Help for Bad Silicone Butt Injections DON'T DO IT!! (Even if It's Free) - Scottsdale, AZ

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Hi, I lost about 90 lbs. about 6 years ago. The...

Hi, I lost about 90 lbs. about 6 years ago. The first place one looses weight is in the cheeks (both pairs!) boobs and lips. I am in the medical aesthetics industry and was presented with the opportunity to have truly medical grade silicone injected into my buttocks by someone I trusted very much at no charge. I was told I could not have a reaction, and it could not move after the 72 hour post injection window. Well, let me tell you, IT CAN!!!! It happened to me about five years later. When it was first injected it looked great, smooth, full, and my butt was no longer hanging onto my legs. I was so happy!!! UNTIL...... yep, you guessed it. It moved. It did not happen over night, but it eventually migrated to my upper buttock area and eventually onto the side of my hip. I am so grateful that my case was mild in comparison to some of the things you will see as you research how to "fix" your problem. I sat in bed and searched every night (barely able to read the computer through my tears) and only made matters worse. I can say with certainty stress only complicates the situation. But, good luck trying to tell me to relax. I was in pain, swollen to the point I could only wear stretch pants or stretchy clothes ( I felt deformed), SUPER STRESSED and depressed and very uncomfortable to lay on my back or sit in bed as I diligently did my research. If you are suffering the way I did (or worse) the first thing you need to do is TRY to relax. What's done is done and there is no reason to feel as stupid as you feel now. I have been in this industry for 10 years and I can not tell you how stupid I feel for not doing my research (I research everything). I had a long standing relationship with this person and I trusted them. We were stupid, but thats ok. If you are reading this, you're not dead!! They say, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!! You will get through this. Your butt will never be the same as it was, oh well!!! But.... it is a possibility for it to be IMPROVED. In this industry, be leery of anyone who says they can fix it. Trying to remove silicon is a challenge! Think of trying to remove ALL of the grey hair on your head. Not very likely, if not impossible. Expect and pray for an improvement. Please don't have the same idea that someone who "knows a lot about this" can help you, or you are putting yourself at the same risk as you did when you got your injections. PLEASE ONLY SEE A BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON!! Few surgeons want to deal with this and I completely understand why. It's a mess!! I live in Arizona and was willing to go as far as Miami, considered Beverly Hills. Thank God I found Dr. Remus Repta. He was understanding, did not make me feel stupid for my bad decision, he listened, addressed the concern I came in for, my butt. ( the first guy I saw started with "Well, first we can revise your tummy tuck" that was a quick decision) Dr. Repta was very realistic and honest. He told me what it was he thought he could do and I felt so much relief, there was a glimmer of hope for me to get as much of this devil out (first priority!) and have as aesthetically pleasing result as possible. After my first visit I immediately scheduled my procedure. When I came in for my pre-op, we sat down and he told me he had been thinking a lot about my case, and he "just wanted to set the proper level of expectation for me" He explained he was unsure what he was going to encounter when he opened me up, he ensured me he would do as much of the procedure we had initially planned as possible and he would have everything on hand in the O.R. but could make no promises. How HONEST!! ( He was going to try and perform a purse string gluteoplasty along with my silicone removal and my butt lift (tummy tuck of the back). He was able to remove about 85% of the "devil silicon" but unfortunately, my tissue was so damaged he was unable to perform the purse string (look it up online) OH WELL!! Not only was he honest with my expectation level, he actually also refunded me the amount of the procedure he was unable to perform!!!!!!! Talking is free, go see him and he will tell you if he can help you and if he can't he will be honest. Travel if you have to, he IS SO WORTH IT!!!!

Silicone removal and reconstruction of butt

It's been about four weeks since my surgery and everything is healing well. Because of all of the Lipo revision I had, I am still a little bruised as well as a bit sore under my buttocks. I was expecting this and I'm not concerned at all. I believe the bruises are due to my lowered immune system from my high stress job as well as the intensity of the surgery. Not only did I have this major surgery that cut me MORE than hip to hip, but I also unfortunately caught aspiration pneumonia and spent four days in the hospital! I do look on the bright side I was really sick and the doctor said I probably would not be here if I would've waited another day to go to the hospital. (What's another bill). From the day of my surgery which was July 14 until July 18 I gained an excess of 20 pounds. The e.r. was miserable I was on massive amounts of painkiller not only for my post surgery but especially for the incredible pain of the pneumonia as well as what I would believe a very strong diuretic which caused me to need to pee like I had excepted another full-time job! Up, down, sitting standing, on my sore little butt. I don't know which was worse the pneumonia or the fact that I had to sit on a hard fake plastic toilet in my emergency room but it definitely was not the surgery! I have become accustomed to the discomfort of surgical procedures and was very aware that my discomfort due to the surgery was completely normal. I am still a little swollen, and sore in some areas, slightly bruised, and definitely in a little more debt then I would like to be... Throw the hospital bill on top of the procedure and it was enough to make me almost throw up! but the silicone is out! The actual silicone removal was $5000, and my hospital bill out-of-pocket was over $4000!!! Thank goodness for this so called "health insurance" because the hospital bill was over $35,000. I attribute the pneumonia to my very weekend immune system due to my stress and depression of my situation as well as my high stress job but also the fact that when you are on pain medication your reflexes are obviously affected. I have stomach acid issues and I most likely inhaled some of that during my recovery. I also had obviously just had major trauma to my body which can also make matters worse. I do NOT in any way think that Dr. Repta or the anesthesiologist did anything wrong. They did a great job and I am so thankful to be able to be writing this update. I Will be uploading some photos as soon as I figure out how. I actually have photos from the procedure that shows the silicone infused in my tissue as well as the useless canister of fat that is infused with silicone. Thank God for the people in my life who know me well enough to insist on taking me to the hospital when they did. I also want to stress the fact that a very good Faja is so so so important! I am still wearing mine and I am going to continue to wear it for another three weeks as much as possible (I take it off to shower, wash it, and maybe for a few hours a night three times a week. Yes I sleep in it )and then I will most likely continue to wear it while I work because it helps keep my core tight which helps protect my back muscle strain from my Job. I have also decided to do the scar treatment called embrace that both Dr. Repta as well as a good friend of mine Dr. Kurt Renki who is my plastic surgeon in Tucson have recommended. I wish I would've had that when I had my tummy tuck. I can definitely see a big difference in the scar already. Well, thanks for letting me share.

All done healing!

Hi again, I just want to update on my recovery process. I am doing great!! My butt feels and looks so much better. No swelling to speak of, great lipo results. I'm very happy with the results of this unhappy journey. It seems to be coming to the end, thank GOD. I still have some numbness around the scar which is to be expected and totally normal, not worried a bit. I am a little more sensitive than I used to be, but I'm not too far out from my surgery. The bruising is gone, and SO IS THE SILICONE!!!! So, in a nutshell... I left surgery with swollen lips and little sore spots on my chin and forehead which went away quickly because I was on my stomach during the surgery. Day of surgery: I was totally fine (the lidocaine had not worn off yet) The most sore spot was my face! Day two: I went back to see Dr. Repta and everything checked out ok. I slept most of the time the first three days after my surgery and don't even remember being in pain. I will say, I am NOT opposed to pain medication, when taken correctly you can truly recover with minimal pain or a vague memory of pain. I got my first drain out after I was released from the hospital on the 22nd, and I was unable to get the second drain out for almost 3 weeks. I was draining a lot till the end of the drains. The drains were nothing like the drains I had with my tummy tuck. The butt drains were much much easier. I am so grateful that the process is for the most part over. No bruises, verrrryyyy little swelling, BEAUTIFUL thin scar, and just a little silicone left that is not going to cause me any problems. The power of positive thinking girls! I still haven't figured out the whole picture thing but if you are going through this mess, message me! I have talked to two women who are going through hell, just like you may be?? I wish I could have talked to someone while I was so scared. I'm here. I'm pretty busy but this is something I can do to help "pay it forward" I'm more than happy to listen, chat, answer questions, and share pics. I wish you serenity and peace. God bless- C

before pics

ok, I got these!! I will post more pics tomorrow

Three weeks after surgery

Hi girls, here are some pictures of about two weeks after my surgery. The big piece of what looks like to be tape on my back is a product called embrace it holds together the scar and releases the tension so that it does not stretch I highly recommend it. I am also using a scar treatment now called Dermatix from Obagi. Seems to be working

Four months post surgery

I am almost 4 months exactly from my surgery date and my butt is healing great I have had no further complications and the scar looks great! I am going to start doing Fraxel treatments on it to help minimize the appearance. My butt doesn't feel lumpy, it is not painful, and the only thing I am experiencing is numbness along the incision line which is completely normal. I am so glad I found this website and have had all the support I have. Please feel free to message me if you are having problems with your butt. I'm here!
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Honest, realistic, confident, understanding and professional. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Repta, his office staff, O.R. nurse or anesthesiologist. They made me feel so confident in his skills that as I drifted away I knew no matter what, Dr. Repta would do his BEST!!

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