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?I have put my deposit down ...

I have put my deposit down and scheduled my Tummy Tuck for June 4th! I am so nervous and excited! After having my son 10 months ago I still look 5 months pregnant and get asked all the time "how far along are you". I am depressed constantly because of how my clothes fit and how my body looks. My son was 10lb 10oz and I am only 5' tall. My tummy was huge right before I delivered my son via C-section obviously because of his size. This caused a 3" gap between my abs that will not go away with exercise or dieting. I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and work out at the gym but still have this huge tummy. I met with Dr Guerra in January to discuss a possible tummy tuck. He made me feel completely comfortable and examined my problem areas. He seems confident that I only need the tummy tuck and no lipo which is great! I booked my appointment in the next couple of weeks of meeting him. I am not scheduled until June which leaves a lot of time to think and worry but at the same time make me feel good about deciding on this surgery.

still so far away.......

I have been literally addictd to this website since I discovered it. I find my self reading other people's reviews and reults constantly. This makes me extremely nervous for the recovery but I know there is no dout that I want this procedure done. The majority of you lovely ladies seem to have stated it was worth it and I know I will be so much happier when I no longer look 5 months pregnant.

I booked my medical clearance appointment and spoke with my Dr's office today to inform them. Originally I was also going to get implants as well but I have changed my mind. Two reasons for this: 1.) I can't justify the extra expense and 2.) The only reason I am getting plastic surgery is to fix something that was severly damaged. I am very happy with my decision and think I will be just as happy with only having the TT done.

I know it's quite the countdown but 10 more weeks!

Updated Photo down 8 lbs

I have been busting my butt going to the gym at night after the kids are asleep and eating healthier. The doctor thought it would be best if I lost about 10lbs before my surgery as this will help with recovery. Plus I want to get my legs nice and strong to help lift me after surgery since no tummy muscles will be used for awhile. I am happy that I am losing weight but I am still so disgusted with my tummy and still look very pregnant. This all ensures that I have made the right decision to have this TT done. Knowing not much will get rid of this other than surgery and knowing I don't want to look this way anymore is all the motivation I need.

Pre-op in just one week! Ahhhhh!

Time has gone so fast! I have my pre-op in just a week from today. I got all of the money situated and ready to go and I can only say I am so nervous and terrified at the same time. It is a crazy feeling. I constantly wonder how my results will look and pray that my big prego belly disappears. Also, side note, I just want to say how amazing this site it. I totally stalk a few of you just to watch your recovery. I know it will suck the first week and then some but so many of you are so happy after that is all over.

Time has gone so amazingly fast that I can't believe my surgery is just over a month away. I am so excited to get this over and done with :)


I cannot believe my surgery is in just 17 days! I am just a bottle of emotions. I keep thinking how nice it will be to wear anything other than the 5 outfits I have that actually fit me. But I am also scared out of my mind. I had my pre-op appointment last week and paid my balance. I dropped all of my prescriptions off yesterday and bought a few things to prepare for surgery. I will be living at my mom's house for 6 weeks after the surgery because I will need help with my youngest son since I won't be able to lift him. :( I seriously can't believe I am going to do this! Ha! I also haven't been keeping it a secret. I tell everyone and anyone. I could care less if someone doesn't like my decision. It's for me and not them. I am sure most people wouldn't want to walk around looking like they are 5 months pregnant for the rest of their lives just like I don't. So far everyone has been really supportive. I am still trying to eat better and work out. Here is another before photo of my belly. It seems to be less bulgy and more flappy now, lol. The bottom is just like a hanging tongue, gross! Can't wait for it to be gone and post some after's!

3 days to go!!!!

I am literally freaking out! I keep having dreams about the surgery so it's making me super nervous. I just want to get it over with and move on, lol. How are all of you ladies who are patiently waiting doing?

I am also due for my period on the day of surgery! Anyone else have this happen to them? What do I do? Do I just wear a pad? I get it crazy heavy too. Sorry if TMI but it is making me nervous.

Anyways, I am just going to sit over hear freaking out until Thursday. I have to be at the hospital at 5:30AM so luckily I won't be waiting around all day making myself crazy!

Made it to the flat side!

I made it! In recovery since noon. Woke up with no pain and taking meds like clockwork so no pain yet. I feel very out of it and keep falling asleep out of nowhere. So far no major pain. I am staying one night here and the. Go home tomorrow. I wil update more tomorrow when I feel less sleepy. Happy healing everyone!

Day 2

I am still interns hospital but should be discharged soon. So far just minimal pain so long is I keep up on my meds. I also have a pain pump inserted so that may helping with the crazy pain. I got a sneak peak at my tummy this morning too. How is everyone else doing ?

3 days post op

It has been 3 days since my TT and to be honest I thought the pain would be so much worse. I do have a pain pin installed and have it until Monday so that may be the reason. I also take my meds consitantly. If I take a shower today I will take some pics and post them for you all. right now all I feel like doing is sleep and it's wonderful! How is everyone else doing?

4 days post op

So today has been the roughest for me so far. I have had crazy pain and took a shower. When I got out of the shower my mom was trying to put my binder back on and I started getting dizzy, nausous, and then almost passed out. My mom walked me to the bathroom and I say there for a bit until I feel better.
I hope this is the worker of the pain but I'll see in sure.
Here are some pics right before the shower.

1st post op appoitment

I was looking over my most recent comments and cracking up because I literally don't remember writing them. The drugs seriously put me somewhere else.

So today was way better than yesterday. I was up and moving much easier and went to my first post op appointment to have my pain pump removed. It hurt for about a second. The doctor said everything looks great and took out a few stitches from my belly button. I still have some discomfort but think some of it could be because I haven't passed a bm yet.......grrrrrr. Doctor said I should in the next couple days so hopefully it will just slide right out lol. I also got out of my binder again and saw how awesome I look! Totally in love with my new tummy so far.

I need to get up and move more so my drain will drain more so I can get this stupid drain out on Thursday! It's crazy how tight my abs are!

I will update more later but need to go eat dinner cause it just came through the door. Happy healing everyone ????

2nd post op and drain stays.........

So I went to my 2nd post op yesterday to have my drain removed and the Dr said it had to stay until Monday cause I am still producing too much fluid. Disappointed but it is what it is. I rather do what my Dr says and be on the safe side.

I had a rough couple of days. I got so backed up that I literally got sick with a fever and chills and ended up having to give myself an enema just to get some relief after trying everything else. Now I can't stop going but I much rather that than the other, lol. Feeling much better and able to move around more easily. The Dr is really pleased with my results and so far I have had minimal swelling. Recovery has been much easier than expected other than the whole bowel epidemic that happened.

I was really sad yesterday. My oldest son has been with his dad for the past 12 days and my baby has been with his dad (my boyfriend) in DisneyWorld for the past 10 days. I miss them so much, including my boyfriend and can't wait to have big hugs from them. My older son comes home tonight and my baby and boyfriend come home Monday. Seriously can't wait for a big hug from him. It's hard being away from them and healing and being alone all day long not doing much. Time seems to stand still when usually it just flies by.

Anyways, just wanted to send and update that I am still here heeling and getting better each day. I hope all my RS peeps are doing the same or getting excited for their turn. It truly is a roller coaster ride but I know it will all be worth it in the long run.

Today will be my first outing

I have decided to take my son to see Jurassic World today as my first outing. I chose a theater that has the automatic reclining seats so that it will be easy to get up if I need to lol. My mom is also tagging along since I can't drive yet. I am excited and hoping all goes well.
I have been feeling pretty good other than the fact that I still can't stop going to the bathroom. Hopefully it will subside for a bit while at the theater.
I also was very hesitant but decided to weigh myself today. I have lost 7 lbs and got so excited. This is most likely due to the fact that I can't keep food in my belly but either way I'll take it. I haven't weighed this much since before I had my last son!
I haven't been taking any of my pain meds for about 4 days now and the pain is definitely tolerable. I still take the muscle relaxers per my Drs orders to try and get me to stand straighter. I also started sleeping in a regular bed with 2 pillows under my head and 2 under my knees. It feels weird like my scar is stretching but the Dr says I should be doing this so I am.
Anyways, that is just a quick update. I hope everyone else is doing good and recovering or lookin forward to their turn!
I also took a long shower today and even put some makeup on lol. It has been quite awhile and it's nice to do things like this just to feel a tad normal for a day ???? Here are a few pics from after my shower!
Have a great day!

Goodbye drain!

Went to the Dr yesterday and they removed the drain! I cannot tell you how awesome it is to not have that thing attached to me anymore. i am starting to feel like a real life human being again and it's amazing! Taking a shower this morning was a bazillion times easier without having that thing stuck to me!
He said everything looked great and also removed the stuff from my belly button. I think I will love the end result to my new and improved belly button once it's all done healing. He also transitioned me into my 2nd stage garment too. This thing is huge! It goes from my breast line to just above my knees with a hole in the crotch to pee! Lol definitely more comfortable, definitely harder to get on, definitely not the most attractive thing when I have no clothes over it. I will be in this for 12 weeks! Eek! Honestly I get some swelling but not a ton. Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself.
The best news of all is my 1 year old son came home last night from being in DisneyWorld for the past 10 days! I missed him so much! Unfortunately I cannot pick him up until I am six weeks through because he is so huge at 29lbs! But it's just nice to have him home.
Anyways, that is where I am at right now. I posted some new pics and truly believe this was the best money I ever spent already. My next Dr appointment in Thursday they will remove the tape! Excited for that. Until then happy healing and happy waiting for your turn!

Goodbye tape!

Yesterday was 2 weeks post op and I had the tape removed off of my scar. Since having the drain removed my swelling has gotten worse but I still don't think it's that crazy. The scar looks so amazing. I don't know what I was expecting but what I saw was not it. I think I was expecting larger and darker. We will see how it turns out after more healing. Here are some pics. Hope everyone else is doing well!

Scar therapy

So when I was at my appt last week my Dr talked about scar therapy. They have a scar therapy they do in the office called Embrace that is suppose to work great but it's $1200! I couldn't justify spending another $1200 after paying $13000 for my surgery. Plus I new the scar was the sacrifice for my tummy being gone. Honestly the scar doesn't bother me that much but my boyfriend wants me to live my results as much as possible so he bought me NewGel+ which was also recommended by my Dr. We bought it off of Amazon and it was around $90. I just started using it today. Basically it's a silicone strip that you leave on for 3 weeks. You can take it off and clean it and then put it back on. It's clear in color and feels like a gummy bear. I want to try and give an honest review so I am attaching photos of before and after on my scar. I hope you all enjoy :)

Swell gel isn't a joke!

So I thought I was getting lucky by having minimal swelling until Monday...... I went back to work on Monday and even though I have a desk job and try to get up and walk around at least once every hour I am so swollen by the end of the day. Today I woke up swollen :(. I just want to lay in my chair the second I get home until it's time for bed. The aches from the swelling is uncomfortable but still manageable. But I look down and see my poofy tummy. I will still take this over my flab any day anytime but can't wait to be normal and flat for good. This surgery was the best decision. I ever made still. Time and patience is all I need. Here are some pics from this morning before doing anything! I'll try and post some from tonight so you can see he difference. Welcome to swell hell.......

Swollen and belly button

So my swelling has been crazy to me but my boyfriend says it's not as bad as I'm making it out to be. The worst part is with the swelling I feel like it's pulling my scar which cause a little discomfort but no pain. I am feeling so much more back to myself. Little things like reaching the bottom of my feet to wash them now are much easier to do and taking bumpy turn in the car don't bother me anymore. I did choke yesterday and that was literally hell! If you can avoid that please do at all costs. I also noticed that the scar around my belly button is very noticeable. I just bought some NewGel gel to put on it to hopefully take some of the red away. I attached a morning and night picture of my belly to show the swelling and then also of my belly button (which I love btw) just to show the scar so I have a pic to see what the NewGel does. I hope everyone is having a happy Sunday! I am heading to the circus today with my boys!

1 month post op

Hello everyone! So I went to the Dr on Monday for my 1 month post op appointment and he said everything is looking great! I am still super swollen and my body decided to completely skip this months period which he told me is normal and I could possibly skip another month or two. Woo-hoo! My scar looks really good and I am still really happy with my results. I just can't wait until I am not quite as swollen but that is going to take time.

As far as how I am feeling......I feel pretty awesome. I feel almost back to normal other than when I sneeze really big or move to quickly. My boyfriend snapped a towel off of my back-side the other day and I jumped and whoa the pain! I seriously almost murdered him. But other than that I feel pretty awesome.

At the Dr. we went over a few questions. I wanted to know when I could go swimming and he stated that I look all healed up so now works! I also asked if I had to wait another 2 weeks until I can pick up my amazing 14 month old son who weighs 30 lbs. The Dr said it would be ok to pick him up here and there so long as I use my leg muscles to do so. I picked him up out of his crib yesterday for the first time and he got so excited and hugged me, I seriously cried. He said my swelling looks normal and my scar still looks very thin which is awesome (thank you NewGel!).

I will post some pics in a minute from my phone so it will be separate. Also, I am completely standing straight and started sleeping on my sides again throughout the night. Oh happy day!

I hope everyone else is doing well with healing or patiently waiting for their turn!

1 month pics

6 weeks post op!!!!

I made it! This is kind of like the all clear stage according to most things I have read. I am still unable to do any abdominal exercises for many more months but I do feel pretty much back to normal. I can even laugh a little hard without wanting to punch something from the pain :). I am still so extremely swollen though :(. I know I still just need to be patient. My tummy is so nice and flat first thing in the morning and then by the time my shower is done it just starts getting puffy and worse as the day goes. I have also noticed a hard lump on the right side of my incision. I looked this up and it could be a few different things so I will probably call the doctor to be on the safe side. It sounds like it is most likely sutures trying to expel themselves from my body because they haven't dissolved yet. Hopefully that is just the case and it will go away. Other than that everything else seems normal. I am loving the fact that I get to sleep on my side again and cuddle and hold my little one. Next Friday I am taking my older son to the water park for his birthday so it will my first outing in a bathing suit! I am kind of excited :).

I hope everyone else is doing well and I will post a before and after again in a minute from my phone!

Before/After 6 weeks post op

2 months

Hello everyone! So this whole experience for me has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. I feel great now! I am pretty much back to normal as far as activities go. I look, well, I look very puffy and what I hope is just swelling. I am not waking up to that flatness that I once was and it just gets worse as the day goes. I'm still super happy with my results and wouldn't change my decision I just wish I could see that flatness that I saw when I first had the surgery. I know I may just still be swollen and need to continue with patience but it's hard lol. I keep freaking out that maybe I busted my sutures and that's why it protrudes like it does. the dr said there is basically a 0% chance that I did that though. Hopefully he is right and this will pass soon! Anyways I do feel great just puffy lol. I attached a few pictures from first thing this morning so here ha go! :)

3 months post op!!!!

Hello ladies!!!! So I always wondered why so many people post and post and then stop following up on their reviews. Now I know it's because after about 2 months life just goes back to normal and you don't think about it as much. This whole experience has been amazing. I feel great and look great. The swelling still occurs but not near as much. And best part is that I can wear anything I want now and look amazing in it!!!! I have my last post op appointment next week and can't wait for the dr to take my after pics. I have attached some 3 month pics for you all to see! I hope everyone is doing well and if your in the recovery faze just wait it out because it does get better. Trust me!!!!!
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Dr Guerra is truly an artist at tummy tucks. My scar is amazing and my results are even more amazing. I can seriously call him my hero for giving me my life and confidence back. He is very professional with great bedside manner. Always answers any questions and you never feel rushed or uncomfortable when around him. The staff at his office is just as awesome as he is. If I ever get any other procedures done there is not a second guess in my mind as to who I would go to because it would definitely be Dr Guerra.

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