift

11/1/16 My surgery was on 10/31/16. These photos are the day after.

Pain Level
On a pain scale of 0-10, I would rate my discomfort at 4 on Day 2 . I was very pleased that what I was feeling was very tolerable.

I switched over to Tylenol 500 mg a pill to get off the pain killers because of their side effects. I wasn't experiencing the pain killer side effects like constipation but I'm sure after prolonged use I would.

I may have taken 2 Rx pain killers, one at a time during that night for restful sleep.

Drainage Tubes Removed
My drainage tubes came out on 11/1/16 in the afternoon. I was happy to have them out. Nurse Noel recommended I take a pain reliever an hour before drainage removal in case I felt some discomfort during it. I took 500 mg of Tylenol instead.

I didn't need to take the pain reliever as the removal was so quick. The drainage tube removal took like 2 seconds! I couldn't believe how fast it was. I just felt a pinch and it was over.

I was so relieved to have the drains removed, marking one more step toward progress.

I had an odd edema above the right corner of my right eye. It looked an elevated pencil head eraser, about the same size and shape. The Dr. and Nurse were not worried about it at my drainage removal. The Dr. said it was just blood pooling under the skin. It had started forming the evening of the surgery.

By Day 3 after surgery it had been resolved. Yay!

Asymmetric Bruising
I have asymmetric bruising on my eyelids. One eye lid is deeper in hue but it doesn't matter. It's all part of the process.

Sore Throat from Anesthesiology Tube
I forgot to mention that I also had a slightly sore throat from the tube that went down my throat during the surgery. It's not painful but definitely a little sore. I noticed it right after the surgery yesterday but forgot to mention it in my write up.

Energy Level
I'm feeling good. I did one load of laundry in the afternoon. I feel it's good to be on your feet during some parts of the day, gets the old circulation flowing. If I'm up for 3 hours, I would try to rest and nap in the afternoon. I'm really taking it easy.

My Voice
My voice is still very soft and weak. I just don't feel like talking. It's too taxing. I was going to tell my husband something but then said that it was just too hard to talk.

I am eating soft, low/no sodium food and definitely need to chew slowly and small bites.

I am drinking as much as I can about 8 glasses of water.

I'm relieved my taste buds have not been affected. It is so good to taste your foods! I have been getting cravings for certain foods like potatoes. I must need the potassium.

Tip: Stock up on your usual comfort foods that you desire when you are sick as I found out that I got cravings for these.

My Caretaker
My caretaker left. I was very happy with her service and thankful for everything she did for me in the first 24 hours. I felt it was worthwhile and gave me and my husband peace of mind to know that an experienced caretaker was watching me in the first 24 hrs after surgery.

My husband is going to be there when she leaves. It will be his first time seeing me since the surgery. I texted him a photo of me after my surgery on 10/31/16, the day of Halloween, and said his wife had a new mask! Hee, hee!

There is still overall tightness in my face and neck.

Still limited movement in mouth.

My Appearance
I am not getting caught up in my appearance or the results yet. I know it's to early to tell. But I am happy with my jawline and my trim neck.

I'm sleeping ok in an upright position with head straight. I do wake up about four times to go to the bathroom because I am drinking so much water. I can't complain.

Odd Twinges
There are very sporadic odd twinges in different parts of my face. This happens like 3-4 x a day. These sensations are very quick. I read in some of the RS reviews that this is normal and a sign of the healing process.

Blurry Vision
This is probably my worst peeve, my blurred vision. I can't even see the screen on my I-Phone. I switched over to my I-Pad but still no luck. I even changed the display and font settings to decrease the brightness. It is like the screen is too bright for my eyes. My eyes start to water when I look on the screens. I know, poor baby! It just helps pass some of the time away.

I asked my caretaker to put some of the saline eye solution into my eyes that the Dr's office had given us. It didn't seem to help too much.

I finally gave up and surrendered to the fact that I cannot do anything on my phone. It is just too hard to work on the computer because of the neck angle right now.

I found out from Nurse Angela that they put special eye ointment in to/around the eye after surgery and it is oil based so it take a few days for your eyes to get rid of it. Till then, you may have blurry vision and be photosensitive.

I had to draw the blinds when watching the TV because the glare off the TV was too strong. Sometimes, too I wore my sunglasses to watch TV

Overall, I am pleased with my progress and not getting hung up on the swelling and wine colored bruising on my eye-lids. It's a normal part of the healing process.

By Day 4 this problem was gone!

Day 3 11-2-16 Wed After Surg of 10/31/16*Facelift/Neck Lift/Upper Bleph*Deep Plane Lift

I will post the photos for this day later as there seems to be some issues uploading them and I am receiving error messages so they fail to upload.

I haven't left the apartment and cocooned all day in the apartment. I ate well and rested.

Drainage Tubes Removed Yesterday
The drainage tubes were removed yesterday with no problems. Yay! So my neck looks much more normal. In addition, sometimes the drainage tubes leave an impression on the neck where they were under the skin but luckily I did not have that. Yay!

In the photos my neck looks very trim and with minimal swelling and bruising with the drainage tubes removed so I am very pleased with that.

Before my drainage tubes were removed my caretaker, upon my request, combed my hair as best as she could softly with all that sticky surgery gel on it. She also gently cleaned the inside of my ears with q-tips as they was dried blood in there. I appreciated that she did this! It is so hard to see this on yourself and plus, that area is still numb.

Showered and Washed Hair Today
It felt nice to take a shower and wash my hair with a more natural gentle baby shampoo and conditioner that I ordered from Amazon prime. I could have done this yesterday after the drains were taken out as the Dr. said I could but I just felt it was better to wait a few more hours to shower for the stitches to "set." So I delayed it till the next morning.

I was very gently in washing my hair and just patted the shampoo and conditioner into my hair so as not to disrupt the stitches. I did not feel any burning or irritation from the shampoo or condition on the incision sites so I think they were mild enough cleansing products to apply. It was not a thorough hair shampoo job but the best I can do. Most of the surgery gel did seem to come out for which I was thankful for. My hair did look better and cleaner. And I felt better of course. Yay!

I put the shower water on tepid and kept my face out of the direct stream as the Dr.'s protocol recommended. I showered mainly with my back to the shower head. It was hard to shave my legs but I did a sort of job with that holding my leg up in a stork position. Ha! I know why should I care about such things but it was important to me. Silly me! Just wanting to feel civilized and feminine I guess! I got slightly dizzy like a 1.5 on a dizziness scale on 0-10 near the end of the shower and so I rested after on the couch.

I have read on some RS reviews where women have bought shower stools to sit on during their shower but I did not do that. It was not necessary for me. I just need to limit my time in there when I start feeling slightly dizzy.

I was surprised that there were still much blood around the incisions after my shower. Some of the blood was thick and still caked on. I don't want to mess with rubbing the blood off those areas so I decided to delay that. I think that was prudent. So please excuse the photos with the bloody incisions. I posted a few of these type photos for the day before.

It was so much more comfortable sleeping at night on my back with elevation without those drainage tubes protruding from the back of my head. Yay! For that I was thankful. Those drainage tubes were a little uncomfortable.

Tightness Scale
I find that in the in the early a.m. like 2 a.m. during sleep it felt like a bag of rocks under my chin. The pressure is more intense due to the skin tightening and lipo. On a scale of 0-10 for pressure, I would rate the pressure and tightness under my chin a 7. It seems to get worse at night though I sleep elevated.

Also since the day of my surgery on 10/31/16 Monday, when I sleep at night my mouth gets dehydrated. I think it's because I sleep with my mouth open. Anyway, I will wake up a few times during the night with parch mouth though I have my water bottle with me and sip it during the night. It is slightly uncomfortable. This has never happened prior to the surgery so I don't think it was the lack of humidity in the room.

Pain Medicine
I'm taking very minimal over the counter Tylenol 500 mg and only 1 prescription pain pill at night to help me me sleep better. The discomfort is definitely tolerable.

Overall, I am very pleased with my healing and the minimal bruising and swelling. I know some of the photos look worse than I felt only because the incisions still are bloody because I do not rub the blood off the incisions and irritate the stitching this early in the recuperation.

Day 3 11-2-16 Wed After Surg of 10/31/16*Facelift/Neck Lift/Upper Bleph*Deep Plane Lift

These photos uploaded today (Yay!) as there were some issues uploading them yesterday and I received error messages upon upload.

Day 4 11-3-16 Thurs After Surg of 10/31/16*Facelift/Neck Lift/Upper Bleph*Deep Plane Lift

I will post photos of this day later.

I turned a corner today and felt clearer in the head with more vitality and energy. Yay! I didn't think I was groggy before but I definitely felt more clear upon waking up.
My appetite also came back & I was hungry, a good sign of normalization.
I did not take any pain killers or pain reliever as I didn't feel a need to do so. Yay!
My voice is getting stronger, my neck has more movement & I'm able to chew more. All signs of progress. The human body is amazing! Thank-you, Universe.

Overall, I am very pleased with my healing and the minimal bruising and swelling. I am so grateful for this. I know some of the photos look worse than I felt only because the incisions still are bloody because I do not clean the blood off the incisions in fear of irritating the stitching this early in the recuperation.

Stitch/Staple Removal
Tomorrow 11-4-16 Friday 9:00 am. I go to get the stitches and staples out by the RN. The eyelids have dissolvable black sutures so they will not need to removed. Per Nurse Noel the Dr. had put some staples in the back of the neck for extra strength where there is more tension.

Cleaning My Sutures
I attempted to gently clean some of the blood in my ears with a water moistened q-tip as best as I could taking care to avoid the sutures around the ear. I also did this for my upper left eyelid where the blood was more caked on. It looked better.

More Energy Today/ Clearer Vision
So happy about that! I was actually able to do about 3 hours of work on my computer without my eyes being photosensitive today. That is when I started uploading my photos to RS. I guess the surgical ointment in my eyes is dissipating. I could also look at my phone display. Yay! I couldn't do that up until now and my eyes would water and my vision would get blurry if I attempted to look at any screens. Even the digital clock screen in our bedroom irritated my eyes and I had to turn it to face another direction.

I also painted my fingernails today! Ha! A girl's nails has got to look pretty even in recuperation!

More Neck Movement & Bending Down
Also, I found it more comfortable to move my neck. (Yay!) That means a lot to me. It made me feel more normal.

I propped my computer up higher on my work desk with a thick book and a computer tray so that I didn't need to look down as much and put strain on my neck when I post these updates. That was a big help and did the trick.

I still move my neck and shoulders as one unit as the Dr' s protocol recommended though. It also is recommended not to bend over. What I do, when I have to get items from the lower cabinets is a deep pliƩ, keeping my head upright on plane. That has worked very well for me as there were quite a few times I needed to bend like that to get what I needed. It was impossible to put everything I needed at eye level in the small apartment we are in.

I am staying by myself when my husband works during the day so I need to be able to help myself.

Touching Face
I am avoiding touching my face and rubbing my eyes. I know it's an automatic response to do this but somehow I catch myself. The eye stitches have not been itchy yet.

Coughing/Clearing Throat
It is still very difficult to cough with the extreme tightness under my chin. I cough like a ventriloquist dummy with very little movement. I think when the anesthesiologist put the breathing tube down my throat when I was under general anesthesia in surgery, it may have irritated that area so I find that funny things get caught in my throat at random times like water or food and I need to clear it or cough. I'm very careful when I do this not to strain.

Tip: Be careful coughing and clearing your throat after surgery. You may find you may need to do this after g.a. surgery because of the breathing tube put down your throat.

As I shared in my write up for the night before, it is so much more comfortable sleeping at night on my back with elevation without those drainage tubes protruding from the back of my head. They were removed on Tues 11/1/16. Thank goodness. Those drainage tubes were a little uncomfortable.

Tightness Scale Especially During Sleep
As I shared in my past write up I find that in the in the early a.m. like 2 a.m. during sleep it still feels like a bag of rocks under my chin. The pressure is more intense due to the skin tightening and lipo done in this area. On a scale of 0-10 for pressure, I would rate the pressure and tightness under my chin a 7 at night time. It gets worse at night though I sleep elevated. This is probably the most overt sensation.

I am thankful the tightness under the chin is not so bad during the day. It is there but not as strong.

I don't really feel the tightness along the sides of my face, eyes or eyelids. I think these areas are still numb. Predominantly, I feel the tightness under my chin.

It feels like a giant u-shaped sling wrapped under my chin from under the jawline of one side to the other side that's being pulled upward. I wonder if that is my platysma muscle the Dr. tightened in the deep plane neck left.

Parch Mouth During Night Time Sleep
Also since the day of my surgery on 10/31/16 Monday, when I sleep at night my mouth gets dehydrated. I think it's because I sleep with my mouth open. Anyway, I will wake up a few times during the night with parch mouth though I have my water bottle with lemon slice with me and sip it during the night. The parch mouth is uncomfortable. This has never happened prior to the surgery so I don't think it was the lack of humidity in the room.

I am still following a low sodium diet to minimize. It's impossible for me to go complete no sodium as even yogurt has some sodium in it.

I bought a mini-chopper from Amazon and use it ALL the time. It was $16. It helps to get the food in smaller sizes. I LOVE IT! So glad I did this. I even put part of a hamburger with bun in there and chopped it all up! Ha! I chopped nuts in there and put it into my yogurt.

For breakfast, I will put part of a muffin or scone in there and chop it all up. Then I will put it in a skillet with some organic milk and warm it up and it becomes like scone/muffin chunky milk soup! Ha!

I do the same thing for dessert. I put part of the brownie into the chopper, chop it all up. Then I will put it in a skillet with some organic milk and warm it up and stir and it becomes like brownie chunky milk pudding!

One thing I noticed during recuperation is my desire from comfort food. I know I could eat healthier than a scone or muffin but it is my comfort food. I do attempt to eat healthier the rest of the day except for my dessert, of course! Ha!

The mini-chopper has been a life saver for me and allowed me to enjoy my regular foods. It is easy for me to clean as well. I will post a photo of it.

By Day 4, I was able to do a bit more chewing (Yay!) making me feel like things were getting back to normal. But I was still being very careful not to overdo it with the chewing.

My Voice Strengthening
I mentioned earlier that right after surgery, my voice had weakened. I think it may have been exasperated by the drainage tubes across my vocal chords as that is what the Dr.'s office said.

I was talking very softly and didn't even want to talk. My caretaker, the nurses and my husband would ask me to repeat what I said cause they couldn't hear me.

I felt like when I talked I was one of those ventriloquist dummies, just barely moving my mouth. Ha! I think my husband enjoyed this "quiet" side of me without all of my yapping. Hee, hee!

On Day 4 my voice had regained some of its strength. Yay! Not so good for my hubs! Ha! I actually felt like talking some.

My Fluids
I have been attempting to drink 2 glasses (16 ozs) of lemon infused water with each meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is so important to hydrate during recuperation to flush everything out. Still drinking out of a straw but I could drink regularly on Day 4.

Then I may sip on a cup of water during the night. I have about 1/2 cup of organic milk and 1/2 cup of organic juice a day as well. I also would do like a third of a cup of Gatorade for the electrolytes.

I have been having about half a cup of decaf organic coffee starting the day after surgery. I know caffeine is a stimulant so it should be avoided after surgery as it is important to keep your blood pressure down so as not to cause undue pressure on the stitches.

Sore Throat from Anesthesia Tube
I mentioned that I had a slight sore throat right after the surgery. That only lasted about 2 days, thank goodness! I have had bad sore throats from colds in the past, and this was nothing that intense which I am grateful for.

But I have been having cravings for black tea with lemon and honey. I know black tea has some caffeine in it but I succumbed to my craving. I think my craving was to soothe my throat.

I am so happy I can open my mouth wide enough to brush. I could do that the night after the surgery. By Day 3 I was able to floss my back molars. Yay!

Tip: Make sure you buy a quality dental floss that doesn't shred. I bought the cheaper stuff and it is so annoying to have the cheap floss stuck in your back teeth when you can't open your mouth wide due to the surgery.

Day 4 11-3-16 Thurs After Surg of 10/31/16*Facelift/Neck Lift/Upper Bleph*Deep Plane Lift

Here are some photos to go with the write up for the day I posted earlier. I want to pay it forward and share on the RS platform. The other PS reviews with photos posted on RS have helped me tremendously, and now I want to do my part in sharing. Hope these are helpful to you. Enjoy!

Overall, I am very pleased with my healing and the minimal bruising and swelling. I am so grateful for this. I know some of the photos look worse than I felt only because the incisions still are bloody because I do not clean the blood off the incisions in fear of irritating the stitching this early in the recuperation.

I know the differences may be subtle to some when comparing to my before photos but I already notice a difference, which I am grateful for. I don't expect others to notice as I do as I look at my face very specifically, as we all do.

The upper bleph has lifted the hooding I had over my eyes, thank goodness! My jawline and neckline looks tighter, all things I wanted. I know it's early yet to evaluate fully as the healing process is still early but I am very pleased to date with the Dr.'s wonderful work. I will post his review in the future as I am further along.

I decided to have this major procedure because I wanted to feel more confidence in my physical appearance, I noticed the signs of early jowling and facial skin laxity and also because I make videos of myself for my work.

I may post side by side before and after photos after about a month or so.

Day 5 11-4-16 Fri After Surg of 10/31/16*Facelift/Neck Lift/Upper Bleph*Deep Plane Lift

Photos of this day will be posted later.

I hope you find this narrative helpful on your journey and for your research.

Overall, I am very pleased with my healing and the minimal bruising and swelling. I am so grateful for this. Each day that passes there is incremental improvement and more normalization in my energy levels, voice strength, and a bit more ease of neck movement. Yay!I know some of the photos look worse than I felt only because the incisions still are bloody because I do not clean the blood off the incisions in fear of irritating the stitching this early in the recuperation.

Stitch/Staple Removal
Today I had most of my stitches and sutures removes by Nurse Noel. It took an hour. I know it sounds like a long time but it didn't feel like it.

Nurse Noel was a charm, with such happy energy and compassion and giving me tips along the way for my recovery. I am so glad he did this work because of his wonderful ways. I am very grateful that he works in the office. He was also present during my surgery. Janet Silver, the Office Manager, has told me on more than one occasion that the team on Dr. Porteuse's office has worked together for some time and they work well together.

A special type of scissor was used to remove the staples that were in areas of most tension. He would first cut the staple with this scissor and then remove it. I tried to count how many staples were removed on each side. I believe it was 4-5 on each side. I asked to see the staples. They looked exactly like an office staple, stainless steel like, except that the ends were not rectangular but were clawed.

He left one staple and suture on each side near the top of both ears because he said he would like them to stay there till I had my appointment with Dr. Porteuse early next week. At that time they would be removed. The Nurse said sometimes there is a large scab over the suture and at those times, the suture or staple is not removed as he does not like to pick the scab. Understandable!

The left ear was more sensitive than the right ear but not bad at all. I was happy to have these out as another sign of progress. The Nurse said that the left side is usually more sensitive. How about that?

He also said some people are very sensitive during suture/staple removal and "oooh" and "ahhh" a lot. Everyone has unique pain tolerances. For me, it was AOK but I just wanted to give others a head's up. Also, I hadn't taken any pain reliever or pain killer in the past 3 days, I believe, so I did not have that it in my system.

Black sutures were used by the Dr. so the Nurse said it was difficult to see my staples with my brunette hair.

Tip: If you have long hair, you may want to put it up loosely for the suture/staple removal just to make it easier for the practitioner. I meant to take a pony tail holder but forget.

Chin Incisions
I was happy to get the chin sutures out as they were poking out from my chin looking like long dark chin hairs! Ugh! Another reason why I hadn't gone outside yet to face the public.

Eye Stitches
The Nurse looked at my eye stitches and said they look like they were healing normally. Yay! These are dissolvable and will resolve on their own. I am looking forward to that because then the upper bleph will be less noticeable on my eyelids. I know I still will have a red line that will heal over time. I feel that I could mask that with some dark eyeshadow when I can wear makeup after a week, per the post treatment care.

Not Cleaning the Incisions
I asked the Nurse if he could clean my sutures as I was afraid to. He told me that the Dr. doesn't like to clean the sutures, that some of the blood would come off during showering and then some would just flake off over time. There were no post treatment care instructions from the office about cleaning the sutures so I avoided that intuitively. That is why there is still blood along my incisions, per the Dr's orders!

It's interesting to know the differences in protocol of the plastic surgeons. In the reviews I read on RS some people were cleaning their sutures or their husbands were doing that under the Dr.'s advisement, but not Dr. Porteuse. I will follow his rules.

About My Photos
Sorry, folks. For this reason, the bloody incisions make it difficult to assess the stitching in the photos I posted. I have no photos of the behind my ear yet. Maybe, I will ask my husband to take photos of it as it is impossible to do on yourself. If I get any clear ones, I will post them. In addition, the stitches are difficult to see not only because of the bloody incisions but my dark hair.

My Next Appointments w/the Dr
This will be about 1 week after the surgery. At that time, any remaining sutures and staples around my ear will be removed.

Per the office instructions, then the Dr. likes to see the patient at 1 week, 1 month, 3 month and 6 months post-op.

The post-op instructions say to sleep elevated for 2 weeks. I have been doing that and don't really mind it as I am a back sleeper and actually prefer some elevation, maybe not as much as I have been doing as required to keep at least a 30 degree angle. I think I actually sleep at 45 degrees.

I don't sleep through the night yet. I usually sleep for 2-3 hours then wake up to go to the bathroom to urinate because of my high water levels. I also wake up to sip my lemon water with a straw. I shared earlier I had parch mouth at night for 3 nights after the surgery.

My Pillows
I have been using 2-3 standard bedroom pillows to prop myself up and one pillow under the knees. That's four pillows right there. Plus I have an elevated sleeping arrangement in the living room as well. That 's 8 pillows. I did not invest in a wedge pillow like some in the RS community have done, and that hasn't been a problem.

I bought a travel pillow with a soft comfy velour covering but have not used it because I found in uncomfortable to have those pillow arms hugging my neck like that. I found it too constricting in that area, just having had a neck lift. I know, however, that others in the
RS community liked using those travel pillows during recuperation, but not me.

TIP: Make sure you have plenty of pillows to prop yourself up and for under your knees during recovery and especially if you have 2 separate areas that you will be laying down in.

I also found that if I have trouble sleeping in the bedroom, then I will move to the living room couch and fall asleep there. So I spend part of the night in my bedroom and part on the living room couch. I don't know why I can fall asleep on the couch and not the bedroom. Maybe the air temp and air quality is different. Who knows? It's fine. It works and is not a big deal.

TIP: You may want to set up another sleeping area besides your bedroom in case you have trouble falling asleep in your bed.

I am so thankful I am able to take a shower standing up and even shave my legs (not so well though because I can't bend down.) As I shared earlier, I use tepid water and shower with my back to the shower head to avoid having water spray directly on my sensitive eyelid incisions. I put all my products in front of me so I don't need to turn around awkwardly to reach for anything.

Hair Care
Of course, be careful brushing/combing your hair after and do it gently. No heating appliances like blow-dryers or curling irons because your skin is still numb. and you won't know if you are burning your skin. This was part of the post-treatment care instructions.

TIP: You may want to have a mirror suctioned strategically on your shower wall so you can see how you are gently applying your shampoo and conditioner. Because so many areas of your face and around your neck are still totally numb you may not realize exactly where you are touching your head in the shower. I had a small hand held mirror that I used but it was slightly awkward holding it and shampooing and I would have preferred hands free.

TIP: You may want to shampoo your hair in sections. I have a lot of hair. It's long, shoulder-length and thick so that is what I did.

TIP: After getting out of your shower, you may want to use a midsize towel, not a full size bath towel to dry your hair. I found the bigger towels was just too much pressure on my head & therefore on my incisions with my long, wet hair so I used the next sizee up from a small hand towel to gently pat my hair dry and just keep around my neck for the drips as I dried the rest of myself off.

I have seen photos that some women posted on RS where after their facial surgery, they will wrap their hair in a big turban around their head when coming out of the shower. I can't imagine doing that and say "ouch" just thinking of doing that. Too heavy!

Today, I noticed for the first time that because of my facial swelling, though it is minimal, there is still unusual swelling, that my skin on my upper lip, chin and a little on my cheek sides was dry. It was actually peeling like I had an exfoliation! Wow! I guess the skin was stretched out.

My forehead was also very tight! How unusual since I did not have a brow lift! I guess my entire face had swelled. So I sparingly applied some organic coconut oil there on my forehead as well. Unfortunately, some of it get in my hair and then it looked like I had greasy roots. Ha! The trials and tribulations we face upon recuperation. I told my husband that was the reason why my hair looked like that so he wasn't thinking I was letting myself go!

I rubbed the flaky skin off gently with a washcloth and spot applied organic coconut oil. My skin is still very sensitive to the touch. I was surprised by that. It's like my whole face is sensitive. I made sure to be careful not to get coconut oil on the incisions as the Dr. doesn't want anything on those incisions yet. Also, sometimes your lotions may have bacteria in them that could get into the incisions. I don't need that!

I have had to spot moisturize on my face for the following 2 days as well.

TIP: You may find parts of your face getting dry after a few days, and you may need to apply some some sort of moisturizer. Check with your Dr. as to what kinds would be good for your skin at this time. You may need to buy new moisturizing products that are bacteria free.

My First Outing on the Town! Yes!
I was feeling so much better with more mouth movement that I wanted to go out to happy hour with my husband. I felt I was ready for it. My chin stitches came out in the morning so no stitches poking out from under there to scare people. I would wear my long hair down to hide around my ears. I also bought a pair of big glasses from Amazon with just glass lenses to hide my upper bleph.

I was in Seattle and it is November, so it was easy to hide the bruising on my neck with a scarf. Many ladies wear scarfs here even indoors. It is scarf city so I wouldn't look unusual.

After all, it was Friday night! I felt bad for my husband to have a cooped up wife. We left at 6:00 as it was getting dim outside so it was perfect. See my photo disguise when I post it.

My husband said it didn't even look like I had any work done. Yay! He said the top of the eye frames covered the upper bleph incisions. Only sporadically could he see the incisions if I looked down in the restaurant a certain way.

This is the first time I walked outside since my surgery on 10/31/16. I had comfy, wedge shoes on but to my surprise I could feel my stitches around my ears and under my chin with every step! I told my husband we needed to slow down our pace. We only walked a block and a half to where the restaurant was. I guess I am not ready for exercise yet! The post treatment care says no exercise for 2 weeks.

It was a fun evening and a wonderful outing. My hubs and I love to do that! That is our entertainment and how we bond. We had great conversation, and I was able to eat normal enough with small bites. I forgot but I ordered a scallop appetizer with chili oil. The chili oil was kind of hot and you are supposed to avoid spicy food post treatment. I realized that after the first bite. So I only ate half of it. It was a very petite portion anyway. It was soft which was nice and a different protein source to break up the food monotony.

I also ordered a martini as a celebration but I think it was too much. I wanted to celebrate as I never would have imagined I would be comfortable enough to go out so soon after the surgery. Yay! I celebrate with martinis often and mark special occasions with that. I know I probably shouldn't do this but it is one my flaws.

After drinking about a quarter of it, I felt a hot flush come into my face. I think it was too strong for my system just yet though I have been off prescription pain killers and pain relievers for a few days.

I think I am going to do wine for our next dinner, something weaker. The post-treatment care did not say to avoid alcohol.

I made a special toast to my husband for all his support during this. I know it was not easy for him. We have been married for many years and to have your mate voluntarily go under elective surgery for vainness is hard for some to accept. I understand that. I apologized to him more than once that I was putting him through this for my narcissism. I fully admit that. So I wanted to honor him for his understanding and acceptance. I appreciated he did not judge me like he could have and he could verbalize that. Thank-you, husband!

Day 5 11-4-16 Fri After Surg of 10/31/16*Facelift/Neck Lift/Upper Bleph*Deep Plane Lift

Here are some photos to go with the write up for the day I posted earlier. I want to pay it forward and share on the RS platform. The other PS reviews with photos posted on RS have helped me tremendously, and now I want to do my part in sharing. Hope these are helpful to you. Enjoy!

Overall, I am very pleased with my healing and the minimal bruising and swelling. I am so grateful for this. No makeup for the first 7 days per the post operative care so these photos have no makeup. I also found it felt better to have my thick shoulder-length hair up as I felt my incisions could "breathe."

Sorry, folks. For this reason, the bloody incisions make it difficult to assess the stitching in the photos I posted. I have no photos of the behind my ear yet. Maybe, I will ask my husband to take photos of it as it is impossible to do on yourself. If I get any clear ones, I will post them. In addition, the stitches are difficult to see not only because of the bloody incisions but my dark hair.

About My Photos
I know some of the photos look worse than I felt only because the incisions still are bloody. Per the Nurse in the office today during the stitch & suture removal, Dr. Porteuse advises not to clean the sutures, that some of the blood would come off during showering and then some would just flake off over time. I know a few other plastic surgeons have different protocols about cleaning the incisions as I read some of the RS reviews.

There were no post treatment care instructions from the office about cleaning the sutures so I avoided that intuitively. That is why there is still blood along my incisions, per the Dr's orders! I know it makes seeing the stitching difficult or impossible.

I am going to post less frequently now. I'll post side by side before and afters when my healing has progressed in the near future.

My next appointment with my PS will be on 11/8/16 about a week after the surgery where he will remove the staples and sutures that are left.

11-8-16 -11-13-16 After Surg of 10/31/16*Facelift/Neck Lift/Upper Bleph*Deep Plane Lift

Hope my sharings are helpful to you! Enjoy! I will post more photos as my healing progresses in the future.

Successful Results
I am so thankful I had the courage and motivation to go through with this surgery. It was on Day 2 that I said to myself "Did I actually go through with this?!" It just felt so surreal, and I was in disbelief that I actually executed it. On Day 14 today I still am shocked that I had the verve. Did I actually do this?! Yes, I did. The photos are the proof!

I am so pleased with the results though I am still healing. All the issues that I wanted addressed in my initial post and why I got the surgery have been addressed such as a normal face shape and not so rectangular due to the early jowling, eyes looking bigger front on and side view because of reduced hooding on upper eye lid. The early waddling on my neck is gone. Yay!

Thank-you, also, to my body and it's amazing healing capabilities. I don't ever want to take that for granted.

I am so happy! Thank-you, Universe. Thank-you. Thank-you! I don't ever want to take this whole experience for granted and want to always be happy and grateful with this gift and to everyone that made it happen and supported it~ the doctors, my spouse, the Universe and ME!

I think about how sad I was getting prior to this surgery. I was even thinking of changing my wardrobe so that I would wear more high collared shirts to cover my neck because of the early waddling that was appearing in some of my photos. Ugh! Not good! I know some people may think I am exaggerating but I am the only one who knows how I looked years ago.

I could see the changes due to aging visibly on my face and neck that I could not control even with a healthy diet and exercise. That was the kicker that propelled this highly motivated woman to go forth with focus & intention on a mission!

I know if it wasn't for RS and what I learned here, I probably never would have had the guts to go through with this. Thank-you to all who have shared their experiences and photos here!

I am so thankful I had the know with all to do my due diligence and research since Feb 2016 when I first embarked on this journey. It was a lot of preparation, time and effort but it was worth it and I went in informed, confident and with a realistic view.

I am so thankful that I knew myself well enough to do this now and how much it was starting to bother me and not delay it for another few years till it got worse.

Now when I look in the mirror, I see my youthful face from years ago. I'm back! It has given me so much more self-confidence and increased my self-esteem! Know they self!

I know some people are very critical and perfectionists about their faces. I didn't want to be like that with my face with expectations for results. I told myself not be like that. Else, you will never be happy, always wanting more. An attitude of gratitude helps minimize that and I remind myself and know how much better my face looks without wanting to have an unrealistic expectation of looking like a supermodel with my genetics.

Tip: Make sure you take plenty of before and after photos in case you doubt the results. This will be the proof!

I know it is a subtle change for others but to more, it's huge because I looked at my face in a certain way, and I know how I looked years ago. If anyone I know notices a change in my face after this surgery besides me other than looking more "refreshed" I'll be shocked.

It is a very natural look keeping my unique features intact and not having that cookie-cutter pulled Joker type look that some have if they don't go to a board certified qualified plastic surgeon. For that I thank Dr. Porteuse and his staff for their professional work. The stitching is so good. I will write a review for his office in the future as I progress in my healing.

My Overall Progress
Each day I have incremental improvement which I am so thankful for and which I share below. My face is having less swelling and bruising as well.

I am also sleeping more soundly and still in a recline position. At about Day 7 I wasn't needing to go to the living room couch to sleep during the night. Yay! The post treatment says to sleep in an incline for 2 weeks but I think I will keep it up for 3 weeks or more to minimize any swelling. I don't mind at all sleeping on my back in an incline position.

I increased my water to 64 ozs. like on Day 6 and having it all by 8pm. I was waking up at night with parch mouth so I don't think I was drinking enough water. In addition, I may have a cup or two of other liquids like tea, decaf coffee or juice. I was also waking up like 3-4 x a night to urinate so now I stop drinking by 8 pm.

I am going to keep my lemon water at 64 oz for the healing probably for at least another 2 weeks.

I am still watching my sodium, and I am now on Day 14. I don't want to swell up. I am so happy I can eat fresh salad if I cut it up. I can eat almost normal but I still avoid really chewy foods like a tough steak or something. I am still doing decaf coffee instead of regular so as not to increase my blood pressure. I may start doing regular coffee at about Day 16 or so.

Going Out
I have gone out every night in my disguise of glasses, hair down and scarf since Day 5 post op for dinner which I am so happy about as it gets me out of my cave and about. I'm also able to eat more normally when I am dining out.

I am also able to walk easier, and it is not feeling as jarring on my incisions with every step. I do not think I will be ready to jog though at 2 weeks! The post op treatment care says exercise is ok after 2 weeks but I don't think I will be ready for it.

I started wearing a little foundation at about Day 10 but no eye makeup. And of course, lipstick! I'm not a big makeup wearer and now after this surgery I don't think I will feed the need to wear as much makeup because of the wonderful results. Yay!

Starting Stretching Again
On Day 7 I started doing slow, easy stretches for about 30-45 minutes. I listen to my body and don't overdo it to keep my blood pressure low. I also keep my head up. No downward dog! It felt good to do that and I know my body needed it as I have been doing 30-45 minutes stretches 3-4x a week for like the past year. I am so thankful I can do this and wasn't expecting it.

Tip: Listen to your body and don't overdo it!

Tightness under Neck/ Tilting Head Back.
I still have that tightness under my neck. I read on one RS review that a woman had described it as a noose around her neck but I would use the word "sling" instead of "noose." I agree, that is a good analogy. I would rate the tightness under the neck as a 6-7 on a scale of 1 to 10. It is definitely the most dominant sensation on my face almost 24/7. But I am thankful I haven't had a need to take pain relievers for it. I stopped pain reliever I think at about Day 2 or 3 post op.

On Day 14 11/13/16 this tightness under the neck is like a 6-7 on a scale of 1-10. Because of this tightness, it is impossible for me to tilt my head back even on Day 14. For example, I cannot tilt my head back to see a plane flying over me. I only have about 10-15% of my neck tilt back function. In addition when I tilt it back, I feel extreme uncomfortable tightness under my chin where the platysma muscle was pulled. This mobility has been very slow in coming back but I am patient. I just avoid tilting my neck back. My neck is not ready for it yet.

Numbness & Face Mobility
The sides of my face and along my jawline are very numb as of Day 14 on 11/13/16. I would rate it like a 6 on numbness scale from 1-10. It is especially numb closer toward the ears. I have read on RS reviews that it can take 3 months for like 95% of the feeling to come back here so I am not worried.

I also have more mobility in my face. Before I couldn't even lift my eyebrows. By Day 14 I can raise my eyebrows and have more expressive facial movements and a full smile.

By Day 12 I was getting more comfortable taking a shower with the incisions but I am still careful around the incision sites when I wash and shampoo.

Follow ups with Dr.
I had my 1 week check with my plastic surgeon on election day 11/8/16. He spent about 10 minutes with me and removed the staples and sutures. However, when in the days following, I could feel some stitches behind my ears still. The Nurse did tell me that he did not like to remove the stitches if it was under a scab. Understandable.

Dr. told me I was healing normally. He said the lumpiness under my chin was normal and it was still healing.

He also gave me some great before color photos that his office took at my 3 week pre-op appointment that I can use to create the before and afters when my healing has progressed. Yay! They are great photos at very angles. I appreciated his office gave me a set of copies.
My next follow-up appointment with the doctor is at the end of Nov 2016 about a month after the surgery.

Cleaning my Incisions
At this appointment he told me that I could clean my incisions with soap and water. When I asked him if I could use hydrogen peroxide, he said no. I attempted to clean my incisions after this appointment but by now the blood had dried and caked in certain areas. I think they were scabs so the blood did not come off and I in no way wanted to rub it off. So I am letting all that happen naturally and just gently cleaning the incisions in the shower when I shower.

Bowel Movements (BMs) & Urinations
I know this is a gross subject but I like to share to provide ALL the details. Ha! I had my first BM on Day 5 Post op. I was so happy because I read on some RS reviews that some people get really constipated especially after general anesthesia and from the pain killers. And then following my first BM I have had a BM almost daily with ease, better than even before the surgery! That's a good sign of the return of normal body function. Yay! I think having yogurt regularly a few days after surgery improved my elimination because of the probiotics. That is my theory.

I also urinated within like an hour after coming home from the surgery on Day 1. That was important because it was written in the post treatment that if you don't urinate after the surgery you need to call the office.

Eyelid Sutures
At about Day 7 some my eyelid sutures were dissolving. Yay! By about Day 14 they were about 85% dissolved leaving a red line.

Day 14 Supplements
Yay! Made it to Day 14 and per the post treatment I can go back to my complete vitamin, spice and supplement regimen. I take a variety of supplements & herbs for health and anti-aging.

Retin A and Hydroquinone
I also can resume taking these 2 topical prescription creams officially now. The Retin A 4% to stimulate collagen and the hydroquinone for hyperpigmentation. They do make your face more sensitive. I went off them 2 weeks prior to the surgery and 2 weeks after the surgery. However, I may hold off on them or only lightly spot apply them because my skin is still sensitive to touch in certain areas after the surgery.

11-14-16 -Surgery on 10/31/16*FL/Neck Lift/Upper Bleph*Deep Plane Lift

Please read my earlier narratives.

Not much new has happened since my last review. I decided to post photos less often because of the incremental improvements. Still healing every day. Still have the tightness under the neck which feels like a neck sling and a tightness of 7 on a scale of 1-10. All is going well. Still sleeping on an elevation and watching my sodium and caffeine.

11-23-16 -Surgery on 10/31/16*FL/Neck Lift/Upper Bleph*Deep Plane Lift

Not much new has happened since my last review. I decided to post photos less often because of the incremental improvements. I am still so thankful for having had this done and love my face and neck! It is indeed a major surgery and not one to be taken lightly. And one should know there is an extended healing period over a period of weeks to months.

Hope this is helpful to you.

I have my month checkup post op with the PS at the end of Nov 2016.

Still healing every day.

The original scabs are healing and falling off naturally thought there is still some left around my ears and in back of my back of my ears.

Still some yellow bruising on my neck and around my ears though much less than before.

There is red line on my upper eyelids from the upper bleph. It is fading but still noticeable. I am still wearing my disguise eye glasses out in public. I have read that this can take weeks to fade. My eyes do look better and bigger without that eyelid hooding. Thank goodness!

Still have the tightness under the neck which feels like a neck sling and a tightness of 7 on a scale of 1-10.

Still have the numbness under the neck and around ears. I would rate it as numb as 7 to 8 on a scale of 1-10.

Still can't tilt my head back and have only limited tilt back function like 10-15% of normal.

I have resumed my full vitamin, herbs and supplement regiment as the post surg op said it only needed to be limited for 2 wks post.

Still not doing any cardio yet. I just don't feel right about that and don't think I am ready. Light stretching for me is Ok.

All is going well. Still sleeping on an elevation, thought the post op instructions only recommend until it for 2 wks after. It's easier to sleep on my side elevated and doesn't feel as uncomfortable

Still watching my sodium and doing decaf.

Still watching my fluid intake and it's about 8 glasses of lemon water a day.

Posting Comments Guidelines on My Review

Hello RS Community,

I have received a few comments of support and kindness on my review which I am very grateful for. I thank those commenters again now; However, I recently had a situation where a RS member posted attacking and cruel comments to me. I sensed she was projecting her own life unhappiness on me unfairly. I reported her RS avatar name to the RS administration. RS informed me that they would research it and see if her comments met their codes of ethic. Thankfully, they have since removed her comments and mine in response in a very timely way. So I give the RS administration a big shout out for that!

In response, I thought it would be prudent for me to be clear from now going forward to share the following. Thank-you!

Note: I promote only diplomatic, civilized exchanges on my review and that support the mission and spirit of the RS platform. If we cannot disagree without resorting to cuss words, vitriol, nastiness, rants, raves, personal attacks, threats & unsupported claims, than we are no better than very immature people who are motivated by their lower mind and base primal, egotistical instincts.

Any such derogatory and inflammatory RS comments on my review will immediately be reported to the RS administration.

Thank-you in advance for your understanding and respecting my words.
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

I will review after procedure and healing.

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