6 weeks PO Mommy Makeover!

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I've been wanting a mommy makeover for many...

I've been wanting a mommy makeover for many years now, and after the birth of my last baby I decided to go for it. I'm getting a mommy makeover done (BA, BL, TT & Lipo). I was so excited to find my PS. He and his staff were amazing and made me feel so comfortable. I've heard nothing but great things about him! My Pre-Op is less than 2 weeks away and anxiety is creeping in. Time is flying and my surgery is right around the corner, less than a month away! I'm really excited, nervous and scared. I'm sure these feelings will only intensify as the days and weeks pass!

Oh and I forgot to add, I'm 118 pounds, 36B...

Oh and I forgot to add, I'm 118 pounds, 36B boobies that really need a lift me up, and excess skin on my tummy that wont go away with any diet or exercise. I gained and lost 60 pounds with my pregnancies (have 3 kids) so I was up and down throughout those pregnancies. I'm getting my mommy makeover like 3 months before my 10th wedding anniversary & only 4 months before my 30th b-day! I'm so excited to have my body back for these 2 awesome occasions, and I'm sure by then I will be fully recovered and feeling great! Only 24 days left before my surgery!!! :-O

I just had my Dr. appointment today and got my...

I just had my Dr. appointment today and got my medical clearance. Then went to get my blood work done. This is becoming more real, my surgery day is only 17 days away & I'm trying hard not to think about it because I'm getting really nervous as my date approaches. My pre-op is this Friday!

So Friday was my pre-op & we took care of all the...

So Friday was my pre-op & we took care of all the financing stuff and paperwork. I went with 450cc high profile & am still not 100% sure if that was the right choice. I'm afraid of them being way too big on me (120 pounds), but I'm afraid if I go smaller I will regret it from everything I've heard (I wish I went bigger seems to be a common phrase!). What do you ladies think? I'm thinking about posting my before pics but... eeeek! Not an easy thing to do! LOL... Maybe at the end of the week I'll just go for it. My surgery is only 10 short days away! Cant wait for day 11- LOL...

I'm 1 WEEK away from my surgery! I have been...

I'm 1 WEEK away from my surgery! I have been dreaming a lot lately about my surgery. Weird dreams. I have 2 things on my mind right now:

1) How do I tell my children about my surgery??? I have a 7 yr old boy, 5 yr old boy and my baby girl who's only 21 months old. I've been thinking about this quite a bit and I'm not sure what my approach should be.... any advice? I'm planning to tell them on Monday. I'm really clueless on how to tell them!

2) I am FREAKING out because I have not started my period! I was supposed to get it by now and I'm terrified of being on my rag during surgery-how embarrassing!!! If I don't get it within the next 2 days I'm screwed. I think it's been the stress about all this that has delayed it, I'm pretty regular and am usually off by 2 or 3 days. Omg what am I going to do... I mentioned my concern to the lady that works for my PS and she said not to worry about it, its hard to control it and that it happens all the time. She said that it won't affect the Dr. in any way- BUT STILL!!! Oh happy thoughts happy thoughts please let my rag come tomorrow. I think I'm going to have mad sex tonight and see if that helps! LOL! Wish me luck ;o)

Oh, going out of state tomorrow for the weekend. I can't help but think it could be my last time seeing my family.. I know I know... dramatic. But the fear is there even though the risk is so low. Im sure everyone goes through this. I've noticed myself hugging my kids extra tight and thinking bad things- I shouldn't be! I'm trying so hard to stay positive and not focus on any negative outcome. I'm just getting nervous I guess. Aaah can't believe it's just 7 days away!!!!

4 More days!!!! And... I have not gotten my...

4 More days!!!! And... I have not gotten my period yet. This sucks so bad. Most likely I will be on it during surgery, if not I will be on it during my first days recovering... And that is something I do not want my husband helping me with! Anybody know effective ways to trigger it??? If I start it now that means I will still have to deal with it during surgery and a few days after but it wont be as heavy. Ugh. I'm so bummed, as if going through this wasnt going to be hard enough... Anybody have any advice I'm all ears!

3 more days!!!! I have to say I'm feeling so much...

3 more days!!!! I have to say I'm feeling so much better now. I was stressing out about a lot of things & they are all falling into place. I started my period last night, by the time of surgery it will only be 2-3 light days to deal with. I spoke with Janice this morning & she was wonderful. She helped me feel so much better about the whole situation! I LOVE Dr. Guerra's staff!!!

I was also stressing over the size (450cc) and wanted to switch it to 425. She told me it was my decision & she just wanted me to weigh the options. She said the difference is only 3 tablespoons. And that at this point it's so common for patients to overthink things & get nervous going back and forth. I think she's right, I'm just gonna stick to the size we chose & hope for the best!!!

She gave me tips on how to tell my kids about it & it was perfect! I just told my oldest & it wasn't as scary as I thought. I told him they were just going to do a little muscle repair on my tummy. He asked if it would hurt & I told him they would give me medicine for it. I explained that the muscles stretch with pregnancy & they were just going to fix it. Also told him becoming a mommy was the best decision ever & he gave me the best hug.

I just got al call from the hospital & pre-registered. Wow it's really happening! Last night I bought my granny gown with a long zipper in the front. I also have the toilet seat riser & the shower seat! I'm going to focus today on some more home organizing & clean clean and clean some more! I feel like I'm getting ready to have a baby! Lol! Wednesday Im getting my hair done & will do all the grocery shopping & stock up! I'll post the dreaded before pics tonight... Lol

I did it... I posted my before pics- only 3 days...

I did it... I posted my before pics- only 3 days before my MM.. LOL! Omg that was soooo hard to do. But if they help even 1 person out there, it will be worth it. This website wouldn't be the same without pictures! Wow just looking at those pics... ugh...

I can't believe it, my mommy makeover is tomorrow...

I can't believe it, my mommy makeover is tomorrow morning!!! I'm really exited & still have lots to do. I've been rushing to finish my remaining errands so that I can spend some quality time with my babies. Oh I can't wait, I hope everything goes well & I have the results I'm dreaming about! Say a prayer for me, I'll be in surgery tomorrow at this hour!!!! Not sure when I'll be back to update u on how it went, but it will be soon!

1 Day PO! Oh wow where to start! I didn't get...

1 Day PO! Oh wow where to start! I didn't get much sleep the night before as I expected. My in laws came over and stayed with the kids. I was calm on the way to the hospital, once I was admitted though I was SOOO emotional. I would think of my babies and the tears would start coming down. I prayed and prayed that I made it out ok because the thought of something going wrong and leaving my babies without a mommy terrified me!

I arrived bright and early at 5:30 and my Dr. arrived around 7am. He was so sweet, I just love his personality. He reassured me everything would go well, held my hand when he saw my tears and was just wonderful. He proceeded to mark me and answered my questions. The worst part was getting the IV in, it took 3 times because I have small veins. Once that was in I met the anesthesiologist who was also wonderful and assured me I'd be ok. He inserted something into my IV, my hubby kissed me goodbye and I was wheeled into the operating room. I remember just trying to focus, I think I saw my before pictures posted on the wall and after that I don't remember anything.

When I woke up it was all over, I was taken to my recovery room where my husband joined me and told me that everything went well. There were no complications at all and my PS actually finished early. I was really sore and it was hard to breath deep cause my chest hurt so bad. They gave me a muscle relaxer that didn't do much for me, but then gave me a pain med into the IV that really helped. I was also given a pain pump (so glad about that!).

They made me walk twice on the first day and boy was that hard! I was hunched over and exhausted after just a few steps. I have to say the staff and nurses were excellent (except for the last 1). I was just on a liquid diet again yesterday, and today I just had oatmeal, yogurt I nibbled at a muffin and like 3 bites of eggs.

Dr. Guerra came in to see me bright and early this morning and checked my incisions. My TT scar is LOW and looked amazing! Tummy was flat, boobs were hard to observe from my angle but looked great.

I have pretty much slept the whole day yesterday and today, those pain meds really knock u out. I'm home now and my TT stings, I'm about to take another muscle relaxer. I see my PS on Tues and hopefully get me drain taken out (so glad I only got one). But he did say I can shower tomorrow which is nice.

I'm feeling a bit nauseous right now, have not thrown up but am gonna take the medicine for it just in case. My husband has been the best, very attentive and helping me with everything.
OK thats it for now, lots of pain and gonna take something for that. Keep u guys posted soon! Thanks for all the well wishes and support!

2 Days PO. I'm locked in my room so that my baby...

2 Days PO. I'm locked in my room so that my baby girl doesn't know I'm here. Its so hard because I want to see her so bad. But I know if they let her in she's going to climb on me and will hurt me (she's rowdy). My hubby & father in law had to carry me upstairs in a wheelchair... that was hard. I don't know how they are going to get me downstairs on Tuesday for my appointment. I feel sooo blessed for all the help they have been, I wouldn't be able to do this without them!

I keep hearing that you can't shower till your drains are taken out, but my PS said I could shower today. I don't know, I can't wait to get in the shower but am also scared cause it will be no easy task I'm sure. I think I might save it for tomorrow. I feel a bit dizzy and disoriented with the meds. They don't seem to help as much as the stuff they put in my IV-that was the good stuff! LOL.. But at least it takes the edge off. I just can't wait to start feeling normal again and being able to walk straight. My back is KILLING me, I don't know why, it feels like they poked me there with something or I don't know what. It just hurts. My chest is not so bad, its my TT that still burns. I was planning on reading some books during recovery but all I want to do is sleep! Maybe once I start weaning off the meds I'll be able to. My appetite has gotten a bit better today.

4 Days PO and I TOOK A SHOWER! Ahh that felt so...

4 Days PO and I TOOK A SHOWER! Ahh that felt so good being able to wash off all the blood & shave my armpits. I still have the markings they are so hard to come off, anyone have any suggestions? I can't wait to get this drain removed and this pain pump removed as well. I'm looking forward to my stage 2 garment cause I know it will be more comfortable & I'm hoping it will help me walk easier. I still have not gone #2 yet... My hubby is going to buy me some prune juice and stool softener, hopefully that works. My boobs look so swollen and feel so tight. They are so high up, I'm wondering if they are going to stay that way or if they are going to come down eventually. And if so when? Am I supposed to massage them? I'll find out Tuesday at my next appointment. Oh another thing, what is up with this coughing! Oh man, I'm not a smoker, I wasn't sick before my surgery and I'm not sick now but I have this cough that I've been trying to suppress cause it hurts when I do. I'm thinking they probably put a tube down my throat during surgery. I had several books I wanted to tackle but so far I have no interest in them whatsoever. I tried picking one up and was falling asleep. I guess it will have to wait till I'm off the meds. I miss my babies :o(

I added 2 before pics I found and then 2 of my new...

I added 2 before pics I found and then 2 of my new body! These pics were taken 3 days PO and I'm sooo happy with my results so far! My boobs are still pretty swollen and look huge but I'm sure they will settle down once the swelling gets under control. I can't wait to try on some clothes!!!!

Well today is my 4 days PO (not yesterday the...

Well today is my 4 days PO (not yesterday the drugs confused me with the days lol). Not much has changed except I think I developed the flu. My son had it and when he came to see me I guess I picked it up. I thought the cough was due to the tubes I imagined they put in my throat during surgery. Not the case. And it's a cough with phlegm.. ugh so painful with my TT incision. The road to recovery has not been easy for me. I have to say this was much worse than my c-section. But I'm focusing on the end product, I'm thinking positively about how happy I'm going to feel in my own skin about a week from now! Most likely walking normally and being able to do more things than just sit in this recliner. I've been bored up here and not really interested in watching anything on TV. Any good movie recommendations on Netflix to pass the time???

I'm so excited for tomorrows appointment, I'm looking forward to getting rid of this drain and this uncomfortable waist band around my tummy and getting into a more comfortable one. I'm hoping it has better back support too because the pain in my lower back really limits how much I can stand walking.

I went #2 today! Yeah! So relieved. You know what did it? My hubby made some fresh juice for me (I think pineapple, orange, grapes, apple..). Every time I juice it helps me to go #2 so I'm glad that worked. I'll be juicing everyday, I love my juicer.

I think that's it for now other than I'm taking meds as needed rather than around the clock. I'm sure that will help me not be so constipated too.

I'm feeling so depressed right now hearing my 20...

I'm feeling so depressed right now hearing my 20 month old crying because she wants me to put her to sleep and not grandma :(. She hasn't gotten to see much of me these past few days. It's so hard not being able to lift her. I wish I could speed up the recovery process to be back to myself again! Im feeling frustrated, I hope tomorrow is better. My hubby just bought me a heat pad so hopefully that helps with my back pain.

Anyone else unable to sleep? I don't know why but...

Anyone else unable to sleep? I don't know why but my meds are not knocking me out like they used to. Last night I was up most the night and I didn't really sleep during the day. I took my pain meds and muscle relaxer but I'm still wide awake. How weird. Hopefully I can get some sleep. I have to say this heating pad is giving me great relief on my back pain! Maybe it's a combination of that + my meds but I'm certain it has helped. I wish I bought if since the beginning! If you are having serious back pain- GET ONE!

PO day 5- I'm feeling well rested after a much...

PO day 5- I'm feeling well rested after a much needed nap this morning and with more energy today. The heating pad has done wonders for my back pain! Walking is getting easier since the pain in my back is not as severe. It's still there but Not like before. I'm going to take another shower today & be on my way to my appointment where I'm crossing my fingers I get this drain taken out! :) I'll keep u guys posted on how it goes

Yey I got my drain and pain pump taken out! They...

Yey I got my drain and pain pump taken out! They put me in a new CG that feels soo tight- a size M, it feels like an XS! It has a hole in the crotch area so you don't wear undies. OMG going to the bathroom through that thing was not easy! I put toilet paper surrounding the hole to prevent my CG getting wet, definitely a lot of work to just go pee! lol... I'm gonna have to figure something out. I think I'm supposed to wear it for the next 2 weeks. My PS didn't spend much time with me during my appointment, which was disappointing. He pretty much took out the drain, pain pump and sutures on my BB and said he would come back, but didn't. I still got my questions answered by the girl helping me. He said it was ok to stop taking the blood thinner shots-YES! And scheduled me for my next appointment next week.

When I got home from my appointment I wanted to spend some time with the kids downstairs (since I've been cooped up in my bedroom upstairs). Awe my baby missed me so much, she was so happy when she saw me and didn't leave my side. I've missed her soooo much. My boys visit me everyday upstairs but not her. I stayed downstairs as long as I could but that didn't last long... lol.. After dinner I sat for a little while on the couch, then was the going to go pee episode after that my back was killing me and I needed a break. I went upstairs and went straight for my comfy recliner where my nice warm heat pad was waiting for me... Heaven when I sat down. I did a lot today so my body took a beating. Gonna take some tylenol and rest up!

PO day 6- So last night I ended up taking off my...

PO day 6- So last night I ended up taking off my new CG so that I could go #2... That was not honna happen through the little whole in the bottom. My body refused to go & it was sooo painful to get the damn thing off. As soon as it came off the toilet became my friend.. LOL instant relief sorry TMI..

Ok so I didn't put it back on. I can't imagine going through that every time I go up the bathroom, it's too painful to take off and put on to be doing it multiple times a day. I'm wondering if I got the right size. Instead I put on a different one I had at home, it's still tight on me but more stretchy & I can use the bathroom with this one. Im waiting for a call back from my PS, but I'm guessing he's going to tell me to put on the one he gave me.. If that happens oh well, at least I sleft comfy last night lol... But hopefully they can send me a size L. Inside I know the M is my size, but hey they way it fit it felt like an XXS! Hopefully he let's me where this one at least for a few days so I'm a little less sore. But once I'm back on that I'm gonna hope I'm constipated every day so I don't have to take it off! Lol... Ah it's like you get rid of something ' then have something new to worry about. I thought it was nice saying goodbye to the drains, but at least I could use the restroom with them in the old binder.

We will see what my PS says...

Today was such a great day! Well for one, I was...

Today was such a great day! Well for one, I was told that I could continue to wear my CG till my next appointment and they will get me a bigger one if needed. So I'm definitely relieved about that, even if I end up wearing the same size I'm sure I will be less sore and feeling better in a week. I was feeling so good doing a lot of walking upstairs with my walker, then I went downstairs and walked around some more for a while. It felt good to be doing more walking. I had dinner with the family, pushed my baby girl in the walker (theres a seat on it). All in all it was a great day. Then I went back upstairs and by this time my back was killing me again. Went to the bathroom- #2 YES LOL.... and my hubby got my heating pad ready. Oooh that felt wonderful on my back! Took some Tylenol and here I am now.

I hope tomorrow I'm feeling just as good if not better! Woohoo for finally feeling a little more normal ;oD

Wow I can't believe a week ago today I said...

Wow I can't believe a week ago today I said goodbye to my saggy boobs and tummy... Idk why these past few nights I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping at night. I can't get comfortable in my recliner anymore. Last night I was wide awake from 12am-3:30am trying to make myself comfortable enough to sleep. I ended up crawling into my bed, surrounded myself with pillows and layed in the fetal position. That seemed to help my back a little. I just wished I could stretch my legs and sleep like normal. Soon.

I slept in a little later and my hubby brought me breakfast in bed... awe.. I just love him. He is the best hubby ever. After breakfast I went downstairs with the kids (the in laws left already so now its just us). Walked around a bit, went to the bathroom. Then my hubby put the baby to sleep and I took a loooong shower- by myself! I decided to try on the CG the PS gave me once again. My hubby helped and thankfully this time was not nearly as painful as the last time. I must be a little less sore although I'm all bruised up (took some pics).

I still look dirty around my incisions, its this tape that doesn't come off. Cant wait to be able to get it off.

Another thing on my mind is that I think I went too big on my boobs... lol They are huge! I'm hoping they are just swollen and will shrink like I don't know... another 100cc! LOL... Well my husband is not complaining, he is soooo happy smiling from ear to ear as if he can't wait to get his hands on them... LOL.. But I just feel so weird, if I could do it over I would probably do 375cc-400cc. Oh well, my PS said a lot of woman feel like that at first, then grow to love their size. I hope thats me too.

Nap time for me, update u guys soon with some pics ;o)

8 days PO- oh WOW I finally slept GOOD last night!...

8 days PO- oh WOW I finally slept GOOD last night! Went to bed at 10:30pm after watching a movie with my hubby and woke up at 3am to go pee, then back to the recliner and fell right back to sleep. I feel sooo good and so well rested for the first time in I don't know how long. The only thing I did different yesterday was that I spent more time downstairs since I woke up. I took a short nap (cause I couldn't sleep, more like I just rested on the recliner) then went back downstairs till nighttime.

I'm definitely going to do the same thing today. My days are starting out with me feeling really good, and throughout the day I start getting more tired and my back starts hurting. By the end of the day I can't stand my back pain anymore. I'm guessing today will be like that.

I'm feeling so much better about my CG too, I think the first time I was so bruised and it was so painful to get it on that I didn't put it on correctly (my crotch was inside the hole rather than outside). This time we made sure it was on right. Also, I'm using a cup to pee in... LOL... kinda like when you go leave a urine sample. It helps me to just go, rather than pee a little, freak out thinking I got myself wet, see that I didn't and continue to pee a little only to stop and repeat the whole ordeal... lol. The cup is much better! I haven't had to go #2 in it yet so we will see how that goes.

Oh funny thing that happened yesterday before I put my CG on after my shower. I was so scared cause I knew how painful it would be to get it on. My husband put it on to try to stretch it out for me!!! LMAO... Oooh that was so funny, it hurt to laugh but it was hard not to. And my husband was being so funny about it, I wanted to throw something at him for making me laugh! I love him... not any husband would wear this tight a** CG for his wife....

Today was my first day going out (other than my...

Today was my first day going out (other than my appointments). We went out for dinner, and I felt really embarrassed walking all hunched over lol.... I felt like everyone was starring. It was my first time putting my jeans on, skinny jeans. They felt really tight, I must be swollen. By the time I got home I was in pain (my back). I think it was a bad idea going out this soon. When I got home I sat down and watched some TV for an hour. My back did feel better afterwards.

I haven't gone #2 today (kinda glad I haven't had to take off my CG). Wasn't able to take a nap today either :/ that's it for today!

Its been a couple days, not much has changed. I'm...

Its been a couple days, not much has changed. I'm now occasionally taking a Tylenol when needed and sometimes a muscle relaxer at night- but pretty much off the meds now.

I slept in my bed last night (for a few hours), it's hard to sleep on my back in bed so I slept on my side. It wasn't very comfortable since I could feel the pressure on my TT-but I'm tired of that recliner!

I'm walking better now, still not straight, but getting closer. I can't wait to get this tape on my incisions removed. It's itchy and annoying. I've been picking at it and taking it off a little (not directly on the incision though). I want to get a good look at how my incisions look. My TT scar seems thin but on one side it's not as flat as the other, it's a little raised. I'm not too worried about it. I figure if it's still an issue when the tape is removed, the silicone sheeting (that I still need to buy) should take care of it.

My bra is uncomfortable too, it feels tight (always has) maybe they are swollen too. Thankfully my CG doesn't bother me at all anymore, so it's true that it does get better. I'm still bruised, even on my arm where they tried to put the IV on twice but failed, 3rd times a charm right? You'd think that bruise would be gone by now.

I have really been taking it easy to let my body heal as fast as possible. My hubby has been awesome taking on his role of mom/dad right now. I havent even changed a diaper! Lol... I could get used to this Lol...jk This is his last week off though and next week I will be on my own.. Kinda nervous about that. I might find out what all this talk about "swell hell" means. Luckily he works from home so I can still count on him to lend a hand when I need him. Can't wait to be fully healed...

13 days PO- today was an awesome day! I was...

13 days PO- today was an awesome day! I was feeling so good I went sports bra shopping! Lol... It was funny, I was driving one of those cart things they have at Target... Once I got past the embarrassing part- my hubby & I were like little kids. I ran him over a few times it was pretty funny! Lol! Anyway, well I went from wearing a size S to a L sports bra! Oh I love them, so much more comfortable then the one I've been wearing these past 2 weeks. The other one was hurting my incision at the bottom, these sports bras are COMFY! So happy about that!

Also, I took a shower again by myself. Ive been doing it by myself for about a week now, it's been nice! My hubby still helps me in taking off & putting on the CG, but once it's on it doesn't bother me one bit. I can go to the bathroom no problem too.

I've been using this yellow cloth like material and putting it inside my belly button, I have to do it every day. I wonder for how long. But I have to say I LOVE how it's turning out! It has a natural shape, I'll take some more pics, and a close up soon. I am still a bit swollen so I can't wait to see the finished product when I'm all healed.

I put Coconut oil all over my hair and covered it for the night. Tomorrow morning I'm going to shower, shampoo it off and then fix my hair (first time doing this but have heard awesome things about it). Also used it in my face.

I have my 2 week PO visit tomorrow and I'm hoping they will finally (GENTLY) remove all this damn itchy tape all over my incisions! Oh it has been really annoying, can't wait to see it gone. I will update u guys tomorrow after my appointment!

2 weeks PO and it went really good at the Dr.'s!...

2 weeks PO and it went really good at the Dr.'s! He removed all the tape (most of it anyway) and stitches. Parts of that were painful (some spots more tender than others) and the incision looked irritated when he was done. I was sooo happy to get that taken off though! I got a good look at my incisions and was really happy with what I saw! Very thin lines, I know once they lighten up they won't be very noticeable. He said I had to wait 30-45 days to use silicone sheeting on my scars (till they are fully healed). The thing I really didn't like was that the stetch marks on my boobs seem to really stand out! Geez, I hadn't seen them in good lighting and was really surprised and dissapointed about that. I thought, wow if I would have gone smaller it would have been less stretch marks since they would have removed more skin. Oh well, can't go back now. At least the stretch marks are at the bottom of my boobs and not on top.

I'm still hunched over and with back pain,we will see how long that continues. He recommended I take lymphatic massage to help with the back pain, has anyone done that? I'd love to hear your experiences. Its $60 for the 1st time, after that $120 or $20 off if u buy in packages Yikes!

He also suggested I take another week off work, (since my job requires lifting). I think I'm going to do that. He didn't limit the times I can go up & down the stairs as long as I do it slowly and it's comfortable.

I need to start doing a massage on my boobs twice daily, especially my right one since its sitting a bit higher still. I can stop putting that stuff in my belly button now too.

After we went out for lunch, it was nice except when I got home I was constipated. I had to remove the CG to go, but I went and was relieved. I need to start juicing again!

I will post more pics tomorrow!

16 days PO- I'm feeling soooo much better! I...

16 days PO- I'm feeling soooo much better! I think I'm feeling about 85% back to normal. I'm able to sleep in my bed (more comfortably), I'm walking *almost* straight, my back pain has lessened (unless I overdue it), I'm off all pain meds, I feel more flexible, and I have more energy. I'm pretty happy with my results and would do it all over again in a heart beat.

There are a few conerns though, the sides of my TT look a bit raised and a part in the middle looks weird. I'm worried that I might need a revision on that section because a piece of skin above the scar looks like a bump, not sure how to explain it. The skin on the sides also looks rippled, obviously from the pulling. My PS said it would go away and not to worry so I'm trusting his judgement. But I didn't ask him about the middle since I didn't really inspect it good till I got home after he removed the tape. We will see how it looks in a few weeks at my next appointment, I wasn't expecting perfection just improvement and I definitely got that.

One of my breast is still sitting a bit higher, I have to keep massaging that down till it moves. Will post pics soon

17 days PO- oh I was feeling like crap. I ate...

17 days PO- oh I was feeling like crap. I ate horrible today... How soon before I can start working out again?!? Ugh! I wonder if I can at least start walking on the treadmill? I think tomorrow I'm going to eat nothing but salad... Lol!

I took a nice long shower and did feel better. I hate red to work on improving my diet.

It has been nice these past few days that I have been going out. So funny, I got out of my car and walked to the store. A van full of teenage boys stop so I can cross and they all start hollering out at me! Must be my new knockers! Holy crap how embarrassing! Lol... I wouldn't even look at them, I just wanted the ground to swallow me up! Lol

It's really easy for me to take off my CG by myself now, I have to keep pulling it up. I think I'm going to call the office tomorrow to move into a S.

Nothing new other than that. My right boob still has to come down, but not happy that one looks bigger than the other. I'm hoping once it settles in place it's not as noticeable.

Wow I can't believe it has been 1 month since my...

Wow I can't believe it has been 1 month since my mommy makeover! I had to log in to let you guys know how things have been going. I am feeling great! I'm happy to say that my boobies have gone down and are no longer swollen. They don't look as huge as before and I'm feeling comfortable with the size, although one is a bit bigger than the other I can live with it. My incisions are all healing very good, I'm going to start researching which silicone sheeting to buy for them (Any suggestions???).

My next appointment is in 1 week, they called to try to change it (again...) but I couldn't so we are still keeping my appointment. When they called me today I told her I still have not received my CG and it's been almost 2 weeks! I feel like I'm not even wearing one now cause it's not tight at all. She said if its not in the mail to contact my post office. Ugh... I hope its there by tomorrow.

It has been SOOO hot here lately (AZ) I cut my CG on the thigh area so that I can wear shorts! LOL... During the past 2 days I have been overdoing it (cause I feel great!). I have a large home- over 3,300SF and I swept all the floors downstairs and was cleaning everything. By the end of the day I was dying, my back was killing me. I had to take a SOMA at night and that did wonders for me. I hadn't taken any meds in weeks. I have to remind myself that I still need to take it easy.

Well we got the green light for having sex at 3 weeks and we've been having sex since 2 weeks... LOL! CANT KEEP HIM OFF OF ME! LMAO! It is much more comfortable now.. hahaha

Well I wish I would have taken some pics today, but I'll just wait till my appointment next week. They will be taking my after pics I'm sure. I'm definitely going BRA SHOPPING THIS WEEKEND... WOOHOO! I'm finally gonna find out what my size is... LOL.. HAPPY HEALING EVERYONE!

I wanted to update you guys on my new breast...

I wanted to update you guys on my new breast measurement!!! I went to Victoria Secret on Friday night and was shocked when the girl measured me and said I was 32DD... DOUBLE D! LOL! Then I went to try on a bunch of different bras and after I tried on the first one it was TOO TIGHT... So she came back in and was like, oh yeah you are actually a 34DD...!!! Holy shit! I was not expecting that at all... but I'm happy! I bought 2 bras that were really comfy to start, but I'll have to buy some more soon. I also went and bought a bikini, I can't wait to go out and wear it.. I haven't worn a bikini in 10 YEARS! SO HURRAY FOR THAT! ;oD

I uploaded a bunch of pics so u can see my progress. I bought the white bikini, but what do u ladies think? Do you like the white one or the black one better? I am dying to start working out so I can get toned up! My next appointment is this coming Thursday so I will ask my PS.

Wow I cant believe its been 6 weeks! I had my PO...

Wow I cant believe its been 6 weeks! I had my PO appointment last week, I got the green light for swimming in the pool (hello bikini here I come!) and excersize (except push ups or sit ups till 2 months). Everything is healing well and we discussed scar treatments. He recommends scar guard but suggested I visit this website to decide between that and silicone sheets : www.helpmeheal.com

I'm really happy with my TT, my tummy is really flat and that area of concern in the middle of the incision that looked like a bubble has flattened out. I really have not noticed a difference from the lipo though, maybe it will take some time to see those results. As far as my boobies, I expressed my concern over the difference in size. He says to wait a year and he can remove some tissue from the bigger breast to make them even. He says it can be done in the office. I may seriously consider that, not sure. But wait a year? IDK... I just think it's pretty noticeable and it bothers me. I feel like I gave up one insecurity (sagginess) for another (different sizes)... but even then I have to say I'll take this insecurity over the latter! I think I will be updating biweekly from now on, there isnt a lot new. I"m feeling like myself now and everything is great. I still have a ton of soma pills that I take on occasion, not for the pain but to help me sleep reaaaallllly niiiiceee... LOL...

I'm still wearing my CG 24/7, it feels kinda weird not wearing it. But soon I might stop wearing it in the day and only wear it at night.
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Dr. Guerra is the best PS ever and I'm so happy I decided to go with him. He is professional but also down to earth and really sweet. My MM results were better than I expected! He's a true artist! I am thrilled with my new body and so grateful to Dr. Guerra and his staff. I'd recommend him to ANYONE thinking of getting plastic surgery! Worth every penny and NO regrets! Best decision ever!!!

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