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I am ready for my surgery day to come! I have been...

I am ready for my surgery day to come! I have been looking forward to this for a while, and want to get through with it asap. I am hoping to go from a 36B to 36DD. I am planning to have silicone implants, sub pectoral placement, and inframammary incisions. I have been nervous, sad, happy, and anxious while I wait for the surgery… seem to go up and down each week. I had my consultation in January, so I haven't been to the office in a while. My friend had her BA done by Dr. Lille, and highly recommends his work.

Almost here...

Yay! I can't believe my BA is less than 2 weeks away! I have purchased some soft cami bras for after surgery, a big ice pack that's surely big enough for both boobies, and the first season of I Love Lucy to watch while I'm recovering. I'm less worried about the actual surgery; lately I'm more concerned with returning to work 6 days after surgery. I drive a lot for work so I'm nervous that driving will take a toll on swelling and prevent them from dropping longer.

Loved ones' comments

I'm getting prepared at home for post surgery items, but am experiencing some anxiety from my boyfriend's response to my decision to have surgery. I went about telling him that I wanted surgery pretty poorly; I set up everything without including him and didn't ask his opinion before I made any final decisions. I understand his concerns about undergoing surgery and his opinion that I am beautiful the way I am, but I still want to have the surgery. Because I quickly arranged all appointments and after care without his help as well, I wasn't able to schedule the pre-op so he can attend. He says he fully supports my decision emotionally, but doesn't agree with the financial decision. Does anyone else have comments about experiencing some negative feedback from loved ones?


Soft cami bras for recovery! So cute, I can't wait to wear them!

Pre op pics

Here's a few pics pre op to show where I'm starting from!

Pre-Op tomorrow!

I will be trying some rice dozers at home tonight to prepare for my pre op tomorrow. I also asked my boyfriend to help me choose a size and he said whatever makes you happy... So yay! Almost time!


Sizers not dozers*

Rice sizer pics

Here are pics of rice sizers with 420cc and 360cc. I think I like the 420s better :) can't wait for tomorrow's pre-op!

Pre-Op done!

I just finished my pre-op appt! I choose 475cc mentor silicone implants for my BA this Friday. I have pics to share as well! I'm hoping that it isn't too big but I think I made the right choice. I noticed so many ladies post that they wish they'd gone bigger so I tried to pick something big but not too big. Omg so nervous though! I had too much coffee today anyway and it didn't help when I was feeling anxious lol.


YAY!!! two sleeps and one day until BOOOOOOBS!!! I am so excited at this point! I had some worries this morning since I wanted to show my pics from pre-op to my boyfriend last night and he didn't want to see them. I thought he was still feeling negative about the whole thing… But at lunch time he seemed normal and not butt-hurt so Im hoping he is just going through accepting it in his own way. I am counting on you ladies' advice that he will warm up to the newbs once they're here. I am so glad to have this online community to help me through this process! I had to fill my rxs today and had some issues with some out of stock meds but luckily I have one more day and the pharmacy promised I would have them tomorrow, so I have my fingers crossed. Worst case scenario, they will fill them at another pharmacy and I will just have to drive a little further to get them. I got the narcotic pain killer already, just waiting on the non narcotic that my dr recommended to ween myself off of the narcotic one while still treating the pain. Any way, I am super excited. And that is all, breasties!

Almost ready!

I've been cleaning up and preparing my house for recovery. I have to work tonight for a few hours then go home and finish up anything else I can think of before surgery! Tomorrow is soooo close!


I just want to speed up time! I prepared my clothes for tomorrow, my meds, and the house is almost all cleaned up. My boyfriend has come around and said he'll go to the surgery tomorrow with me even though my sister is taking me. I appreciate him so much! He has been very helpful all day getting things done so recovery can be as easy as possible. I know he's going to have a really long day tomorrow beginning at 5 am and not ending until the wee hours of Saturday morning… He can nap with me on his lunch break maybe. So anyways, I am ever procrastinating from doing work by posting again, but I had to share! I'll post pics tomorrow once I remember.


I'm back home now, icing down the newbs and relaxing. Surgery went well, I was treated very kindly by the nurses at Canyon Surgery Center, and Dr.Lille was lovely. He was caring and welcomed my boyfriend and sister warmly. All I remember is getting wheeled to the OR and changing beds, then lights out! After that I woke up and the nurse was so nice, offered me ice chips, and brought me a warm blanket cuz I was shivering. I came to pretty quickly after that and then I was on my way home! Once I got home I ate some crackers with my pain med and took a nap. I'm just relaxing on the couch now! I feel a lot of pressure on my chest but no pain so far. :) I don't get to take off the dressings until Sunday morning to shower. From what I can see, they look beautiful!

I peeked!

I had to peek at the newbs... They look beautiful! I'm so happy, now I just need to concentrate on healing. They're riding really high near my collar bone which is kind of annoying but I'm icing them most of the time except short breaks in between ice packs.

Day 2

I am feeling a bit better already! Last night I woke up when my pain meds wore off and had to get fresh ice packs to sleep with. It's not the most comfortable sleeping on my back, but it went better than I expected. I woke up with really tight pressure but I took my meds and began icing them down while walking around my house. This helped relieve some pressure from the boobies and helped me cope with restlessness. Right now they feel better, pressure is a little less than yesterday, but they're kind of itchy on the skin that's touching the bandage. Oh well, just gotta stick with ice packs for a while. I mostly wish I could go #2 though; it's just not happening yet. :/
I'm going to go with my boyfriend to buy a front zip sports bra today to wear later, but we have some reward points to use at Dicks sporting goods so I might as well :)


I was able to walk around at the mall for about an hour with my boyfriend then come home for lunch. My boobies were really tight and needed to be iced as soon as I got home. After that, I relaxed and talked with a friend who came to visit me. She went on a walk with me around my block, and she took my dogs which made them very happy pups. However, when I got back home MAN my boobs were sore! I had to wait an hour until I could take my next dose of pain meds so it was rough but I took a nap and iced them down while I laid in bed. I woke up feeling a lot better. I learned my lesson not to wait so long between icing. I'm tired now, hoping tomorrow is better.

Feeling better already

I woke up this morning with a lot of pressure, it was the worst I have felt so far. I took pain meds and iced them to go back to sleep. After that, I took a shower which felt great. The newbs are feeling less tight and slightly dropping. I was able to go to some light shopping with my sister to find a zip front sports bra. My boyfriend took me out to dinner as well which was lovely :) I took an Aleve before dinner instead of pain meds and so far feeling fine.

getting better...

I was trying to sleep but kept waking up every hour and a half it seemed, got new ice, and finally i gave in to taking a pain med. I have also put some body butter on the boobies to help the skin get softer for the implants. I think it helped. I have a bit of a numb area on my right boob that has persisted since yesterday. I thought it was from the bandages or the bra being to restrictive but it hasn't gone away since taking it off. I have read from many of you ladies and doctor responses that this can be a normal occurrence during recovery, so I'm not worried. I took my dressings off the incisions yesterday and they look great, I must say! Dr Lille does careful, precise work. I haven't had any bruising either which is great.
I recommend for anyone considering BA, take Arnica Montana herbal supplements. They are found in any health food store like Sprouts or Whole Foods, and I found dissolvable tablets that you put under your tongue. (They help with bruising and swelling; I used to use an Arnica ointment when I was a kid for cuts and bruises and it worked miracles.) I started taking them the day before surgery, and continued them with my meds.
The boobies are feeling a little softer inside my skin like my body is finally making room for them. They're still tight but no where near as much. I will post later today to keep you updated!


Yesterday was feeling really good, better than previous days, and I started helping my bf pick up clothes and dirty dishes. This was a bad idea. I got really exhausted in my arms and pec muscles. On the bright side, my bf cooked an awesome meal of ribs, mashed potatoes, and Brussels sprouts for me last night! After that he helped me make brownies and pineapple upside down cake; he did all the mixing and lifting which I was grateful for. I took some meds before bed, but woke up to a really painful cramp in my right boob that was the worst feeling yet. I had to wake up my bf and ask him to bring my Demerol meds to me in the middle of the night. After that, I iced them overnight and woke up feeling a bit better today. The tops of my boobs are loosening up and slightly squishy now! :) I continued my pain meds today, and keep icing in intervals.

tired and sore

I woke up with morning boob tightness, and took an Aleve to help with the pain. I migrated from the bed to the couch and fell asleep for a few hours. I woke up and took a shower, and then ate some lunch. I have been trying to stay off the pain meds, but I had to take one after lunch since the tightness is pretty tiresome. It feels like random little shooting pains, almost like a needle prick or something, which have happened in random places on my boobs the past two days. My nipples are sensitive too, but nothing worse than typical time of the month soreness. I think the most persistent feeling right now is getting tired with the weight on my chest all day. On the bright side, the boobs are getting a little bit squishier still, and aren't so high up on my collar bone it seems. I think they look the same in pics, but it feels different. My girlfriends are coming over today to spend some time with me, and I am very grateful to have a change from the monotony of watching TV. I was supposed to go back to work tomorrow, but I called off, and my boss wants Dr. permission to return to work now.

Question? And pics

Earlier today I got upset at my bf cuz I called him in the bathroom and I asked him to help me wash my back when I was showering, and he said No, you don't need to wash your back... So I said never mind and just continued my shower on my own. I brought it up to him after he got back from the gym and he immediately owned up to being insensitive and apologized since he realized I needed help. he confessed that he was scared of seeing my boobs before they're healed. He apologized again and said he realized that he could've still helped me without looking at my boobs. I had to share because I wonder if anyone else has had similar reactions from significant others? My bf was not in agreement with me getting implants in the first place and he said he liked me that way I was before. Before surgery he began being supportive of my choice, but I'm sure if he had his way I wouldn't have implants, so I can understand his anxiety over seeing me in recovery when things don't look great yet. I don't want him to be afraid of my boobs until they're healed completely, which will be a while! Any thoughts?

Post op yesterday

Went to post op yesterday and Dr. Lille put the band back on me to help the boobies settle down into the pocket. They put it tighter than I had so I learned how to do it right. The girls are feeling like they're able to move around in the pocket a little bit which is good. Holy crap though the numbness is starting to go away in the spot I had on my right boob but all of the sensation is crazy! I feel occasional pricks in the nipples and incisions, but mostly all over dull muscle soreness in my boobs. I think the band had helped though! My bf helped me tighten it up last night since having it on all day stretched it out a bit. Here's a pic for you ladies!

Still riding high

I have been wearing the band most days for the better part of the day. I feel like I get swollen and tight throughout the day and have to take it really easy when I get home after work. I have been taking ibuprofen since my post op for swelling and discomfort. I think my right side is higher and a bit more swollen. A few days ago it felt like I had fluid and air pockets in both sides, but more on the right. The band helps with compressing the swelling. I have been able to sleep a little more comfortably these last few days. I will post pics later today.

Loving the new boobies!

I have been wearing the band for several hours during the day while I'm at work as I found it greatly reduces the swelling from moving around and driving, and helps the girls feel secure while I'm out and about. I take it off in the evening and relax, sometimes putting the band back on overnight. I wore the band all night and all day, and just took it off when I got home from work. I think the two are dropping slowly but surely, and wearing the band has helped the right keep dropping in alignment with my left. They are softer and squishy, almost like a natural breast already! I think I'll love them even more in a few weeks!

Bikram Yoga

I tried Bikram yesterday morning and it went pretty well! I was able to do all of the poses except the ones on my stomach. It felt really weird to have the implant squashed against my ribs, and they went up to my collarbones so I could not lay my head flat. I was able to modify the pose with arms folded up near my chest to support the weight of my chest, and that really helped. I have to say the last two days have been so much better in terms of swelling and dropping! I have not had to wear the band the last two nights, and the girls are staying down! yayyyyyy! I have been massaging every day at least once, which really has helped. I will post again with pics soon. Best boobie wishes to all of you ladies!

Thanksgiving..., and possibly stitch poking out?

I did more physical work for thanksgiving than anything else since surgery…. but I think I am recovering well so far. The band helped me out when I knew I would have a lot of moving around to do, like baking and cooking. They have been a bit itchy lately from the skin stretching, but I have been applying lotion at least once a day after a shower. I also noticed that the skin on the lower pole and sides of my breasts is getting shiny, which I understand is from the skin stretching as well. I went to Victoria's Secret for bras today! I won't be wearing them for a while longer, but I couldn't resist the temptation to shop the Black Friday deal. I measured a 36D!! yay! I have had some discomfort from the left incision outer end, where it feels like a stitch is poking out of the skin. Has anyone else experienced this? I think I should probably call my dr to be safe. I will post soon from my phone.

Awesome results so far!

Been going really well and I have seen them drop a lot lately. I think my right one is still higher than the left, but things are going well! The stitches poking out have resolved themselves... I felt the popping sensation that many ladies on real self describe, I think it's just the stitch dissolving enough to bust free. The scars look amazing so far and I haven't even started any scar therapy. I am nearly back to normal activities except pec exercises. It feels weird when I use that muscle in general but it's getting easier with like propping my self on my side and sleeping on my side even. I can't lay on my stomach unless I have a huge pillow under my stomach and head so my boobs can fit in the empty space between the two pillows, but I have slept like that for really short amounts of time. I feel the girls being much much squishier, almost to a normal boob squishyness! I haven't worn the band since my last post except like once. Here's some pics!

3 months

Everything is looking great! I'm happy with my results. They're pretty soft so far, and still get softer. I'm back to working out besides pushing my pecks too much. I just do light weights and concentrate on triceps or biceps, not pecks. My right is still a little behind my left on the dropping scale, but it gets better every week. Also, I highly recommend to buy a neck pillow to sleep with; I use it around my boobs when I feel like laying on my side or my stomach.

9 months post op

I live my boobs! They have really settled in nicely and feel normal most of the time. I can feel them when I do exercise and use my pecks, but its not uncomfortable. One thing that I didnt anticipate was the decrease in physical activity that I would have to adjust to. I gained like 20 lbs since my surgery from not working out like I used to. I would recommend to other ladies that are thinking about this procedure to start at a weight and physique where you are really proud of, because youll put on some weight which you wont be able to lose as readily as you may have before. I am now on my weihht loss journey to truly reach the look I want! I cant wait!

scars look almost invisible

I forgot to mention that my scars healed beautifully, no treatment needed!
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