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Hello! I am 26 years old with two kids age 7 and 2...

Hello! I am 26 years old with two kids age 7 and 2. I'm 5'3" and weigh about 110 lbs. I was young when I became pregnant with my son(7) and through most of the pregnancy I didn't have any stretch marks- that is until the 8th month when they suddenly appeared all over my stomach! After he was born I was left with bright red stretch marks and a pouch.

So after the birth of my daughter(2), I began to go to the gym and loose the extra weight (about 30 lbs) and was successful with it, but I got kinda depressed because no matter how much time I spent in the gym there wasn't anything I could do about the scarring or the skin. So I decided to get a tummy tuck and hey, while we are at it a breast lift and augmentation too. Actually I don't want bigger breasts I just want mine filled back up!! I am one of those women who doesn't even know what bra size she is. I used to be a D. But after two kids I really cant say that with any sort of confidence anymore. They are much lower than they were before, and when I wear tank tops they wrinkle on the top, which is kinda embarrassing.

So anyways, about six months ago I went and started consultations with surgeons and only talked to ones that someone I know have been to. I was actually really surprised about how many plastic surgery connections I have lol! Both my fiance and I liked Dr. Malek and felt he was the best choice for me. He spent a lot of time with us going over correct implant sizes and we decided to go for silicon under the muscle, 100 cc's in the right breast and about 125 in the left side so finally they will be even!

My surgery is next wed and I'm freaking out about it a little... maybe a lot. I woke up on Christmas eve with a cold; it has turned into a nasty cough and I hope it goes away before next week. Also since I booked the surgery so far in advance I seem to have given myself plenty of time to think about all of the things that can go wrong. That being said, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to get this surgery and I am very excited to see the results!!

I really had meant to blog more about this...

I really had meant to blog more about this surgery! All I can say is its worth it! However it is a painful recovery! I was pretty down and out the first two weeks maybe even two and a half weeks. After seeing the results though, I would do it again! I was very lucky to have my mother take care of me during the recovery process.
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