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I have been researching breast augmentation for...

I have been researching breast augmentation for around 5 years now. I knew I always wanted to get it done but never thought I'd actually be getting it done. Lol, I made my decision about 6 months ago and my husband is very supportive so that helps a great deal. I am 5'7.5 and 130lbs I have VERY small breast and wear 34A bra I have always had to wear a push up bra because of my insecurity with being small chested. And wanting to feel more womanly. I've been to 3 consultations with 3 different Drs. And decided to go with Dr. Sean T. Lille. From Scottsdale AZ I've had 2 of my gf use him for BA as well and he did a fantastic job! I have just under 3 weeks till surgery and I am so excited, and nervous at the same time. I will keep everyone posted and also post before and after pics too. My pre op visit on June 11th and Surgery on June 14 th. YAY!


Am I the only one who seriously cannot stop researching everything I possibly can before getting this procedure done!? Lol, I almost feel like I'm obsessed with it, can't get it off my brain. Haha! I'm just so excited and can't wait for these next two weeks to Fly by! My only fear right now is being put under, scares me a bit... I know hundreds of woman get a BA everyday and I will be just fine. Just my anxiety kicking in I guess... Also forget to mention in my previous post I am a mother of 2 and breast fed both girls. Not saggy at all, no lift needed. Just super small boobies! :( I went shopping yesterday for some cami sports bras and got some plain white/black/nude an then some fun colors too pink strips, an zebra print! I got a LRG so hopefully they fit. Should be a Full D after BA. I think the cami sports bras will be easier to wear with shirts than the regular sports bras? Any suggestions anyone has is much appreciated as well! Will be taking before pics soon, been pretty busy with work and life...

Before Pics in Bikini

So small you can barely see anything there. :( 34A

More Before Pics

Ok so here are a couple more before pics so you can see better of what I'm working with here. I know in the bikini pics it's really hard to see anything at all sadly... Omg, I just am so excited and anxious and nervous all at the same time.. Still undecided on exactly how many CC's I'm going to go with, as I said before I want a Full D, and with my current size I'm not sure if I will have to go between 450-475 or more towards 500cc's? Guess I will have to wait it out to speak with my surgeon on he 11th my pre opp visit. I hate the waiting game LOL! I know these next two weeks are going to fly by, I just need to stay busy so I don't think about it all the time. Haha!

Reality is setting in....

Starting to feel more real that I will have boobs in less than 2 weeks 11 days to be exact. Aaaaahhhhhh! Freaking out! Haha no not really Lol, ok just a little bit... I think I'm going to be a nervous wreck the night before surgery. My pre opp appt is in 8 days where we will finalize the size again and he will give my perscriptions to fill as well. Trying to keep busy at the gym been working out pretty hard core for the past 2 weeks cause I know I won't be able too for 6 weeks after surgery, just not my chest muscles of course, I heard it takes forever for them to drop if you do and they look weird and square..? Anyhow hope everyone is doing well. :) and will update soon.

Getting Closer To BA Day! Yay!!

Just got a call from the surgery center to go over my health, medications and allergic reactions. Also was advised that my surgery time was moved up to 11:30am with a 9:30am arrival! Woohoo! The sooner the better! Not so much nervous anymore, just anxious to get it done already. 1 more week to go! Anyone else going in the same day as me or close to? I would love to stay in contact so we can chat about how all of our recovery is doing. ;) So glad I have this website and you kind wonderful ladies to talk to about it cause were all going through together, and can relate. Yay for boobies in 1 week! :)

Pre Opp Visit Went Well minus a few surprises...

So I went into my surgeons office today and he did all the measurements and recommends that I don't go bigger than a 400cc in left and going to use sizers in Right breast to determine the size during surgery. The reasoning behind this is because I was born with my breast bone protruding higher on the right side than the left and he says I have very tight skin... Guessing that's because I barely have any breast tissue. So kinda disappointed in the whole sizing thing because I origannly was going for a Full D but he said I will achieve a small D with these. Although when I tried them on in the bra every thing looked Great and I felt happy with my decision and his. He is very honest and cautious which I love and actually cares about his patients, doesn't want me to have future complications which I greatly respect, cause nor do I want or need any complications. So I ended up getting the Keller funnel which added an extra $200 on top of him having to use sizers another extra $200 I ended up paying a total of $5300! I got my perscriptions today as well which will be 7.5mg of Percocet, Keflex antibiotic and nausea meds and colace for constipation. I think I'm pretty much prepared and ready to go. Ended up buying their surgical bra too which was $42 :/ haha I bought a zip front sports bra but my surgeon says I need to wear this one.. That the sports bras push your boobs up and he wants them to come down not up, makes sense! Lol anywho 2 more days and this flat chested girl will have boobies! Yay!

23 hours! OMG! Excited!!

So this post is a little TMI but I think a lot of you that will be going through with the BA will need this tip cause it Totally worked for me! So last night I started to get constipated ( haven't had surgery yet nor taken pain pills) so I was thinking to myself REALLY!?! Great this is going to suck if its already starting... So I started looking up on the web how to get relief naturally an came up with a recipe 1 cup of boiling water 8oz, 1 tblsp lemon juice and 3 tblsp of honey. It worked literally within 3 mins after drinking the whole cup! Thought I'd share this cause I know we will all be there at some point in our recovery... On another note tmrw is BA Day and I am so excited, I know I'm not goin to be able to sleep so the hubby and I are going to see the new superman at midnight Lol! Then gotta be at the surgical center at 9am. So I will get about 5 hours of sleep, I figured I will pretty much sleep all day after surgery so why not!? Lol.

Post op day 2

Everything went great, very little pain mainly pressure and tightness. I will post pics tmrw when I get to take off my wrap and shower. Yay!! Can't wait for the big reveal!

New Pics of the Twins! :)

Here it is the big reveal! Let me know what you ladies think! :) slight bruising under left breast...

Cami bras

More pics and scar pics sorry some pics bad lighting.

Surgeon went 425 L and 375 R

Just took a look at my mentor card and looks like he went 425 L which was my smaller breast and 375 on R bigger breast. I am so incredibly happy with my results he did an amazing job!!

Cami bra with strap on top

Using cami bra with strap to push them down, surgical bra too tight...

Hard as Rocks!

When do these puppies get softer? They are so tight and hard, hope they start to soften up soon, can't do massage until I see my surgeon on the 20th... Feels like my skin is going to rip it's so darn tight! Anyone else feel like this?

Electric Shock zingers!

Wow! Felt that for the first time last night I thought something sharp was poking me in the boob. Then I just felt it again when I went to put the bag of peas on my L boob it did it again! Holy Crap that hurt. Felt like I got electrocuted in the boob! Lol not a good feeling. Now I know what some of you ladies are talking about.... Geez Louise!

Can't wait to Sleep on My side!

Woke up this am with my back hurting so bad from sleeping inclined on pillows, I don't have a recliner and sick of sleeping on the couch so thought I'd try the bed with a ton of pillows. I guess I slept good just woke up with my back killing me! Ugh! Tmrw is post op appt interested in seeing what to do to get these puppies softer hopefully I can stop wearing this ugly granny surgical bra too.... Not a lot of clothes to choose from wearing this thing! Lol I think I'm pretty much off the pain pills only took one yesterday and none so far this morning so that's good. Also noticed if I'm up doing things a lot my boobs get super tight like morning boob. Not a good feeling! Anyhow other than all of my complaints I'm doing pretty good. Lol ;)

New pics Day 4 and Day 5 Post Op

Still very high.

1 week Post Op appt

Went to my 1 week post op appt today technically (6 days) and my PS said the girls look Great! No more Granny Surgical Bra!!! Woohoo! And take ibuprofen 400mg 3times day for 2 weeks. Light activity 2 more weeks, no running for 5 weeks, and compression massages in shower 10-15 each side once a day. And Ice them regularly, he said ice is my best friend to get the swelling to go down more. I'm Very happy with my results and so glad I chose the size I did I think they fit my body frame and my hubby lives them too. Although he can't "really" enjoy them for another two weeks PS ( No hands No mouth for 2 more weeks) Haha his exact words to my husband. Lol

Pool time with "The Twins"

Went to the pool for a bit didnt get all the way in of course but it was nice to lay out for a bit and feel so much more confidant in a bathing suit now too! :)

Nipple Sensitivity = Ouchy!

Starting to experience the lovely nipple sensitivity... Not Fun! Plus I'm supposed to get my period soon so I'm sure that's not helping either... My left breast is a lot more tender than my right. PS says its most likely due to bigger implant and that's normal for one breast to be more tender than the other... Just wearing a cami bra or anything touches my nipples nearly sends me through the roof, how long does that last??

Post op Day 10

Went back to work today, it's been a but challenging cause I'm a nanny for triplet 2 yr olds but I'm taking it as easy as I can. They're taking their nap now and I'm icing down the boobs. Def get tight when I'm more active. Other than that things seem to be getting better and a bit softer can't really tell if they've dropped much though. I will post another pic to compare.

Day 10 post op pics

Pics day 10

Day 11

Feeling a bit softer, left a bit more tender than right. Called my PS he said everything that I'm experiencing is normal and they most Likely wills drop at seperate times. He said as long as they is no real pain and bruising I'm good to go and to be patient. He said 3 months they will look good and drop more and at 6 months I will LOVE them. So I trust what he says and guess I just have to be patient with the rest of you ladies. Lol I pretty much take pics everyday to compare day to day. I think the look huge from side view but not so much forward... Overall I'm a happy Girl!

Day 11 Pics

Strapless cami bra, Love the side view. I guess black kinda makes them look a bit smaller too...

Boob Greed :/

Boob greed starting to set in, I love the way they look with nothing on but to me they look so much smaller in clothes. Makes me start thinking about another BA in the future to go bigger!? Hopefully with time when they D&F they will look bigger too... I would hate to have to do this all over again.


I've noticed they are starting to drop more and more everyday and feel softer too. My left is still tighter than right but I'm trying to massage that one a lil more than the other to get it softer. I can sleep on my sides now thank goodness!! And can go back to the gym on Friday! Woohoo!! Ugh can not wait for that, I feel SO out of shape. Going this weekend to try on bathing suits too and get sized at VS I know I will prob fluctuate in size within the next 2 months but just curious to see what size I am now at this point. I think prob a 34D!? But we shall see... Hope all my boobie buddy's are doing well and enjoying your new Twins! :)

3 weeks Post Op!

Where has the time gone!? Can't believe I'm at 3 weeks already. So yesterday was the first time back to the gym PS cleared me to do lower half body legs, abs etc. abs are a little challenging cause I still feel my muscle in my breast move a bit, it doesn't hurt just feels weird. I did the stairs for cardio, Ha! Thought I was going to die, almost a month of no gym is No Bueno!! Can't wait to get back in the swing of things. I also weighed myself gained 3lbs! Ugh! I know a portion of that is the boobs but will be glad to get back in shape. Also went to a couple stores to try on bras for fun, and right now I'm a 32DD or a 34D! It's almost IMPOSSIBLE to find a 34D at a regular store. Gonna have to hit up VS soon. My boss has a friend that works there and will give me his employee discount! Sweet!!!!! As far as discomfort my left breast is still tender to the touch and a bit more swollen and my Nipps are still ridiculously sensitive. They are starting to drop more but can't wait till the 3 month mark to see how they will look. Hope everyone is doing well! Xoxo

4 weeks! Happy Boob Anniversary To Me!

Just a quick update, I'm 1 month post op and feeling fantastic! Nipple pain pretty much gone and getting softer by the day. I'm in love with my new me!

1 month and 1 Day *pics

So it seem like as soon as I hit my 4 week mark everything seems to be feeling more normal and hardly any tenderness at all. Nipple sensitivity is gone!! Thank Goodness!! That was seriously the worst and most annoying feeling ever! They seem to be dropping a bit more and getting really squishy. 2 more months than I can get a better Idea of what the final result will look like. Still haven't been sized yet, I'm going to go at my 6 week mark. I don't see a point if I can wear underwire yet anyways Lol. I was a little worried about my L looking bigger and higher but they are starting to even out a lot everyday. What a relief!

Vitamin E Oil

This is the vitamin E oil I started using on my scars as of yesterday, 1 month post op.

Recent,Before, and After Pics

Love my results they keep getting better day by day and changing so much. I couldn't be happier! :)))

6 weeks Post Op

Everything is going great, they are so soft and squishy more like normal breasts now, Left breast is a tab bit higher than Right, it's taking its time dropping I guess. PS said that's normal especially cause the L is the bigger implant. Been going to the gym everyday now and that's going well too. Excited to finally go get fitted and wear a normal bra. :)

7 Weeks Post Op

Everything is going great! I feel completely 100% normal, and my breast feel so much more natural now. I've noticed I can feel the soft breast tissue at the top now where it used to be tight and swollen. They have dropped so much and I am So happy with my results. I was sized couple days ago and I am a 34D or a 34DD in a push up.

2 month post Op

Nothing really new, they continues to get softer everyday and they have dropped a lot!!

5 month update

Hello boobie friends! I know I've been MIA for awhile just didn't have much to update you with. Everything is great with the "girls" they are super soft, feel like real breast, and move around more freely now. I can do anything that I did before the BA so I'm 100% back to ALL activities. Only thing I'm still not 100% on is laying on my stomache, it just feels weird and uncomfortable... Hope all is well with everyone! :)
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