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I had my consultation with Dr. Aldo Guerra a few...

I had my consultation with Dr. Aldo Guerra a few weeks ago with the intentions that he'd be my first of 3 consultations, but it felt like a match and here I am scheduled for a procedure I've been wanting for close to 10 years. All I need is the medical clearance and I'm set! Fingers crossed. Hoping this is going to finally happen for me:).

hoping time flies!

Medical clearance, check
payment, almost check (doing that friday)
Pre-op, check
date...Wellll...that's a story...I wanted June 9th but they gave me June 18th and as the clutter minded mom I can be at times I forgot my daughter has a dance recital that day :(...I'd hate to miss it, so I'm waiting to see if they can do June 22nd, but it may not be possible and I may have to miss the dance recital which is a bummer so I'm hoping for June 22nd! Which is nuts being that at one time I was hoping for June 9th...anyone have a personal assistant or robot I can borrow because sometimes (all the time) I feel I need the help lol.
Well at least I got that fun little "before pics" photo shoot out of the way...ugh mortifying. I have mixed emotions as of now...happy this is happening, fearful of a list of things, nervous of the burden I'll be during recovery. I actually thought I'd be happier but sometimes I wonder if I'm doing the right thing...

a visual

I've been hesitant to post a before pic but I appreciate seeing others and knowing what they had to deal with before procedure. So here's a dimly lit, not too clear side view selfie of my hanging belly (it's a start:). I just want it gone and to be able to comfortably shop, get dressed, run...sit! Ugh I hate sitting and having it all roll over and out...

Can't wait! Or can I...

My date is set, June 22nd, I've paid, I still need to get a few things. It's so surreal and hasn't kicked in that it's something that is really happening. Just so ready, my sister took a slow motion video of my stomach jiggle the other day (we were trying to prove a point to my dad that I need this lol) and it was so gross...and slightly intriguing.... I better make sure she's erased it! Imagine if that was accidentally uploaded somewhere! Eeep! Anyway, I've anticipated this for so long! Things I'm still nervous about:
-length of recovery
-money aspect(I suffer from buyers remorse w/everything!)
-how it'll turn out...
-looking like I have no butt! (Hear this is common with arching and all)
-having others take care of me

...I'm sure I'll think of more as the date approaches...

Overall I am just grateful though, this is going to finally happen! Hurry up 22nd!

Well its our last night together muffin top...

Dear muffin top,
Well I'm writing you to say goodbye, it has not been good while it's lasted. You have embarrassed me, and held me back long enough. It's time for you to go!

Lol...ok I don't even know if I'd consider what I have to be a muffin top anymore, if so..that is one sad droopy muffin..too much batter I guess. Anyway it's the night before my surgery and I'm more concerned that I don't have everything I need. I'm also more worried about my mom getting anxious more than myself! My parents are taking me and honestly if I could've I would've waited until after the surgery to let my mom know, I know that's terrible, but you seriously have no idea what a worrier/anxious kind of woman my mom is, and it's not the gentle calm kind of worrying either..it's abrasive and harsh. Soooo prayers please! Prayers that my mom opts to be calm, cool and collective for this whole process. I don't blame her though, a mom will always worry about her kids in her own way. I just hope she chooses a completely different way tomorrow...anyway my sister was asking me if I'm nervous and I'm a very strange one because I actually have to keep reminding myself this is happening. Tomorrow something is happening that I have wanted for nearly 10 years! Honestly it won't all kick in till right before the surgery. I have no idea why my brain functions like that, probably a good thing in way...not good because that makes me a last minute prepper since my mind isn't on what lies ahead...sooo of to getting ready I go, and I probably won't sleep tonight because although I'm not nervous yet, I am excited! It's like I'm going to Disneyland! Except instead of a theme park, it's a hospital and instead of mickey mouse, it's a plastic surgeon and instead of rides, they're cutting my stomach off...ok it's nothing like Disneyland lol..either way I'm grateful for this moment that's happening very very soon! Next time you hear from me I'll be in the flat side club! Ttyl!

It's final, muffin top is out of my life for good!

I'm recovering now, it's a little rough, but I opted for no pain pump to cut corners and save money. They are giving me pills for pain, I have dealt with some nausea. I've been mainly sleeping..I'll post pics when I can, I haven't seen it yet. Thanks for all your kind words a encouragement, made me smile:)

Every day seems to get better

Ahhh, I slept through the night..I had my sis take this pic last night. I am happy:D admittedly I wished magically all my stretch marks could be removed but he had told me there would still be some and I knew that as well, since I had stretch mark galore on my tummy before. Wish I could've gotten a better pic for y'all but this is the best I could do for now. I see the dr tomorrow and I'm also able to take a shower tomorrow so I'll have a better opportunity to get one of full tummy tomorrow. I still can't believe it's done sometimes. I wake up and it takes me a minute, and then I'm like, "oh yeah, my panus is gone!". Right now I am staying very regular on my medication so I'm sleeping most of the time. I do get up to walk after naps, because I was informed to do so, and I walk very very hunched. Anyway the pic is a before and after. Hope all is well with everyone!?

The days are flying, hope they continue to do so!

I am very happy and satisfied with a majority of my outcome, the scar is perfectly low and my belly button, love it! I just wish I had more definition and curves. I've never been as wam, bam, papow! As my sister and I guess I was hoping that was hiding underneath all that loosness somewhere. Now, a fellow RS sister on here made a good point that I had lipo and that causes different effects so I am holding on to that:) I guess I just want to see the new me, like now lol but I am still very happy with my decision and I wouldn't change it. I go to my Dr. Today so I'll have my questions ready he's really great about answering questions...ok, back to naps, meds and hunched walking.

Day by day

The good news is time is flying for me, I sleep alot still, pain has been manageable. I still have swelling (of course :) dr said swelling was normal, everything looked good. I'm not draining much even with milking the drain, so hopefully getting out drain on Monday. I took a shower yesterday and it bothered my back more than anything. Lately my life has been, sleeping, Netflix and repeat..trying to get hw done and some reading but not really a priority. My family has been so great, I'm sooo thankful, even my mom has been amazing. Love them ?. My daughter loves being my nurse lol, I don't even ask her to do the things she does. I'm very blessed. I get to see my son, my 2yo Monday, who has been gone a week. I have never been away from him this long and I'm excited. Ok well I have hw to do, so I think I'll take a nap lol...

Tears of joy!

I put on some undies I would have never worn before due to hanging tummy and deciding whether to let it hang over or under the skimpy undies (neither way was comfortable). Anyway, I put them on and took off binder that I've been religiously wearing day and night...and I wanted to cry tears of joy, If I was able to would've jumped up and down. The scar is there but its low, the swelling is there and I have heard it gets worse, but boy am I happy as of this moment, so I'm going with that emotion right now. Tomorrow I should get the drain out and I'm a little nervous since I've heard different experiences from people on here but I'll let you know how mine goes!

No more drain...

So I got my drain out yesterday, I'm so happy that's in the past...but as we get home and we walk in, we were greeted with no ac! So much for taking it easy, plus I got my wonderful 2 year old back ( his dad kept him for the week). So I had to pack up my stuff, all my medical stuff, kids stuff and head over to my sisters because there was no way! But other than that I'm a happy gal:).

Entering the swelling phase

These photos are at end of day. I really despise the swelling and numbness, but as much as I hate it, I have no regrets. I know with every day I'm closer to recovering, even though its a process, I'm appreciative of it. I am very happy with the low thin line. I wish I had more hips or curves so the swelling blended a little more, but in the mornings it doesn't look that bad. I'm trying to really watch my sodium intake, I could drink more water. I also looked up how to do lymphatic massage on myself...its slightly confusing, but something I think I'll try when I'm sitting around with Netflix.
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Guerra was very thorough with his vision for my tummy tuck and made me comfortable. I was able to ask all my questions and get helpful answers.

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