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I am 29 years old. I have 3 boys ages 11, 10 and 6...

I am 29 years old. I have 3 boys ages 11, 10 and 6 months. I had been thinking of getting a mommy makeover for 4 years now but was never really sure until now. After having my last baby I'm definitely sure I want this.

When I first started looking into having a mommy makeover I came across Dr. Aldo Guerra and after a lot of research and many years later I am still set on having him as my surgeon. I had a consultation with him and feel confident that he will give me the results I want.

I am 5'4. Currently 148lbs but hoping to get down to my pre pregnancy weight of 135. Dr. G recommended a periareolar breast lift with an areola reduction. He mentioned he would place the implant through the same incision. He recommended a 475cc silicone moderate plus implant, which I loved. He will also be doing a very low tummy tuck incision and some lipo to the hips.

I am very excited. I just need to figure out a date.

Date set

So my surgery is a set for June 9th. It still seems unreal. I get excited but then I start feeling guilty about spending so much money. I also start thinking back to the consultation and begin to worry about not really explaining what I wanted. The Dr. was late to the consult so it felt a little rushed. I mentioned that I wanted more of an hourglass shape with the tummy tuck because I've seen some results look too square. He mentioned being more aggressive on top and not so much on the bottom of my sides but said it could result in a muffin top. That word has stuck with me since. A muffin top is what I'm trying to get rid of and now I'm worrying that that's how I will end up. I hope I'll feel more at ease at my pre op.

Feeling down

I work out hard but the weight doesn't seem to come off. I had a baby 6 months ago and I'm up 20lbs. I really want to loose the weight before my surgery which is about 2 months away but I don't see that happening which gets me feeling down. It seems like I drop a couple pounds but then manage to gain them back. I thinking of going to a weight loss doctor to help.
I know I need to post picture but I need to gain the courage first.
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