10 weeks out ~ Has it really been that long?!!

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My story is a lot like every other. I was an...

My story is a lot like every other. I was an average weight my whole life. After having kids, I lost all the baby weight and kept it off for 10 years. Then I got lazy and ate. And ate. And ate. At my highest, I was 243. I am now 147, and 5'5. I lost the weight over a year and a half of working my ass off, but unfortunately, my ass now sits at the top of my thighs. :( I started saving for surgery the day I started eating healthy, because I knew I was going to need surgery for my stretchy belly.

I am getting an extended TT, BL, BA and lipo to my underbutt, butt, hips and outer thighs. For some reason, my right saddlebag is so much bigger than my left one. I consulted 6 local doctors. The price range was huge, ranging from $15,000 to $26,000. My first mistake was telling the first two docs that I was interested in a lower body lift. They were all over that one. I guess they expect all Scottsdale housewives to think it's a drop in the bucket...If I took that on, I wouldn't be able to get my breasts done this year. I would have a flat belly (and ass) and saggy, sad boobies. :( I was also worried about a lbl making my butt crack too long and my butt look even flatter. It's pretty flat already, but I'm ok with that. :)

I am going to get the tt and lipo and if I am not happy enough, will start saving for a butt lift next year. Really though, I don't need to be "bikini ready" when the only people who see me in a swimsuit is my family, and they love me at every size! I just want my clothes to fit in the waist, hips and butt, and not have to buy a size bigger so that I can tuck my belly in it. I wear a size 12 pant now, but the waist is huge on me and gapes in the back. Always.

My boobs were made for milkin' And that's just what they did. I nursed all three kids, and each one for two years. (My littlest nursed for about 2 and a half years) So I always viewed my breasts as utilitarian. Then they became long. I feel like I need to pull them out of the waist band of my pants. :) I thought I just wanted a lift, but all you ladies with your implants and pretty breasts made me start thinking..... I'm getting SMALL implants, like 275, because I don't want my breasts to get in the way of things, like running, exercise, etc. I also don't want my breasts to make me look heavier. But is 275 too small???? I am a 34 C now, but I'd like them to be at attention and high up on my chest. I don't know what you are all talking about with "high profile and moderate" and stuff. I know every doc I saw said under the muscle, and each one said silicon is more natural. I want them to be high and close together. What kind/size is that??? Yikes!

So after gettin' nakey in front of 6 of Phoenix's finest plastic docs, I believe I am going with Dr. Ward. I kinda fell in love with him at the first visit (in a father daughter kinda way) He spent so much time with me, even though I know he is super busy. When we were done, he asked me if I had any questions, and I asked him if he would tell me about his family, and he sat back, kind of surprised, and said "I'd love to!" and spent the next 15 minutes with me chatting about raising kids.

I can't thank you all enough for posting your stories and the support offered here!

There's no turning back now! Paid my deposit and...

There's no turning back now! Paid my deposit and set my date for May 31. We are going to San Diego the weekend before for Memorial Day for a quick getaway vacation. Then back to work to wrap things up for 3 weeks off!
It's funny how now I feel so much more confident in my body. I guess since I had the nerve to drop my drawers for all of the doctor interviews, I've lost inhibition. Or maybe it's just because I know that in two more months I'm going to have the "new" body that I will be in. Or even more likely, this website has given me the confidence I was lacking. At any rate, I'm super pumped!
As far as the breast lift and aug goes, my doctor will have me in no bra at all for two months, just a snug cami with no bra. He says that the scar will heal better without any pressure on it. I can't IMAGINE walking around at work or in public without a bra on. I wear an underwire during the day and a sports bra at night, and have done so for 25 years. Yowsers!
I posted a picture of my "tummy tuck jar." I made this jar over a year ago, when I started saving for my surgery. (Got the idea from the movie Bad Teacher, when she had a "new tits jar." I am so lucky to be able to have this surgery, to have been able to save money to pay cash for it, and to have a supportive family. My mother has offered to come and stay with me, I'm not sure on that yet. I won't be telling people at work. I think I will tell my supervisor that I am having "female surgery" and leave it at that. If they want more details, I'll just say its below the belt or private.

I am so disgusted with my body that I don't even...

I am so disgusted with my body that I don't even want my hubby to go with me to try on sizers. I am okay with he seeing me with the lights off, but not in exam room lighting.
Old habits die hard. I went shopping tonight and found a pair of shorts I like. I instinctively grabbed one of every color. In my fat days, if I found ANYTHING that fit and looked halfway decent, I would buy every color and call it a day. I still find myself in that frame of mind sometimes....Plus, I shouldn't be spending alot on new clothes now, because I hope to eventually to be down a size :) It's hard to think about what size sports bras to buy, not knowing how big of cans I will decide on :)

Things I wont miss:
1.Having to put deodarant under my belly flap in the summer.
2. Dreading clothes shopping.
3. Buying one of every color of anything that looks halfway decent on me.
4. Judgement.
5. Being out of breath coming up one flight of stairs.
6. Having my "fat pants" get tight on me.
7. Avoiding the scale.
8. My long boobs needing 24/7 bra wear.
9. Exercise class or running and worrying about how I look coming AND going.
10. Leaving the beach with sand on my thighs, them rubbing together and getting a nasty rash.

I don't want to forget what it felt like being overweight. I want to remember it so I never come back to it. I guess this journal might act as a reminder in case I start to get sloppy.

Down to 147 pounds today. My goal is to get to...

Down to 147 pounds today. My goal is to get to 143, just so I can say "I lost 100 pounds."

Down to 144 today. One more pound and I join the...

Down to 144 today. One more pound and I join the 100 club :)
I'm scared about not working out after surgery. I'm finally into the habit of 4 times a week, and pretty fit. It will be frustrating to have to start all over, and not be able to make it thru group classes, go as many miles on the eliptical, missing my gym friends....
Gotta hit the gym now and get off this computer.

Joined the 100 club today :) Officially lost 100...

Joined the 100 club today :) Officially lost 100 pounds.
I feel like I looked better when I was heavier, because I was more proportioned.
I went shopping today for a cocktail dress I need next week, and was thrilled that I looked good in all of them! Unless you have been really overweight, you just don't realize how awesome it is to just pick what you like, not just settle on the one that looks the "least bad."

Super ready for this makeover! I'm over the anxiety of implant size, and I'm going to trust my doctors ability to gage what I need for the look I'm going for. In the long run, I think I will be happier with a smaller implant. I'm used to not having them in my way when I exercise. I'm used to having shirts fit correctly, not gaping on button downs, etc. So I don't want the "wow" factor of a big cleavage. It's easy to get boob envy on here, since the bigger ones are so impressive. I guess if I were10 years younger I would've gotten biggin's. :)

I have never really watched my sodium intake so...

I have never really watched my sodium intake so I'm not really sure of anything to have on hand during my recovery. Do any of you have any suggestions? Ill get unsalted crackers but beyond that? Thanks so much!

4 weeks from today and I will be DONE! Pre-Op is...

4 weeks from today and I will be DONE! Pre-Op is May 9. I must confess, I am a bit obsessive in my planning. I think I have a list for absolutely any possible need I MIGHT have. My biggest concern at this point is going #2. I think I have every kind of pooper helper ever made. My second biggest concern is the wax. My daughter went in for a brazilian, and came out with a bikini because she made them stop. I don't want to shave though, because I don't want hair growing back right away.

Ordered my toilet riser from Amazon, which should arrive today. I have my shower seat and found a used walker on Craig's list. I have a back massager, heat bags & pads. I swear, I'm prepping for the Armageddon or something.

I can't wait to join the healers!

Man, am I going to miss the gym. Each workout I...

Man, am I going to miss the gym. Each workout I have I appreciate, knowing that I will be gone for a couple of months. My doc does not want any strenuous workouts for at least 8 weeks. He would prefer that I not do ab workouts for a year, but he also admits most people don't follow that. At any rate, I won't HAVE to do abs for awhile once I get my shiny new body!

I have my pre-op on May 9. A week from Thursday!

Slowly getting my supplies. I have a shower seat, toilet riser, back massager, and I know where I will rent a recliner from. I will schedule my wax to happen a week before surgery. I'm super worried about my eyelash extensions. They better not tape over them and rip any off!! I'll get them re-done the day before surgery,, so that I can go three weeks before the touch up. I'll have to bring a wedge pillow to that too.

Can you wear finger and toenail polish during surgery?
Wow. I sound so artificial right now. :)

Oh God, this is really gonna happen. I have to get...

Oh God, this is really gonna happen. I have to get the big money out of the bank this week. I have two kids in college, and this surgery is equivalent to a year of tuition. Guilt is settling in.
This is the first thing I've bought, JUST FOR MYSELF. All three kids have played in traveling, competitive sports, which I paid on average $10,000 per year, per kid. I could have had a flat stomach and big cans YEARS AGO! Now my worries are that my front will look good and my back side will look like crap. My arms are flabby. Maybe I need a lower face lift? The list goes on and on. Will I be satisfied when this surgery is over, or will I just focus on everything that isn't perfect?

It's funny, when I started saving for a tummy tuck, I never thought I would be adding a breast lift and implants. And that's what I'm most excited about now! I hope that 300 cc's with the tissue I have now will be the right size. I don't want jiggly boobs. I also don't want to have to wear two sports bras when I work out. Super excited not to have to wear a sports bra to bed. I've been doing that for at least 15 years now. (Just so that they aren't tucked into the top of my underwear!)

When my daughter was little, like around 4 years old, we were in the shower together one day (is that weird?) and she asked me "mommy, when I'm big, are my boobies going to be as long as yours?" I love that! Makes me laugh every time I think of it. I told her, "Oh I hope not honey!"

I wonder what they do with the skin they cut off? Seems strange to think of my stomach in a dumpster somewhere. I wish they could recycle it or use it for skin grafts or something....

Paid the big check today. Whew! I decided on...

Paid the big check today. Whew!

I decided on implant size today. Leftie is getting 275 and rightie gets 300. This should keep me at a full C. As much as I love big ones on others, I just don't think it's practical for me. I'll be happy with the lifted, fluffier boobies. It'll be nice not to have tuck them into the tops of my pants, or when I'm on my back, they won't fall into my armpits! :)

My doctors office SOOoooo downplays the recovery and pain. They said all I need for sleeping is a wedge pillow for a few nights, an rx for vicodin, IF I need it, and he doesn't like to prescribe muscle relaxers. Mind you, no pain pump either.... I didn't ask him if HE ever had a tummy tuck or breast implants, but my guess is NO!

Anyhoo, I got my rx's, and it includes lovenex, a blood thinner that I inject into my leg every day for 10 days following surgery, as well as an antibiotic (keflex) vicodin and phenergan. I asked if I could take a probiotic two hours after I take an antibiotic ( I can't stand what antibiotics do ) and she said no, because it wouldn't be effective. I worry about ga yeast infection when on antibiotics, and she said if I do, I won't be able to treat it until I am done with the a/b. Wha?????? Apparently, his assistant has never had a yeast infection either, because that is a nightmare in itself..... At this point, I am just anticipating problems, or as my granny would say "Don't borrow trouble" and I should just cool my jets. All of my research has left me feeling pretty educated and apparently, I think I know more than my doctors office does. :)

15 days away!

So I guess I DO know more than the doctors assistant. I asked my pharmasist if I can take a probiotic while taking an antibiotic & she said I could as ling as its a couple of hours after the a/b. Yeah. That's what I thought.

My weight is good. 143. My legs are so strong and have muscle definition and I hate that I'm going on an athletic sabatical during recovery. I haven't bought my supplies other than my toilet riser and shower seat. Still need to prepare some healthy meals for the freezer. I don't my DH has a CLUE about how major this recovery will be. I don't think he will be as supportive as I will need. Whenever he gets sick he is a whiney baby & then when I get sick I just want to be left alone which is nice for him. Now I will be the whimsy baby!

Sh*t just got real!

I bought all my supplies for my recovery, so it's all starting to feel very real! Got a wedge pillow, arnica and arnica gel, bendryl, new peroxide and alcohol and a bunch of therapearls and Peas balls in every size they make. My daughter, who is an athlete, will love these on her aches and pains. So anyway, $250 later, I'm pretty prepared. I also found some low sodium energy bars and protein snacks. It's amazing how much sodium is in the food I eat. Now I have another thing to weed out of my diet. I still need to make some soups that I can freeze, as well as some food that the family can eat. I'll get to that this week.

Today was my last Saturday morning interval class :( Next Saturday we will be in Cali :)

I've been showing my DH pictures of ladies in recovery so that he can get a better idea of how I'm going to look/feel after surgery. I'm trying to show him the most bloody/gory pics I can find, so that I can garner as much sympathy as possible :)
My daughter, who is 19 and will be my caretaker, gets so mad when she sees me looking at pictures, because she gets so squimish around blood. She plans to do provide my food and entertainment, and my 17 year old daughter has promised to care for my medical requirements.

Before weight loss with clothes ~ current w/clothes

Just some pics of me before I lost weight and a current pic with clothes on.

Almost there

I've ordered my thank you gift for my doctor and his staff from Fairytale Brownies (Thank you Jennifer for the gift idea!) Got my hair done, my teeth cleaned, ordered the recliner, scheduled a wax (ouchies!) and have an eyelash appointment scheduled for the day before surgery.

I have my pre-op appointment on May 29, where he will draw all over me, and will be all set to get my shiny new body on May 31.

I woke up this morning mid dream. In it, I had just had my surgery and gone home. I was sick, in a lot of pain and was bleeding from all the incisions and lipo holes. I was determined to go to the mall that day, and I was sticking maxi pads inside of my clothes to absorb all of the blood, and I had to keep sitting down so I wouldn't pass out, but dang it! I was going to the mall come hell or high water! Then I woke up. That is so ME! I am constantly in a state of "GO!"

This weekend we are headed to Cali. Best wishes to all of you in your journeys!

Wax & Pre-Op

Getting my first below the belt wax today. I wonder how bad this is going to hurt?! My daughter went in for one once and they only got one strip off, then she called it quits. Yikes! The things we do for beauty.....
I go in to see the doc today to get my markings for surgery. I hope he can take my incision as far back as possible. I don't want puppies on my hips. I also hope my boobs don't get a big canyon between them. I don't want a "uniboob" but I also don't want them wide apart when I don't have a bra on. I'll try and post pics of my drawings. I hope I don't wash it all off in the shower.
My recliner will be here tomorrow, and my comfort station will be complete. Way overprepared.

Couldn't be more prepared

Thanks to this site for helping me prepare not just physically, but mentally as well. If I didn't have all of you wonderful ladies, I would for sure be in a panic right now.
I leave for the surgery center in 8 hours!

This time tomorrow, my belly will be laying in the bottom of a dumpster somewhere. And hopefully my boobs will be resting right under my chin!

Thank God the waxing is over.

Since the surgery is supposed to be around 6 hours long, I wonder if the doc will take a break for lunch or a snack at least?

Here's to NO POST OP NAUSEA!! Cheers!

Not too shabby

I haven't had any nausea at all! I saw pictures sliding down the wall & the carpet moving, which I'm sure is from the narcotics. The pain is tolerable. I didn't get a pain pump bc my dr doesn't use them.

I was in for 5 & 1/2 hours, got an extended tt, breast lift, implants 275 & 300' and lipo inner & outer thighs as well as hips and armpit fat. And he lipos in the pubic region as well. I saw the tuck and the scar is low, but long. Haven't seen my boobs but they are hard as rocks. The recovery center was great too. I didn't get more than 3 hours of sleep there, so I slept great last night. Thank God for the lift chair .

My cat has been laying on me all the time, and he's not really a lap at.

So the worst thing was while I was in surgery, my 19 year old daughter was in a car accident. She's ok, but the car was totaled. I feel so bad that I wasn't there for her. They didn't tell me until today. I sent her for a massage, the airbag deployed and hurt her neck and shoulders.

I'll post pics as soon as I figure how to from my phone. My belly button looked great yesterday, but it seems to be shrinking. I asked him to keep the same size.

Happy healing to everyone

1st pic

yay for poop!

I did it! No pain and took only 5 minutes! I took two senokotes and my regular herbal dose of a digestive stimulator from Blessed Herbs.

Saw my boobs today !

Turns out I was supposed to be cleaning the boobs daily. Oops. My leftie got the smaller implant but it looks bigger.

Doc visit

1st drain out

Washed my hair yesterday and took a bird bath & feeling fresh! Weighed myself today and was expecting to be up at least 5 lbs and was happy to be the same as pre-op. Had my 1st post op and they removed one drain. It didn't hurt at all. She also removed my tape and the incision looks great. I have some bruising on it beneath the belly button. She will take out the bb stitches at the appt on Monday. It felt good to have her really clean the incisions. The Dr asked if I was happy with the implant size and I admitted I think I would have chosen a bit bigger but no way do I want to go thrum that again. Plus I don't want to looked liked an aged lorn star. If I were 15 years younger I would for sure have gone bigger. I think these will age well with me!

So now my DH is having to deal with the insurance co on my daughters car that she totaled while I was in surgery....PLUS my other daughters engine is now broken so we need to replace two cars! We have two air conditioning units for our house that need to be replaced (at 5k each) when it rains it pours!! We pay cash for everything Bc we don't like debt. The only thing we owe on is the mortgage so the poor man is stressed to the Max! We are going to have to finance the new cars. Plus we have 2 kids in college. Hikes! We will be fine financially but it hurts me to see him so stressed.
I cant wait to be able to stand up straight!!
best wishes to everyone!

My nurse said its just bruising.,,

What do you vets think? It looked like this when I saw it at my first pre op and I'm just a little concerned. It's right in the the middle of the Tt incision.

On a side note, I feel better today about my boob size. They are in proportion to my body and are a huge improvement to what I had and nice and high. However, it had beef 15 years since I've nursed but I feel soooo engorged and I swear I feel "let downs". I feel like I could feed a third world country with these things!

Heres the truth...

I had so many pre-op worries. I thought I would list them, as well as the post-op realities:
1. Poop ~ I am an "emotional pooper" already. I don't "go" on a regular basis (sometimes once a week) and only if I am at home, no one else is around, etc. I was super scared that I would be hospitalized over my ability to pass one after surgery.
Reality: No big deal! I took one Senakote each night, along with my herbal digestive stimulater that I started taking a couple of months before surgery. It's from Blessed Herbs. If you are interested in a 10 colon cleanse, this is part of it. Highly recommended :) I continued this routine for a few days, until I was actually going too often. Then I went back to the digestive stimulator, and I'm back on track.

2. Nausea- I had a bladder sling surgery years ago and when I woke up and for days afterward I was a mess because of the nausea.
Reality: I made a big deal out of this to my sleep doctor, and although I don't know what she gave me, I had NO NAUSEA. I do know she gave me a scope patch. She said it would work for 24 hours, and I left it on for 4 days because I'm superstitious, but I didn't even open the bottle of Rx phernergan. Praise Jesus for this.

3. Pain ~ I had a c-section with my middle child, and I remember doing the "cesarean shuffle" for at least 6 weeks, where I was hunched like an old woman and in lots of pain. I also don't like narcotics, and have a private fear of becoming addicted to them (even though I hate their effects)
Reality ~ I didn't wake up in pain. I had a pinching sensation that was vertical, near the incision sight, that would move up and down the in the pubic area. That's it. I was given a couple of morphine shots while at the recovery center. Pretty much slept it all off. I think the worst pain was when I sneezed a few days post op. I also would get a tiny dry cough in the evenings, so i slept with a cough drop in my mouth a few nights. I was off of the vicodin by day 4 and just on tylenol. I did take a vicodin yesterday, and later regretted it when I ended up feeling woozy and took a 4 hour nap. I liked the valium at first, but my doc said he doesn't like to prescribe these because they leave a hang over effect and sometimes lead to depression. Enough said. I won't take any more of those bad boys.

I know we all heal differently, but for me, the breast aug has been the most uncomfortable. I feel engorged pretty much all the time, but no one will give me their baby for me to relieve the pressure! :) The TT has been a piece of cake. THe biggest pain in the ass has been the daily care. I didn't get steri strips like most of you. I have to clean the incisions twice daily. THen cover with polysporin and recover with new gauze. This takes me 20-25 minutes twice a day. And having the binder off feels kind of like free falling from an airplane without a parachute. I wish I had the steristrips and didn't have to do that. I do feel awesome though once it's all done.

THe binder.... I love you..... I hate you...... I have hips. The damn binder is built for women without hips. It folds on my and then pinches my back skin (which I have an abundance of) Today I get to move into my stage 2 garment. Again. Praise Jesus! I will continue to wear the bind on top of this while at home.

The drain removal was not bad. Especially the first one. That felt like a snake under my skin and it was weird having it pulled out. WHen the second was removed yesterday, it pinched a bit, probably because my body was getting used to it and didn't mind it being there. I never drained much like some of you ladies. The most I ever had in a 24 hour period was 23 cc's. Usually right at about 20. I don't know why that disappointed me.

I was initially disappointed in my implant size. I thought I would have huge knockers, and they are pretty much looking like they did when I was 20 years younger. So who could be disappointed with that? I love them, even though they are still kinda flat bottomed, wonky and frankenstein looking. They are going to continue to heal and I KNOW they will be better than my pre-op, long & saggy boobs. Yay for new boobs!

My tummy tuck scar is beautiful, I don't mind bragging :) I still have hip fat and extra skin. I needed a lower body lift in reality, but couldn't afford to that and get new boobs. I will start a new jar to save up to fix my back half and arms. At least I will look coming! (just not "going!")

I am 10 days post op. I am walking straight (at least in the am) and still sleeping in the recliner. I plan to for at least another week or so. I have it for 30 days. I don't trust myself to sleep in bed, because I am afraid I will sleep on my stomach (my preferred position) and smash the girls :) I sometimes use ambien so I sleep like the dead, and I could see myself doing this.

Still like the toilet seat riser, but will be saying goodbye to that soon. I had the use of a walker, and really only needed that to get from the car to the house, which is kind of a long walk. I also used it to go to the bathroom the first day.

My list of absolute neccessities:
Electric recliner -I wanted to be as self sufficient as I could be. I knew my fam would tire of taking care of my every need within 24 hours. :) I love that chair!
Benedryl oral- for the itchies that accompany pain pills
Back scratcher- same as above
cough drops
eye mask- the recliner is in our family room, and with two teenagers, my house is pretty much grand central station 24/7.
Senokote and Blessed Herbs digestive stimulator - see poop myth above
basket of low sodium snacks nearby to feed myself when my family wasn't around.

THings I bought and DIDN'T need:
back massager
puppy pads - I thought I would be oozing from lip spots and didn't want to get my fluids on my chair. I didn't ooze a drop.
heating pad

I'm getting ready to take my first full fledged shower right now! Wish me luck! I wish all of you ladies the best of luck as well. (I'll post pics in a bit!)

My cats are interfering with my recovery

My sweet little cats sleep on me all the time. They never did this before. So I tend to lay in the same position so I won't disturb them. Ugh. I also look forward to watching Jeopardy. My hub says I am turning into a grandma.

My daughter and I got groceries today. I drove for the first time. I never realized that you use your boobs to turn the steering wheel. :). I was sore at the end of the trip and had her drive home, even though she is only 12. (Jk. She's 17) my upper abs felt like someone was squeezing them, in a mean & angry way.

I tried a nap in my bed with a wedge pillow. For some reason, both of my arms/hands kept falling asleep. Back to the recliner.

My nips hurt today. Super sensitive. Ouchies. I also am getting zingers across my abs. Healing!

I'm wondering how much compression is enough? I wore marena garment to the store while my binder was drying. I couldn't get into that binder fast enough. When I'm standing, it feels great to have both on at the same time. My doc said I could go right into spanx, but I don't feel that is enough support. I wish my doc would have provided the garments.

I get what swelling is now. My weight is the same, but I feel so much bigger. Blah!

Heal well ladies!

Just pics

Just pics

Today was just crazy...

I tried sleeping in my bed a couple of nights ago using a wedge pillow (I had been in my awesome recliner before this) My husband started snoring and I immediately do this jack knife thing that I always do to shut him up, and man did that hurt. As I was falling asleep, I kept doing that to him, so I had to ask him to sleep in the guest room. Halfway thru the night I must have ditched the wedge because it was on the floor when I woke up. I also caught myself with my hips sideways, but flat on my shoulders, and this really hurts the upper abs. So I'm back in the recliner. I have it for another week and a half.

I worked a half day and decided to stop at a nearby store to try on some pants. I am down a size already, and my current pants look like clown pants. My "new" size fits, even with my binder on and current swelling, so I didn't want to go too crazy with buying, I just needed some stuff to get me thru. I also tried on, (& bought) some tops that I NEVER would have worn with my saggy boobs and big belly. At the same time, it feels weird to be in tops that show cleavage. I'm not used to it, and neither are my kids. I had a few IPL's on my chest last year that got rid of all sun damage, and left the skin really nice. I highly recommend these. So many women my age have leathery looking chest skin (thanks tanning beds!) that would benefit from one or two inexpensive treatments. But I digress... The roller coaster part of the day came when I was driving home. My left side starting hurting and by the time I got home and was moving around in the kitchen making dinner, I was almost bent in half from the pain. Had to take 400 mg ibuprophens... Then we had to go to a car dealership to try to find my daughter a new car. We found one we liked yesterday and when we made an offer today, they refused to come down even $1 on the price.So we didn't get that one. Now I have a hurting back and a pissed teenage daughter :) (She was actually a good sport about it)
Now, two hours later, my back is fine. Oh, but I discovered I have Mondor's Cords under both breasts. One under leftie and two under rightie. Feels strange, but I don't have any pain from them. RIght now, it's mostly my side boobs that ache, but even that is better today. I don't feel my implants have dropped and fluffed (I finally get what they mean by "Fluff!") but my doctor has never said to massage them. I go back in on Monday.
Also discovered some stitches popping out that need to be addressed.
Still lovin the scar. My breast scars even all that bad. My left nipple is bent over a bit. I always had trouble with that one, and now it's all compressed in my cami.

Getting ready to disassemble my recovery station. I am slowly taking things upstairs. It's good to be back into my (modified) routine. I am still swelling more in the evenings, and it seems my compression garment is working well. I wear that during the day and sleep in the binder. I get my new one from Marena on Monday. I love the crotch opening in those, so much better than my flexee. (which is why I don't sleep in it)
Best wishes to all you!

Tube of biscuits

I returned my first cg to marina because it created painful divets in my waist. I ordered one with straps so that will be here tomorrow. In the meantime I went shopping today and bought a tummy/waist/back flexed that will be good when I am wearing shorts. I also bought a spanx open bust mid thigh shaper that I love because it has adjustable straps. My doc wants nothing touching the scars for two months so my boobs are just in a cami that I wear over the cg. I also bought another body suit that doesn't have adjustable straps but that one rides high and comes just below the breast. I'll probably end up returning that one. The spanx type are hard to go potty in, especially compared to marena.. On second thought, i might just cut out the entire crotch area and wear panties over it like i do with the marena. I think I'll sleep in the tummy one and wear the body one during the day. Then there's the binder. I feel like mine is already worn out and I'm three weeks post op. I've stretched it to the max and when I take it off, it's shaped like the letter C instead of a straight band. :(. I know my ps will tell me No if I ask for another one. I'm a bit obsessed with compression as I am currently a blowfish. So far i have invested i$250 in cg alone. I also bought scar silicone strips and started those today too.

I wore a pair of lightweight Capri pants to work the other day. When I put them on the were a bit loose in the waist and I should have put a belt on, but was running late. So I get to work, and shortly thereafter the swelling began. I was trying to hold my bladder all morning (because of what a PIA that is in the cg) and by lunchtime I was so blownup my pants looked stupid and I could barely bend. So I took the rest of the day off. I've been inhaling water ever since. I need to up my juicing as well.

I'm still in the recliner. I'm not standing straight up by the end of the day, so my nurse said not to lie flat. I have to return it next week :(. I'm happy to start cleaning up my recovery station. I had it all set up in our great room so with all the teenagers coming and going from my house, I haven't had uninterrupted sleep in a long while!

I'll get some am/pm pics and post this week.
Speedy healing ladies,

Forgot to add 3 week pics

Interesting observation in the shower tonight. While shaving my underarms, I realized they have a new shape. My ps did a little lipo there. They are a bit harder to shave without the fat pad.

I consider these pics pretty brave as this was a bad swelling day. It can only get better, right?!

PM vs. AM

Here is a picture I took last night as well as one this morning.

Slept in my bed last night. Woke up at 3 am and had to take ibuprofen. I felt sore all night. But I don't want to pay another $270 for another month of recliner rental!

Loooove this one

Got my marena garment today and I'm lovin it! This one is a stage 2, so no zippers. I was borderline on sizes and even though customer service said to go larger, I didn't and I'm glad. Their customer service is excellent btw. They sent me the wrong garment yesterday and I called them about it. They over-night shipped me the correct one.

This one has convertible straps that can hook on the sides or in between the boobs. My sides are hurting from my spanks that I was wearing earlier so in the pic I have them in the middle.

Aunt Flo is here again, so maybe that attributes to my incredible swelling. Plus the cramps and breast tenderness are worse than ever. I wonder if this surgery really does mess with the hormones? Hopefully my shiny new body will adjust and not all future periods will be the same.

5 weeks later

5 weeks later and doing better every day! My swelling seems to be better this week (knock on wood). Seems it was at its worst during weeks 3-4. My scars are healing well. I am wearing scar strips all the time, except when the extreme heat in AZ melts them off. My boobs kind of ache on the sides, alongside my arms, all the time, but I notice that is better too.

Strange new things I've notice:
When I shave my legs, I prop my leg on the bench like area in the shower, and the sensation of my leg touching my stomach is so weird since there isn't any feeling there yet.
When I flex my pec muscles, that boob moves. My 20 year old son spends a lot of time in the gym, and he'll go shirtless and flex his pecs one at a time, and it always grosses me out. Now I can do that too. Grosses me out even more.
I miss wearing a bra. I can't wait to get in one. I feel like these camis I wear are smashing my boobs into my chest. My left nipple is threatening to become inverted, and I'm not sure if this is because of surgery. Has anyone else had this?
Went to VS and they sized me and put me at 36 DD. I was a 34 C before surgery, so I don't know why my band size is bigger, unless its swelling??
I went shopping to find a sexy new sleep something, and found that with the size of my boobs, I need to get a size large to fit the boobs, then the rest just hangs on me. :(
BTW, my husband I checked out the plumbing, if you will, at week 3. I never asked when we could do this, so I just took it upon myself to know when I was ready. My poor husband is wore out now :) Like newlyweds, I tell ya! ;) We have to be creative since my boobs are still so tender, so that in itself has added some spice, along with my shiny new body. I find him wanting to come into the bathroom all the time now when I'm changing, putting on scar cream, etc. If he had known years ago what this surgery would do to a persons self confidence, he would have been on board a lot sooner! Maybe this will work in my favor when I ask for an arm lift and thigh lift! :)

I won't be able to go to the gym until after my next dr visit on July 20. I have been so close to going, especially when I read everyone elses posts about their doctors releasing them after a couple of weeks. Then I remind myself how much money I paid for this surgery. Oh, and my weight is down to 138! I haven't been trying to lose weight, just juicing at least once per day and then eating as much raw veggies as I can.

It's sooooo hot in AZ. I can't go into the pool until after July 20 either. We are going to a spa retreat in Tucson on July 17 for my birthday, and I'm getting into the pool, regardless of what the dr says ;) I ordered a swimsuit on zappos, and before the surgery I NEVER would have ordered swimwear on line.

I'll post some pics when I figure out how to do it from my phone. Good healing to you ladies!!

5 week pics

Updated for 5 weeks post op

Got the wrong boobs :(

I just typed a huge review and lost it before saving, and now I just don't have the same passion,,,sigh....
I've been back at the gym for a couple of weeks, but today I jumped into my old group fitness class which was THE BOMB! I had to improvise on all of the ab work, which was a lot, and I know my breasts will be sore tomorrow, but it felt great. My instructor has implants and she said I should use light weights for upper body and chest otherwise the muscles will separate the boobs with a huge valley in between. DON'T want that...
I can't say I'm completely happy with my boobs. First of all, I didn't get the size I asked for, and didn't figure this out until after surgery. I've been too embarrassed to post about it, because I'm too much of a sissy to complain to my doctor about it. So hopefully his staff reads these updates and I will get my unhappy message across without having to do it face to face. I'm uncomfortable saying anything negative to the doctor because he takes it personally, like I'm critiquing him. Ok, so heres how I got the wrong boobs. I originally was going with 275 & 300, which is what the dr recommended. I went in for a second fitting, and decided I liked a bit bigger and asked the nurse for 300 & 325. Then the day after surgery, I notice on my implant card I got 275 & 3000. WHAT THE HELL? At my first follow up, I asked the nurse about it, and she seemed flustered, and said "it wouldn't have made a difference anyway" and shook it off. Meanwhile, the doctor probably has no idea that she made this mistake, as she is the one who does the ordering, I'm sure. Now I have boobs that I wish were bigger. Maybe 25 cc's wouldn't have made much of a difference, but at least they would have been the SIZE I ASKED FOR!!!
Thanks for listening to my vent. I wish I could say this to my doctors face, but I just don't feel comfortable, and what could they do at this point anyway? The nurse who caused this brushed it aside, and I doubt she gave this info to the dr. WHen I have seen the dr at follow up visits, she is always there, so it doesn't feel right to say it. WHen I go in to see him, he whips out his ipad and shows me "before" pics to show me how good I look now, then I feel too vain to complain about my missing 25 cc's.
Anyhoo, me weight is still good. 5 lbs down from surgery day, but I'm going back on Jenny Craig food to see if I can get a bit closer to 130. It's a battle with the scale now though since I'm weight training and gaining more muscle, which causes my number to increase..
Best of healing to all of you!

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