Athletic 39 yo mother of 5 full tummy tuck, Implant removal, breast lift, fat graph to breasts

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Dr. Leber did my breast augmentation surgery July...

Dr. Leber did my breast augmentation surgery July 2008. Through no fault of Dr Leber's I was dissatisfied from the beginning. I went from having no breasts (AT ALL) to 450cc over the muscle. I have always had big breasts, large breasts even, but then I got serious about my eating and exercise. I competed in a few figure shows (body building), and what I had left for breasts quickly vanished more and more with each competition. When I first went to Dr. Leber he had recommend 350 high profile over the muscle (over rather than under, because I lift heavy weights, so under wouldn't be ideal) with a possible breast lift and a TT because I do have a GREAT deal of mommy skin.(at this point I had 3 children) I didn't want to do the lift or the TT at the time because I was not 100% positive that my husband and I were done having children. (I did want them desperately!! but I thought it better to wait until I knew we were done in the kiddo department)
The day of the surgery one of my girlfriends convinced me that I NEEDED to bump to 450cc or I would be back and I would want them bigger. I seriously only wanted to have "some" boobs. I never wanted to have what I had in high school again. It is just to much baggage and wearing a double bra to go for a run, is not my cup of tea.
Immediately after the surgery, I was full of regret. One breast didn't want to drop into place, they were heavy, and I felt HUGE. They did settle into place and they look ok. (my husband LOVES them) BUT I still feel out of proportion and very unnatural. I hate the feel of them in my body. From time to time I have a burning sensation that is irritating. Since the birth of my last child (number 5) the rippling has been HORRIBLE. I can feel the bags and it seriously grosses me out. My only hesitation, the only reason why I have kept them all these years, is my husband. I have had no doubt that removal would mean a lift, which of course means BIG nasty scars. I am ok with that, I know they will go away and fade to almost nothing. He feels very turned off and disgusted by such imperfections. (he has a very weak stomach)
I know ultimately this is for me. I also know that he will come around. Men love a confident woman and this is exactly what my confidence needs. I want to be ME again. Even if that means small boobs. Dr Leber does an amazing job with his breast lift and TT work. I am happy knowing that even though they will be small, they will be cute and perky!
My surgery is set for 5/31 and I am so nervous. I am not sure that I have enough fat to make a fat transfer worth while, plus the horror stories I have read about lumps in the breast after a fat graft, scares me.
I really don't want to take these bags out, only to be left with lumps everywhere. :(

I am so nervous!

I meet yesterday with Dr Leber and his staff to do all the final paperwork for my surgery. The big day is fast approaching (1 week today!), I find myself scrabbling to get everything that I can done and handled taken care of while I am still able. I have a 2 yo, a 4 yo, a 10 yo, and a 14 yo still in the house. My DH will be doing his best to hold down the fort so that I am able to recover.
I have decided to go ahead with all as planned. Full tummy tuck, explant, lift (goodbye wrinkle sacks), and fat transfers to the breast. I am hoping that the fat will give me a little fullness on the top of my breasts. I am termed of have NO breasts after this. I am a very athletic person, and my body likes to attack breast fat first, then move on to my legs. (gerr!) I am praying that Dr Leber can work a small miracle and get me a full B cup. Perky B's would be awesome. :)
I am going to miss the gym terribly. I really hope that I bounce back quickly because it is very difficult for me to rely on people. Plus my dh is not the best at handling the sight of blood, drains, and stitches.
I will be posting pics of the rippling and a final tummy before shot soon.

Today is the day. YIKES!!

No food, no water. :( I typically drink close to a gallon a day, so I am dying of thirst! I still have 3 hours before surgery. I can't wait to get an iv wirh some fluids. It is very strange to nor poor lotion on after showing. (Or face creams) I am anxious for it to be done with. I slept pretty good last night. For that I am thankful. I know it will be the last good sleep I have for a good while. Time to say goodbye to the kids and head to the surgery center.
See you on the flatside. (Tummy and

I made it through!!

I am over the moon extatic with my results. Dr Leber came in this morning before i was realeased, and checked me over. I was able to see my implant free boobies, my belly button (which I haven't seen that since I was 16! I was a very young mom), and my tight/stretch mark free tummy!!!! The pain right now is very manageable, and I am able to get up and move around. I am so grateful to Dr Leber. He is a magician, and the scalpel is his wand. :)

Very upset

I requested that my implants be returned to me. I have seen many woman on here state that they had theirs returned to them. I was told that this would not be a problem and that he would make sure that I got them back. Well after I was looped out on anesthesia it became a problem. I really wanted to see with my own two eyes that there was no rupture. Plus I PAID FOR THEM. They are mine! They were still under warranty which would have meant money back to cover anesthesia to have them removed. (it also would mean extra paperwork for the Dr's office) Now I will never know for certain. It all seems fishy. :(
I am vey happy with my results so far but this just really upsets me.

Day 4

I am still extatic about my results. I never would have thought that this much volume could have been possible without the use of implants. It feels so freeing to have the implants gone.
I will take more pics of my tummy after my shower tomorrow. My belly button is awesome! For the first time in my life, I am excited for bikini season. Woo-hoo :)

Day 5 and feeling a lot like myself

Today is day 5 and I am feeling much more like me. I am still very light headed when I am up and about for to long. This doesn't surprise me because I am notorious for having low blood pressure.
This morning I felt really good, so I got up and made our families traditional Sunday morning breakfast, Belgium waffles! Well, I tried anyway. lol
As it turned out I had just enough energy. to make the batter and bamm... I was toast. So my DH took over and put them in the waffle iron. So far today I haven't felt the need to nap, which is a first.
I am no longer on any major pain meds. Before bed I will take a couple tylenol for comfort.
I am standing straight as an arrow.
I have ZERO back pain. (WOOHOO!).
I did have an issue with one of my drains not working. It had come loose and lost suction. My surgeon walked me through removing it, at my request, so now I only have one. Yay!
Dr Leber tried to get my explanted implants back as per my request. The no good, dirty rotten facility, has chosen to deny my request. Apparently they now have a new policy that they didn't feel they needed to inform me, the patient, of this prior to my agreeing to have my procedures done at their facilities. If they had been honest, and disclosed this in their paperwork, I would have payed the extra fee, and gone to Greenbaum Surgical center instead. I am VERY, VERY, displeased with Paradise Valley Cosmetic Surgical center for STEALING my $2,000 bags of gel that I PAID for!!! Gerr... Sorry, I am a bit sad and very upset over it all. I really wanted the closer that only having them in my possession could give me.
Moving on...
I am still taking my lovenox injection, they still hurt.
Thank goodness, I only have 3 of those left. I get them 2x a day. Blah...
I have a few more antibiotics left to.
I will continue to take the bromeliad and arnica montana until this swelling and bruising is under control.

Day 6

These are morning pictures without all the swelling that comes as the day goes on.

Full Makeover. EXPLANT! Lift, Fat Graphs to Breasts, and Tummy Tuck

I am so happy to have those not so fun bags out and gone. Dr Leber of Scottsdale did an amazing job!!! I am over the moon with my results.
I had 450cc high profile cohesive gel, over the muscle implants, because I do body building comps and going under wasn't going to work for me. I am still healing and I am on my 7th PO. So far, so good. I am just amazed at the out come. before my implant, I wasn't even an A cup. :(
I am hoping that when the dust settles that I will keep a full b's worth.

Lung issues... ugh

So for the past 3 days I have had extreme pain while inhaling. I spoke with Dr. Leber and he believes that I have the early stages of pneumonia or partially collapsed lung. I was not been using my handy-dandy breathing exerciser. So I guess this makes perfect sense and I brought it upon myself. It just seemed like such a senseless thing to do but now that it hurts just to breathe, I really wish I would have done it as I was instructed. Ugh..
I purchased a new arnica oil off of Amazon by a company called plant life it has essential oils mixed into it and the stuff is awesome. It has a fairly pleasant herbal smell and since I started applying it yesterday I have noticed a huge difference in my bruising. Plus it brings a pleasant calmness to my very irratated skin.
I am so thrilled to wear my bikini and not have to tuck my tummy skin in! (Or the big implants i had, i was always stuffing them in so they wouldnt fall out everywhere and draw unwanted attention) Leber did a fantastic placement for the scar, so I can, for the first time since I was 16, wear my bikini bottom as low as I want. Yippy!

My new bff

I am so in love with cold laser therapy!!! One round took a ton of fluid off my stomach to the point where I saw oblique lines , and it made coughing sooooo much easier. I am truly amazed at its ability to help the body heal. I used it for tennis elbow in the past and I thought I'd give it a crack at it for this. Boy am I glad I did!! ????

I am not to sure about these nipples.

Yesterday I had my 2 week visit and the doc took off the take and took the sutures out. I am freaking out a little. I knew I would eventually. It is hard to see in the pic, but one areola is larger than the other and one breast is poking off to the side. (the nipple isn't facing forward) I don't know how much this is going to change? He said at the visit that I shouldn't worry about the areola bc they will contract a bit more.
I am still happy with my decision to explant. I feel very free not have the heavy bags of gel on my chest. I guess at this point its just a healing/waiting game to see what the end results will be.

8 week update

I am back at the gym and everything is great. Today was my first day and I didn't feel like I needed to hold back. It felt really great! Today somewhere flutters has started in my abdomen it feels like babycakes I know I'm not pregnant. Very strange feeling. I'm still not too sure about my Ariola it felt really great! Today somewhere flutters has started in my abdomen it feels like babycakes I know I'm not pregnant. Very strange feeling. I'm still not too sure about my areoles.
My breasts have deflated greatly since the surgery. Meeting me with lots of new tiny stretch marks deliver my babies. I am going to be starting bio oil for that trying to help it. Also because I lost so much volume from fat graphs they have dropped I do think that it affected my left. Overall I wouldn't change my desicion I feel much better not having implants!!!
Still doing silicone tape and biocorneum cream on my scars. I don't know if it's helping?
I am most pleased with is definitely the time to talk. I love my new tummy and bellybutton.

More 8 week pictures

Feeling a little depressed

These are my official before and after shots from my doctor. I was initially really happy because I was thinking that I was going to retain 70%ish of the fat graphs. (I know there are no guarantees in these things but I was hoping ) Unfortunately it doesn't look like I kept any. :(
In fact it looks like the fat graphs ruined the full effects of the lift and gave me many new little stretch marks. The only volume I have at all is in the middle. The sides of my breasts are completely deflated and misshaped.
I don't know what to do... I really don't miss the implants at all but I feel like .... Ugh... I just don't know what to do.

I seriously love my stomach!

I am so happy that all my hard work at the gym finally is finally able to show. Dr. Liver did an amazing job on my tummy tuck. All the loose skin the use to hide my abdominals is gone and I can see the fruits of my labor. :-) Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to do with the girls so that I'm happy with them. :-/
I do think an areola reduction would greatly improve them.

Belly button almost completely closed

My bb has almost completely closed. It started closing a few months ago. I tried to stop it with ear buds and ear gauges. It didn't work. I tried emailing Lebers office about it and there has been no response. I am scheduled for revisions on 3-10 I hope he can fix this. :(

Going in for my revisions

Really nervous. My
Belly button went way wrong and has pretty much closed. I really hope Dr Leber can fix it. My bb was so awesome looking and then it just shrank. I couldn't stop it. I tried earplugs, and gauges. The more I tries, the more it shrank. I think there is a lost stitch.
I also have some jagged skin on the left breast, uneven nipples, and a fat pouch under the inside of my left breast cleavage.
Wish me luck
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

This man is a magician! I am over the moon happy about my result so far. His bellybuttons are amazing and so far I am AMAZED at his fat graphing to the breast job as well.

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