Nose Job was best decision of my life- 20 years old

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My rhinoplasty is schedule for June 26, 2014. Dr...

My rhinoplasty is schedule for June 26, 2014. Dr.Portuese in Seattle will be performing it. So very nervous, but excited to do something that I've wanted to do my whole life. So far his staff seems very welcoming and my surgeons expertise has been very comforting. Although I do have many fears- my biggest fear is that it won't look good. I'm also nervous about the bruising afterwards and the cast. I just want a nose that will fit my face better, and let my other features shine! I know this sounds crazy but I have never felt feminine because of my nose. I'm a very girly person, but I even feel out of place at makeup stores or fancy places because I feel frumpy with my nose

4 days until surgery!

So the past week has been an emotional rollercoaster. I paid for my surgery, and had my pre-op appointment via phone. I did not like the nurse that I spoke with. I felt very anxious and unsure about the operation a few days ago, I was on the verge of panicking. But today I'm feeling great and excited! I just want it to be this time next week ;) then I'll be all done with the surgery and well on my way to recovery.

2 more days!

Okay well surgery is 2 days away. I'm honestly only scared about the results... There's no garentee that it will look like how I want it to. I mean I did my research and chose a great surgeon, but of course things can go wrong! And also, paying $7,100 as a 20 year old college student is a painful price! But can you put a price on more confidence and happiness? I mean I am stuck with my nose everyday for the rest of my life, and if the surgery makes me feel significantly better than it is worth it. So far the only supplies that I have gotten for surgery are Q-tips, my prescriptions (I got an anti-naseua patch too because
My tummy is really sensitive and I will be in a car for 90 minutes on the way home) and one of those back rests.. I have heard of certain a herbs and supplements that can help speed up recovery but have decided against purchasing those.
I'm just getting really anxious to talk to my surgeon again so he can assure me that my results will look good, and that will ease my discomfort.

I'm also extremely anxious about the lengthy healing and swelling time. I don't want him to peel of my cast and for me to get depressed because I see a swollen lump on my face. I want to be able to feel pretty again shortly after my surgery.

I'm also really sad at the rejection I'm getting from my family because of my surgery. I won't be telling my father (I never see him anyways). And my sister got extremely offended (because
Me and her look the same so she thinks I'm calling her ugly). And my mom freaked out and was very against it (but yet she has had an eyebrow lift and a breast reduction/lift) so I find her to be completely hypocritical.

How come people are dissatisfied?

Okay so my surgery is tomorrow, and I've been doing a lot of research and how come some people seem dissatisfied and others are in love with it right away? I know that rhinoplasty is an emotional experience and I'm dreading the emotional rollercoaster! I just want to do it,
Love it, and never second guess it! Any advice? Or share your story with me! Thanks :)

My nose sucks.

About to Leave!

Leaving in about 20 minutes to head up to Seattle for my rhinoplasty. I've been extremely anxious the past few days, and am more anxious now more than ever. I just wish I could know what my results will be! Plus now I'm 3 hours from home, away from my boyfriend and friends... at my moms house. Which sucks because she can be really negative and unsupportive. I will be getting my cast removed on Wednesday, July 2! And returning to work on July 5 (my job is really easy, I can literally take naps and lay down while I am there). I'm prone to depression so I am hoping that I don't get affected by the post-surgery depression that seems common. But while back in my hometown I will try to spend a lot of time with my old best friend, who is great at cheering me up and keeping my mind off of things! Well anyways, hopefully the next time I am writing I will have the pretty, feminine nose I have always wanted :)

Made it home!

Made it home from surgery. I'm alive. I'll post my story once my headache goes away.

My Surgery Story

Hi all! So I am about 5 hours post-op right now and feeling well enough to share my story.
So I checked into the surgery center at about 10:45 AM. Lots of paperwork to sign! Dr. Portuese honestly has the nicest staff ever.
Then we walked into the surgery area and I met with one of the nurses. She took a pregnancy test and made me put this spray up my nose to help prevent bleeding. Then Dr. Portuese came into the room. We re-examined my nose and discussed the changes that would be occurring. Shaving down the hump, deprojecting my nose about 3 mm, refining the tip so it wasn't so bulbous, and taking my my nostrils about 1-2 mm. All of this with a closed rhinoplasty. I told him my fears (looking "pinched", uneven nostrils, too turned-up) and he put my fears to rest and promised me that it will look good. He did say there is a 10% chance that in 6 months there will be slight changes that he will need to make, but that he does those for free (minus the $100 anesthesia fee). I think that's pretty cool. Most doctors don't do that.
Then the anesthesiologist came in and discussed more of the surgery with me. This is my 6th surgery so I honestly was not scared for the actual surgery, but he gave me helpful information. I also requested that the IV go in my arm instead of my hand (hand IV's creep me out!). Then we went into the surgery room and they laid me down. A sweet nurse help my hand, and he gave me a somewhat painless shot of numbing stuff. Then he put in the IV and I DID NOT FEEL ANYTHING AT ALL! except I forgot to unclench my first and blood was splattering everywhere, gushing out. But all of that got taken care of. Then they gave me an oxygen mask. Then they gave me medicine to make me feel drunk. Then a few minutes later the anesthesia. I fell asleep instantly. Next thing I knew I was waking up and my nose was on fire!! It had a really bad burning sensation and mt mouth was sooooooo dry. The nurse gave me apple juice and crackers (that were impossible to get down) and a pain pill. It didnt help. My pain was an 8.5/10. She gave me another pill and pain meds through the IV. We talked for a while and I saw my PS walk by so I called him over. He told me everything went great and that I have a cute nose now! He assure me it looks good and that I will love it. I can already tell that the hump is gone! After that, they wheeled me to my moms car and I slept the whole 80 minutes home, not a problem. I had the nausea patch so I haven't felt sick to my stomach at all! :) (I'm normally very sensitive to surgery and normally puke) I had a burning headache when I got home, and so I took a 1 hour nap. Feeling better now! I'm bleeding a lot, my face is sore, swollen and bruised, and my mouth is too dry. But I can smile and swallow well enough! my swelling is uneven at the moment making my nose look crooked and nostrils different sizes... but I'm sure it will go away. My vision is still blurry and all I want is a sower! haha! But other than that I'm really pleased with my recovery and procedure so far and I am happy I chose Portuese, he is truly an expert.

Black and blue- beat me til I'm numb

"Tell the devil I said hey when you get back to where you're from!" Haha sorry have hat song stuck in my head... But really though! Check out these shiners! About to head to bed and not excited to look in the mirrior tomorrow!

Day 2 and I'm feeling great!

Onto day 2! Feeling wonderful! Can eat, but can't taste or smell at all!! I got behind in my pain meds, and so I had a lot if pain earlier today. But now my pain is back to 0 out of 10! I'm just really sore if I touch my face. My plastic surgeon called this morning to see how I was doing :) he told me not to worry about the crookedness. My best friend has been coming over everyday and making me feel good. I've been able to do homework today too! I can only sleep for 1 or 2 hours at a time though :( and I've been sleeping sitting up. Bleeding has stopped today for the most part!

End of day 2

Could barely sleep last night, woke up in pain this morning, took my pain pills and then felt wonderful! I was doing home work, watching tv, and hung out with one of my girlfriends at my house! At first the swelling was way down. And I was able to eat today, but couldn't taste anything. But now I feel yucky and the swelling has moved in more, into the center of my eyes/ upper bridge of my nose. This is making it really hard for me to see. I do feel like my nose is getting less clogged though! And I haven't pooped in 3 days despite the ample stool softeners I've eaten. I've been happy and in good spirits this whole recovery and have been loving my nose so far! Just excited for the swelling to go down! I think I might be losing weight with this surgery. It's funny, the bruise from my IV hurts more than my face right now haha.

Day 3. This is bloody hell

Day 3. I'm miserable. I hit my nose while I was sleeping and it hurt! And my swelling is so bad that I can not see! I'm so sick of this conjestion! And I'm almost out of pain pills. I'll have to call on Monday and ask for more :( well I'm going to go make a pineapple smoothie and ice my face. I was going to try to attempt to shower today but I changed my mind when I woke up and couldn't see

Day 3- I'm feeling better!

Okay so a few hours ago I was in hell and completely miserable! Well I filled up some ice packs and put them on my eyes for an hour and I can see again! I was even able to fall asleep while icing my eyes :) and when I woke up I decided to brave it and take a shower. I even washed my hair all by myself!! I feel so so so much better! Thanks for all the nice words :)

Day 4- a swollen mess

Day 4, and I am still a swollen mess! Bruising is still intense, and again, I could not open my eyes when I woke up. I only have 4 pain pills left :( and am incredibly uncomfortable. I don't know how I'm supposed to get my cast off in 2 dad.... I don't think I'm close to ready to getting the cast off. A cool thing happened today, a celebrity commented on one of my Instagram pictures! It was a picture of my nose job and she just said congrats! But still pretty cool :) haha

Day 5!

WOW. I finally am on the mend! I hit the turning point. Last night I slept LAYING DOWN!! :) and I woke up this morning and I could see! My eyes weren't swelled shut!!! And as you can see my bruising is really getting better! I still have a tiny headache but it's not too bad! I slept the entire night last night and today I will be staying the night at an old friends house (since I'm back in my hometown). I am able to taste more and I can almost breathe out of my nose :) I'm just feeling a lot more positive today! Oh! And I went potty today! I hadn't gone since last Wednesday... 5 days of constipation! Sheesh!! I have been eating super healthy too.

Nose job for my family

So me and my sister look like twins, and she got mad when I got the nose job because I wouldn't look like her anymore. And at first she was super negative about me getting the surgery, but now she almost talks like she's gonna get it... Like she's asking very detailed questions.... And then her husband was in the room and she was like "oh well I'm not gonna get a nose job...yet." My sister is absolutely gorgeous and I wouldn't ever want her to get one, but I used some of her pictures in the editing ap and she would
Look soooo good. I mean she already does look good but yeah...

Cheek stains

Okay so I can't sleep so have decided to update my review. I'm entering day 6, and there's no denying it.... My bru skin is absolutely terrible. It kinda hurts and I'm nervous that it will actually stain my cheek.. That one really dark patch under my eye... Anyways what do you guys think? Am I just paranoid? I'll be seeing my surgeon on July 2nd (30 hours) so I can ask then. I have completely avoided sunlight on my face.

Day 6- woke up sad

So it's now day 6, and I'm about 13 hours away from cast removal! This morning I woke up sad and discouraged. My bruises look no better and I'm still nervous about staining on my right cheek. My nose is swollen and I know it's gonna look so ugly tomorrow when he takes the cast off. I feel hidueose. I feel like such an ugly human being. And I'll probably feel like this for a few weeks :(
Other than that it's been a great day! Had to take a pain pill and iced my face for an hour. But it was 95 degrees so I went to my friends private lake with my sister and swam (if course wearing sunscreen, a floppy sun hat, and not getting my face wet). Then I've eaten and done homework! OMG I CAN KINDA SMELL AND TASTE AGAIN! And I can kinda breathe out of my left nostril :) although I did lose a much needed 10 pounds this week ;) okay well not trying to complain guys, I am really happy! I'm just sick of my reflection. I've just felt so ugly this past week and am ready to feel confident again.

Love my profile so far



Well here it is my beautiful followers, my new nose. Today I went and got my cast off-took about 5 minutes and was painless. They handed me a mirrior and I started crying. My nose is beautiful. It's the cute, little, feminine nose I have always dreamed of. Dr. Portuese is an artist, I feel like I am a new person. I am filled with so much happiness I feel that I will float away! My goodness I can't believe that this is MINE! Now, the tip is very swollen and round from the swelling, plus he gave me a shot of cortisol in the tip so it's even more swollen. But I don't care! It's beautiful in my eyes.

Front view!

So for my front view photo, it looks a little funny from the front lol. I had a shot in the tip of my nose and my tip is very swollen. But he reduced my nostrils and are they are beautiful. Plus he lifted my tip! I am VERY pleased with the results. Bday decision of my life

Can't stop taking pics!

One week update.

So last night I went to the bars with my boyfriend to celebrate my noses one week anniversary! I had 2 drinks and went dancing! Then today is my first day back at work, I work in the produce department at a grocery store. I'm feeling fabulous and am in a fabulous mood! I work up and my nose was even less swollen than it was yesterday! I'm just so happy. Many coworkers asked about my black eye so I decided to be honest with them, and I feel so much better. I shouldn't be ashamed of my new nose because I love it so much! Plastic surgery is such a taboo subject, and it shouldn't be!! It's up to is ladies to not make it a taboo subject.

From last night

Happy holidays!

So as my life has resumed back to normal- I want to discuss the emotional journey of my rhinoplasty. I feel guilty writing this because I know many ladies are struggling after their procedure, and my thoughts and blessings go out to them! I always heard it was natural to feel sad or regret after the surgery. I think it affects about 1/3- 1/2 of ladies after rhinoplasty. I thought that I would for sure be one of the unlucky ones- as I am very prone to depression.
Anyways, before the surgery I was on a rollercoaster of excitement, guilt and second- guessing myself. I struggled with finding support and negative attitudes of my peers. I struggled with justify on the cost. And I struggled with worrying about what people would say about me when they found out, I was ashamed. But other times I was just so happy and so excited and wanted my new nose right then!!

Right before my surgery I regretted my decision. I was terrified. My face would forever be different. Would I even look like myself? Will I look bad? What if my doctor messes up!?

The day of surgery I was super calm. I slept well and even fell asleep on the 75 minute car ride there! I never sleep in cars! And it wasn't even early! I was a little nervous- but ready. Like I said, this was my 6th surgery. I was a sickly child growing up- hospitals and surgeries are nothing new to me. I was born deaf, so I have had 3 surgeries on my ears. I talk with a lisp and still don't hear very well at all- due to my hearing. Then just the regualar tonsils and wisdom teeth surgery. And I have had 2 surgeries that I was awake for- one for an abscess in my throat and one for my knee. Okay so anyways I was just nervous for the outcome not the actual surgery!

In my 6 days of having my cast, I felt super super happy! I was already in love with my nose! I was a little concerned because my nostrils were crooked and my nose looked crooked but I didn't think much about it! I knew I had made the right decision and was so happy! One day I woke up sad- but it was only because of how ugly I was. I was just so done with the recovery!

From the second I got my cast off, I have been nothing but overwhelmed with happiness. I have not regretted of second guesses my decision. This was hands down the best decision of my life. I know my emotional journey is over now- here on day 8. There is nothing I want different about my new nose. I have accepted it as part of me, and everytime I look in the mirrior I just smile! Like I said, I feel guilty that I haven't had the common depression - but I just want to share my personal journey. Good luck to all you beautiful ladies (and gents!)! Have a good holiday!

Just a short rant..

Okay so my bruising is greatly improving, but I do still have a mark under my right eye. As I said, my life has resumed to "normal"- meaning I work, party, shop, ect. But people are so freaking RUDE! I can't count how many strangers have asked about my eye, or asked if I was okay, or ask if my boyfriend beats me!? Like what!?? I don't even know you, and your going to ask me if I'm involved in domestic violence! And they ask like it's a joke!? What if I really was involved in domestic violence!? And then I tell them I had surgery and then they ask tons of questions like it's their business. Ugh! It's so rude. Did any of you experience this? Okay rant over.

AND NOT NOSE RELATED- but I have blonde hair as you can see... But should I go red? Change the hair to complete my new face? :) I'll post a pic of the shade I'm talking about and comment below you opinion. It's okay if you think hair now is better for me :)


As requested, posting comparison pic of the front! I'm only 10 days post-op so still very swollen. My new nose looks wider, which is because of the swelling, and also my old nose had a very sharp bridge. It felt like a V, so that made it more narrow looking but then had a bulbous button. My new nose is shaped like a U on the bridge, so in pictures it might look a little wider. Also, smaller nostrils now and a lifted tip. He also tucked in my septum. So there's all the front changes. I didn't mind my original nose from the front but I'm happy with my new one. I've gotten a lot of compliments too. Mostly from my guy friends who I told.

Big or subtle change?

What do you guys think? Big or subtle? P.s nose is wide and swollen I was only 8 days post op in these. I like my new one from the front. It's less distracting.

2nd day back to work.

Bad mood today. Going back to work for the second time- 9 hour shift. If one more nosy coworker or rude customer asks me about my black eye I will NOT be nice. I cut 4 inches off of my hair yesterday- hasn't been this short since high school. My swelling is annoying me today. I slept on my belly last night and I woke up with my eyes swollen shut almost.

Another before and after

Before and afters make me feel better since I'm in such a bad mood. No longer is this a "bad" angle.

Boys are dumb.

11 days post op. Feeling really upset today. My boyfriend went out to the strip club and spent $100 on lap dances. We have been together for 15 months and has never spent more than $50. Ever. My feelings are so hurt. And of course he is acting like IM the bad guy :/
Anyways so I cried for the first time with my new nose, and it got really swollen and wouldn't stop running. So I don't recommend crying. My boyfriend has been kind of a jerk since my nose job, he told me he thinks I can get someone better now.
Also I worked 9 hours yesterday. I do a lot of heavy lifting and my nose was really starting to hurt. I took ibuprofen even though I'm not supposed to have that yet. Oh well.
Today i am nannying and the mom asked about my bruise. I told her from basketball. She's a doctor, she texted me saying that I was lying and that she thought it was from my boyfriend so then I had to tell her the truth. So embarrassing. I'm not happy today. Also, I think my tip is dropping.

2 weeks post op

Hi guys! So due to the drama back home with my bf I decided to take the week off and stay at my moms house back in my hometown. It has been great! I am two week post-op today!! Two days ago I went jet skiing! Had a blast but I made sure to stay under 40 MPH so I wouldn't hurt my nose (normally I go over 50 but then I tend to flip them or fall off). It was great! Had such a fun time swimming! It was 92 degrees here too so it was my first time my nose got a lot of sun exposure. I haven't noticed any bad side effects! And yes, I still have a tiny bruise under my right eye but I'm sure it'll be gone in a few days. Today I decided to meet with my ex boyfriend who I dated for 2 years for lunch. We ate and then took his dogs to the river and swam and played fetch. I was curious to see if he would notice. He didn't say anything but then texted me after I left and said I looked different. Hehe. He asked if maybe I lost weight? (I haven't.. I've actually gained 10 pounds since he last saw me..) so I thought that was funny! But yeah, other than that I have no updates! Things are going great! Hope you all are doing well :)

Another person noticed

Hey guys not gonna write much because kind if depressed because me and my bf broke up. But last night I was hanging out with an ex (one I haven't seen in 6 months) and all of a sudden he goes "I don't remember you ever looking so cute!" And I was like "oh.. Do I look different?" And he goes "hmm.... I don't know. I really don't. But you look cuter. Maybe it's from summer? Tan skin and blonder hair?"
Hahaha. So one ex attributed it to weight loss and the other to summer color. So funny how people can't pin point it.

A little surprise ;)

Newly single, new nose, new house, and about to start looking for a new job. So why not some new hair? :) anyways... I'm doing well. Nose swelled up today. And I still haven't gone to the gym yet. Will try to get there this week. I've lost 10 pounds since surgery.

How swelling affected my nose

I've had some people ask how my nose has changed with swelling! I've decided to post some pictures :)

One month

I am now 4 weeks post-op. I caught the flu last week and my nose was super runny. I went threw two boxes of tissues. I could blow my nose like normal and didn't notice any swelling. I am back to working out- both running and lifting! I had a photo shoot in Down town Seattle yesterday, with an old friend who used to be extremely negative about my nose job. I think she was jealous because she didn't want to talk about it at all. It was her first time seeing me since. But at least she didn't say anything mean about it.... Anyways at 4 weeks post op I feel completely normal! I feel great! I don't even notice swelling when I'm working out :) although 2 days ago my boyfriend accidentally head butted me in his sleep and I woke up screaming and crying :( ouch!

Nose is getting small and cute

Wow! My swelling has gone down so much! My nose is so tiny! And cute. I might go cry now... So happy haha


I know a lot of people worry about gaining weight after surgery- because you wants workout. Well since last summer I have lost about 18 pounds and this surgery helped me lose weight! It took me 3 1/2 weeks to get back into the gym but I was still able to be in track. Just eat really healthy while recovering- it helps with swelling and helps you heal faster! Best of luck babes!

Crazy week!

I have 3 jobs plus do online school so things are hectic. Plus I've spent the past week moving so things have just been crazy ! I'm living with my boyfriends parents and am really happy here :) plus I'm getting full time hours now at my main job which is a good thing! But anyways I had my modeling gig on Monday. I made $140 for 2 hours.... Damn. Easy money. And he said he would be calling me again! Yay! So now that I'm 1 month and 4 days post op, my tip is no longer hard! It almost is soft like a regular tip. But it's still super Sensative.

Summer nose probs

So I nanny sometimes and yesterday I took the boys to the lake. They only had that spray sunscreen so I sprayed myself in the face to get my nose and they couldn't stop laughing at me. "That's a terrible way to put on sunscreen!!" They shouted. Haha oh well, my plastic surgeon said I must wear sunscreen everyday this summer. I see him on August 6, so hopefully I will get cleared to be able to wear sunglasses again! I don't have contacts and I haven't been able to wear my regular glasses in over a month. So it would be nice to be able to wear those again.


So today, July 31 was the date I had originally set for surgery. But my boss made me move it to June 26. It's crazy to think that I would just now be starting the process! Because I'm already healed and rarely even think about my nose now... I'm happy I moved it up :) today I went inter-tubing on Lake Washington with my girlfriends and then had a job at an upscale pizza restaurant! He called me back for a second interview.

My post op appointment

Today I had my 6 week post op appointment. My first time seeing him since day 6 when he took my cast off. My surgeon was sooo nice and sooo helpful! He gave me 6 shots of steroids in my tip to help the swelling in my tip and he also gave me some tape to use at night. The shots HURT. I was bleeding everywhere and crying. But he said I should see my final result in 2 month now :) my surgeon and his staff are SO impressed with my results. They said I look really different. I could not be happier even though my plastic surgeon pulled up my "before" picture and said "wow what a hottie" sarcastically... So he basically called my old face ugly. He cleared me to wear glasses, play soccer and pierce my nose. I really miss my nose piercing. What do you guys think?


So I got the waitressing job! That will be better than the grocery store I work at that's for sure! So I've just started taping my nose at night and it makes my tip swollen and rock hard in the morning! Is that normal!! Should I stop taping?

New eye candy

Now that I can wear glasses I decided it was time to get some that were actually the right prescription! What do you guys think of these frames? And it's a good thing I went in because they eye doctor found something called Drussen building up in the back of my retina. It's basically just debris that my eye isn't disposing properly. There is no treatment and there is no cure. I'll have it for the rest of my life and if it worsens it'll turn into macular degeneration- which is basically going blind. Since there's no treatment there's nothing I can really do except go in every 6 months and get photos of my eyeballs taken to make sure my eyes aren't deteriorating. I'm really depressed about it and I'm wondering if I'm being punished for being so vain and getting plastic surgery. I mean going blind would be a good way to get back at someone for being superficial. Sorry guys I'm just a big believer in karma :/

2 months

I just celebrated my 2
Months. My nose is still swollen and sore at times. My tip and bridge are hard again. I'm very happy but just wanting my tip to get smaller. Still so happy I did this. I feel like my surgery was a year ago! Not just 2 short months ago!

Almost broke my nose.

Hi guys! So I am 8 months post-op and went on a crazy spring break trip to mexico. We got back from the club and I was really drunk and made a poor decision. We went swimming in the pool at the resort and there was a cement wall that I didn't see. I swam really hard into it and my nose ring literally got torn out! And there was a lot of blood. I ended up getting a black eye and I nice scar on my eyebrow. For the next few days I thought i had a broken nose but thankfully it was just badly bruised! Besides no longer having a piercing, my nose is still looking good! It did give me a concussion though :(

8 months post op

I love my nose! My tip got smaller right at the 6 month mark and it is perfect! Be patient my friends! It really does take 6-12 months to see the final result :) I would not change a single thing. Here are some photos of my face. Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I still think about my plastic surgery everyday, but I have never regretted my decision! Although I can NOT believe how much money I dropped on it.... I tell some friends and don't tell others. I don't usually tell the men that I date, but the ones I do tell don't care at all. I used to get sad when people said judgements things, but now I think it is funny. I am amused at people's reactions. Many ask WHY and say I didn't need it. Other people couldn't care less. Other people are super curious and other people get excited. some people don't believe me unless I show them photos. How are you guys doing? I miss this community.

Photos over the months

Some pics!!

10 Month Anniversary

Happy 10 months!

A life update.

Hi guys. So it has been about 1 1/2 years and I still love my nose. Best decision of my life. Sometimes I wish the top was smaller, but I have really thick skin. I go and get steroid shots in the tip every few weeks. My surgeon said its nothing that a second surgery would fix. But all of that is about to end....

I got a job in San Diego!!!! I am about to graduate from college in December and I will start in January. I am SO happy!!!

I have still been battling with the idea of breast implants..... Especially now that I will be in a bikini all year round.....

But yeah! I am one happy girl.
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Portuese is an artists. An expert. A master in facial plastic surgery. I trust him with my face! He gave me a dream nose that brought out my other features, and changed my life. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome! His staff are nice and professional..... Mostly. A few things to complain about but I'm not one to over analyze. Also, personality wise Dr. Portuese isn't the nicest or most welcoming. He is a busy person- and will make you feel like he is too busy to answer some questions. But that being said, he does care about his work and he was very nice and comforting on the day of surgery. He will tell you his honest opinion about what to fix and what to change- and you should trust his opinion!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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