My New Journey Becoming a Almontedoll. Dominican Republic, DO

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Procedure I will get _tt-lipo with muscle repair...

Procedure I will get _tt-lipo with muscle repair and bbl I decided to go with her because I believe she could give me my dream body I will keep you all posted with images things you will need for surgery and after all my before and after I am knew to this please don't judge me . I am doing this alone looking for a buddy to have as A roommate any dolls?

I found the one

I have been looking for a doctor and I finally found the one that I want 2 perform my sx. Dr.fatima almonte I was gonna go to dr.cabral but he does more then 5 procedures per day and also gave me 3 different quotes smh but dr.almonte does no more then 3 per day she will only do her job on Monday ,Wednesday,Thursday, I need a doctor who will take her time on me and my heart tells me she the one . I was quoted $5.150 for tt-lipo full back abdomen flanks waist armpit area and a bbl ,this also includes 10days in a recovery house ,there names are 1-my home patient care rh. 2-the new life. 3- armonia. 4- tropical rh. I been in contact with her assistant Leslie Maria by whatsapp app and she speaks very well English and Spanish she so kind . There's a deposit fee that it's $350 dolar to hold your date this is also included in the package so just deducted that will give you $4.800 cash you will be bringing to Dominican Republic US dollars this is not including the insurance that is mandatory to put of $150 just so that when you go back to your country ur state you could go to any doctor if discomfort my date will be on July 2016 waiting on Leslie to let me know if the date I want is available wish me lucks almonte soon to be doll up ????????????????????????????????????????

Got my save date

Can't wait my lord every day I picture myself being beautiful I have faith the lord will stay by my side true my journey and dreams they say everything you put your mind in to you could do but I always say as long you have faith you be ok I leave everything in my lords hands ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Undecided recovery home don't no which one is good

1-my home patient care. 2-the new life rh. 3-Armonia. 4-tropical rh . Please help me choose so far I read that #2 I shouldn't look at any one has stay in any of this if so what's your thought help me

My journey Instagram _ig

Only my journey

Pictures I like and I hope my results come near

This is my body from behind

I have realize I never take pictures from the front Am not comtable but hear it goes

I need help with this dolls .

I being thinking so much and I am starting to not care for the sx my family don't agree with this and I have already put the deposit also being working 2jobs to make this happen I believe in myself that I could do anything I want and put my mind in to but I am also a mom and I have no one to care for my children but my mother I am so tired of hearing who gonna take care the kids so in my head I decided to bring both of my children they are both my little twins age 9 it will cost me way more bringing them but I have no choice I am a mother first before trying to feel good about myself any sugestions dolls or I could bring my mothers friend who offer to help and then my mom will babysit I guess I gotta make up my mind fast I gotta come up with almoust 2000 more for my mother friend to stay with me and double that amount for my kids we have never been out of the us so this will be a first trip any sugestions dolls .

From 277 days now i have 190days.

Hey girls hope all is well as for me u started drinking this pills because i have my first Dr appointment for a post up and let me tell you since i was a kid i hated pills i rather liquid then them big as pills but i gotta do what i gotta do .i am Goin too the gym and relieving some stress still have not found a room mate for my journey the person who was going with me told me she won't go even do I was gonna pay for her flight passport and the recovery house for the stay well gotta go_ this dollie gotta work god bless everyone who follow me and happy thanksgiving :)

New up date it's been awhile.

Hey dolls so as you may kno I will be goin in 7 18 of this year nerves are kicking in and am starting to think I shouldn't do anything every day it's a story of something happening in domni can republic besides all that it has nothing 2 do with the doc I am Goin with but am scared all I want is 2 feel good ones again I am only 28 with 2 children age 10 and 9 and my partner tells me a good the way I am but that if I want 2 do it she will come and join me in this new experience what you guys think is this normal.

New update.

I got all the stuff need it for sx now just waiting 7.18.16 kinda getting anxious I lost 13 pounds my bmi it's good just waiting 2 get tested on June for my cbc and post up

i did change dates

I had to change my sx but this year on December 2017 I will be goin to doctor almonte and I cant wait finally its getting freal I have 132 days left for my big day
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Not yet until July 2016.

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