Me and my sister's Back to Back Breast Augmentations - Seattle, WA

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I'm just about 30 years old and have four...

I'm just about 30 years old and have four children. To say the least, I have small breasts. I always wanted to have just a little more up top, but a natural look.

So I wanted to start at the beginning of my...

So I wanted to start at the beginning of my journey. A little background. I have wanted to have a breast augmentation for a long time now. I have four children, very little breast and I am almost 30. To say the least, I am not feeling very confident about my body because shirts don't fit right unless I wear really padded bras and I have breast fed each of my children which led my nipples to be uneven (Not that I would take back breast feeding). I also hate having my husband seeing me so I try to make sure its dark if I am topless.

My younger sister called me about a month ago and told me she was having a breast augmentation done and was really excited! I was really excited for her. Than she said "so I think it would be cool if we had them done together back to back!" She wanted us to be able to do this together because we are close and we feel so similarly about our bodies. She would cover the full cost then asked if I was interested. Was I interested??? Heck yes! My mouth had to have hit the floor but I was completely excited and nervous.

She had already found the best breast augmentation doctor in the state (Dr. Haeck) and had already done her consult. All that was left was for me to go to Seattle to get my consult.

She went with me to Dr. Haeck's office and immediately it was such a comfortable place to be....but I was of course nervous. I have never had any type of plastic surgery before and really had no idea what to expect.

When we got back to the room and Dr. Haeck came in I felt completely comfortable and he was so nice! He explained the procedure, what the benefits were between silicone vs. saline, and exactly how he performed the surgery. He also said he could fix my uneven nipples!

After all my questions were answered and things were explained came the fun part! picking out what size and what type of breast implant I wanted. I was looking for something that felt natural, looked natural and wasn't to big for my body frame. So Dr. Haeck had his nurse bring in both a silicone implant and a saline implant and I was surprised to find that the silicone was a lot more natural feeling than the saline!
The nurse also brought in different sizes of implants that I was able to stick into a sports bra to see what look and size I wanted. I can't tell you in words how funny it was sitting with my sister trying on different implant sizes. She and I both laughed as I was trying to figure out what look I wanted and how to adjust the implant into the bra correctly (That isn't very

So I chose a silicone implant that would be placed under the muscle to get the best natural look possible.

Dr. Haeck came back into the room to see if he agreed with my decision because he really wants the best results for his patients. It was nice to know that the size I choose was the same size he would have picked out for my frame. So the consult was done!!!

Yesterday my sister and I went back up to the office for our pre-opperation appointment. Lots of paperwork! But the fun part was trying on the implants again to be sure that we were still wanting the sizes we had picked out during the consult.

Of course we both stuck with the original size we wanted. So the date is set, she goes in for her augmentation first,and as soon as she is finished it's my turn. I am still a little nervous not because of the breast augmentation but because it is a surgery. I am very confident in Dr. Haeck's ablilities!

So the countdown begins.....12days to go!

So it is now six days until my sister and I...

So it is now six days until my sister and I undergo back to back breast augmentations! Honestly, I am getting really nervous!

I was reading other blogs and also questions and answers and I probably shouldn't have done that.

I have read about rippling...although thankfully it is rarer in silicone under the muscle implants (which is what I am getting) than in saline implants. I have also read about bad scaring around the aureola and numerous other things.

Personally, i probably shouldn't have read all of those things this close to my surgery. Especially since my doctor already went over all this information with me! I did the research before my consult and my sister did a lot of research before calling me to see if I wanted to be her surgery buddy! Between both she and I and our doctor I was feeling very confident. Now I am getting nervous.

I think my brain has gotten the better of me! I was only nervous about the surgery aspect, not the augmentation I am worried about both the surgery and the results.

Although I want to actually have breast I am worried about possibly making a bigger mess out of what I already have (not that it is much)!

Luckily I still have full confidence in my surgeon and his abilities which is a really, really good thing, especially right now!

Yesterday (November 22nd) was the big day! I...

Yesterday (November 22nd) was the big day! I arrived early to Dr. Haeck’s office because my sister Amy’s surgery was before mine, and we are surgery buddies!

We were brought back into a room and didn’t have to wait long before the nurse (Jim) came in to make sure Amy had her gown and was comfortable before he went over what the process was going to be. He was very nice! After the nurse came in and spoke with her the anesthesiologist came in and went over more information and lastly, Dr. Haeck came in to say hi and see how she was doing.

I have to admit I was nervous until the nurse; anesthesiologist and Dr. Haeck came in. But after seeing all three of them, especially Dr. Haeck my nervousness flew out the window! It was such a relief that Dr. Haeck’s staff care so much and that they want your experience to be a very positive experiance! My sister’s surgery was about 1 ½ hours give or take a few minutes. Then it was my turn.

Again the nurse, anesthesiologist and Dr. Haeck came in to explain the whole process to me. I really like how Dr. Haeck and his staff speak to you, not down to you! I also like that his staff and he are so compassionate! You can tell that Dr. haeck and his staff truly enjoy their profession and that Dr. Haeck genuinely cares about each individual patient and their results! Then it was time to go to the operation room.

The table was comfortable and the nurse made sure I had a warm blanket to help me be more comfortable. Step by step the nurse and anesthesiologist explained exactly what they were doing. That also was a huge relief because I didn’t have to wonder or guess what was going on. In all the prior surgeries I have had, I have never had things explained to me…in fact, usually I haven’t even been spoken too. The people go about their business and I have been left on the table to wonder what was going on and being ignored!

Dr. Haeck and his staff were not like that at all! His staff cared how I was feeling emotionally, and explained things to me. Then it was time for me to go to sleep and the surgery to begin!

When I woke up I was in a lot more pain than what I had expected and rather than my pain being ignored Dr. Haeck’s staff went right to work getting my pain under control! I was so grateful that I wasn’t left in pain! I am also very grateful for the pain pump! It has a numbing agent in it that helps the pain not be completely unbearable!

After my pain was under control my sister Amy and I were able to come home. Thankfully between her husband, our chauffer, and my husband who watched not only our four children but my sis’s two children we made it home and were able to relax!

My sis was a little bit smarter than I was however. She actually took it easier than I did. I truly did not realize I had over done it until today. Nor did I truly realize how your arms are connected to your pectoral muscles. So I have been in a lot of pain. I try to put on a good face so my children don’t realize how much pain I am in, plus I don’t like people to see me vulnerable.

Today was the post operation appointment for my sister and me! It went very well. After Dr. Haeck took off the bandages I was finally able to see my new breast! They look so good!!! I am a bit swollen and since being un-bandaged I am bruising but that is normal. I am elated that I actually have breast, and once the swelling goes down and my breast settle I truly do not believe anyone will be able to even tell I had breast augmentation surgery! They already look natural, even with the swelling and even with them “riding high”.

I am so grateful for Dr. Haeck and his staff! I am grateful that the surgery went so well and I am grateful that I now have breast!

I will be posting before and after pictures soon…but want to wait until the swelling goes down! I will also blog more in a few days!

It has been two weeks since my breast augmentation...

It has been two weeks since my breast augmentation. I am healing really well and since last week I have had no pain. I was still having muscle spasms; however, that has gotten better too since I started my exercises. At first those were painful but within a day even the exercises were no longer painful.

I am also so happy to report that Dr. Haeck said I can go bra shopping!!! I am completely excited that I can go shopping for a non padded bra that will actually fit now!

The incisions are healing really well and within a month or so I really don't think they will even be very visible, if at all!

I am so happy I was able to go through this process, especially with my sister! And I am happy I actually have breast!!! I also can't wait until I post the before and after pictures!

This whole experience, while painful at first, was completely worth it and having breast has already helped in the I actually have some self confidence! I would say to anyone that is planning on doing a breast augmentation that if you are self conscious about the size of your breast, do the research because that is the most important part of this process, make sure you pick a doctor you are comfortable with and that will listen to what you are looking for and go for it! It is worth having self confidence!!!

So two months post surgery! I can't believe how...

So two months post surgery! I can't believe how much better I feel about myself! As my sister said it was amazing to actually remember that she and I are more than just moms or just wives. We are also women! I think she and I both kind of forgot that!

I am actually getting dressed even if I am not going anywhere, where in the past I would stay in pj's.

The incision marks are becoming less and less visible every day and on one side the incision is almost completely seamless! I am so excited for my next follow up which is coming up in February! I really can't express how happy I am that my sis and I were able to go through this together, and that I have breast! My sis and I are going to shop for a bra for me a VS because I have never had a bra from there and as she said "you should feel sexy, even if people can't see why!"
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

I rated Dr. Haeck the way I did because he and his staff are great! I would recommend him to anyone that wants to have elective surgery, especially a breast augmentation. The staff treats you with respect, and gets you back really quickly when you have an appointment. Wait times are practically nonexistent. Dr. Heack also treats you with dignity and respect, makes you feel comfortable and explains everything in a way that is easy to understand. Dr. Haeck also wants the best for his patients and goes far beyond any other doctor that I have ever had encountered to make sure the experience is a very positive one! I really have enjoyed my breast augmentation journey. I also would tell anyone, even if they have to drive to Seattle to go see him, it is completely worth the drive!!! I will be posting before and after pictures soon.

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