Voluma Juvederm Does Not Live Up to Its Claims - Scottsdale, AZ

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I received 2 separate treatments performed by a...

I received 2 separate treatments performed by a highly trained RN at a licensed medical spa. Briefly, I have no complaints with the spa or the RN, it's the product. It doesn't work anywhere near what the allergen site claims. The product "disappeared" after approx 3 weeks after the initial injection so I followed up about one month later for a second injection. I was told that this was normal. However, it's now about 5 weeks since my most recent, second injection and the product again, seems to be disappearing under my skin. Gone are the plump and luscious cheeks I had initially after both injections. The Allergan rep for my area was present when I had my initial injection and she stated that one follow up treatment about a month after initial treatment was expected, but then I would see great results after the second follow up and the results could last up to 2 years. Unfortunately as I stated, the great results are again quickly fading with each passing week and I will not spend another 800. For a 3rd injection. Lastly please note that I look good for my age, take excellent care of my skin and my overall health is excellent. I'm average weight and exercise daily so even though I have no before and after pics, please take my word that I don't think it's me that's the problem. This product did not deliver the results that I was told to expect on any level. Save your money!
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The RN is highly skillful, well trained and did a wonderful job with both of my treatments.

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