9mpo,updated pictures*TT, Lipo w/fat transfer to buttocks*

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I am 26 and mother of 3. My youngest is almost 4....

I am 26 and mother of 3. My youngest is almost 4. After years and years of investigating/looking up info/Drs/location and finally got my husband to say yes (after 3 ½ years ) lol I found Dr.Gary Simmonds online and was the cheapest I can find. After seen a couple bad reviews I decided to meet with him and see where it went from there. Office quickly got me in (within a couple days) and consult was free! April 2013 consult appointment went smoothly, pictures were taken (which i was very embarrassed lol) he's very professional, staff is great and answered all my questions and very helpful.Now my surgery date is set for July 2nd, in exactly 2 weeks =) Very nervous and a lot of anxiety.


Finally posting pictures :/


another one, you can see this before picture (taken 1 week age) and surgery is just about 1 week away!! YAY!! I think im ready!! .. Now its the waiting game :)

Stretchmark treatment prior to surgery

I was a bit skeptical about all this "ITWORKS" products, but decided to try it any way :) .. Trying to fade these stretch marks prior to surgery and well here is results...

Exactly 1 week

Anxiety is high, had to take Xanax yesterday! I just Hope and pray it goes by fast and surgery goes smooth :( .. im just very scarred of the results and just thinking after 3 1/2 years of wishing i could do this , and NOW its around the corner! i feel another anxiety attack comming in lol!!!


These pics are of me , and how i try to cover my flabby belly ,thank goodness for spandex shorts ;) ... i just do not want to deal with using these types of shorts, just tired of it. Thank good time is near!!

dream picture

This is all i want .... flatter stomach, bigger buttay , no love handles, and most my stretchmarks gone, is that too much to ask for ;)

another dream pic :)

just cant wait!!!!! =)


Nothing better then waking up in the morning knowing im one day closer to my NEW BOD =) ... lets goooooo 5 more days and im there !!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!

4 DAYS :/

I know this is TMI but , i havent had a period over 3 1/2 years (i have the IUD) and lately i been so stressed i just had one :( UGH , thats not helping any!!! I just want the special day to come so it can be all over !!!... but today feeling a little better, still anxious of course but im practicing WOOOOOOSAAAAAAA :)....

Also a little relived just knowing my momma, family/husband will be helping me with my kids/house. Thank goodness for them. My 2 weeks off of work i WILL not be doing NOTHING even if i feel great or not, i just want to recover/heel great with no problems ..
OMG this is the feeling you have when your about to give birth lol!!!!


Yay !!! big day tomorrow :) excited !! Lets do this!!! BYEEEEE BYEEEEE FLABBY BELLY!!!!!!!!!

been out cold :(

Not feeling good at all ..day #2 , painful painful :( back & buttocks numb.. can not sleep , pain meds not working ... yesterday doc said everything looks great, I'm healing pretty good. . I just want these couple days to pass FAST


Some bruises.. this is no joke. I can tak pain but this right here.... no words to describe how i feel :(

sit up pic

feel better

I'm up & finally took a shower with the help of my moms & hubby :)

updated pic

tt scar

Ofcourse these last couple days I've been REALLY curious about my tt scar , so I decided to tak off a little of the tape and may I say WOW =) looks beautiful! !! But I'm still too scarred to take off tape because I still can not sit up straight :(


Not sure if my "hair, nail&skin" vit are helping with the healing but I've been taking these 3months pre-op & still taking taking them , never hurts to take vit :)


Ok so time for my update. Sleeping well I don't get too much up every 2hrs rolling over from side to side, laying on pillows. Back still a little bruised & still not sitting up straight :( but day by day bruise is going away :) ... I've had soooooo much help from hubby , moms & sume family members thank god!!!.. now I'm up & walking around(cooking/laundry/dishes/showers, ect...) , but only short period of times because my hack don't let me stay up for long ! I know as soon as I stand up straight I will b good to go ! I was off of pain medications by day 5 but back on them now that I'm up & down , maybe ummmmm 1-3 daily just depends... yes by day 6 I was in depressive mode :( crying,mad, irritated, sad cuz I can't get up & do my daily chores!! But I had to suck it up & sit there &do nothing lol.. but now I'm better :) I just need to take it day by day & just get ready because next week on Thursday I go back to work :(

drain tubes

Forgot to add yes my drain tubes still in and will be removed mon 7/15 .. left tube has been giving me A LOT of problems, ozzing out and fluid draining from there but now that I taped the tubes to my skin its been better ! The only problem I've had so far is that tube . Other than that everything going A-OK :)




I honestly think there's flud on my bb on the stretchmark:/ looks a lil infected , thank jesus my appt with my ps is on monday

swollen or permanent?

Okay my private area is really big idk if that's normal or not ? :( now that I'm sitting up a little straight I think it bulges out more. Ugh not sexy at all!!!!

my concerns

This swelling will be permanent? ? :(
I have not yet messed with my tt dressings, (too scarred I might do something wrong) looks a little gross. Ill leave that for my PS to see on monday !

stomach pic :)

Bb looks a lil infected :(


Progress pictures

drains removed-follow up appt

I had my follow up appt monday, ps took out drains & my dressings, & well not that happy :( but I guess its normal . PS says I'm healing great, perfectly & rapidly . So there's nothing I can do about d scar. I also looked last night after I took a shower & a lil spot look a lil more raw then the rest of the scar, I really hope its not opening :( & i look very red , irritated on the site (drain tubes where at , bb,&tt scar) i just really dont like =( & yes the red spots on my belly r new stretchmarks :/ .. NO BUENO IDK WAT TO THINK .... I've been cleaning / washing /cooking & doing a lot but I think I need to lay off all that before it does open . ugh just suxs!!!... but at the end of the day , NO I DO NOT REGRET THIS . Its just the healing process, its very sloooooooooow lol! I'm happy & just wish for a fast fast recovery ! Good thing is I have another 2weeks off work YAY me =)

more pics

I just took these pics... progress & looking better:) ..the only set back right now is the sleepless nights, high anxiety idk y :( its so bad to the point I cry & not even 2 Xanax work :( ... I will be checking in with my pcp for this oh & omg the itch , just terrible TERRIBLE! Its on top of my incision, I honestly think its probably stretchmarks, but I use anti intch lotion& stretchmark cream right after (nothing on the incision though) other than that I have covered with waterproof take 3 little openings. I honestly think I was forcing my self to stand straight & that's how tha t happened but no biggie I have them covered now but ill post those pics once tape is off :)


Ok so far I guess :) healing pretty good & only set back is the sleepless nights!!!since sx I've had problems sleeping and recently I had 2days with no sleep :( I had to see my PCP for that , so its taken care of , other than that nothing new still 'trying' to relax & not do things around the house lol... & oh I also wanted to add I actually took 2weeks off work to recover& was not enough& ps gave me another 2weeks off. But honestly I think you need 4-6 weeks off work to fully recover !! 2weeks did not do it for me ..

butt pics

Updated pics 23dpo

before pictures



Before /23dpo

updated pics

Here are. Couple updated pictures please enjoy lol.. my bb is still swelled up but getting better day by day :)

belly button

Okay I've had watched my bb for weeks & weeks thinking it will get better but now I've just noticed its closing little by little & scar around my bb is very hard :( I just emailed by ps, I wish I just get a fast response ! Until then please help! Is this normal???????


Well yup I was very affraid it was going to be a keloid. But my ps says to stay cal let it heald a little more because I'm only about 1 1/2 months po. & then if needed bb will be revised ... :( now time to wait! !!.. I mean its not that bad but I wish I didn't have one..ughhhhhhhhhh

updated pic

Follow up appt yesterday & everything great! I will have to wait until my next follow up appt for a possible revision on bb which is perfectly fine :) ps said give it a little more time to heal . Other then that muscles still a tad bit tight but workable! Okay to start hitting the gym :)


Updated pic

update 3mpo

Before sx 169lbs now 160lbs & loving it ... all except my bb keloid .. update appt march & from there we will c if kore sx is needed :) ... love love love my results ????

updated picture

Honestly I'm in love with my results !! Only down is the keloid on my bb . And hopefully soon my 2nd fat transfer to butt

updated picture 5mpo

a better after picture

bb revision

Finally got my bb revision. Lets hope I don't get another keloid !

scar update (using itworks stretchmark cream)

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

I am very confident he will do a great job!!

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