400cc HP silicone 32, 5'4, mother - whoohoo!! - Scottsdale, AZ

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I'm a 32 mother of 2 little cuties. My last baby...

I'm a 32 mother of 2 little cuties. My last baby did a number on my body and I breasted both of my babes for 10 months. Talk about deflation! I'm 127 pounds, 5'4, and somewhat athletic build. I have chosen 400cc mentor silicone, under muscle, crease incisions. I am excited about my procedure and sometimes nervous, but mostly optimistic about my results! My doctor is in Scottsdale AZ!

1 week!

Getting excited to fill out a bra in general and actually see the results of an underwire push up bra! Can I get an amen?! :)

Wednesday is the BIG day!

Excited. Nervous a little bit, but mostly excited. I just wish it was done now! Let the healing begin :) I worked hard to get all my materials prior to Monday and here is a small, not finished list of stuff I bought.

I already have a recliner

Neck pillow called the comfy commuter - OMG this thing is awesome!!

Cilice stool softener
And 2 fleet enamas just in case! Yuck... Moving on....

Frozen veggies - 4 bags

Back scratcher!

2 zip front bras
1 sports bra

All my prescriptions filled!!

Heating pad with non automatic shut off feature

Face wipes
Saltines, gingerale, Popsicles
Lots of pinapple and fruits to juice

There is more that I am forgeting but I'm all about preparing!! Exactly 48 hours from now and the girls will be in!!!

Tomorrow!! Getting excited ;)

Tomorrow is the day! Tomorrow at this time I will be home with boobies! Super excited, nervous, trying to run all the to do's in my mind so everything is ready to go (I have 2 little ones!!). I am more nervous about the recovery at this point. I don't want my kiddos to feel that I don't love them because I am usually really hands on and they will have to settle for less for about a week. :( I keep walking around touching my breast (in private of course!! Lol) and imagining them bigger. It's kinda sad, saying goodbye to my deflated boobies...it's bittersweet. Get ready girls for an upgrade!! See you on the other side girls. Send prayers for a steady hand, an artistic eye, and a speedy recovery! Sending prayers to you all too!

It's time!!

Today is the day - 11am surgery. Please say a prayer for me !! Xo ladies!! I'm so so excited!!

I'm home!

Operation went great! So much to tell! But I will rest now and post a pic soon :) xo ladies. Happy healing

Picture at the surgical center!

I was super excited and now I am home resting. Talk soon. I am super hungry so maybe that's a good sign?

Day after surgery :)

Feeling pretty good! I feel muscle spasams here and there which I guess is normal. My left boob is more sore than my right and just overall more swollen. I was taking a pic of my in my stunning surgical bra and my hubby walked in and said - whoa!! Looks like you have some big boobs! I laughed - I'm so happy I did this. I'm just super super sore today! I slept pretty good, just set alarm every three hours to take my meds. My hubby has been a great help, he is just overwhelmed with taking care of the kids! Back to icing for me. Also, how can I get these purple markings off me, it hurts to rub them too much so any suggestions would be great!

Day 2! Shower and dreaded breast band :(

Hi ladies! Pain is pretty typical - I can definitely tell if I am behind in taking my pain killer and take them around the clock. I showered today all by myself! Although, my hubby wanted to be in the showere with "just in case" lol. He was totally checking me out! So sweet! I do feel bloated today, yuck. Overall, I feel pretty good. So thankful I have had zero nausea. I have a little brushing on my right boob and my ribs are sore. I had my post op appointment yesterday because my PS had 8 BA's today - wowza! He said everything looks great and gave me some light messaging techniques that have really been helping. My PS office is top notch and I always feel like I am at a spa when I go there. He has such a gentle hand and just knows his stuff. I have been drinking A TON OF WATER. Wow, probably a gallon or more a day. I feel so much better when I drink a ton. I also have had zero back pain. I have had a heating pad on my recliner that never shuts off (on low) so everytime I am sitting on it, it gives me comfort. All of my soreness is where my incisions are, around my rib area and under my armpits. Nothing a little pain medication can't knock out ;)

Here's the band pic!

Day 3 - feeling less sore :)

Hey lovelys - 3 days ago I changed my boobies and things are moving along quite nicely :) For me, showers feel AMAZING. I highly recommend drinking a boat load of water. It's making my skin not itchy, making me get up and pee which is good for circulation and just making me feel better all over.

Day 4 post op

Feeling pretty good :) not sleeping amazing but then again, I am sitting practically all day. For a mom of 2 toddlers, this is a rarity! My full day with the kids is Tuesday so I am trying to heal as much as possible before then. Went #2 - yahoo! Also put on a white front closure cotton bra that I love so much more than the surgi bra so I might just keep that on today for awhile. Here are some pics. Will have to send a nudie later when I get out of shower. Probally only going to take tylonal and muscle relaxers today. Hopefully that will help the bloat and overall grogginess. Happy to be past the worst part of it and really happy how the boobies look so far! Classy!

Day 5 post op

Hey girls - this is what I am doing today. I feel pretty good - just can't do a whole lot or I get pretty tired! I am off my meds and seeing more clearly :) I'm hoping to lay on my back soon, in bed. Anyone on here laid flat on their back for the night at 5 days post op? Xo

Waking up at 3:30

Hey ladies - I'm having a rough time sleeping through the night. I don't wake up in pain or because I'm uncomfortable, I just wake up around 3:30 and can't fall back to sleep. I have been sitting most of the day and just not doing a whole lot when usually I am running around like a mad women. Just tired of waking up and it want a full 8 hours already! Oh! And when I wake up, I totally feel rested so it tales me am hour to wind back down and fall asleep. So annoying. Should I ask my PS for something to take to get me over this hump? I just wanna curl up on my bed and sleep on my side already...end rant. Other than that I feel fantastic and love my new breast - they are so wonderful! Xo


One week - wow!!

Feeling great about the boobies :) Sometimes, in the shower the hot water is a bit much for my sensitive skin on my boobs but overall, I love taking a shower and messaging them. I am using bio oil and more messaging when I apply it. I can honestly say, all those mamas out there that have little ones at home still, get a week of help if at all possible. I have been with both my kids full time since yesterday and I feel super sore today. They need so much physical work from you and healing as much as possible without their demands on you is a sure bet. Here's a nudie! Eekk! Pretty excited that they can more a bit now :) excited to see my ps on Friday to get my stiches out and see the incision sites. I am still a bit bruised at the crease. It's turning yellow more each day, so I know it's healing, but this damn surgical bra digs into the ceases and drives me batty. Hopefully I can get cleared to wear other stuff on Friday! Xo!!

11 days post op :)

Just some pics :) doing great! Went to get my stiches out and that was fun :/
All looks great and I seem to be dropping nicely. I wear the boobie band constantly so I assume that it's working it magic. Feeling really good, just sore in the morning a bit and when I do too much with my little ones, I sore in the evenings. Probally won't post again for awhile but will be missing you ladies on here!! See u soon!!

3 weeks post op!

Hey ladies :) can't believe it's been 3 weeks. I'm really happy with my results. I have very little complaints! I am sore here and there still, but I do a lot of physical work with my kids so I am sure that has something to do with it. Under my left breast, kinda in the rib area, I am sore sometimes. Other than that, I am happy as I've ever been. It's almost boating season here in AZ so I getting excited for that. We live super close to 3 huge lakes with canyons and lots of sunshine! Excited to not hide behind a coverup! I take a muscle relaxer if at night I am super sore. I can sleep on my side :) and usually a sports bra at night makes me feel the best. I am wearing my coobie durning the day and a breast strap 1/2 the day and all night. I Probally could ease off wearing it but it keeps my swelling down and makes me feel like I am dropping and fluffing in a timely manner :) love to all you ladies out there starting your journey or healing! Be back in a few weeks!

Almost 6 weeks post op!

Hi everyone :) I wanted to send this update to let everyone know that I am now feeling 99% back to normal. I was wondering last week when this would happen and so happy it's here! Little soreness and uncomfort durning sleeping is all gone at this point. I will send another update at 8 weeks. I hope everyone is healing beautifully and loving life :) XO!

2 months post op!

Love em! I am fully operating as normal now, working out as hard as I used to (with a great sports bra) :) I really love how I fit in clothes and my husband loves me too :) he said "I am truly enjoying them ;) Glad I did it! Good luck all you ladies out there!

5 months Post Op

Love them. So happy with how they look and how I feel when I am naked. I feel more confident with my husband and more motivated to work out. Which means a healthier ME!!

Happy boobaversery!

Hey everyone! Just checking in for my final post because I am about 1 year out from my surgery. I am so glad I did it and have no regrets, thankfully! I would say though...I was a bit surprised by these facts.
1. It took a year to feel comfortable doing a push-up
2. It took me a year until I felt fully comfortable with my husband man- handling my boobs.
3. I don't like random men looking at my cleavage - lol!
4. I had no idea it would make me more sexual with my husband, and would make me work out more.

Overall, I am so happy and really love looking feminine in my clothes. Good luck to all you ladies making the decision. To go for it. Don't freak out, everything will be the way it should and remember! Size doesn't matter, it's more important how they look on you and how comfortable you are with doing the things you love!
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Guerra is the real deal and his practice is top notch. Scottsdale boasts some incredible surgeons and he is in the top of the best. I am 5 days post op from my BA and really love my look so far. He is truly talented and I have minimal brusing. He recommended my size and I fully trusted him and things look amazing. He is a very busy man because he is very good. He spent a good amount of time with me pre op and was detailed in my post op visit. His office is classy, warm and inviting. I would recommend him to friends and family looking to get a BA in Scottsdale AZ

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