34 Year Old...grad School Aged Me - Scottsdale, AZ

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I had facial fat graft this morning taken from my...

I had facial fat graft this morning taken from my inner thigh and injected to my face and lips. It was performed in the office under lidocaine injection for pain/numbness. I am currently 7 hours post injection and feel 100% normal. I'm a little swollen and will post pictures when results are more finalized. So far so good.


Still swollen. No pain. When I look in the mirror I feel like I look like the super hero hell boy. All checks no definition. I hope the swelling goes down. I was on the fence about doing my lips and they feel and look super big to me too. I realize it's only been a day...

Pre and post

Day 2

Today is 2 days post procedure. I have done very thing in my power to avoid bruising. Bromelin, arnica Montana, ice, sleeping at an angle, and Tylenol.... However... Today's the day. Bruises are coming in. Thought I would be special (sarcastic laugh). I'll embrace them and post all my ecchymosis.

Day 3

Just call me Rocky. If it wasn't for the needle marks I would just tell people I was practicing my boxing skills and got carried away ????. My skin is a little dry today otherwise doing great.

I feel like it's important for those considering fat grafting to have a realistic expectation of bruising. I personally don't wear make up and was advised and read several times you could go back to work a few days post procedure. You can decide for yourself if your cover skills are adequate. Unfortunately for me to learn how to use make up at my age... It may look worse than the bruise!????

4 days later

My left side looks the worst but over all not bad. Picked up some purple color corrector at Ulta that hides it pretty good.

6 days post procedure

First day back to work. I only told one coworker what I was doing and she said it looked pretty good. Other comical responses were..."you look swollen" or "did you bite your lip?" So obviously I'm not at the "hey you look different but in a good way" just yet.
I feel like I've lost definition to my lower jaw meaning I just look fat in my personal opinion but again I realize it's still early in the healing process.

Updates to come

I will post pictures after a few weeks have passed. Posting daily was getting obnoxious and I'll show the full spectrum from start to finish after a couple weeks. Thanks for the feedback so far!


Just past the two week mark. Swelling is gone. Just have to wait it out now and see how much remains after 6 weeks. Still overall content with my choice. My only complain is one of the "puncture" locations used for the canula on my face is leaving a tiny indented scar. Otherwise I'm just going to wait and see. Psychologically I do look different. Not in recognizable but different, for what it's worth it's neither good nor bad just different.


Well I'm far enough out to know swelling is gone and have lost volume. I have recurrent loss under eyes. I have my follow up appointment next week. Reflecting back I do not feel like I have had amazing results. Just so so. Not sure if I would recommend or repeat this procedure. I'm not sure if it it was just my DNA the fat didn't take but I feel like it was unsuccessful and my face is a little more asymmetrical then I remember it being prior to the procedure. Sadly at this point I do have regrets.

You be the judge

Before, 1 day post procedure, 5 weeks post
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

So far excellent but will do a final update after post op appointments and swelling has decreased.

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