Thermitight = Nightmare - Scottsdale, AZ

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In no way did I want to give a "crummy" review....

In no way did I want to give a "crummy" review. Unfortunately, I have to say that I am not happy with my result following THERMI-RF to my neck. I am super sad and disappointed 6 months later. I do have a thin neck but the laxity to my neck was quite evident and a "turkey-gobble" seemed to be growing by leaps and bounds. Long story, but I visited a reputable plastic surgeon in Scottsdale for a consultation regarding a neck lift. It was then that I was sold on THERMI. It was tauted as the new technology for tightening the skin under the neck by radiofrequency that would enhance "collagen-building". He felt that I would see excellent results with THERMI. I now know it was a short-cut that got me absolutely nowhere. I believe that all the THERMI-RF procedure did was melt away what little fat I had to my neck and made the laxity even worse. The surgeon is aware how I feel about the ineffectiveness of THERMI. To me, it was a complete waste of hard-earned money and false hopes. I just want to let others be aware of my own personal journey with Thermi and let others know of my complete dissatisfaction with it.


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New update -

First off, thank you everyone for all your support. Dr. Ptak refused partial refund and Thermi refused to support me saying it was conflict and interest and they could not get involved (which they didn't). Please, please, please think about not doing this procedure. I don't know any of you but certainly would not want my results ever repeated on anyone else. This was one of the worst choices I have ever made. Please be aware and really do some heavy research on Thermi before getting it done. Like I have said before, if I achieved absolutely no results from Thermi that would have been a disappointment but the fact that my neck looks like a loose tubesock after my thermitight procedure is devastating. And you are absolutely wrong about me Dr. Ptak, I am not in the least the type of person who will never be happy with anything.......... I am always happy but not with you or thermi.

Dr. Ptak did do a redo of the Thermi with a small skin excision to help with the laxity after the initial procedure. This picture of my neck is the final result of all. I asked for a partial refund and was told "no". It will take me a while to find the money to have someone else fix this mishap but it will have to happen as I am super uncomfortable with the way this looks.

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