41-year-old Mother of 2, Diastesis Recti with Herniated Belly Button and 2 Additional Hernias - Scottsdale, AZ

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I had my BA done in 2013 and wish I had done this...

I had my BA done in 2013 and wish I had done this at the same time. I got 500cc silicone under the muscle and they are amazing, but even with working out every day my stomach does not reflect the results I would like. I want the abs I work so hard for, so am scheduling with the amazing Dr. Gawley for December.

Ok. I think I am going to go ahead and get larger breasts along with my TT.

I have been wanting to go larger, but don't want to be silly about it. I spoke to Dr. Gawley and he gave me some things to consider. I recently bought a Very Sexy bra from Victoria's Secret to see how I feel with even larger breasts, and I LOVE it. I know, I can just wear a padded push up bra when I want to be bigger, but I want them all the time, especially with no clothes on. Here are some pics with my amazing bra- I am currently 500cc's, 32DDD, and I imagine this is what I would be with 700cc's.

Pre-op is this week, 11/29

I am going to my Pre-op this week and am considering going home the night of my surgery rather than stay over at the medical concierge. Anyone who is relatively fit who's doc let them do the same? My husband will be there and is a total caretaker so I'm not worried about that. I'm just wondering after a TT and BA how difficult is walking from the car to house, and using the restroom? Will I be able to manage that? I've had a c-section and don't remember any issues but it was also 10 years ago.

Procedure moved up a week :)

I went in for my Pre-op and was able to move my procedure up a week to 12/7. CANNOT WAIT. Dying to see my new flat tummy and pretty belly button, and the muscles that live somewhere underneath! Also ready for my new larger implants- have asked my doctor to go as high as the maximum silicone implant of 800cc's but I am thinking I will end up with 700-750. I have my new PJ's with the button down top, walker, vitamin C and Multi Vitamins, and am filling my prescriptions tomorrow and stocking up on water, ginger ale, crackers, protein drinks and my fave veggie trays and superfood salads. My doctor provides the compression garment that zips up the sides. Am I missing anything?

It's tomorrow!

I'm so excited, but nervous too! It's like I'm planning a month long vacation but I'm nowhere near ready... I have lists going for just about everything and missing stuff from all of them. I have today to do it all. I did manage to rent an electric recliner with a lift so getting up and down will hopefully be simple.

I feel guilty that my husband, who is already busy with his business, will be doing my stuff too. We work together (real estate) and I do all of our marketing and admin work, so there's that. Plus laundry, cleaning etc. I know he knows how important this is to me, he's so supportive, but I still feel bad. Well, until I look in the mirror.

My girlfriends are supportive as well, but lack any understanding as to why I am doing this. They don't work out, and when they look at me they see a skinny fit girl who's nuts if she thinks she needs a tummy tuck. I've given up trying to explain. Now I simply raise my shirt and let them see what I hide every day. I'm posting some pics so you can see my lack of muscle control and herniated belly button.

Tomorrow they are gone!

Wish pics for boobs and tummy

Still on the fence about cc's. Last time I asked for what I wanted and left it up to Dr. Gawley- of course they turned out amazing. I'm doing the same tomorrow, asking for 800 but hoping for anything above 700. I want big and juicy.

I'm home!

Surgery was done this morning. I'm still loaded up on meds so I feel
pretty good at the moment. Typing on my phone is hard though, I shouldn't even have it right now, lord knows what I'll text or post ????

Implants are not bothering me one bit, but as I said, loaded on pills. Dr. Gawley is amazing, he went with 750 cc's

I'm home!

Surgery was yesterday, and I cannot stress how lovely Dr. Gawley and his entire team are.

Last night I had minimal discomfort because of the drugs pumped in during surgery. Today the ache in my abdomen has set in, so following my med schedule religiously . I go in today at 10:45 for post op appt and hopefully a peek at what is under my garment. Speaking of which, I have a pain in my right side, way too high for the TT stitches, so it's either where my drain is coming out, my garment is crumpling or my tummy muscles letting know how angry they are.

As for my new implants (750cc) I barely feel a thing. Reaching up is way more possible then the first time around, so I'm extremely happy about that.

I took this picture last night because I can't see below my new enormous boobs, but this is what I look like at the moment.

Just had my post-op appt!

It is very hard for me to see what it will ultimately look like, but I have an innie, my muscles are sewn back together and my boobs are bigger - so of course I'm ecstatic!!! Luckily while medicated, time FLIES by. I'll be back at the gym I'm no time.

Pre-op pic with markings

I forgot to upload this one taken right before surgery

Am I the only one peeing every 15 minutes???

My surgery was Wednesday and I'm still peeing constantly. Not a ton, although it always feels like it will be. Anyone else experiencing this?

Post Op Appt pic

I snapped a quick photo while on the chair in the exam room- My drain came out and Dr. Gawley said everything looks great. I had been suffering from extreme constipation almost to the point of depression. After 5 days, and way too many suppositories to even mention, I gave in last night and drank Smooth Move tea and Natural Calm magnesium powder. This morning IT happened and I finally feel like myself. I can now focus on healing from my surgery and stop panicking about my butt. I feel like a new person today!

I did notice this morning when putting deodorant on that my right armpit is hard and sensitive, but no discoloration or apparent swelling so I'm assuming it's normal muscle getting mad at being stretched more. Something else to keep an eye on. My boobs have been so secondary in all this because their recovery has been so easy, but now that I'm not taking anything for pain I'm noticing them a little more. Love the size, can't wait to see them when I can stand up straight and poke them out ????.

Dr Gawley has been so amazing, as well as Amber. I see them both every time I go- she set me up in a fresh new CG because as you can see the one in the pic was nasty. That in itself has been better since the new one has no legs, just snaps in the crotch. I'm going back next week to get belly button sutures out. If I am brave enough, I will try and take a standing photo during my next shower. I don't know how all you ladies are taking these photos of yourselves standing and looking normal! I'm terrified of taking my garment off- that first shower did me in.

Upright update pics!

I actually managed to change my CG all by myself after washing the one that's more comfortable, so took the time for a photo op. Very uncomfortable standing around without the CG on, so as much as I can't wait to burn them, right now I'm grateful for the support!

Belly Button Scab

Anyone have a scab that hung on forever? It's like a newborn's umbilical sore and I don't know what to do with it. Dr. Gawley said to put triple antibiotic on it after my showers so it can start to slough off- I put it on with a Qtip like the nurse did- should I be rubbing it a tad to help it along? I'm scared of it turning to necrosis and scarring on the outside ??

Belly button scab is off

Finally that little bugger came off, but it revealed a very confusing non-innie/non-outie swirl of a belly button. I am hoping that it looks more natural after I do some ab work. For now I'm just happy all my incisions have healed. I am waiting for my garment to dry, so took a few pics.

I'm standing almost straight, still feeling the pull at my breastbone which is still swollen but not as bad. My tummy is still swollen, but again not as bad. My only real complaint right now is my right implant is a bit uncomfortable, and I have a knot in my right shoulder blade that I'm afraid to let anyone massage out. I want to find out if my PS has a masseuse who specializes in this type of post surgery muscle relief.

I have gone out with my 10-year-old for mani-pedis and we did a few hours of shopping. Felt so good to drive and go where I felt like going. I still feel a bit self conscious walking in public, but my desire to feel free and normal outweighs that by far.

This has been a much larger ordeal than I ever could have prepared myself for, but I got exactly what I wanted. Dr. Gawley is a rockstar. I can't wait to see him Wednesday and discuss my swirly button, scar treatment, Spanx, and my confession that I ditched my med bra for a comparable yet more comfortable yoga bra.

If you are on here reading reviews trying to decide if you want to do this, all I can say is if you do, follow your plastic surgeons instructions to a T both pre & post op. If you do, you reduce your chances of infection, complications and (my biggest fear) necrosis. Do what they say. Don't ditch your garment. It's there for a reason. Wear it properly- apparently if it's too tight, or creasing, or cutting off blood supply, your skin dies. It's the longest 4-6 weeks ever, but it's not forever. This is expensive and tedious and exhausting, so just do what you're told. It's worth it in the end. Also, don't blame your PS for your anatomy, he can't change that. Your body is going to do what it does naturally- boobs too far apart? That's your anatomy, not because you PS screwed up. I see so many women on here blaming their dr for things that are realistically out of anyone's control, or blaming them for an infection they got post surgery. That's why you need to listen to your PS, acknowledge and consider what he says your limitations are (breast size etc) and do what he says you need to do to heal well and get your best results.

Ok, I'm off my soap box now. Sorry, just wanted to share my thoughts.

Good before and After pics

Same chair, same position. And I'm still swollen, can't wait to see myself 6 months from now.

Breast infection

At my last appointment 2 weeks ago I had a small bruise under my right breast, but it appears to be in every photo from the morning after surgery on. My right breast was also a little bigger and a little warmer to touch, so Dr. G put me on a second round of antibiotics. I had an appointment with him yesterday and was explaining how my left breast feels great, like it never had surgery, and my right (the shit sister as I call her since she's always the one with issues) is still burning and sore etc. We pulled my bra down, he lifted them up and said I definitely have an infection in my right side. He showed me in a mirror and it was pretty red, I was shocked. I check my one spitting stitch regularly but didn't realize how inflamed my breast was, so maybe it's just now bad? Anyway, I am now on Sulfameth and Doxycycline. He said I should see a difference within 48 hours if they are going to help. If they don't work, I check into the hospital for IV antibiotics. If that doesn't work, we explant for 3 months and try again. I can't explain my emotions right now. I'm mostly numb, but terribly sad and mad at myself for not realizing there was a problem. All this time I've been so worried about my tummy tuck incision and belly button, and my breasts were not really a concern as it's my second BA and I didn't have any issues the first time around. I will say even that time my right side took longer to feel better, so I guess that's what I thought was going on. If my pics post in the correct order, first 3 are yesterday, last 3 are this morning after 3 doses of both antibiotics. I am in a different bathroom this morning so lighting is different. I'm so scared I can't really tell if there's a difference.

Breast infection responding to Cipro

After a few days of taking Doxycycline and Sulfameth, my nurse called to check in and also said they decided to switch me from Sulfameth to Cipro. I checked my breast so often it was becoming hard for me to tell if it was less red or less hot to touch, all I knew was I was terrified of having another surgery to remove one or both. I spent so much time on RS looking for anyone else who had the same kind of situation who's infection cleared up, but instead kept finding cases where implants had to be removed. I was driving myself crazy. But, in the question section I did read a PS response to someone and he said he had a patient with an infection and he was convinced it had penetrated her capsule and implant, but it actually cleared up with cipro. So when my nurse mentioned the change in meds, I was completely on board. I've been watching with cautious optimism and today I can definitely say I'm on the mend. My discomfort is equal between breasts, which basically for both is the normal discomfort I would expect with a BA revision. And they are quite large, so still sore but within reason. I have bruising on my underside, consistent with the bruising in my early pics after surgery. I still have a bruise from
My IV! Getting arnica today to see if it clears up.

What I would like to share, if anyone is looking at this because they fear an infection or have one, or have been told worst case scenario: explant- you can clear it up if caught early enough. If one side hurts more than the other, hurts more today than yesterday, feels hot, burns or is red (get a mirror and look underneath every day) then call your dr and get in to be seen. And don't worry about being a pest, or being strong and weathering through the pain- this is serious shit. Believe me, your PS wants to know if you are showing signs of an infection- they don't want to remove your implants, or do subsequent surgeries- that is not a profit center for them. They want you to heal and feel and look gorgeous- that's their profit center- happy patients! So, get on antibiotics, strong ones. I hope in all the scary "I had my implant removed for 6 months because of infection" posts, that you find this post and a little bit of a positive outlook. It makes a huge difference. I've been off RS for several days and focusing on healing, and it helped. But good drugs are key!

I have not posted any after pics of my breasts, but here is one. My tummy is healing perfectly, belly button still a weird swirl but it's kind of growing on me, especially when I look at my before pics. And I'm still struggling to stand straight, but that's a matter of stretching at this point I think. Driving is a lot of work, mainly because the seatbelt wants to press on my boobs and TT incision.

My original implants were 500cc's, and as much as I loved them they were high and round, and a little fake. I also wanted to go bigger originally but had to do in phases. This is my last phase. They are exactly the size I wanted, and look more natural. I can't wait to see them in a nice bra (knowing me it will be very well padded) but for now wearing medical and yoga bra. My new implants are 750cc's, and yes they are a bit heavier than the old ones but somehow easier to hide. No one seems to have noticed they were redone unless I told them beforehand.

Happy healing everyone

Underside view showing improvement of infection

Pic with green sweater is today, other 2 from when infection was at its worst. Much better now. Something I have not noticed before, although going through my photos it was always there just not as pronounced, are large blue veins all over my breasts like when I nursed. They look like Bane.

Feedback Please! Post tummy tuck questions.

Ok ladies, tell me where you're at in recovery at this point so I can see if I'm on the right track.

My surgery was on December 7th, so I'm 5 weeks post op this Wednesday.

Standing up straight: I am not able to stand up straight. I used to have a nice curve in my lower back and my butt and boobs stuck out. Now my lower back now curves in the opposite direction so that my boobs and my hips are trying to look at each other. I would say on a scale of 1-10, I'm a 6-7 in the straightness spectrum. When I stretch and try to stand straight, there is a lot of pulling at my breast bone.

Stomach swelling: my upper abdomen seems harder all the way across, more swollen than my mid section around my belly button. My incision seems to have minimal swelling at this point and lower ab area seems minimal as well.

Pain: I have a spot on my right abdominal wall, to the right of my muscle repair, that has always burned seemingly for different reasons- If I ate too much, sat for too long, hunched over too long without trying to straighten, ate steak, the list goes on. It still hurts sometimes, not as often but it does burn. Anyone bust a stitch and if so, what does if feel like/look like?

I was in my car for quite a while today, maybe that is why I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable this evening. Because of my breast infection, Dr. G won't clear me for any light cardio until it clears up, but I am hoping more activity will speed my recovery up once I'm able. Any feedback on that? Are you working out yet, what are you doing? How are you feeling during/after?

I wish there was a local support group here - coffee, cookies, and a circle of woman all comparing mommy makeover notes :)

Cup size

So confused. I had 500cc's, was a 32DDD. Now I have 750cc's, and this is my 32DDD bra...

Explanting on January 30th

The infection responded to the Cipro and seems to have cleared up. No more redness, much less discomfort, no longer hot to touch. I examine the underside of my right breast a few times a day, monitoring all of the symptoms mentioned above. It's dark, which we thought was bruising. But 2 days ago I noticed something that at first glance appeared to be a little blister. It turned out to be splitting skin. When I went to see Dr. G yesterday, he examined me and said he feels my skin is too thin to support my implant, and that the dark coloration is the implant showing through. Eventually it will extrude causing wound care and healing, and an even bigger dilemma. So my only option right now is to remove them for 3 months or so, let my skin and muscles heal and contract back in, and then do a lift with a much smaller implant. I was immediately hit with so many emotions- disbelief, devastation, fear, sadness, regret, anger, and then it hit me like a brick wall- relief. I have been on boob watch for weeks, hoping and praying this would be ok and I could just heal and move forward. My only ability was to watch and wait. Now I KNOW it isn't ok, I KNOW it isn't going to get better, and if I keep watching and waiting I am literally going to watch my implant come through my skin. No thank you. So we have agreed on this plan of action- remove, rest, heal, replace- and I feel good about it.

A friend asked me yesterday if I should maybe get a second opinion. My immediate response was UHHH fuck no, I should have listened to him in the first place. I am to blame for this, and no one else. I have said in the past, listen to your doctor. I didn't follow my own advice. He recommended not going more than 600cc's, but I wanted what I wanted. No one can tell what the outcome will be until it is what it is- I mean, my left breast is beautiful and healthy and big with no skin issues, and my right one is a mess. Who could have known.

If anyone has gone smaller, a lot smaller, I am talking DDD+ to B or small C, with a lift, please share anything you think I need to know, or you wish you had known before. I have months to plan and don't know what I'll end up with, I just know I'm not willing to go without.

Better photo of blue discoloration - implant visible through skin

Here is a better photo of what appears to be my implant showing through my skin. I could have a tiny ounce of hope that it is deep bruising, I just think the length and shape are just right to be the implant. If it magically disappears by the 30th yippee. Not counting on it.

This is somewhat of a roller coaster ride and I bought the ticket. I can't get off mid-ride, so I guess I've gotta stay on see where my roller coaster takes me.

Wishful thinking or does this look better?

And what does sudden yellow bruising mean? The close up of purple and yellow with stretch marks is the worst spot that has been there all along, tons of capillaries- I'm pulling up on it so may appear bumpy. I DO still have little beads of dried fluid or tiny scratch looking marks in that spot as well. I was trying to move my explant up but should I keep the 30th and see if there is any way this is bruising that is still healing?

Way down in the dumps today

I'm crossing my fingers and toes this girl stays in until doc takes her out on Monday. Terrified, mortified, simply hating myself. I'm a mess, putting my husband through hell with my anxiety and mood swings. Today is the worst, as the implant is literally starting to poke out and my fears are taking over. Luckily he's working today and I can be alone in my self pity. Scared to move, scared to take my bra off for as long as a shower would take, scared that if I cry too hard the pressure will push this thing out. I had been on the fence about going bigger, I wish I had stayed on the fence. Or jumped off and locked the gate.

Girls are gone, for now...

Had my removal today. Just a little bit more sore than expected. Relief at last.

Today was blecht.

I can't bring myself to take a photo of what's underneath, but it's not too bad. I REALLY DON'T CARE about how they look right now. I'm just feeling lonely in all this. No one around me can possibly understand the ups and downs, the moods I feel that change by the minute, the hatred I have for these drains. I feel ok with my flat chest, more than ok, almost a satisfying defiance for what's expected out in the world. I have to be ok with being small, so I'm glad I'm not mourning my giant boobs. I'm simply mourning my health and wellbeing.

Retail therapy almost always helps

Thank you Free People for helping me feel a little prettier in my own skin. Now just ready for the drains to come out so I can wear normal shirts. I'd love to ditch the sports bra but it's hiding my pancake cleavage. Oh, and as with breast augmentation, explanting causes that weird belly swelling so I've had that to deal with as well. Finally fit into my fave jeans today but the drain bladders are too much of a nuisance, easier with loungewear.

Drains come out today.

This pretty much sums it up. Wish me luck.

Ground zero.

No boobs no abs! I can start light cardio on Monday. Plan on working my ass off at the gym and in 3 months or so get some mosquito bit sized boobs ????

2 weeks post implant removal- still sore

Anyone who's implants have been removed- how long did the soreness/muscle tightness/shooting pains last? I have zero signs of infection and no inflammation. Healed perfectly. But so damn sore still.

Feeling much better

I am finally feeling so much better. I have slight pain in my right breast, underneath where my extrusion was- it's just super sensitive. But overall my breasts feel better and my abs are loosening up. I've been doing light cardio since last Monday, just walking on the treadmill. I do light abs as well, nothing too uncomfortable, but it seems to be helping in improving my mobility. And oddly enough, the bottom part of my belly button is pulling in a little bit. Hopefully it will indent some more. It's pretty red, as is my TT scar, but alternating my tape and biocorneum.

Not in any rush to redo implants, thinking 3-6 months if not November or December again. Good time to recover. Here are some pics of my tiny boobs and baby abs tonight.

Update pic!

Hi! Thought I'd share an update pic with you. My abs don't look very defined in this one, I promise they are. Next follow up is in June, can't wait to get some sort of boobage again. Happy healing!!!

For real though

I am so happy with my tummy tuck results. I'd do it 100 times over. Can't wait until my boobs match it- tight and firm. Soon!

More abs, ready for next surgery

I've been running and light lifting, a little TRX. So happy with my TT results. Cannot wait for Dr. Gawley to give me new matching sporty boobs :)

3 years ago Dr. Gawley made my very saggy empty breasts look amazing without a lift- he's a miracle worker. My breasts look real, and much more youthful than they were. He actually performs confidence transplants, as that is what I feel happened while I was on his operating table. THE BEST bedside manner, friendly, patient, and concerned about overall wellbeing. I would never trust another surgeon with my body.

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