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I am 27 year old 5'4 150lbs. I have wanted a BA...

I am 27 year old 5'4 150lbs. I have wanted a BA for a very long time my size now is a 34B and am hoping for a 34D or DD. Want proportionate to my size without looking overly large... Situation of a lifetime huh?? Well I went in not knowing too much about sizes and told my Dr I want natural & asked what would fit my body type the best he suggested 475cc. Wha!?? Lol (when I went in i was thinking C-D without really doing a lot of before & after pic searching) I did like the 450cc sizer as they had me try before he came in. It just was a lil shock but as I have heard unders you lose a little.. so maybe 475cc may be perfect. I am just so nervous they will be to big! I am at my high end of my weight and am hoping to lose 20 lbs so even if I lose I want them to still look natural. I swear I have looked at so many boobs lately that I second guess everything :( so confused and my pre op is tomorrow!

Still deciding....

Just had my pre op appointment the girls are paid in full! Yay! But I still can't decide on size/profile. So the choices they gave me are 450 mod+ 475 HP or 475 mod+ I like the natural look of mod+ but am nervous for them to be to wide. But don't want HP to look to fake.... Grrr I'm lost!


Doooo excited 3 days till surgery! Made soup and jello! Cleaned house top to bottom! Picked up my meds and all kinds of moisturizers. Sports bras & pillows..... What else do I need?? What could you not live without what helped that you bought or did? Did I mention how excited I am?!!

more b4s

tomorrow is the day!

I feel like I been waiting for this forever! Work went so slow today and of course they booked me 4 facials and peels and lash extensions for a very crazy day. I washed and blow dried my hair so I won't have so worry about it in the am since I will have to wake up at 5am so we can make the trip to the surgery center. The funny thing is I'm not worried at all I'm completely at peace with it and am so very excited :) cuddling with my 2 little 2 & 4lb furbabies :) ready for bed to wake up and get this show on the road!

post op day 1

Doing good I have set my alarm so I take pills on time 24/7 I have no nausea and have a patch on for that. Can't wait for them to drop! I went with 475cc HP under muscle and crease incision. pre-op 5'3 153lbs still a lil bit on meds so hope this gives the info u want if not just ask I'm willing to share!


Everything went very well everyone was so nice at the office and day of surgery! I ended up with 475cc mentor HP understand crease incisions. I bruise soooo easily and I don't have one bruise on my breasts! At follow up Dr said everything looks great and has me doing light massage and gave me my lovely band lol he is definitely amazing at what he does! I was preparing for my breasts look crazy and awful seeing so many other stories but they are just high with no other problems.


Everything is good I am just a little soar still and having hyper sensitivity on nipples which SUCKS lol when they are really bad I just pop in my silicone covers and it helps a ton! At day 6 my puppy was accidentally let out and I noticed 5minutes after and I searched the house top to bottom up & down the stairs under & behind everything inside & out! After an hour of searching one of my young neighbors found her I was so thrilled & happy I could go home and rest after roaming the neighborhood with a flashlight & medicated. I was super swollen and shaking by then so my sister gave me my meds and to sleep I went... I recovered and had been doing very well.. on day 16 I was feeling great and we decided to go out for my boyfriends friends bday I made sure no dancing for me and just hung out I did play one game of billiards and had a couple drinks.... Well let's just say the next day sucked! I was again super swollen hypersensitive and in a good amount of pain so I finally gave in and took one of my pain meds I stopped taking early on which made me extremely nauseous :( so just lounged around and iced all day and by the night I was feeling much better! Thank god! So the 2 days following which is now today I have been doing much better just the lingering hypersensitivity remaining which I hate the most! But they are looking good can't wait for them to drop I feel like my nipples are still low but I'm assuming it's normal??? Besides my 2 incidents everything hasn't been bad at all little pains here and there when I'm trying to get up but last week at my Dr's the nurse said everything looks good got my sutures removed and am now putting vitamin E on incision site. I will post more pictures soon!

small update

Everything has been good little change definitely getting softer and have dropped a little :)
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