29yo, 2 Kids Both C Sections, 5ft 6, 160 - Scottsdale, AZ

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So excited! Had my consultation and scheduled my...

So excited! Had my consultation and scheduled my surgery this week . Having a tummy tuck with liposuction to the flanks, back and thighs. Very in depth consult, he did not rush at all. Took pictures and measurement and made the best recommendations. He also showed many pics of his previous work and his belly buttons are gorgeous!

Before pics

Wanted to post my before pics, surgery scheduled for 11/1 can't wait!


Ok today is three weeks out I'm getting so excited and anxious! I have my pre-op appointment tomorrow (over the phone) but was wondering what supplies anyone having a tummy tuck thought were necessary for the first few days home?

In recovery

In recovery so far everything has gone really well, um staying the night here at the recovery center. Mild pain but I haven't gotten up yet. Staff here are so nice. Dr Leber told my mom they removed 8lb of skin and fat can't wait to sneak a peek

Day 4 post-op pics

Still have my drains and really swollen, can't stand all the way up right yet but feeling pretty good just stiff

Drains out today!

Got my drains taken out today such a relief! Dr Leber said everything looks really good.Feels so much more comfortable and didn't hurt at all. Also removed all the sutures from my Lipo spots and part from the belly button. I took pics but I'm so swollen since it's night and 3.5 hours each way from my surgeon. Tape comes off next week if it hasn't on it's own by then, can't wait to see the incision

Day 8

Drains out feeling good!

Day 13

Tape has been lifting on its own, so I've been cutting off the loose pieces. Feeling 98% normal and loving the look still have some bruising and stitches in navel that should come out tomorrow along with the rest of the tape.

3 weeks

I haven't started the biodermis silicone sheets yet just waiting for them to come in the mail. I've been massaging the scar at night with bio oil. Also getting a massage tomorrow, my back is still so stiff!

4 weeks

Went back to the gym yesterday and tried to take it easy, I was a little more swollen at the end of the day but nothing too serious. Also started using the biodermis silicone scar sheets last weeks and so far am very impressed! You can see the marks from my compression and scar strips in the pic but it getting flatter and the rippling is almost gone

Side by side, before and 4 weeks post-op

6 weeks

Still get swollen in the evenings, but not too bad. So happy with the results!
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Dr Leber is so friendly and thorough in his consultation, he really wants to give amazing results

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